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I keep meaning to do my year in review, so here I am, finally starting in on it. A little late this year, but better late than never.

Starting with books )

Also, unrelated, but I am very upset about Alan Rickman. I really loved him, as Snape and in every other role I've seen. I really regret never getting the chance to meet him.
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Saw this one Gail Carringer's LJ and it sounded interesting.

What was the last sf/f/h book you finished reading?

The Masked Empire by Patrick Weekes

What was the last sf/f/h book you did not finish reading?

It's been awhile since I didn't finish a book. Best guess is whatever volume of the Spice & Wolf light novels that I got stuck on, back when I was still reviewing manga and stuff.

What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you liked but most people didn’t?

Uh ... Eclipse? Which lots of people obviously like, just not most of the people I associate with. I thought it was fun, though I think New Moon is the best books so far, because it has the least Edward and the most Jacob. Go Team Jacob.

What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you disliked?

Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin. I think a lot of sci-fi doesn't age well and this one, while a classic, just didn't do much for me.

How long do your 1-sitting reading sessions usually last?

Usually half an hour, because I typically do most of my reading at bedtime and that's about how long I can last before my eyes start dropping.

What are you currently reading?

To Marry an English Lord by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace.

Do you like it so far?

Yes, I love it. I didn't know much about this period of history (the so-called "Gilded Age" in the late 1800s, when American heiresses started marrying into the English aristocracy in droves) and I love learning all the stories.

How long ago did you buy the book you are currently reading?

My mother bought it for me for Christmas.

What was the last physical sf/f/h book you bought?

The Masked Empire, with a gift card I got for Christmas.

What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you like to read the most?

Definitely fantasy. I would like to read more sci-fi and horror but there's just SO MANY THINGS to read out there.

What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you dislike the most and why?

Probably sci-fi, just because it's the one I've had the least experience with when it comes to prose fiction, and I find it's easy for it to come across as a bit cold.

What is your favorite electronic reading device?

I do love my Kobo.

What was the last sf/f/h eBook you bought?

I honestly don't know. I've picked up a lot of free books recently and I think some of them were genre but yeah, without the physical book it's harder for me to remember each one before I've read it.

Do you read books exclusively in 1 format (physical/electronic)?

No, though I like physical books better.

Do you read eBooks exclusively on a single device?

Yes, I don't like reading from a lit screen if I can help it.
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Happy New Year!!!

I sadly did not reach my Goodreads goal of 60 books but at least now I can do the book categories for the Year in Review.

Favourite fiction book )

Favourite non-fiction book )

Favourite comic/manga )

Favourite re-read )
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Okay, time for favourite non-fiction book! Look at me, doing this post a day thing.

It probably won't last :]

My favourite non-fiction book )
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So, my Twitter account got hacked today, with lots of Ukranian spam and a bunch of new people I was following. Fun times but at least I finally got off my ass and did a password update for my main accounts. It doesn't look like anything else was touched though.

Anyway, time to start this year in review. I'm going to start with the three book categories, doing one category a day.

According to Goodreads, I read 42 books this year (so far), which is pretty good considering my goal was 40. This including 11 re-reads, 5 non-fiction, 37 fiction, and 11 comics/manga. The last number makes me suspect that I missed entering some because it seems far too low but we're going to go with what's there.

We'll do fiction first, excluding both re-reads and comics/manga (they'll come later).

My favourite fiction book )
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My curiousity got the best of me and so yesterday I bought a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. I just find the whole story of how it came to be fascinating as far as fandom goes. Plus I was curious about it content-wise too.

So far, I can definitely say that the Twilight influence is easily seen, particularly in Anastasia Steele (what a TERRIBLE NAME!). I really hope she loses the most Bella-like trait so far, which is the excessive OMG HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL train-of-thought.

I'm also 99% sure that the Jose character was originally my darling Jacob. Alas, I do not think there is even remotely going to be a Team Jose for this.

I will say that Christian Grey (which I really like as far as names go) is so-far WAY more interesting to me than Edward ever was. And I can actually understand the attraction between him and Ana more than Edward and Bella too. So this is good. And the last stuff I read actually had him reminding me a BIT of Anders at the beginning of DA2 which is actually a HUGE plus. Finally, because of movie casting rumors, I sort of see him as Ian Somerhalder which is another big plus (I actually think Ian would be a good fit for the role too).

Writing isn't great but it's not as terrible as I expected, at least not yet. And it's easy to read and identify with Ana, same as it is with Bella, and I do think there's some worth in being able to do that (which is probably why the original story had such a following). I am getting sick of Ana's nightly dream report though.

Plus there was a legit and awesome Hamlet reference that WASN'T "to be or not to be," and that has to win points. It at least sounds like she did her research about English literature (or knew it already).

I also really like the title of the first book. 2 and 3 are lame but "50 Shades of Grey"? Awesome! The books also look very nice, though not quite the equal of Twilight which honestly has some of the best book packaging I have ever seen as far as covers go (though at least the Shade books have damn numbers on their spines! I had to memorize the order of the Twilight books when I worked at Indigo).

