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My parents and I went to Montreal today, to see the Star Wars: Identities exhibit at the Science Centre. It was really interesting. I don't know if overall the whole attempt to make it an intellectual exhibit rather than just a bunch of props/costumes/concept art was entirely successful but it was certainly fun. And since I like taking more, for lack of a better term, academic perspectives when it comes to my pop culture, I definitely support such things.

I took lots of pictures which I'll try to get up next time I'm at the office and can use their bandwidth =P

Speaking of work, I'm actually taking tomorrow off which will be nice since today, while fun, wasn't exactly that relaxing (even the travel, since we ended up having to take Dad's car which has very uncomfortable backseats).
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La Senza's Semi-Annual Sale starts today, so we had a big visual change last night. People were scheduled to 11 but three of us stayed later. I ended up leaving at 2 since I had to be awake enough to drive home safely. Still tired but I don't have time to crawl back into bed yet, since I'm having lunch with my aunt Diane who is up visiting from Saint John in an hour. And I have stuff to do, as always.

I've been playing Mass Effect recently, on 2 right now. Overall I enjoy it quite a bit though I don't love it quite as much as Dragon Age. ME2 is really stepping it up with the characters though, the ones we have now as pretty awesome, compared to the first which had some good ones but a few who were a bit meh. Bioware has definitely evolved since then, though recently that may be not the greatest thing =P
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Day off today! It has to be a productive day to because I am in a bit of a tight spot for Himitsu (though salvageable, I think), I haven't really done much of any writing lately (and even less art!), and I have to do some work on my resume because I have two potential things to apply to out there and more (apparently everyone in Ottawa wants to help me, which makes it nice to be back ... CONTACTS!).

So, busy busy busy but I also need to take some time to relax because I worked just over 40 hours last week and it's really making me feel like I'm in TO again in a bad, worn-out sort of way.
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Shannon unfortunately is busy today, which means I have it all to myself. I just did my Wii Fit so yay for that. And now it's time to get focused on writing ... as well as some other things I need to do.

This means, of course, it's time for a to-do list!

- Wii Fit
- work on novel (trying to actually finish my project from last year's NaNo, hence why I am not doing this year's)
- make a new "business" email address and follow up about the job one of my mother's co-workers gave me a lead on (not sure if it's a good fit or not but don't want to just do nothing about it)
- Himitsu stuff (got a bunch of this to do)

- finish organizing my bedroom so that I can actually vacuum!

There's a few other things I would like to do (mainly organize my bathroom, right now everything is just on the counter!) but this is the top five four priorities today.

Also, I think I might go and re-visit the To-Do List of DOOM (TM) because it's been years since I even looked at it. I might start using it as a monthly list.
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I ended up staying at work until 12:30 last night to help with a visual change, which was good since originally the change was for tomorrow morning and I was going to get hours for it but then they changed it and tomorrow's shift got shortened. Fun times, as always.

I am back up to five shifts next week though, hurrah.

Also, today is very snowy ... but honestly, it doesn't look as bad as I was anticipating, given the level of alarm. Of course, this is Toronto and all but I was here a few years ago when there was actually a lot of snow.

I have today off regardless though. It's going to be a job search/writing day. Looking forward to it.
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So, I spent my late morning/early afternoon sort of wasting time which I didn't have, which made me annoyed (though I did get my laundry done so yay for that).

However things are looking up because I got home to find a present from my landlord, wonderful chocolate mint cookies. He is a strange fellow but I do quite like him.

I have an appointment downtown at 3 for this health study I might be participating in (provided we don't find anything wrong today which would be upsetting but thankfully unlikely). And then get home, run around crazy cleaning, and get ready for company.

It's been a nice middle of the week weekend but it's over far too soon.
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I have two days off in a row! Yay, middle of the week weekend!

It has not started off great as I woke up with quite the headache. ALSO I had yet another somewhat disturbing dream that I choose to blame on Silent Hill (in particular, Silent Hill 4 because a whole damn lot of it has had elements from that one). God, I haven't even played them and I'm already having nightmares ... sort of.

So today my plans are pretty basic, except for the part where I definitely am going to see a movie. Not quite sure what movie yet (probably Harry Potter) but definitely doing that in the evening.

Tomorrow should be pretty much the same though I have to get the "fake" apartment ready since the rescheduled watching of The Plan with Derek is tomorrow night.
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I just barely made it past the 35K mark to save my Himitsu cast, final count is 35,106. So much better than any other year, even if I didn't win. I will probably post more musings about the whole experience later but today is a NaNo-free day.

Derek is hopefully coming to watch the Plan finally (rescheduling didn't work so well because our schedules this week really didn't mesh well but hopefully it will work out today). I also need to do grocery shopping, cleaning, and I think since it is December now that I shall put up my Christmas decorations!

