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We had our last regular playoff game tonight and sadly lost. However, there are no unbeaten teams and we likely have the highest amount of goals for, so the chances are high we'll be in the finals. Very exciting for a team that finished 3rd last in the regular season, I think. It really helps having all of the players out, plus I think we're gelling better as a team overall ... just in time for the spring/summer break :P

Since I am terrible about putting these things off, I'm going to do the con recap now. Also two pictures of my new costume of Renee Montoya's Question.

The highlight is still TALKING. TO. PATRICK. STEWART. O. M. G. )
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Update to the meme from earlier today: I am definitely going to Toronto Comicon, hurrah! This has led to a costuming frenzy this evening, especially since Margaret and Ryan will also be there, which means it will be the second outing of my Delerium costume.

I have a few tweaks to make, mainly getting better contacts (this has proven to be bloody expensive, even with a 25% Boxing Day discount), some different white costume makeup, a bodysuit to wear under because the shirt tends to ride up a bit (plus if I get the type I want, which La Senza used to sell, I can attach the tutu to it which should make things more comfortable and will also be easy because Del totally attaches things with safety pins), and finally figure out what to do with the wig. And maybe how to incorporate a fish into it all though that only happens once everything else is dealt with.

And then I have The Question costume which I would like to get done. The mask just needs a bit of refining so the main hurdle for it will be getting the clothes, namely the hat. Value Village, here I come!

Also my season 3 of The Vampire Diaries DVDs arrives, yay! Season of Ripper!Stefan and Originals galore, hurrah!
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Costuming people!

Anyone know of any good tricks to get shirt decaling off (not sure if that's the right term, but hopefully you know what I mean)? I successfully got a shirt with the right cut for the BSG pilot brown tank, but the front (that is now the back) has some decoration on it which I'd rather not have.

In related news, I have two new geeky outfits, one for the BSG finale and one for Watchmen, which will later double for Polaris costuming probably.
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The neighbours are apparently putting together a kitchen table & chairs. Which would explain all the noise in the hallway and then coming from upstairs which woke me up. At least I was supposed to be awake about now anyway, but I was hoping to just leave music on as the alarm and stay in bed until 7 or something. Alas.

I often wonder if they realize that I work nights and thus and sleeping during the day. I'm not sure. On the weekends though I have noticed them talking in the hallway a fair amount and waking me up. But then they go away and all is good.

Silly night shift.

I still haven't gone to Value Village because I have an aversion to going outside. I also need to get groceries, but since I'm planning to go rent Juno tomorrow now that it is finally on DVD I will be going outside already. Yay for that.

The Biggest Loser finale is on tonight, I am very excited. I don't know quite how I got hooked on this show, but it happened. I blame Alison Sweeney and my love for her.
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Hurrah, I have the day off. Oh it is nice! Except I realized that starting on this coming Thursday night, I have 6 shifts in a row. Ouch. And most (if not all) will be 2 people, because Biatha is leaving for Zimbabwe (but she says she will bring me back an African outfit...I am excited about that!).

Today I am heading down to Value Village to look for costume supplies. That is the only plan I have. Other than hanging out and having some fun (and making sure I get proper sleeping routine in...I must stay on nights!
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The list of lame awesomeness (aka the list that tells me when all RP characters updated last and shows how many posts they have made within a certain period) makes me happy right now. Everyone has posted in April! Well, except Justine but that's on purpose.

And the three characters who have gone the longest without posting are Maire, Isobel, and Eudora, who are all easy to post with, hurrah! I finally have activity back where I want it to be, I think. Now let's see how long this lasts.

I meant to still be asleep, but my body decided otherwise apparently. Not sure why, though it can't help that neighbours were in the hall talking and stuff. Hopefully I'll get some napping in before I go to work tonight...and then I have tomorrow night off so I can recover.

I need to start getting to work on my Franziska cosplay. I don't know if the Anime North Phoenix Wright group is still on or not, but I plan to have the costume anyway. I think maybe tomorrow I shall go down to Value Village and see what I can buy. And be SO happy to have that little figure of Franziska that I can bring with me which not only shows the costume...but shows it from behind ^_^!

I still wish I was asleep though...I even went to bed early!
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Right, so I'm in Ottawa now. My stupid interet died at 4:45AMish this morning, hence my sudden disappearence. This was extra fun because I hadn't printed out my flight iternerary thing and thus didn't actually know what flight I was on...so I had to call my mom and wake her up so she could find out for me.

Flight was uneventful. I got here, came home and then promptly went out shopping with mom. Two new pairs of shoes, one of which I actually really like (they are actually men's shoes, but they are pretty snazzy and all tough-like). I also got the pants for my Dark Phoenix cosplay, a pattern for the jacket, new underwear and socks, and a new shirt. And I didn't pay for any of it!