Expect more reports along the way. So far though, I am enjoying it well enough, it definitely seems like another book of the "junk food" variety but those are good every now and then, as long as you read something else along the way ^_^
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Head's up to the Himitsu folk, I'm doing a visual change tomorrow night, followed by a opening shift (lucky me!) and as such will not be around at all for RPing tomorrow night. Trying to get all my stuff done tonight so any help would be appreciated and if you need me for anything, you're going to have to get it done ASAP so just let me know.

Edit: SEA OF GREEN, YAY! Thanks again, Willfor and Sara ^_^

Hours at work have finally been cut back and for once I'm actually happy about it. I've been reading an awesome book about novel writing which has got me excited to completely re-work my NaNo from 2010. I've also really got to figure out what sort of plan my Plan B is going to end up being.

I've also finally been making head-way on my pile of books on the to-read list. Not much, admittedly, but I did finish the third Namaah's book which was easily the best of this new Jacqueline Carey trilogy AND made me want to re-read the others, so yay for that. And I've been getting through my manga pile as well, finishing Codename Sailor V and starting in on Sailor Moon (and yes, Margaret, you were totally right about Usagi's rampant girlcrushes ... SM yuri definitely has a lot of canon support and we haven't even gotten to Haruka and Michiru ♥).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age. I'm off to get the dwarven alliance with my city elf chick who totally scored with Alistair (who I may have a massive crush on myself). And I actually decided to start a new character as well, who is going to be a surly blood mage who everyone (in particular Alistair!) hates. I love it. Might have him hook up with the Zevran, who apparently is easy.

Only other news of note is that I have been slowly getting back into doing art stuff. Dad and I are actually making a new easel since I had one when I was a kid which was dismantled/burned at some point (Dad had also made it as one of his earlier projects). So that's exciting.

All and all, life is pretty good. The one area I really need to figure out is getting out there and socializing more but it's winter and cold and sometimes all I want to do is stay inside.
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Still no word about that job. I'm off tomorrow though, so I can call and if the guy I interviewed with isn't there then I will get on the line with someone else who can tell me what the heck is going on.

In other news, this week is pretty sweet because I work two days, have a day off, work two days, have a day off. This is because I will get paid twice for Friday: once for the holiday since I am full-time and once with overtime because I'm working a stat. So that, at least, is nice. I should figure out what I'm going to do after work, since it is Canada Day and all.

Not much else to report, really. I've been reading The Count of Monte Cristo (finally) and really enjoying it (though not as much as the Three Musketeers, that book was epic and hilarious!). I've gotten past all the set up finally, which is good since the pile of contrivance found there rivalled Everest at times and now Ian and Matthias Albert and Franz have shown up and all is good.
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Spamalot was a very fun musical. Not one I think I would need to see again, but still quite good.

The haircut didn't happen, boo, because my mother thought I said I didn't want one when I actually said I did. Oh well, I'm not in great need of it any way.

Heading out to the party soon, which should be fun. Also, I finished Tigana and it was awesome. I'm not going to say much more until after bookclub is done, but...I definitely need to read more of Guy Gavriel Kay, he is awesome. We have Ysabel at work, so probably that will be next.

But first...reading the issue of Yen Plus I picked up the other day, and then Twilight, and then His Majesty's Dragon(s?).
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I was a bit worried that I might have mixed up my schedule for today (I was only 90% sure that I was closing), but it looks like I can rest easy now, because I think they would have called at this point to see where I was.

This means that this week's schedule is as follows:
Monday - 10:30-6:30
Tuesday - 9-5
Wednesday - 9-5
Thursday - 7:30-3:30
Friday - 10:30-6:30

Thanks to wonderful geeky friends, I have a whole lot of titles to look up and investigate and such. The only one I've checked for sure is the Napoleonic Wars with dragons and the store has one copy of the first book. Eaton Centre also has one, and they also have Tigana, so I'll probably head down there one day and buy them both. First I need to finish the books I just bought though.

The Sookie Stackhouse one is fun, though not meeting expectations. It just moves too damn fast. Like, the first chapter basically had the entirety of the first episode of the True Blood tv show in it. Which is a bit ridiculous. I'm halfway through (and the book is probably 200-250 pages) and I've surpassed the point the show is at, after 6 hour-long episode. That's pretty crazy.
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Back from a successful shopping trip! I went to the Chapters at Runnymede and met a bunch of the staff there (at first, they thought I had come to work a shift...I was a bit confused why I had to meet the MOD right away until I realized that, but it was good to meet her anyway because she did need to come approve my discount anyway). I needed to go there today to get a book of breadmaker recipes that looks really good, because the recipes that came with my machine are still coming out way too high when I do them at first. This one has recipes with the proper measurements for 2.0lb, which is what I usually make (but the booklet comes with them for 3.0lb, so I've been doing interesting math that works out alright but this way should be better). Plus there are apparently 250 recipes, so I can have lots of fun.

I also bought one of Dr Phil's books about weight loss. I used to hate Dr Phil, but somehow I started watching his show and was converted. Hopefully this will help me, alongside my WiiFit which has been going quite well.

And...I bought the first Sookie Stackhouse book, because True Blood is very fun. And then Watchman, because I've been intending to get that for awhile. Though I hadn't planned on it being today.

