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Hey, I'm alive ... I think.

Finished moving to the house, will share pictures when the place isn't a disaster. October was a crazy month though - glad to see it over.

Imriel is having issues with being confined to the basement, so I have to re-think that. He's basically spending most of his time when I'm here curled up on the loveseat in the living room, so I think I might leave him with run of the first floor as well and hope he doesn't spend too much time barking at the kids during recess (so far, he's been okay).

Of course, that floor is full of boxes that I don't want him getting into, so a lot of work has to be done before that will work.

Also trying to carve out time for writing again, since I haven't done a whole lot recently. I did however recently buy Scrivener on sale and am loving it so far. Though I need to do less planning/re-arranging and more actual writing.
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Apparently I only update this thing to prove that I'm still alive.

So uh, yeah ... still alive. Life's been a bit hectic lately though. My grandmother died on the 10th, I just go back from the trip up for her funeral today. Which means my mental calendar thinks that it's Sunday. Which doesn't explain why I am awake at 1:30 AM.

Other big news of the moment is that I am looking into buying a house. I have a realtor and I've checked out a few places but I'm not at the point where I would want to put in an offer on anything. But hopefully I'll find the right placer soon, especially since I just inherited a bunch of furniture to put in it.

Other than that, life goes on. I'll hopefully post more about things here or figure out something else to say.
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Quick post to say I'm still alive!

Life has been busy, with spring here finally. I've been enjoying going out to the Pit with Imriel, sometimes twice a day because the weather has been that nice.

I do have some news of a personal nature, as I've been on enough dates with a new guy to consider myself "in a relationship." This time is a bit weird though, because my mother is on Facebook now and thus is all asking questions about him. For here, I'll just say his name is Josh and he's pretty cool. We have a good time hanging out and, assuming things go well, I will no doubt be mentioning him here in the future.

Not much else going on. I'm not going to finish work on the novella in time for Camp NaNoWriMo, because I'm too good at distracting myself. But I've given myself a deadline of Victoria Day (May 18th, which is a stat holiday here, for those who aren't in Canada). I have extra motivation to get it done soon, because I think I want to try and get the self-publishing thing going in time to maybe have copies to bring to NerdCon:Stories, assuming I go ... and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go.

I also finally finished my second playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy. I went with the Synthesis ending this time, which I found depressing since it's the first time my Shepard has been completely gone, since my first Shep went for Control and is thus basically a Reaper now, which is sort of badass.

Next ME playthrough will be a Renegade male!Shep who is super pro-human and a bit of a bigot about everything else. Should be fun!

Also, alas, the Sens were eliminated but it was an awesome go of it. I will be keeping the icon up for a few more days.
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Hello Internet, it's been awhile. How have you been?

I just got back from an extended weekend at the cottage. Good times, though sadly Imriel has decided that swimming is lame. He does like wadding in the water though, so at least there is that.

I'm trying to get myself back into writing too, which the cottage helped with a lot - a story I've been working on for years finally has a complete draft, albeit one that is in bad need of editing. And I almost have a new one-shot fan fic for Orphan Black that I really like and will be posting soon. Then I want to try and get focus back on my poor multi-parters, since they have been neglected. And in August, I go back to the cottage again and I'll be staying two extra days on my own to have a little writing retreat.

Some interesting stuff going on in life lately. I had a physical the other day and my doctor saw enough signs of potential diabetes to get bloodwork done, which showed elevated liver function. So now I get to schedule an ultrasound and see where we go from there, good times.

Not too much else going on, work is keeping me busy plus I have ringette on Monday nights and puppy class on Thursday nights.
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Okay, life update time since we haven't had one of those for awhile.

- Job is going well. I can honestly say I pretty much love it, even if there are frustrating things that happen frequently (for example, a new website for documentation being launched without notice over the Christmas holidays that is only now getting close to being functional). Especially exciting work news is a new "white paper" that I am going to write, to be published on Valentine's Day. Not going to say anymore than that for now but, assuming it turns out well, I will likely put a link around.

- I've been busy with ringette lately. We had a tournament in the weekend (2 losses and 1 win, but the win came against one of the best teams in the league, whom we've never beaten!) and another game tonight (4-2 loss). I've really loved being the regular goalie this year instead of the back-up. I'm actually pretty concerned about the potential situation if last year's goalie wants to come back (she's pregnant, which is why she missed this year) since I know without a doubt that I do not want to be a skater again. I'm just not as good out there and, as a result, I don't have nearly as much fun. But I really don't want to have to switch teams (though if it comes to that, I'm hoping I could play on the same team as my aunt, though it's in a lower division which could be a problem, since they might not want me to move).