Also, Marian, sorry for not replying to the comment, I was in the middle of frantic writing sprints, but I have not fixed the bike tire yet but I need to do that today so I'm going to go get those lever things and hopefully manage it on my own because I need it tomorrow morning since I'm out of TTC passes and money to buy TTC passes.

Little to-do list to keep me on track:

- groceries
- cleaning (including but not limited to dishes)

- decorating
- make pizza dough for dinner
- fix bike

- job search
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Okay, my day off. There are a few things I could do but I'm going to try and focus on just writing, writing, and more writing, because I am approximately 10K behind :'(

I've discovered a bit of a problem with watching TV on DVD/the computer while writing, in that there are no commercial breaks for me to just focus on writing. This is problematic. I thought Angel would be okay since I've seen most, if not all, of the episodes before but well, it still was bad. So I'm definitely going to have times when I just have music and that's it but I don't think I can do that the whole day.

Also, randomly, I've been in a mood for the X-Files so I watched the pilot last night. And discovered that, while when I was younger I didn't ship Mulder/Scully, I'm pretty sure I do now. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny do have some mad chemistry, even from the start.
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Mom just left to head out for her girl's weekend. We have a nice, albeit short, visit. I made some yummy food (steak salad last night, stuffed french toast this morning), we watched The Princess and the Frog, The Informant, and the pilot of Leverage, and I have the new iPod Nano with the touchscreen and clip. Good times all around.

Not sure what I'm going to do the rest of the day. There are some dishes, though not too many because Mom did most of the ones from last night earlier while we waited for my bread to finish. I really want to do some writing though I'm not sure what of yet. And my first review copies arrived today so I want to figure out which one I'll be reviewing first and start reading.

Plus I need to read more of To Kill a Mockingbird.

And I still need to get the new box for my TV but tonight there isn't really much I want to watch so it's low priority at the moment.

But first ... TO THE INTERNETS!
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Today is, as always, my day off. It also is the day to put together the "fake apartment" because Mom is visiting tomorrow night and so this place needs to actually look like it's clean on a regular basis. Which it isn't, of course, but hey, that's not the point.

I also need to go and trade my cable box for a new one because apparently mine is just stupid now or something. It stopped being controllable by my remote and now it doesn't even turn on. So I haven't had any television for the last two nights, though last night I passed out at like 9 so it didn't really make a difference.

I also have to clean my sheets. So it shall be a productive day, hopefully. Also much needed break because yesterday was not a great shift. It was just one of those really SLOW days.

Also, Marian, I think your iPhone may have eaten another email or something, since I sort of expected a reply to my response by now. Basically I was wondering what time your thing is at because I have something else I'm already going to that night but, if yours is late enough, I might be able to do both. Not sure though.
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Okay, I had a fairly eventful day off. First I applied to some interesting jobs. Need to start hearing back from someone, ANYONE. The lack of response is the most disheartening part of it all.

Second, I got a free haircut and it is super cute! I would take a picture but I am hot and sweaty and tired right now (from biking home) and so I'll just have to do it tomorrow. But it was free (because, as the subject line says, I was a "model" for a student exam) and that is awesome. Aveda is a pretty nice place to get it done too, they give you a little massage at the start and then a bit of make-up at the end. Good times.

And then, since I was already downtown, I decided to go see Inception again. And I got to do that for free too because I had enough points from my Cineplex membership. I loved it the first time and I loved it MORE the second. To use a nice extended metaphor I came up with, if you think of the movie as a puzzle than the first time you see it is when you take all the pieces and flip them over to see what they are. The second viewing you get to put it all together and see the big picture. Pretty snazzy metaphor, if I do say so myself! Definitely on my to-buy list when the DVD comes out (though I already knew that). I really want to know how they filmed some of it, especially since Christopher Nolan apparently really doesn't like green screen and so tried to avoid it whenever possible (less computer effects in this movie overall than in Batman Begins, at least if Wiki is right, and I apologize if I have mentioned this before).

And then I bought groceries and came home. And then THERE WAS A CENTIPEDE CRAWLING DOWN MY ARM!!!!!!!!! ACK! It was horrible. But at least it was only a small-ish one, enough that it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. But still ... CENTIPEDE!

And now I am home and will probably sleep soon-ish because I am tired and have an early stock shift tomorrow.
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Okay, after a crazy spamming spree last night, I have two characters left to finish, Dale and Cylina, and two leniencies to use for them (thank dragons for an extra one from Flower's death fic...at least she will not have died in vain!)

Anyway, both of them either need a post or a thread (I would prefer threading since they always need more CR and I also am going to have to focus on figuring out their plots more before I can post again). Other than that, I am free to help everyone else so just let me know if you need anything ^_^

And definitely poke me if there are any threads sitting around at less than four comments per character because if any exist it is because of a) an oversight or b) knowing that both characters are finished (in which case there should not be an issue, right? XD)

Today I am off and I need to finish my project for my screenwriting class (a 5-year business plan, ack!) and I also need to clean the apartment and do laundry (no one should be in the least bit surprised by this). And buy cat food, butter, and wine.

