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Okay, here it is. The List of How Much I am SCREWED in Himitsu this Month (TM)!

tl;dr - A LOT! )

Luckily I can stay up late tonight because I have a late closing shift tomorrow (I don't go in until 5:30!) which means I can wait till it's September (!) my time and then at least the timestamp will make posts look further apart than they really were.

Mood icon = perfect!
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Am home now, which means it's time for my "what I need to not fail horrible in Himitsu" post!

Patience needs a thread.

Taylor needs two threads one thread.

Morgan needs a post and a thread.

Nansi needs a post and a thread.

Megan needs a post and a thread.

Varnes needs a post and 2 threads.

Characters who need to post again to finish: Lark, Gilbert, Cylina, Justine, Kastel (who hilariously was going to get a leniency until suddenly everyone was threading with him!), and Lian. If you have characters who would like to thread on a post by one of these guys, let me know, I'll be waiting to post with them just in case.

I do have one leniency left, not sure if I will use it because the only characters left who could use it are Megan, Lark, Cylina, and Kastel.
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Okay, after a crazy spamming spree last night, I have two characters left to finish, Dale and Cylina, and two leniencies to use for them (thank dragons for an extra one from Flower's death fic...at least she will not have died in vain!)

Anyway, both of them either need a post or a thread (I would prefer threading since they always need more CR and I also am going to have to focus on figuring out their plots more before I can post again). Other than that, I am free to help everyone else so just let me know if you need anything ^_^

And definitely poke me if there are any threads sitting around at less than four comments per character because if any exist it is because of a) an oversight or b) knowing that both characters are finished (in which case there should not be an issue, right? XD)

Today I am off and I need to finish my project for my screenwriting class (a 5-year business plan, ack!) and I also need to clean the apartment and do laundry (no one should be in the least bit surprised by this). And buy cat food, butter, and wine.

Here's it in list form, which again, no one should be surprised to see, I do love a good list.

- finish business plan
- clean
- laundry
- shopping

- SHOE DAY (will explain later)
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It's a bit long past time for this. But better late than never, I guess?

Himitsu Activity Check )

I thought I was doing pretty good at the beginning of the month but then my birthday and March Break hit and it just killed any energy I had for this stuff.
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Okay, spamming of characters who just needed on more post is done! Now I just need to look at who I still have and figure out what the best course of action is!

I have 3 leniencies currently available.

Patience - he has 2 threads and one post, enough for a leniency.

Dale - he needs a post and a thread. No leniency for him, I just need to go and actually make the post.

Oscar - needs one thread, which is in the works as I write (or will be, when I respond to the last comment from Norman).

Taylor - he has 2 threads and one post, again enough for a leniency.

Flower - has one thread and 2 posts, also enough for a leniency (though if I don't have enough to get everyone done, she will be the first to go)

Lian - has 3 threads. I need another for her then she is definitely getting a leniency. Sara, I will probably try and throw her at Kayla's post but first hopefully someone else will get in there and help bring more information out to get Lian's attention.

Megan - needs a post but I am waiting for her to thread again with Ellisae before making it.

Everyone else is done, yay! Except for River, who has very little and cannot ICly get done and also can't have a leniency since she got one last time. But I will re-apply for her ASAP. And try to come up with some actual plans.

So...I have Flower, Taylor, and Patience all who ideally should get leniencies. And I only have enough for two of them. So I'll see if I can come up for a post idea for one of the guys.
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Okay, so a few days ago I felt like I was pretty screwed for Himitsu activity. But a few good days have turned things around nicely. I still have a lot of posts to get but my threading for a lot of characters is done, which means I can spend most of my time helping other people out.

Anyway, here's what I've got so far.

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Okay, now that I'm back from Mexico (and back from work), I am...not going to post about Mexico just yet. I have tomorrow off and I haven't unpacked my camera/uploaded pictures yet, so you'll all just have to be patient.

Instead...time for a Himitsu activity check! Now, since I was gone for a week I only have to do 2 posts and 3 threads but I'm going to do the activity check as if I had the normal rubric because I'm still aiming for it.

But I could very likely end up not getting everyone there.

Himitsu Activity Check )

Okay well...not great. But I'm not surprised.

Maybe I need to write some fic XD (actually, I am working on something but I highly doubt it will be 1000+ words).
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In super lame news...I just got back from work like, twenty minutes ago. GAH!

Also, I have confirmed that my two 6 o'clock shifts later this week are closing shifts. But at least it sounds like we'll be out as early as possible on New Year's Eve, which will be nice.

So, been meaning to do my Himitsu activity check for awhile and now I am finally doing it! Different from usual, since we have halved the requirements for this month. To do the numbers thing, I'm going to assume that all my characters will either have four threads/one post & two threads, not the two posts option (though I suspect some of the late people will manage that).

