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The interview went really well, I'm pretty sure I have the placement. I was hoping for an email to confirm things would arrive today but so far, not so much. But we talked about me starting on Monday so I'm trying to stay positive and forget about all the times when I thought I had something only for it to fall through.

Also my head is pounding. I'm actually beginning to think some of my headaches are very mild migraines, after the two not mild migraines I've had. Plus an article in O said that the placement of the pain was migraine-like. So no meme for today after all. I think instead I will probably go to bed early and hope I feel better in the morning.
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Okay, I forgot to do this thing in December. December was busy. Moving on.

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My transfer to La Senza Bayshore is finally official, I have my first shift on November 7th, 8-4:30. Really glad to have that dealt with, especially since it sounds as though I will get to work in stock!

And now off to La Senza Eaton Centre ...
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Still no word about that job. I'm off tomorrow though, so I can call and if the guy I interviewed with isn't there then I will get on the line with someone else who can tell me what the heck is going on.

In other news, this week is pretty sweet because I work two days, have a day off, work two days, have a day off. This is because I will get paid twice for Friday: once for the holiday since I am full-time and once with overtime because I'm working a stat. So that, at least, is nice. I should figure out what I'm going to do after work, since it is Canada Day and all.

Not much else to report, really. I've been reading The Count of Monte Cristo (finally) and really enjoying it (though not as much as the Three Musketeers, that book was epic and hilarious!). I've gotten past all the set up finally, which is good since the pile of contrivance found there rivalled Everest at times and now Ian and Matthias Albert and Franz have shown up and all is good.
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I've been watching my Angel season one DVDs today as I work on my NaNo (trying to get to 10K words by the end of the day ... so far I'm making progress but not fast enough!). I was looking into Doyle and why he was killed off and I have to say I'm not 100% sure I agree with the reasoning (they thought he was too similar to Angel). Granted, I can see that Wesley did balance things out a bit more but I really loved Doyle.

I'm also very sad to find out that the actor who played him died of a heroin overdose in 2002.

Anyway, back to writing. I'm almost at Thora's first POV scene which I'm very excited for. Of my two leads, she's definitely the one who I feel most connected to, even though James has been the main up until now.

Definitely enjoying this day off and I don't work again until 6PM tomorrow, because we have an overnight visual change which will very likely end up being a REAL overnight. Won't that be fun.

I also think Monday I will send an email inquiry about the job, since I never did hear anything yesterday and was told end of the week. Preparing for the worst now.
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I completely messed up when my shift was today. I had written down that I worked 3-close. So I got there at 3 and was getting zoned and ... I was on the paper but for a 7-3:30 shift. I checked the schedule in the back and that was also my shift there. Don't know where I got 3-10.

Luckily they didn't actually need/miss me in the morning (one of the stock girls was away but now that she's back we had 2 people in the morning already, which is why manager didn't notice that there was a person missing and call to see where the heck I was).

Also there is a big transfer that needs transferring and so I just worked on that all afternoon. Which was a nice shift. I will be working at it again tomorrow in an extended shift (originally I was doing 1-6, now I have 12-8:3O). Also switched my opening shift on Saturday for a closing one. So this week looks nothing like what I have written down.

In exciting scheduling news, next week I only close on day, which is Sunday (open to close, which sucks but is long). Then I have a bunch of 7 AM shifts on the weekdays and a 8:30-4:40 (I think) shift on Saturday. Lots of stock. Lots of early starts (which works better for biking because there is less traffic). Lots of hours (I should be almost at 40 at very least) Should be a good time.

Also, don't think I mentioned it but I have an interview on Friday that I am super excited for, really hoping to nail that one.
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Ticket for flight home from Halifax = bought! Hurrah! Even if I did have to pay $20 more than the best fare I saw, since that option was not available anymore (shouldn't have waited for the new credit card statement, I guess ;_;)

But it gives me 12 more hours in Halifax so that's not so bad.

Not sure if I've actually mentioned this plan here publicly yet but I'm taking a week off at the end of June to go out east to visit [livejournal.com profile] leah_lightwing, [livejournal.com profile] neekabe, and [livejournal.com profile] ameryanne, none of whom I've seen in at least 2 years (or more, in Emmy's case, I guess it's been around 3 years for her). I'll also get to visit with my aunt Diane a bit too, albeit en route since I am hoping a ride with her from Ottawa to Moncton (with a night staying over in Edmunston).

Also, in other possibly exciting news, yesterday was an...interesting day on the job search front. Not going to go into greater detail because there really isn't anything concrete yet but I'm feeling more hopeful about things than I have for awhile.

Good omens

May. 13th, 2010 02:27 pm
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I was talking to Mom about the job hunt and she tells me this:

Things are looking up for you in the way of omens. After you graduated from Mount A I bought an expensive, early blooming peony for the front garden. Unfortunately it has never bloomed, although it always survives the winter. This year I have 3 buds on it!!!! So maybe you’ll be getting 3 job offers shortly!

Clearly the time is now for me to acheive my Personal Legend (TM).

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Ick, I have a cold. Nothing more than an annoyance, at least not yet...but it definitely IS an annoyance.

I have this editing/writing test today. And then Marian is hopefully coming for more BSG watching (and drinking coolers instead of straight shots this time so intoxication levels will be lower).

I can't believe it's June.
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Didn't get the UofT Press job. Blah.

(Moodtheme is um...maybe from the "I'm no longer in the mood to indulge you" scene, in uh...one of the 4.0 episodes. I certainly think it's a Lauroslin and Baltar scene XD)
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Fear the Laura wrath, in icon and moodtheme. The latter is uh...I don't know which New Caprica episode, but I think it's probably Crossroads pt 1. Saul just accused her of working with the Cylons (admittedly as a joke). And he gets deservedly slapped.

