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I just got caught up with Blood and Chrome and so far I am absolutely LOVING it. Enough that I sort of am diving back into BSG fandom, after a few years away from it. Already have at least two fic ideas, though I think I will wait for the whole thing to be out before exploring either much further.

Anyway, if you haven't already checked it out, here's the first episode. Already can't wait for more!

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So, everyone's seen those 30 Days of ... memes floating around. I finally decided to do one, mainly because of Miana and the Star Wars one (which I may also get around to). But since everyone knows BSG is the number one fandom of my heart (at least as far as television goes), I shall pick it.

Here is the list:

Day 01- Your favourite female character
Day 02- Your favourite male character
Day 03- Your favourite scene
Day 04- Your favourite music
Day 05- Your favourite character all around
Day 06- Your least favourite character
Day 07- Your favourite battle
Day 08- Your favourite ship
Day 09- Your favourite Cylon
Day 10- Your favourite speech
Day 11- Your favourite planet
Day 12- A scene/moment that pissed you off
Day 13- A scene/moment that made you cry
Day 14- A scene/moment that made you happy
Day 15- Your favourite quote
Day 16- Your favourite episode
Day 17- Your least favourite episode
Day 18- Your favourite Vipor pilot
Day 19- Your favourite ‘callsign’
Day 20- Your most hated scene
Day 21- Your favourite guest-star
Day 22- The scene that left you on the edge of your seat
Day 23- The character you most relate to
Day 24- The character you miss the most
Day 25- Something that happened you wish hadn’t
Day 26- Something that hadn’t happened but you wish had
Day 27- Your thoughts on the finale
Day 28- Your favourite promo picture
Day 29- What BSG means to you
Day 30- Whatever tickles your fancy

And onto day one.

And my favourite female character is ... )
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Haven't had one of these for awhile but this was amusing:

thecleric007: gods damn it, BSG Wiki, I NEED YOU TO WORK
thecleric007: for the love of porn!
Yubs42: LMAO
thecleric007: this is true
Yubs42: Is that like "for fuck's sake!"? :-p
thecleric007: LMAO!
thecleric007: yes
thecleric007: yes it is
thecleric007: well, maybe frak's sake
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Live update time!

My presentation went well. I didn't have much time but we were only supposed to take a couple of minutes (most people didn't) but there was genuine interest in the idea and that makes me happy/confident/and all that good stuff.

I'm working tomorrow but then I have two days off in a row! Wow! And I can't actually get called in because taking another shift would result in me going into overtime probably.

This is especially nice since my last day off was the 14th. Though some of my shifts this week were only 4-5 hours.

Marian came over to watch The Plan tonight. It was pretty cool. Not quite as earthshattering as expected but good. And it didn't screw over my Big Bang fic that probably will not get done on time that much.

Though it needed some Laura in it :(
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A few updates.

1. I've managed to pick up a few extra shifts already, hurrah. One is this Friday (meaning Thursday is my only day off this week) and three for next week (so now I have four for then). This makes me very happy!

2. I've started watching Lost season one and am also checking out season one of Eureka. Not as sold on the latter as I am on the former (one episode in and I'm getting the rest of the season, since I only had the first three already to preview it).

3. My apartment is still a mess because I didn't get it cleaned over the weekend (slacked off Saturday, ended up working Sunday). Oops.

4. I really REALLY need to get moving on my BSG Big Bang fic. I have to write about 18,000 words in two months. Less than NaNo but only if I actually get a move on soon. Plus I'll probably soon be writing screenplay assignments too.
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I love Gaeta.

Seriously, he is awesome. I'm a significantly bigger fan of him than I am of a decent number of the more main characters *cough*especially Lee*cough*.

Yes, this is inspired by the fact that I've been listening to Gaeta's Lament over and over again, since I got the music from Margaret when she was here. Wow, AJ has such an awesome voice. And Bear McCreary is of course awesome and godly and stuff.

I really need to track down and actually buy the soundtracks one day.
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So, today was...interesting.

It started great, with a Q&A panel for Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris on Voyager as well as a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff than I realized, including Chuck, Supernatural, some other stuff...he hasn't actually acted since 2001!) which was hilarious. So glad we went in for that one.

Then things started to go downhill. We wanted to go to the vendor room for a few autographs. We missed Thomas Dekker before and hoped he might come back but didn't (not unexpected though or overly disappointing). Then we got in line for the meet and greet with Scott McNeil. It wasn't a very long line so I thought we'd get through quickly.

We didn't. We were there for over an hour because everyone was taking like, five minutes with him and finally we just bailed because we wanted to catch Aaron Douglas before the panel and we were already late to meet people.

Then we got to Aaron Douglas...and I realized I had forgotten my Last Supper photo at home. So I didn't get an autograph because I don't really want one just of him that much. But I did get a picture of us together which was okay. I was in a really pissed off mood though.

Then we got Margaret's picture with Mary which turned out GREAT (so jealous) and went to Aaron's panel and it was awesome, so definitely ending on a high note.

All and all, FanExpo was pretty fun. But it wasn't as good as it could have been. For a professionally run convention, there were a lot of kinks and just plain failures in logic (they didn't have a microphone set up for people asking questions in the panels, for example!). I'm planning to write an email to the company or something with suggestions. And maybe make myself look like a good person to hire to help or something. Who knows, might work. Might not. It's worth trying anyway.

So then we were done and I still had con funds left so we went to the Eatons Center and bought some stuff at La Senza, then went to Best Buy and I now own the 2.0 box set of BSG (so I have the entire series now, HURRAH)...and then I spotted season 1 of How I Met Your Mother for $20 and picked it up as well. So slightly overspent but not by much and I'll just deposit my cash into my bank account and I'll be fine when the bill needs to be paid.