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As usual, there are too many with too little done. But also as usual, I think I'll be able to manage it all.

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Okay, thankfully Himitsu activity stuff has really been coming together, after about a solid week of effort (including actually having the energy to get involved in a Wednesday thread!). So, with only a few days left, let's look at what I have left to do.

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Okay, so my leniencies are used up early this time, which I don't often do. But I only have four characters who should be any trouble finishing up, so it's all good.
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I've been avoiding/dreading this. Waited till today since I did get a decent number of posts/threads done last night. But not as much as I need.

How did this month go by so fast?

Himitsu Activity Check )

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Alright, I've put this off for a few days. Let's see how I'm doing.

Himitsu activity check )

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Okay, down to the wire with Himitsu activity. Must do better in October so I don't have to sacrifice much needed sleep in order to get done.

Here is what I need (many of those left are dependent on threading so PLZ SEND HELP IF YOU CAN!)

Dale needs one thread.

Lark needs a post but I want to finish threading with Crow on her latest entry first.

Cylina needs one thread.

Caroline needs one thread.

Megan needs a post but I am waiting to finish threading with Gideon first.

Xander needs a thread.

Varnes needs a thread.

I do plan on going to sleep as soon as I get these done. However if I am currently threading with someone who needs to get to four comments or if you need my cast for something, please let me know and I'll do my best to get it done alongside my own casts' needs.
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Since there's only one week left (and in the middle of it is a convention), time to look at that Himitsu activity.

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Wow, that's uh, better than I expected. Yay!
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Time for the mid-monthly Himitsu activity check. And yes, I did spam to comm first, to make sure almost all my characters had at least one post!

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So, not looking too bad. It's interesting to see this month how I have few groupings for characters. This month I've stopped keeping a handwritten record of my activity and am just using my word file, which has been interesting.

As for my third leniency, I really don't know. Flower probably won't need it, since she's involved in the cruise plot. I don't want to use it on Varnes since he's new and that would be pretty lame. And the others who are low on the list either had a lenience last month or are the type who will get the other stuff really fast.

Also, wtf, Justine doesn't have a thread with Rolen yet? WEIRD.
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Okay, I've been avoiding doing this because I had days off and was going to try and motor on through and I did a decent amount but not as much as I probably should have. So here is a look at what I need to do.

Also note that I'm working Friday night, which means that I will have to get last threading done before my shift on the 31st.

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So uh...I have a few characters who are in distinct danger. And only one leniency left.


Edit: However, it turns out I am too tired to be able to do much of anything at the moment. Off to bed with me, it was a long night (didn't leave until 11:45, we are trying out new visual standards and that means working extra hard to set it up/maintain it)
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Time for the monthly Himitsu activity check.

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Again, I've put one thread and two posts in less than half done, more because it means that Dale is a bigger priority than someone with one post and two threads, since I don't like to have two posts too close together in sequence.

Also, not surprisingly I really just need to focus on posting because I've been busy/away/not feeling like posting too much recently, hence all the characters who still need two.
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Just over a week left and because people keep asking me about whether I need threads I shall do this again!

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Note to self: doublecheck the handwritten record to the Word file before typing this all up, there were a few that had to be moved because they had more than I had written down.
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It's time, once more, for the always exciting Himitsu activity check. This month has been interesting so far, with a fair number of the verge of being done...and a fair number with nothing or next too it (including a very surprising Benedette and Lian).

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Yet another activity check. It's getting down to the wire and I'm definitely going to have to work to get there. Of course, it would help if I'd stop having nights when I don't feel like posting for anyone (except characters who are already done, *cough*Benedette*cough*).

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I find it interesting how much better off the newer half of my cast looks like compared to the older characters. Everyone from Eudora down, except for Flower, has pretty much everything they need, while Morgan and earlier have a lot who are missing threads and posts. But I do think the newer characters are overall the more dynamic ones that I play, which is probably why getting them finished each month isn't really too difficult.

Also interesting. I have been keeping track of order in which characters finish. I started last month so not too much of note to report, except the first 5 last month and the first five this month are completely different lists. You can see this month's above, but last month it was Isobel, Justine, Irene, Caroline, and Kastel. Benedette was 6th.
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It is mid-month again (or close enough) so time for another activity check! This one is uh...going to suck a bit since I pretty much did nothing as far as RPing goes for the first week of the month, except for the one Benedette post that needed to go up then or else look really stupid XD

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To conclude...I'm actually not quite as screwed as I thought, since I've managed to get a fair number at exactly the halfway point. But I still am going to have to work hard to get everyone closer to being done (though as always, there are a few whom I'm not really worried about, like Izzy will easily get done even though she looks really bad right now).

(OH, I know this one! It's from Hero. Love that episode, still sad it was voted off in that BSG Survivor thing so fast!)


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