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I had another busy weekend, which makes me that much more grateful to be able to work from home (which I do pretty much every Monday).

My ringette team was in a tournament run by our association, which mean four games over the course of three days. The Rec division, which we are in, had 8 teams, so the format had everyone play 2 games, then you were put in Pool A and Pool B, with both pool's having a winner.

Our first game was against Ottawa, who is in our regular division and usually beats us handily. This was no different, though we did outplay them in the first period.

Our second game the next morning was against an Ottawa area team we don't normally play (they are in the R1 division, while we are in R2). We had a shaky start but ended strong, to tie them 6-6. I told people we needed to have the first period from out first game and the second period from our second, then we'd be doing just fine.

The third game was interesting from an administrative perspective. This was after the two pools were divided and we knew that the Pool B games were supposed to be in the evening. Unfortunately, the team we ended up being against had to play in the 2:30 game because they were going back to attend a funeral. So we ended up scrambling to make sure everyone knew the game time was changed and weren't able to get everyone. However, we ended up dominating the game and won pretty easily, either 4-1 or 5-1, I'm not sure.

This put us in the Pool B finals, playing Metcalfe, another team in our division whom we have never beaten. But the team played really well, with the game tied up after 2 periods (ringette only plays 2 periods, unlike hockey which has 3). Since it was the finals, this meant sudden death overtime. And then my aunt scored, so we won Pool B! As a prize, we got a $100 pre-paid VISA, which we'll spend at a team event or something.

It was pretty awesome and a testament to how much the team has improved, since a lot of them have only been playing ringette for 1-2 years!

But it was also exhausting, so I am glad that I can have a day where I don't go anywhere today.


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