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1. There is a classic Ontario thunderstorm going on and it is AWESOME. Even if it ends up knocking the power out (there have been flickers) it's totally worth it.

2. I started knitting a hat in the round today, it's coming along nicely so far.

3. I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow!
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1. I walked 7750 steps today, most of it done after I finished work for Shelley. I am le tired but also very happy.

2. There was a barbeque lunch at work and it was a lovely day and awesome.

3. After lunch, I bought a brand new CD rack from the Sally Anne for $2!
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1. I watched Warm Bodies tonight and it was just as awesome as I remembered.

2. I had a good day at work and had several of my ideas get a go-ahead from my boss.

3. I'm going to do paid work again tomorrow (downside, it's going to be another looooooooong day).
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1. Hung out with Allison today and had a blast. We bought some knitting supplies, had dinner, jumped in the pool, then watched Wreck-it Ralph. Good times.

2. Today went much better at work than yesterday.

3. The picnic table at work was finally set up today and I sat outside and read on my lunch break, since Laura doesn't work on Fridays.

Step count: 5975
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1. The mushrooms I made for dinner tonight were fabulous, even if they had a very abbreviated cooking time (I knew I was shortening it but I hadn't realized there were TWO cooking stages, each hours in length ... oops).

2. I started a secret writing project today that I think could be terribly exciting in the long-run.

3. I am finally going to remember to do the step count again!

Step count: 5,641
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1. OMG ORPHAN BLACK IS SO GOOD AND AWESOME. Why is next week your season finale???

2. I wrote a chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon.

3. I also wrote a chapter of The Mistress

Will get back on track with the Vampire Diaries meme soon, I'm sure, since I'm very much in the mood for that fandom recently.
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1. I am feeling better after having some stomach/abdominal pain for the last couple of days (nothing too serious, just digestive upset, I think).

2. I finally got to see the finale for The Vampire Diaries (for some reason, the Canadian airing was delayed by a week) and enjoyed it. Not the best finale they've had but it had some good stuff and I'm quite pleased where my two main ships (Damon/Elana and Klaus/Caroline) ended up.

3. Tomorrow is Friday, which means the next day is Saturday. Yay almost weekend!
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First, 3 good things.

1. Work went very well today, I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm making as good an impression and as valuable a contribution as I can.

2. I discovered there is a book club at work that meets tomorrow so I am finally getting around to reading The Help, since they are discussing the first 10 chapters tomorrow.

3. I made dinner tonight and it was pretty good. Brocoli soup served in homemade bread bowls, with some little shrimpies on the side.

And now, Vampire Diaries ...

Day 14 – Your favourite friendship )

Day 1 – Your favourite male character
Day 2 – Your favourite female character
Day 3 – Your favourite character overall
Day 4 – Your least favourite character
Day 5 – Your favourite episode
Day 6 – Your least favourite episode
Day 7 – Your favourite scene
Day 8 – Your favourite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favourite friendship
Day 15 – Your favourite couple
Day 16 – Your favourite song played on The Vampire Diaries
Day 17 – Your favourite actor
Day 18 – Your favourite actress
Day 19 – Books or TV Show
Day 20 – An idea for a future TVD episode
Day 21 – An idea for a TVD character
Day 22 – The character that is most like you
Day 23 – Something you love about TVD
Day 24 – Something you hate about TVD
Day 25 – An episode you never happened
Day 26 – Something you wish happened but didn’t
Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did
Day 28 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fan fic(s)
Day 29 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fanvid(s)
Day 30 – Anything else you could possibly want to say
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1. First week at the new job went pretty well!

2. Next week, one of the other girls from my class is starting a placement at the same company, which should be fun (provided we aren't in competition for a job at the end :/)

3. IT'S THE WEEKEND and I don't have any big plans for this one. YAY!
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Sorry, still trying to figure out my answer for the TVD meme. A scene that made me angry could be taken many ways and I don't know what I really want to do. So instead, 3 good things.

1. Tomorrow is my last day at the office on a regular basis, which has me a bit sad but mostly excited.


3. It was a beautiful day and now I have a lovely tan (slightly pink and tender in some spots but not quite a burn so life is good).
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1. I got to spend the day chilling out and getting a bit of school work done and because of unexpected money from yesterday I didn't end up freaking out over financial costs of this unexpected day off!

2. After about an hour, I managed to get through the Wrex loyalty mission in Mass Effect, which I accidently stumbled upon while exploring random planets.

3. Look! Another show with a proper opening that rocks!

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1. I'm finding some awesome Sheperd/Garrus fic out there, yay! Even though I didn't get that romance in my initial playthrough, I really love it!

2. So far, it does not seem to be snowing. Though it would be just my luck to have the one potential snow day I didn't want happen, after so many snow days that I did want didn't.

3. I was freaking out about money a bit because Passover screwed up my cash flow a bit (long story). However, when I finally got my paycheque and went to deposit it, I discovered that I had gotten a GST and a PST return and so had over $100 that I didn't know about. WIN!

Steps: 4,734

I ran out of steam to do anything about this but it is good to know that an average day will get me to the halfway point.


Apr. 10th, 2013 11:08 pm
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Today we have a themed 3 good things ...

3 Good Things Oprah Said

1. That we are co-creators of our own lives (she meant it in a you and God type of way but I think it could even go further).

