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Okay, time for a quick New Show Report, Old Show Report, and a few bits about TellTale's Game of Thrones, Episode 5.

The Muppets

So, as sometimes (though rarely) happens, this show is airing a day earlier in Canada then in the US. And it's pretty much a guaranteed watch for me, because it's the Muppets.

The first episode was pretty good too. I like the talkshow premise, since it means it's easy to work in cameos, as well as Muppet hijinks. Not all the jokes worked for me but enough of them did - especially everything that came out of Sam the Eagle's beak.

Plus, there was Kermit. My goodness, what a great character Kermit is.


Life in Pieces

So, this one had an interesting gimmick, with four brief stories each week telling about the life of a family.

I lasted about two and a half stories before turning it off. It was just not that funny and actually a little creepy and gross. Oh well, I knew a couple of the new shows had to be duds.

I also taped Minority Report and Blindspot tonight but don't have time to watch them. I also thought I might as well talk a bit about the returning stuff for this year, which includes Gotham, which was also taped tonight but will have to wait to be viewed later. But I do have one thing to talk about.

The Big Bang Theory

This show left off on quite the cliffhanger last year and picks up right away. I thought it was an okay episode, though I'm a bit annoyed at Penny for pretty much all of her actions in the episode, with the exception of her support for Amy.

Also, I think Stuart needs a character makeover ala Wolowitz, because he's just getting a little creepy and gross. Maybe he needs to crossover into Life in Pieces and never come back.

TellTale's Game of Thrones: Episode 5

Since I'm hoping episode 6 is going to be coming out sometime soon, I finally got my second playthrough caught up with the most recent episode.

One thing I realized while playing this is that pretty much every version of the characters in my second playthrough is inferior to the version in my first one. Some of that is on purpose, since I wanted to try out the different choices, but I was still surprised to realize that I just don't like this set as much.

Which of course was good for the ending, since it made it easier to leave Rodrick behind to die. Actually, with Royland as the traitor, his decision to save Asher's life and make him the new lord really worked, since Rodrick was beginning to think that he had made every wrong decision (of course, as the player, I know he was pretty much screwed no matter what).

I also do like how my second Asher is a bit more unpredictable, which is something Ethan says about him in ep 1, and I think becoming lord could be quite an interesting development for him. Also, I look forward to a reunion with Gwyn so SO SO much. Though I also need to make sure he makes things up to Beshka like mad, because she has put up with a lot from him.

Second!Mira pretty much has no friends or allies now, which sucks for her. Not sure she quite realizes how bad things are getting - hopefully she'll take Tyrion's words to heart. It is sad to see the complete reversal of her relationship with Sera though - first!Mira kept her confidence and has all and all been quite a good friend.

Gerad is probably the character who suffers the least in comparison to his first playthrough counterpoint. I actually have to admit, I really enjoyed going for it and killing the guy who murdered his family - kicking him off the wall was very cathartic. But the story in ep 5 was pretty much the same, minus Finn since Second!Gerad didn't bother befriending him.

All and all, I'm ready for episode 6. Though also very worried about what sort of ending it will have, though at least all of TellTale's stuff that I've played has had an ending that tied as much up as possible, while leaving room open for more.
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Hey, [personal profile] tersa, Telltale just released the next episode of Game of Thrones (if you hadn't already heard).

Also, I hate Telltale. I hate them so, so much.

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Things that are not helpful if you are trying to get going in the morning: discovering that the latest episode of TellTale's Game of Thrones was released.

OMG. Just ... OMG. This game is SO good.

This episode also had this amazing end credits song (as did the second episode of The Walking Dead Season Two). Spoilers for the events of episode 1.

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Favourite video game is up today, because I have just been playing it again ...

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Dear Bioware,

Cut for Mass Effect 3 spoilers )

And now I have to go figure out what the original ending was and how Bioware was able to screw up so terribly in a game that was pretty damn awesome up until that point.
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Just beat Fire Emblem: Awakening and I absolutely love it. After final deliberation, I am going to say it and Rekka are tied for my favourite of the franchise ... because I can.

I think I may need to find a fandom for it somewhere. Early attempts have been less than successful but the game is still pretty recent so maybe everyone is still finishing it.

I should also probably finish up with Radiant Dawn at some point :P
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Quick life update!