- I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hoping to change that soon. I did get re-energized for Between the Sun & the Moon though, since Caroline and Klaus actually appeared on-screen together again. And inspired another Vampire Diaries fic, which has Klaus first person POV, which is interesting. I'm definitely feeling his voice stronger these days than I have in the past.

- I got my Wii connected properly to my TV, so I've been doing some WiiFit again. I ended up erasing all my old data and just starting fresh, since I did put back on a lot of the weight I'd lost, unfortunately (though I am still several sizes smaller than I was when I started, which is something). My main goal now is to be in the 100s by my 30th birthday, which should definitely be doable.

- I've been doing a fair amount of reading, which is good since I set myself an ambitious goal on Goodreads. Mainly reading two series, The Parasol Protectorate and The Heroes of Olympus (sequel series to the Percy Jackson books), and enjoying both. Heroes is particularly fun since I can talk with my cousin about them and fangirl things. It really is awesome having shared fandom interests with her.

- At work, I've been taking a Computer Networking class from Coursera. I also have signed up for a few other classes, one of which started this week (Introduction to Philosophy). It's really exciting to be learning new things and I love that these are classes run by university professors and offered for free!

And that's about it. Wow, just reading all that is making me tired =P
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Hello all. I know I haven't really written anything for awhile. Life has been good but busy. I'm off to FanExpo today and spent last night trying to finish up my Princess Leia costume. The hem is really pretty terrible but it's the best I can do at this point, I'll fix it up later. I also am going to need to come up with a better plan for doing the belt (which is especially annoying because I haven't been able to find a good picture of the actual belt from the costume, just the belts that other costumes have -_-).

Moving next week, very excited about that. I also have a few mini bangs due that I haven't touched in ages. Oops.
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Been busy the last couple of days. On the weekend was the two performances of our play at church, which went pretty well. And then I went up to Shannon's cottage for her birthday party, which was also fun. Put all this together and you do get a very tired Vicki though.

And then there was work yesterday and today. Today in particular felt really blah to me for no definable reason. I'm taking tomorrow off though, which will be nice.

Dad and I just watched the first two episodes of Defiance. Not loving it quite yet but it has potential. It's at least worth watching for a few more episodes to decide. We also got caught up with Orphan Black. Sadly though ... I accidentally deleted the new Who episode instead of the episode of Big Bang I was trying to delete last night. But I'm going to see if Shannon is around tomorrow and, if she is, I'll bring my netbook over there and torrent it, since Space doesn't seem to repeat the Who episode when it repeats Orphan Black.

I also haven't figured out how I want to answer the next day of the Vampire Diaries meme. I'll deal with that tomorrow.
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Been a little swamped recently, with end of term followed a visit from Uncle Scott and Ashley, followed by lots of rehearsal for this play thing at church, followed by work, followed by going out to see Jurassic Park in 3D (which was awesome, btw).

It's exhausting just writing that.

I have an interview for a potential unpaid placement at 11 today, so that's taking up my morning so far but I think I'm pretty much ready now, aside for the fact that I'm still in my pyjamas. Hopefully it goes well because I really want things to get settled sooner rather than later.

I'll see about getting back into the meme afterwards.
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Time for a quick life update, yay!

ConBravo is this weekend and as a result, this week and the next have gotten insanely busy. I've been getting lots of hours at the store, for reasons unknown. For once, I actually wish this wasn't the case but hey, money is good. Plus I am going to miss the girls when we close.

I did get in to the office yesterday. And then went to hang out with Jean's kids. And then came home and lay down because my stomach hurt. And promptly slept for 12 hours. Good times.

Feeling better today which is good because I'm working from 1 to close. Really long shift that I really wish didn't exist :(

Tomorrow I'm driving to Burlington for the con. I am expecting it to be lots of fun. They have so many TGWTG guests the mind boggles (plus Spoony ... which could be awkward).

And then next week I work 6 days straight after getting back from the con at a likely ungodly hour ;________;
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Been awhile since I wrote any general life stuff here. So ... general lift stuff time!