I feel a bit bad for buying from a store that wasn't mine, since we have all four books, but...whatever. Same company. Same discount. That's what really matters.

Then off to Wal-mart, where I got a bunch of house stuff and then MarioKart for the Wii. They didn't have any Guitar Hero or DDR bundles, so I decided to not go for that, which is good because I ended up having to pay a little money on top. But only 53 cents. Pretty good deal, for all that.

So now I come to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this post which is actually getting pretty long now. Hence the caps and bolding.

DEAR FRIENDSLIST, I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm pretty much the sci-fi/fantasy person at the store. I have a pin asking people to talk to me about it. But, while I do read a lot of stuff like that, I have to admit that I might not be up to date about a lot of the more current stuff. This is where you come in, because I know I have a lot of sci-fi/fantasy lovin' people here on the FL(aka geeks). So, please let me know what you think is good out there. I need authors and titles and some info.

The following are authors whose books I have read most/all of and so probably don't need more info on:
- Juliet Marillier
- Jacqueline Carey
- George RR Martin
- JRR Tolkien (not that he probably needs much help)
- Dragonlance series (though I don't know most of the newer stuff, because uh...it sort of got WAY overdone)

Here are authors I've read a bit of and so can handle, but more info would not be a bad thing:
- Neil Gaimon (he's in this section, though his stuff is hard to classify)
- Terry Pratchett
- Mercedes Lackey (though really haven't read much of her stuff)
- Tanya Huff (see above note)
- Stephenie Meyer (most of her stuff is teens, but The Host is in here. Again though, she probably doesn't need help)
- the Dune series (I've read the first three books that Frank Herbert wrote)
- the Star Wars EU (I've read a fair amount, and I have Margaret's love-filled ♥ reviews to let me know what's going on)

I think that is all, but I may remember others. I also think I might know enough about Wheel of Time, though I do wonder if I really want to get people started on that one =P

Also, I realize I'm ignoring the graphic novels, which are next to this section, but that's because I am pretty sure I know enough about those in general that I'll be fine.

WOW, that is a LONG entry. Kudos to those who actually get through it all, though as long as you look at the last part, I'm pretty good.
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Freedom, sweet freedom!~

My days off have returned again (I can't believe it's already been a week since I left for London @_@). As always, must be productive, but I have less big goals this time round, I think.


- bank
- clean kitchen floor

- paint
- put out garbage
- groceries
- laundry
- see Dark Knight (and maybe Mamma Mia too)
- finish watching Escaflowne
- Hairy Tarantula shopping!
- make bread

Looks good to me!

Oh, so I've been reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I've never read her vampire books, but this one had such a fascinating plot I couldn't resist. Plus it's like...Animorphs from the Yeerk perspective only with less evil. The writing isn't the greatest...but the story is just fascinating. Which is why I love commercial fiction ^_^
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Back at the library again. I didn't make it in yesterday, as you may have noticed. And gah, this computer's keyboard SUCKS. You have to pound some of the keys to make them work -_-

I'm going to call Geek Squad today and see if they have info about the computer. I'm really hoping it will be back sometime this weekend. I also keep freaking out about all the files I might have lost @_@

I finished reading Gods Behaving Badly and I have to say, I'm disappointed. It sounded like it would have been better than it was. The two mortal characters were very fun, but I felt like the gods ended up being very one-dimensional. Oh well. It was still an okay read. And I got it done well within the 7 days I had it for (the TO library has these books called "Best Bets" which people can't put holds on and which have to be back within a week and aren't renewable). Not sure which of the other two I'm going to start first, though I also was starting to read the last novella in this 3 story collection from Luna (Harlequin's fantasy line) so I may finish that first.

I've been playing a LOT of Fire Emblem, to the point where I'm a bit sick of it. But there's not much else to do. The worst thing is that I can't seem to get myself to write, because I wanted to work on Psyche & Eros next but I may have lost that entire file and I'm not sure if I want to go and re-write it all because I have definitely lost steam with writing it.

Okay, this keyboard is driving me NUTS. End of entry.
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Just finished watching the Love*Com anime. It was cute and fun. I think I like the manga better, even though they are very similar. I just find that the characters seem to have a little more depth in the manga. Not that I've read very much of it.

I have the live action on my computer too which I want to watch. If I like it, I'll definitely be buying that DVD from Viz. I might get the NANA DVDs too at some point, but I'm not sure. They were okay adaptations, but the anime is much better because it can take time to do everything. But I also love NANA so very much and wouldn't mind having both the live action stuff and the anime and the manga and other merchandise as well!

I'm a little upset with how insane my sleeping has been these last few days. I went to be at 5AM and woke up at 11AM. Before that, I was having trouble falling asleep and then ended up getting up and hanging on the couch all of Thursday afternoon. And tomorrow I have to be doing stuff during the day, blarg.

I also need to get to Chapters soon because I have a coupon to redeem for renewing my rewards card and it expires next week and has to be used in-store. Of course, no good can come from me going to a Chapters, especially now that I know what book Shannon got me for my birthday (she pre-ordered Kushiel's Mercy for me, squee!)


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