WE WON THE KINGSTON TOURNAMENT! It's the first time I've ever won a tournament AND played in the finals (my team won once before but I was sick and couldn't play in the finals). I'm a bit sad that adults don't get a medal but we did get a $50 VISA card for the team that we're saving for our end of the year party.

Also, my goalie skates broke but more on that later when I have the pictorial proof needed for a proper skate memorial.

In gaming news, I've been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening and it is definitely the best of the series since Rekka and might even surpass Rekka as my favourite of the franchise that I've played. It reminds me a lot of Rekka, actually, with perhaps a touch of FFIX in the design. I think the Rekka cast overall might be better but there are some pretty awesome characters here. Currently loving Nowi and Gregor the best (and Nowi's dragon form design is absolutely gorgeous).


Not much else going on though Reading Week is next week and I'm excited about that, especially since teh parents are taking off for a few days to go to Kingston for the Tournament of Hearts (curling, for those not in the know).
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Well, I knew there was a reason I thought I should perhaps wait for tonight's episode to air before getting too much further on the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon (my Caroline/Klaus fic). Fascinating episode for them and I know Julie Plec said the next episode would be as well!

I have survived this week and that makes me very happy. Tonight's school stuff even turned out to be finished faster than I anticipated, so I got to catch up on some TV viewing and play some more Fire Emblem Awakening (sadly though, I keep having characters I'm not willing to sacrifice die on me, darn that perma-death though like hell am I turning it off).

Female Tactitian has green-ish hair and is named Irene. And is getting paired with Chrom because apparently I want to make a Tess ship @_@
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I has the Fire Emblem 3DS! Very shiny and exciting. Sadly, I am working tomorrow which means tonight I need to get shit done and so can't just play the game. I actually would not have gotten it now except that the set (as well as the game) was selling out pretty fast and I wasn't sure if they would make any more. So I had to buy it now, just to be sure.

I am awesome at rationalizing such things ^_^

I am working tomorrow to make up for missing Friday to get to Kingston for the ringette tournament this weekend. Very excited for that, I haven't been to the Kingston tournament since I was in grade 12, probably (I'm assuming we went that year, since I think we went every year). But I do have two things due on Thursday so I need to get a move on.

Hopefully I can get things done faster than expected though and get another chapter or two done.

And maybe one of these days I'll go down and finish Radiant Dawn, since I think I may be one the last battle for that one.

And one day I should pick up Shadow Dragon as well.
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Finally finished playing L.A. Noire. I enjoyed it, though I do have some issues with it when it comes to storytelling. The main issue actually didn't come until play until the very end where, without giving too much away, we end up having two characters to play as. Honestly, I think they should have done this from the very start because it really brought the overarching story to head nicely.

I also am still a bit annoyed at all the times cases were connected by having a common perpetrator, which meant that initially you charged the wrong guy.

However, I cannot say enough about the design of the world, it really absolutely felt like the 40s. And the acting was great and I loved how I could actually recognize actors (including a late appearance by the awesome John Noble, squee!). And the MUSIC, so much love. They put a whole lot of effort into this part of the game and it completely shows. It also had a very Mad Men-esque political incorrectness that I loved.

Hilariously, I just realized that the reason I recognize the actor playing Cole is because he's in Mad Men.

So all and all, I definitely do recommend it, I'd probably give it a 7 out of 10, were I to do rankings (and I guess I am, since I just did).

And now I can start on Arkham Asylum, which I am also excited about. And I should probably play Fable sometime too, since I borrowed that one from Justin.
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OMG, after 2 years of sporadic attempts, I have finally gotten past the level I was stuck on in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. YAY! I brought Paths of Radiance over to play with Colin today and he loved it and it got me wanting to play some more.

Bloody dragons. And it's not even the final level, just one of them. I'm hoping the rest won't be quite as difficult but you never know with this game.

Working at the store tomorrow, long shift too which I'm getting a bit unaccustomed to these days. Should be uh ... an interesting day. I'll explain more about that later, when I can.
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I have just confirmed that I screwed up the Garrus romance in my Mass Effect 2 playthrough. And I'm so far into the game now that restarting to get it right would just be a huge pain in the ass. Sigh, I'm too used to there being more than one chance for these things and the big flirting with him was so NOT IC for this Shepard.

Oh well. I will play the game again. And probably sooner, to get that romance with the planned super Paragon Shep (current playthrough is more Paragon but has no problems blowing people away either).