Here's it in list form, which again, no one should be surprised to see, I do love a good list.

- finish business plan
- clean
- laundry
- shopping

- SHOE DAY (will explain later)
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I have today off, hurrah! Only thing set in stone on the plan is I have some appointments at Goodlife at 5:30 onwards. Also, I want to try and clean my living room and bedroom (I finally actually finished the kitchen to my satisfaction) and start packing!

And do things like sleep till noon because I can and it's fun ^_^
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Today is my last day off until Christmas Eve. WTF that is insane.

Anyway, because of this (and the fact that I did finish my Sekrit Santa fic in time and so only have the A/R exchange to work on and that one is decently close to being finished) I am starting something I have planned for a bit, which is a pre-Christmas purge/cleaning of my apartment. Because I bring anything new into this place, I need to have all the old stuff organized and anything I don't want/need anymore ready to be trashed/sold. So yes, essentially I am going to Cleansweep the place. Woo!

Also, finally got around to watching the pilot for Stargate Universe last night. I definitely see why people are comparing it to BSG (though I find that plotwise it seems closer to Voyager so far). I have to admit I wasn't completely sold on it but the last half hour or so stepped things up, especially as they introduced the main storyline focusing around the Stargate itself finally, so I've got the rest of the first season (so far?) to watch now.

Then probably the second season of Being Erica.

Then Supernatural?
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I have a rare two days off in a row starting tomorrow, hurrah! This period is going to have to be SUPER productive because I have a lot to do.

And thus, here are THREE to-do lists, all in one!


- dishes
- put up fourth spice rack (I have expanded my collection enough to need it)
- make turnip gratin (except I bought a rutabaga, not a turnip, but close enough!)
- watch Glee while working on with Wii Fit (which I am finally trying to start up again)
- put together the pieces of my series bible for class tomorrow (which will clear things up for...)


- write script for pilot
- groceries
- go to class
- DDR marathon! (as well as at least weighing in with Wii Fit)


- mail Kate's present
- finally get my d*mn hepatitis shot
- laundry
- clean as much of the apartment as I can manage before Margaret and Ryan arrive for another weekend of fun (they are coming up to see Fiddler on the Roof and to hang out some more, since last weekend wasn't as long as initially thought)
- finish my A/R exchange fic? Dare I even hope for time for this? Apparently yes, yes I do.
- DDR or Wii Fit, whichever I feel like most
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Hurrah, three days off! And it's October! And I only have one shift left at Tims! I am very excited and happy~

I also have a fair amount of stuff I want to do today, henceforth here is a to-do list! And exciting to-do list! At least I think so.

- lunch with Bruce (because I forgot my chequebook last time, oops)
- deposit tip money

- groceries
- dishes
- guitar class tonight!
- type Psyche & Eros up finally
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So, the plan for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning is to get my bathroom back together. To do this, I need to finish painting (FINALLY) and get it cleaned and everything back where it's supposed to be. I also need to clean out and organize the hallway room thingie between the kitchen and the bathroom, once the bathroom stuff is no longer in there.

I also need to do dishes, laundry, and will need a little more food to last me through these days. Also I need to make sure I get the garbage out tonight (I must also get the new collection schedule so I know what's being picked up tonight).

Finally, I need to type up the fic I wrote at work last night which will cover Cylina's absence, as well as continuing to cover for everyone else.

Once all the productivity is done...I get to go cottaging! Hurrah! I'm going from Friday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon/evening. Then Thursday afternoon Margaret and Ryan are coming and we're going to see Avenue Q. And then Friday we are going with my parents to Marineland!

And then real life starts back up when I go back to work the night of Saturday the 23rd.

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Day off = plans to be productive = to-do list!!!

- dishes
- laundry
- grocery shopping
- Zellers shopping (for Wiimote and curtains)

- clean up garden box thingy in front of house
- writing
- watch anime and Smallville
and Roswell
- FST exchange stuff

I am so so SO glad to finally have this break. Plus, the paycheque I get when I go back should be the best one I've had yet ^_^!

ALSO, happy birthday to Margaret, Elzie, and Fayre XD!
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I think I have mutated into some creature that does not require sleep. It's crazy how un-tired I am right now, despite the fact that I haven't really sleep since Sunday. Awesome.

So I have tonight off, hurrah hurrah. So I'm going to get laundry done, count remaining tips and see if I can justify a trip to my new favourite store, and do a lot of writing because I have some Himitsu fic that needs to be addressed, plus I've been working on the next chapter of Braided Lives (this is your first warning of it's imminent arrival, Margaret). Oh, and I'm working on another set of icons for [livejournal.com profile] fireandwind, *pimp pimp pimp.*

And at some point, I expect that sleep will be involved.


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