I was planning on making fancy dessert for parents tonight, but I have had a headache for the last couple hours and I'm tired and stuff so I don't know. It's a Curtis recipe though and one that I've wanted to try for awhile.

Anyway, that's all for now, except to say that DIAL-UP REALLY SUCKS T___________________T
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So today instead of writing I spent about 4 hours in the kitchen making jam, relish, and dinner. And then watched Firefly commentary while also doing some work on the Jargara costume, because the Fosshape arrived today. I might try to heat and stiffen it tomorrow, if I have time.

Now...back to those fics.

Edit: Wow, stealing a fact that makes me feel old from Mary's journal: Wannabe by The Spice Girls was released a decade ago last week.
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So, ordering some stuff for my Jargara costume finally, yay. My dad bought a heat gun set from Canadian Tire for me, it was marked down from $50-something to $18.99 so I was pretty happy. I also am trying to order some Fosshape from CosplaySupplies.com. I was debating between it and the Wonderflex, but I just think that overall the Fosshape will suit the overall needs of the costume better. Very excited to finally get work done on this after wanting to do it for at least a year.

No more money spending for me now though. I have Genbu Kaiden 4 on order from Hobbyton and it might arrive soonish...and I also want to try to find some more stuff for Dark Phoenix in Ottawa.

I also am seriously considering finally getting a little cheap sewing machine, because handsewing is just not fun or that great of a quality for me.
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Margaret and I watched some Sailor Moon Classic finally, after it's been sitting on my computer for I don't know how long. Wow, early!Usagi is annoying. I honestly don't think the dub made her that much worse XD

We were waiting really anxiously for Ami to appear. Sadly, that's not until ep 8 and we weren't going to get that far. We did however see some amusing but relatively pointless filler. This filler is better later when they can rotate through characters. And when Usagi has matured a bit.

One thing we were wtf-ing over however was how much Usagi's dad appears in these episodes. I don't remember EVER seeing him before and suddenly he's everywhere! It was rather shocking.

Oh, also we looked into dub changes and saw that only two of the eps we watched today were actually shown on NA TV. Apparently they cut stuff that didn't develop the main plot. Overall I actually have to agree with this decision. Too bad the original Japanese series didn't do this more often...definitely going with quantity over quality in many places, though when they do get around to dealing with the plot, it's AWESOME, which is why we watch (that and reliving childhoods is fun). However, it has made my decision about whether or not to burn the series easy: not. It's fun to watch, but unlike S and Stars, I can't see myself watching any of this stuff again. I might keep favourite eps around for a bit though.

In other news, I have flights booked for my return to Ottawa: I'll be back from July 12-19. During this time I will finally get my tattoo, yay!

Speaking of that, [livejournal.com profile] crippled_pink, I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about what I need to do. I don't have a 100% picture in my mind about what I want exactly, though I know I want two wings on my shoulderblades, one angel, one demon, that hopefully look like they are actually part of my body, done in black and grey with white highlights, as realistic as possible. Would the lady you recommended most be a good plan for that? And what would I need to bring for her to be able to do what I want.

Also, question for anyone, also related to the tattoo. Bolded so that people who are skimming this rather large entry will still see it XD Does anyone have any X/1999 art of Kamui with the two different wings that is from the back? That's pretty much what my tattoo is going to be, but so far I've only found images from the front or side.

Edit: Oh, and I managed to find a tanktop for my Phoenix costume, nothing else though. Hopefully I'll have more luck in Ottawa.
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It's done. I have finally finished my Imadoki costume. I'll get Margaret to take some pics soon so I can share it.

This means that tomorrow I can go out and see about getting pieces for Phoenix. Yay.
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Good progress tonight on my costume. I have all the green lines down, tomorrow's goal will be the crest. After that, I'll have the improved bow and the collar/shoulder details to do, and then that will be it!

Very exciting. So glad to finally get this thing done.

Getting pretty sleepy now but I don't quite want to sleep yet.
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So, I've been feeling generally useless/pointless again, something which happens far too often, but to snap myself out of it I finally went and checked out what colour of fabric paints I had with me, to do work on my poor Imadoki costume which I really would like to get done sometime. It was originally planned for last Halloween, after all :')

I've also been planning on looking for stuff for the Dark Phoenix costume I want to do, but I think that it would be best to get the current WIP done first. Of course, I am intending to order in some WonderFlex to finally start working on the Jargara costume that I've been planning since last summer. But that costume is very dependent on money, while the other two aren't necessarily, so it might be worked on for a long time (I would like to get it done for Animaritime, but that really does depend on the money situation).

So time to work on Imadoki, since I did end up having pretty much the perfect shade of green fabric paint already. Really excited to finally get all the embellishments!


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