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More year in review.

Favourite song

I'm going to cheat and pick two songs, because both of these had the same reaction for me: I immediately had to go out and listen to more by the artist, and then by all the albums I could.

I first heard this one in episode 44 of Welcome to Night Vale and so far it's the only weather segment that has made me fall in love. I have bought all of Maya's music on Bandcamp and even burned a CD of the album that Haunted is from.

I heard bits and pieces of this one on that radio at the end of the year and knew I had to find out more. And then I listened to the whole Love Songs album on Spotify and knew I had to buy it, because it's just so awesome.

Favourite movie

This was overall a pretty good year for movies, from things like The Martian, to Star Wars, to ... other stuff I didn't see but plan to! However, one movie really stands out for me.

While I still think that Up is my favourite Pixar film, Inside Out is a very close second. Not surprising, considering they were written/directed by the same person. Pete Docter is awesome.

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