I've been working a lot, generally about 40 hours a week, which is about double what I expected. It's good for money but not so good when it comes to all the other stuff I wanted to be focusing on now that I'm in Ottawa. But it is Christmas and so I know once the Boxing Week/Semi-Annual Sale stuff is over that things will calm down some. Also, I did have an interview for the camp secretary position this week that went pretty well, I'll know soon whether or not that is going to happen.

Other than that, I've been playing video games (lately, Dragon Age, which is wonderful and addicting, though I am frustrated because I got killed and the last save point completely missed the last city I'd been in ;_;). And reading. And watching stuff. And downloading a million things because we just upgraded the internet here and, while it is still inconsistent, it's faster when it works. Also, right now we have unlimited bandwidth for six months. Gotta make the most of it.

Not too much else to say. I'm going to be baking all my Christmas presents this year and since I have this coming Friday off, I'm making it a baking (and probably very little else) day. Should be fun, provided the recipes turn out like they should.

Oh, also, I watched Memento last night and have officially decided that I need to track down every film Christopher Nolan has made and watch it because the only one I haven't loved of his was Batman Begins, which was mostly because of the "eh, Batman origin story again?" reaction I had. I'm actually reading the Inception and Philosophy book now and I'm just loving it. And Memento, while perhaps not as entertaining as Inception, is definitely a bit more challenging intellectually. And brilliant. God, I want to write like this man does.
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General update on stuff ... or something.

So, I'm moving back to Ottawa on the 29th. I'm about ready to officially start packing and taking furniture apart and other tasks. I'm both looking forward to this while also being worried about living with my parents again and not liking that it still feels like a step backwards to me. But even if it is, it's a necessary one so what can you do?

I've been writing again lately, which is nice. I actually really want to push to get last year's NaNo actually finished, at least the first draft. I also have a bunch of other projects in the works, too many to name really. I'm not going to be doing anything official for NaNo this year though.

Work has been pretty crazy lately, with long hours and lots of stress and annoyance about how things have been going lately. I'm going to miss the girls there so much but I'm not sad to be getting out finally. Haven't heard from the store in Ottawa yet, I'll have to get in touch with them next week to see if things have been finalized for me transferring there (I'm not too worried about it not going through).

I've also been watching a lot of TV and stuff, trying to check out some new shows. My favourite so far is Ringer, hence the icon, but The Secret Circle has potential. I actually read the books it's based on, unlike Vampire Diaries, which should make things interesting. Only seen the first episode and I can already see tons of changes. I think I am going to miss the other 6 members of the coven though, especially the male cast (interesting that for this show, it's male characters who are in short supply ... we just have love interest and triangle guy left and I remember there being brothers who were jokesters and pretty fun from the books). I also am catching up with the summer anime season, just as the fall one begins to start (though so far I have not seen anything that sounded interesting).

Finally, I've been gaming a bit, mostly LA Noire and the Sims 2, which I started craving awhile back. I keep trying to get my courage up to continue with Silent Hill but the school level is sort of terrifying and so it hasn't happened yet.

Also I've been totally getting excited about the DC relaunch because a bunch of the books sound interesting. Going to wait for the trades because I like collecting them, plus it gives comics time for people to know if they are good or not. Mainly interested in Justice League Dark and Animal Man, as well as some of the Batman books (but not all of them ... I love Batman but he's getting to be DC's version of Wolverine!). Maybe a few more, if they sound good. All this comic talk has also made me interested in how to write comics and I have an idea I'm kicking around, along with all my other writing projects.

Next week my mother is up to visit and then Margaret and Ryan are around for the weekend. Sadly, this means it may be hard to find time to hang out with teh Katie and watch more Nodame (though if you are around for the weekend, maybe we could hang and have one last big BSG boardgame night in TO? Marian is also totally welcome if you are free too).

Life goes on ...
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Life update because I haven't given one in a bit. In point form because it is awesome. Also this way I don't have to pretend to be coherent.

- saw the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo movie last night, it was great (though the book is better).
- today need to write and get first draft of my Santa fic finished.
- also should probably start cleaning, as per usual.
- on Sunday we had an overnight that went from 6PM to 9:30AM. Because of this I get to leave early for the rest of the week to avoid overtime because the store can't afford it.
- re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia, this time in published order rather than chronological, so starting with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
- OMG CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK. Life will be crazy hectic but better than last year, I think. Will actually post about entire plans at some point
- also need to post in Himitsu because I need to get more done before the end of the month.
- Dexter finale was AWESOME! This season is definitely up there with season 2 for quality (which is a bit below season four and even further below season one but still epic and awesome)


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