It is still annoying -_-
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La Senza's Semi-Annual Sale starts today, so we had a big visual change last night. People were scheduled to 11 but three of us stayed later. I ended up leaving at 2 since I had to be awake enough to drive home safely. Still tired but I don't have time to crawl back into bed yet, since I'm having lunch with my aunt Diane who is up visiting from Saint John in an hour. And I have stuff to do, as always.

I've been playing Mass Effect recently, on 2 right now. Overall I enjoy it quite a bit though I don't love it quite as much as Dragon Age. ME2 is really stepping it up with the characters though, the ones we have now as pretty awesome, compared to the first which had some good ones but a few who were a bit meh. Bioware has definitely evolved since then, though recently that may be not the greatest thing =P
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And a meme gakked from [livejournal.com profile] inkiemouse.

Currently reading: Turning Yourself Inside Out (written by someone who goes to my church); Spice & Wolf v 5; The Hunger Games (I've read like, 5 pages); The Count of Monte Cristo ... sort of (I haven't actually touched this one in months but I will pick it up again, eventually)

Currently watching: The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Ringer, Fringe, Supernatural, Chihayafuru (very behind), Once Upon a Time, Smash (also very behind), Angel season 2, and a bunch of things on my computer/DVD shelf that are waited for me to start in on them

Currently listening to: Hedley, Nightwish, Katy Perry, Imogen Heap, Selena Gomez

Current food passion: Cooking for my parents! Actually getting through my recipe bookmarks!

Currently playing: Dragon Age: Origins (third playthrough); L.A. Noire (haven't really played much since I moved back though); Final Fantasy IV (still haven't finished); Silent Hill (still too scared to finish! @_@); Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (LOL); Patapon

Currently stressing over: HOW LONG SOME OF THESE LISTS ARE! Also managing to retroactively save most (or all?) of my Himitsu cast.

Currently enjoying: Having a day off, the amount of writing output I've had recently (even if it is almost all fan fic, need more balance there)

Awesome meme, you should all do it!
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Head's up to the Himitsu folk, I'm doing a visual change tomorrow night, followed by a opening shift (lucky me!) and as such will not be around at all for RPing tomorrow night. Trying to get all my stuff done tonight so any help would be appreciated and if you need me for anything, you're going to have to get it done ASAP so just let me know.

Edit: SEA OF GREEN, YAY! Thanks again, Willfor and Sara ^_^

Hours at work have finally been cut back and for once I'm actually happy about it. I've been reading an awesome book about novel writing which has got me excited to completely re-work my NaNo from 2010. I've also really got to figure out what sort of plan my Plan B is going to end up being.

I've also finally been making head-way on my pile of books on the to-read list. Not much, admittedly, but I did finish the third Namaah's book which was easily the best of this new Jacqueline Carey trilogy AND made me want to re-read the others, so yay for that. And I've been getting through my manga pile as well, finishing Codename Sailor V and starting in on Sailor Moon (and yes, Margaret, you were totally right about Usagi's rampant girlcrushes ... SM yuri definitely has a lot of canon support and we haven't even gotten to Haruka and Michiru ♥).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age. I'm off to get the dwarven alliance with my city elf chick who totally scored with Alistair (who I may have a massive crush on myself). And I actually decided to start a new character as well, who is going to be a surly blood mage who everyone (in particular Alistair!) hates. I love it. Might have him hook up with the Zevran, who apparently is easy.

Only other news of note is that I have been slowly getting back into doing art stuff. Dad and I are actually making a new easel since I had one when I was a kid which was dismantled/burned at some point (Dad had also made it as one of his earlier projects). So that's exciting.

All and all, life is pretty good. The one area I really need to figure out is getting out there and socializing more but it's winter and cold and sometimes all I want to do is stay inside.
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Been awhile since I wrote any general life stuff here. So ... general lift stuff time!

I've been working a lot, generally about 40 hours a week, which is about double what I expected. It's good for money but not so good when it comes to all the other stuff I wanted to be focusing on now that I'm in Ottawa. But it is Christmas and so I know once the Boxing Week/Semi-Annual Sale stuff is over that things will calm down some. Also, I did have an interview for the camp secretary position this week that went pretty well, I'll know soon whether or not that is going to happen.

Other than that, I've been playing video games (lately, Dragon Age, which is wonderful and addicting, though I am frustrated because I got killed and the last save point completely missed the last city I'd been in ;_;). And reading. And watching stuff. And downloading a million things because we just upgraded the internet here and, while it is still inconsistent, it's faster when it works. Also, right now we have unlimited bandwidth for six months. Gotta make the most of it.