So, interview went okay, I guess. Still think my chances are better with U of T Press. AND it's a HECK of a lot easier to get to. It was an interesting ordeal getting out to Markham and if I got the job I'd have to find an easier way to do it or buy a car or move or SOMETHING.

Still haven't heard back from U of T but hopefully tomorrow. I think they said the guy would be back from vacation today so I'm expecting something soon at least.

All and all spent 5 hours out there in the world for a 15 minute interview. Not the best use of time but I am almost finished reading Finding Serenity. Just Jewel's article left, I think.
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Interviews went okay, I think. Should be hearing back from both places within the next 48 hours. We'll see.

I've been having fun with my stupid BitTorrent because it keeps giving me errors on Dexter season 3 and How I Met Your Mother season 1. But I've gotten it to work a bit and so have seen the first 3 eps of HIMYM and it is just wonderful. Definitely one of those shows though that premiered when I was at university and wasn't watching as much TV. There's been a decent number of really good things that came out during this period.

The best, of course, being Battlestar Galactica. Surprise surprise.

Love my show. And my ship. ♥

Time to chill and and enjoy the rest of my evening. And finish Time Traveller's Wife because I only have a few pages left to go. Then I can re-read Watchmen and work on my Laurie app for Glaxcin.
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Today is a day of two interviews for jobs I don't really want but may take if I need to. Staples and Town Shoes. At least with the second I apparently get free shoes (I figure it's because they want you wearing their shoes at work and the only way to ensure that is to give them to you).

I did hear from Chapters online, apparently due to budget concerns they've ended up having to scrap the position. Which sucks but at least I didn't get rejected? Also that would probably explain the delay in hearing back from them about anything.

So all my hopes rest with UofTPress, which I do think was the better interview so...hopefully that happens! Chris said he would get back to people early next week. And at least I know that position shouldn't disappear overnight because it's to replace someone who is leaving (and not even for mat leave, which seems to be the number 1 way to get into publishing).

So that's my day. Also probably need to get a hold of Bruce to get rent payment, though I think SG is still on vacation and won't be around to collect it for another while.
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Interview with U of T Press when well, I think. I should hear back from them not next week but the week after, which also gives Chapters online time to get back to me so that's good. The U of T job actually sounds better from the interview than it did in its posting, which makes me very excited. Though trying not to get hopes up too high. Expect the worst and hope for the best, that's my motto right now.

I am going to watch Daybreak soon. And then tonight I am going to a free screening of Suck because I got invited to it when Margaret, Ryan, and I went to see Watchmen. Sounds like it could be fun.
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I am going to have to leave Daybreak for tomorrow, since it's getting late. Good productive writing day. I actually finished 3 A/R-related things, though I haven't posted the last one since I think I've spammed FF.Net and Survival Instinct enough for one day.

I have my interview tomorrow morning, hopefully it goes well. Youth Employment Services is looking into an opportunity at Staples which uh, isn't ideal but at least it's a place that I do spend money so that wouldn't be so bad, I guess. I figure at very least it can't hurt to see if they want an interview.

Still haven't heard back from Chapters. Will email Renee if nothing has happened by the end of the week, since I assume she should be back from vacation by now.
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I have a new default icon AND an interview with the University of Toronto Press on Tuesday.

I also have a headache but that is less joyful news.
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Mom and Grandma are up now, which means I'm going to be busy for the next few days. Just FYI.

I have a new casserole dish, which is more exciting than it probably should be. The one dish I was making my casserole recipes in is just WAY too shallow. No good.

Still haven't heard back from Chapters online. I figure they probably weren't able to get all the interviews in before Renee went on vacation but that may be a good thing because I don't have to try and squeeze in a job interview this week as well.
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Oh god, so exhausted.

The job fair was hell to get to, because of course the subway decided to be down this morning. Eventually got there, stood in line for an hour, and didn't really do much else of note. I have a few pamphlets to look at for some possible opportunities but nothing really that exciting.

Job interview went okay, I think. Not my best but not my worst either, plus I really think this is a job I actually have the qualifications for. Which is nice. I'll hear back later this week if I have a second interview *fingers crossed*

My feet hate me because I did way too much walking today in dress shoes (for those who know TO, I walked from the Eaton's Centre to King & Spadina because I had time to kill before the interview...not to mention the standing in line and just general travel the rest of the day) but good exercise or something.

Is it BSG day Friday yet?
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*looks through mood icons*

BILLY!!! ♥!!!

Anyway, figuring out my plan for tomorrow right now, so that tomorrow I don't have to!

Job Fair starts at 10, I want to be there early since it's in North York. Luckily an easy walk from North York Centre subway station. Oh, Mom, as it turns out it IS in a library. So yes, I want to be there when it starts so I can get out with time to spare to get back downtown for my interview with Chapters at 2. Ideally, I get to go home in between but I'm not going to be surprised if that does not happen. I'd rather not risk being late, obviously.

So day break down probably goes like this, maybe! Hopefully!

8:00 - wake-up
9:00 - get out of the house
10:00 - arrive at job fair
11:00 - leave job fair
12:00 - home, have lunch
1:00 - leave for interview
1:45 - arrive at Chapters online office for interview
3:00 - have job? (ha ha, probably not but a girl can dream) call Bruce and maybe have coffee with him or something

Busy, busy, busy
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I have an interview at Chapters Head Office tomorrow, for an Online Community Administrator position they posted about. Hurrah hurrah! Not sure what time yet, probably 2-3, which means I'll have to go to the earlier portion of the job fair.

Now to go pick up my anime from the post office! And luckily, Hairy Tarantula's deal of the month is Dark Horse, which I don't care about XD Well, the one title I do care about (the Clover omnibus) is not out until the end of the month, so maybe then.


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