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I keep meaning to do my year in review, so here I am, finally starting in on it. A little late this year, but better late than never.

Favourite fiction book

Like last year's pick (Gone Girl), this one may not be the most original choice - aside from the fact that this isn't the year it came out. But I really adored this book. I loved all the hard science, even if not all of it was accurate (though I think most was). I loved that it was such a positive book about technology and human ability. And I really loved Mark Watney as a character - even more so after reading Chris Hadfield's Guide to Life on Earth and realizing how Mark was exactly the type of person that NASA would send on a mission like this.

Favourite non-fiction book

This was a tough pick, since I read a lot of great non-fiction this year. Most of them were autobiographies that I listened to on audio, which is my new favourite thing. And that is why I picked this title, because it was the first audiobook I ever listened to and it just drew me in 100%.

Favourite comic/manga

So I'm really late to this one. But I finally got a chance to borrow a copy of the beginning of Runaways and fell for it hard. I need to get some copies of it for myself sometime, because I really want to know what happens next, though at least this volume contained the entire first arc, so I wasn't left hanging too badly.

Favourite re-read

This is the easiest category, since I finally re-read the last book in the Imriel chapter, which I think is the best in this second trilogy. It just has such a crazy mindfuck when Imriel thinks that he's Leander and the narration completely changes - and it's probably the one time in the Terre D'Ange books where I actually didn't mind magic making an appearance.

It really is insane how much I love this series. I basically couldn't put the book down, even though it was the third time I'd read it.

Also, unrelated, but I am very upset about Alan Rickman. I really loved him, as Snape and in every other role I've seen. I really regret never getting the chance to meet him.
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