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I told [personal profile] tersa I would try and write more, so here I am.

I've been packing a lot tonight, almost have all my books packed ... except for my book trunk ... and all the books on my "haven't read these yet" shelves. *sigh* I think I might have a problem.

Other than packing, life has pretty much just been regular activities resuming since it is fall. I've had two ringette games so far - neither of them went well. Hilariously, the first game of the season was played as a spare for my old team, because their goalie is pregnant ... again (background info: she was pregnant two years ago and I played nets full-time, decided I liked it enough to not want to go back to playing out of nets, but since she was coming back I had to find a new team, so now they have no goalie).

Also had our first choir practice and this year I am going to put my foot down over them going to late, I do not want to still be in Carp at 10PM on a Thursday night!

Not a whole lot else happening. I will however have a good line-up for a New TV Show Report this year, since there are a bunch of interesting sounding things about to premiere. If they all turn out to actually be good, I'm going to have a very full PVR @_@!
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