Not too much else to say. I'm going to be baking all my Christmas presents this year and since I have this coming Friday off, I'm making it a baking (and probably very little else) day. Should be fun, provided the recipes turn out like they should.

Oh, also, I watched Memento last night and have officially decided that I need to track down every film Christopher Nolan has made and watch it because the only one I haven't loved of his was Batman Begins, which was mostly because of the "eh, Batman origin story again?" reaction I had. I'm actually reading the Inception and Philosophy book now and I'm just loving it. And Memento, while perhaps not as entertaining as Inception, is definitely a bit more challenging intellectually. And brilliant. God, I want to write like this man does.
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General update on stuff ... or something.

So, I'm moving back to Ottawa on the 29th. I'm about ready to officially start packing and taking furniture apart and other tasks. I'm both looking forward to this while also being worried about living with my parents again and not liking that it still feels like a step backwards to me. But even if it is, it's a necessary one so what can you do?

I've been writing again lately, which is nice. I actually really want to push to get last year's NaNo actually finished, at least the first draft. I also have a bunch of other projects in the works, too many to name really. I'm not going to be doing anything official for NaNo this year though.

Work has been pretty crazy lately, with long hours and lots of stress and annoyance about how things have been going lately. I'm going to miss the girls there so much but I'm not sad to be getting out finally. Haven't heard from the store in Ottawa yet, I'll have to get in touch with them next week to see if things have been finalized for me transferring there (I'm not too worried about it not going through).

I've also been watching a lot of TV and stuff, trying to check out some new shows. My favourite so far is Ringer, hence the icon, but The Secret Circle has potential. I actually read the books it's based on, unlike Vampire Diaries, which should make things interesting. Only seen the first episode and I can already see tons of changes. I think I am going to miss the other 6 members of the coven though, especially the male cast (interesting that for this show, it's male characters who are in short supply ... we just have love interest and triangle guy left and I remember there being brothers who were jokesters and pretty fun from the books). I also am catching up with the summer anime season, just as the fall one begins to start (though so far I have not seen anything that sounded interesting).

Finally, I've been gaming a bit, mostly LA Noire and the Sims 2, which I started craving awhile back. I keep trying to get my courage up to continue with Silent Hill but the school level is sort of terrifying and so it hasn't happened yet.

Also I've been totally getting excited about the DC relaunch because a bunch of the books sound interesting. Going to wait for the trades because I like collecting them, plus it gives comics time for people to know if they are good or not. Mainly interested in Justice League Dark and Animal Man, as well as some of the Batman books (but not all of them ... I love Batman but he's getting to be DC's version of Wolverine!). Maybe a few more, if they sound good. All this comic talk has also made me interested in how to write comics and I have an idea I'm kicking around, along with all my other writing projects.

Next week my mother is up to visit and then Margaret and Ryan are around for the weekend. Sadly, this means it may be hard to find time to hang out with teh Katie and watch more Nodame (though if you are around for the weekend, maybe we could hang and have one last big BSG boardgame night in TO? Marian is also totally welcome if you are free too).

Life goes on ...
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So, tonight was the last class for my latest screenwriting course. I actually thought we had another week. Luckily, I still do have said other week to finish my project (this time it is a business plan). I will probably do that next week sometime.

The next class starts in May and will be advanced screenwriting, which will be focused on taking our work and workshopping it and polishing everything up and stuff. I think I know what project I will focus on and I will use the time between courses to get more work done on it (if I can drag myself away from fan fiction and Himitsu fic).

I am VERY excited because of two things.

1, I have the next three days off! Which means I can get the freelance project wrapped up to the best of my current abilities and then relax and stuff. I do have to go to a staff meeting Sunday night but well...staff meetings are easy. Really easy.

2, I am the proud owner of a copy of Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations (I think they should have gone with Perfect Prosecutor, since it would be more accurate as a title, but I can understand the desire to promote the brand). Very excited because I haven't been gaming much since I am stuck in Final Fantasy IV and haven't touched Fire Emblem for like, EVER. I should pick the latter up this weekend, perhaps, since the Silent Hill game I want is out now but I am not allowed to get it until I finish what I'm currently playing.
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I haven't checked into my video game progress for awhile but since I've actually picked up my DS again after not touching it for like, a YEAR, I thought I would find this old post and update it!

Gaming and Me, 3.0 )


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