Still SUPER disappointed at the lack of Mary, since again, that was going to be the highlight of the con. But yeah, it was a good time. Just not as good as it maybe could have been (it definitely is the weakest con experience that I have).
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I saw Mary McDonnell today. In person.

She is so pretty and adorable and YAY! Will get her autograph tomorrow because Margaret wanted to be wearing her Laura costume when we get it, plus it seems like she'll be around a lot since she doesn't have any actual panel to do until Sunday.
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Since I have a fair number of things for Himitsu that have been piling up for awhile (userinfo stuff I think has been a year), I am going to make a Himitsu to-do list and try to get it done within the next week. I have a Big Bang chapter out for editing and no freelance project, so theoretically I should have more time to do this and I just need to actually make it a priority.

- update Maire's memories
- replace all userinfo images (not counting Irene to Lark since they are the ones that are done)
- figure out requests for the trivia prize
- post with: Patience, Isobel, Dale, Gilbert, Cylina, Oscar, Taylor, Caroline, Morgan, Eudora, Megan, Flower, River, Kolton, and Xander

In other news, Rob and Marian came over to play Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game tonight. It was super complicated at points but we eventually figured most things out and it was really quite fun. Would be better with more players, of course, but such is life.

Also I played Lauroslin and was a Cylon. Which was awesome.
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Even if it's totally coming out too late (probably) to help me with my Big Bang fic (which I'm working on now, which led to me discovering that this existed).

(Moodtheme from Daybreak ;_;)
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So I decided I didn't like my original MOL idea any more and just scrapped it. With possibly two days until my day is up (I really hope they post the next 10 days' worth of sign-ups because I REALLY don't remember if I picked the 13th but chances are I did).

So...choices is my prompt and I have two days to come up with an idea and get it complete and posted.


(Think I identified this one already. But if not it's from Home pt 2).

Also I may have just joined [livejournal.com profile] bsg_bigbang...but I already had an idea that I think would work well for it and is shockingly NOT A/R at all.
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"Watching" my new 2.5 DVDs while working. I didn't watch the extended Pegasus yet but I'm on Resurrection Ship pt 2 and OMG I forgot how completely amazing this whole arc is. By far my favourite arc in the whole series (even if Unfinished Business extended is still my favourite single episode).

(Yay, hilarious moment from Flight of the Phoenix in the moodtheme!)
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Spent a lovely afternoon/evening with Katie, watching HIMYM and hanging out. Very good times.

I also discovered that it takes about an hour to walk from Dufferin to Spadina. Maybe faster in better shoes (I hadn't been planning on walking but it seemed like a good idea at the time...and I'm glad I did it, even if my feet are suffering for it now).

I also went to Wal-Mart, got my shampoo and batteries and the 2.5 season DVD set, yay. So excited yet terrified to watch the extended cut of Pegasus. Not sure when I'll do that though, since it has new stuff which will require me paying more attention than I regularly do with re-watches.

Also will watch Black Market for commentary ONLY XD

(This moodtheme I seem to want to say is from Baltar's trial but I'm really not sure.)
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Guess I won't have to hitchhike to Atlanta after all! Woo!
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So I've been emailing my mother and she mentioned having a semi-intelligent conversation about BSG with Dad because of my LJ. However, it also had a reference to "what's her name," which sparked the following:

Me: What's her name? :( How can you read my journal and not know her name.
Mom: When I read her name in your journal I know who she is. But off the top of my head?
Me: Her name is Laura Roslin. At very least, you should be able to remember Laura, it's not exactly an uncommon name.
Mom: I know the man is Bill! Can I get some credit for that?
Me: I suppose. Now, can you accept that they love each other very much and it is a wonderful thing? ^_^
Mom: Of course. Love is All You Need. Love is a Many Splendoured Thing. All You Need is Love.

(of course, it is supposed to start with Love is Like Oxygen and has Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong, but we'll forgive her that part)
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Just watched all of Daybreak again and I love it even more this time! I definitely got teared up at more points too. Can't believe it's over.

One thing I did catch that annoys me, though I'm annoyed at myself for not noticing it before, is something from pt 1 actually.

Spoilers! )
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Interview with U of T Press when well, I think. I should hear back from them not next week but the week after, which also gives Chapters online time to get back to me so that's good. The U of T job actually sounds better from the interview than it did in its posting, which makes me very excited. Though trying not to get hopes up too high. Expect the worst and hope for the best, that's my motto right now.

I am going to watch Daybreak soon. And then tonight I am going to a free screening of Suck because I got invited to it when Margaret, Ryan, and I went to see Watchmen. Sounds like it could be fun.
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I am going to have to leave Daybreak for tomorrow, since it's getting late. Good productive writing day. I actually finished 3 A/R-related things, though I haven't posted the last one since I think I've spammed FF.Net and Survival Instinct enough for one day.

I have my interview tomorrow morning, hopefully it goes well. Youth Employment Services is looking into an opportunity at Staples which uh, isn't ideal but at least it's a place that I do spend money so that wouldn't be so bad, I guess. I figure at very least it can't hurt to see if they want an interview.

Still haven't heard back from Chapters. Will email Renee if nothing has happened by the end of the week, since I assume she should be back from vacation by now.
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4.5 Re-watch Progress!

Sometimes a Great Notion
A Disquiet Follows My Soul
The Oath
Blood on the Scales
No Exit
Someone to Watch Over Me
Islanded on a Stream of Stars

Daybreak 1
Daybreak 2/3

I also am cleaning while watching, since a) this place is just a mess since it never got that clean because Margaret and Ryan came and it only got worse during their stay and b) I've seen up to Blood on the Scales (I think) three times already so I don't have to hang on to every moment as much.


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