2. To succeed, you need to try your hardest at something and then be able to completely let it go.

3. All emotions are connected to/expressions of love or fear.

There was lots more and it was awesome and I just cannot describe how much this woman means to me. And I was in the same (very large) room as her. It was amazing.

Also, new daily feature! I am trying to get back into the regular exercising thing by using my pedometer again, so here is a daily steps count.

Steps: 4559

The goal is 10,000 a day so obviously didn't meet that but it was a busy day.
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1. I finally got my review for vols 2&3 of Is this a Zombie? finished (spoilers: they are terrible).


3. OPRAH!!!!!!

The real 3 because that was cheating. I am officially finished one of my six classes (Editing II).
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I don't understand why these memes ask for favourite male/female character and then favourite overall. There aren't many fandoms out there where you won't be repeating yourself by day 3.

For the BSG meme I did my top favourite characters overall and I figured the same thing would work here.

Also, I think I am going to change the last two days, or maybe three, because I don't understand the one about schools and I guess the finales/premieres is about your favourite too but it isn't clear? And I don't know what I would pick for cast friendship. So if anyone out there has suggestions for those days, let me know!

Anyway, here is the rest of my top 10 favourite TVD characters!

Read more... )

Day 1 – Your favorite male character
Day 2 – Your favorite female character
Day 3 – Your favorite character overall
Day 4 – Your least favorite character
Day 5 – Your favorite episode
Day 6 – Your least favorite episode
Day 7 – Your favorite scene
Day 8 – Your favorite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favorite friendship
Day 15 – Your favorite couple
Day 16 – Your favorite song played on The Vampire Diaries
Day 17 – Your favorite actor
Day 18 – Your favorite actress
Day 19 – Books or TV Show
Day 20 – An idea for a future TVD episode
Day 21 – An idea for a TVD character
Day 22 – The character that is most like you
Day 23 – Something you love about TVD
Day 24 – Something you hate about TVD
Day 25 – An episode you never happened
Day 26 – Something you wish happened but didn’t
Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did
Day 28 – Your favorite cast friendship
Day 29 – Your favorite secondary school
Day 30 – Series Premiere or Season Finale

Also doing 3 good things because I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today and need to cheer up a bit.

1. I FINISHED MY SCARF! Pics to come, I swear, especially since I found the charger for my camera again finally.

2. I marathoned all the episodes I had PVRed of Smash and discovered that, not only could I catch up having missed season 1 but, OMG I LOVE IT!

3. Awesome eps of Doctor Who and Orphan Black. Especially the latter, I'm really interested in seeing where this goes and Tatiana Maslany is absolutely amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who was better at playing multiple roles in the same series (and yes, I'm including Nina Dobrev in that statement).
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Instead of 3 good things, here are 3 videos that made me happy today.

1. The Turian Tango.

Okay, I know I have some people on the FL who haven't finished playing Mass Effect so, full disclosure, this is from the Citadel DLC, which is the most recent one for ME3. But I don't have that DLC and really could tell next to nothing about it's plot from this.

Because it's FemShep and romanced Garrus dancing and it is awesome and adorable and how the Turian is the cute romance option I don't know but he is and you should all watch it.

2. The opening for The Mindy Project

I love show openings and I'm so sad that, ever since Lost came on the scene, shows have been just having title cards. Now, sometimes these work, the best probably being Supernatural, but still, a full opening is better.

And this one is just so gloriously sit-comy and awesome, just like the show.

This is actually the first version of the opening used, it's since been tweaked a bit but the spirit is still the same, as our much of the footage.

3. Lizzie Bennet Diaries Puppet Pals

Enough said.

There is also a comment from Maxwell Glick (aka Mr. Collins) over at YT.
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1. I think I did pretty well on the Robohelp test.

2. There was a new chapter posted for the awesome Nolan!verse Bruce/Selina fic, The Longer You Stay, also featuring Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and (eventually) Tim Drake! Which I may have read in the middle of completely the aforementioned test (it always gets updated during my Wednesday class, which makes for good times).

3. I worked on knitting my sadly neglected rainbow scarf while watching the Women's World Cup hockey game, which Canada won 13-0 over Switzerland.
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It's April. Crazy.

1. Had a lovely Easter dinner.

2. I started work on my user manual project for school.

3. I got caught up with my recordings of Monday Mornings, the medical procedural featuring Jamie Bamber and the goddess of awesome herself, Marietta Edgecombe Jennifer Finnigan. It is pretty awesome and reminds me a decent amount of Grey's Anatomy, back when I watched Grey's, except with a bit less romantic entanglements, at least so far (except for characters played by aforementioned actors, whose involvement is now getting the hospital sued ... somehow).
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1. I finally got around to applying for some jobs/co-ops that I've been saving links for (doing this, as well as my assignment that will be taking up the next couple of days, is the reason why I stayed home this weekend).

2. I had a yummy pizza dinner and have peanut butter & chocolate ice cream things for dessert!

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1. While I am heartbroken over the series ending, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended perfectly. And I know that while it may be the end of the main videos, it's not quite going to be the end of these characters and their stories, since Sanditon is coming and Ashley Clements was tweeting about something else in the works.

2. I got my usability blog done early for a change, so I'm not going to be scrambling to finish it tonight.

3. There is a new Vampire Diaries episode that I am about to go watch!


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