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Quick post to say I'm still alive!

Life has been busy, with spring here finally. I've been enjoying going out to the Pit with Imriel, sometimes twice a day because the weather has been that nice.

I do have some news of a personal nature, as I've been on enough dates with a new guy to consider myself "in a relationship." This time is a bit weird though, because my mother is on Facebook now and thus is all asking questions about him. For here, I'll just say his name is Josh and he's pretty cool. We have a good time hanging out and, assuming things go well, I will no doubt be mentioning him here in the future.

Not much else going on. I'm not going to finish work on the novella in time for Camp NaNoWriMo, because I'm too good at distracting myself. But I've given myself a deadline of Victoria Day (May 18th, which is a stat holiday here, for those who aren't in Canada). I have extra motivation to get it done soon, because I think I want to try and get the self-publishing thing going in time to maybe have copies to bring to NerdCon:Stories, assuming I go ... and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go.

I also finally finished my second playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy. I went with the Synthesis ending this time, which I found depressing since it's the first time my Shepard has been completely gone, since my first Shep went for Control and is thus basically a Reaper now, which is sort of badass.

Next ME playthrough will be a Renegade male!Shep who is super pro-human and a bit of a bigot about everything else. Should be fun!

Also, alas, the Sens were eliminated but it was an awesome go of it. I will be keeping the icon up for a few more days.
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Dear Bioware,

Cut for Mass Effect 3 spoilers )

And now I have to go figure out what the original ending was and how Bioware was able to screw up so terribly in a game that was pretty damn awesome up until that point.
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Bah, I really don't want to go to work today. Or tomorrow. 8-4:30 shift followed by a 9-5:30. Sigh. Hopefully it will be better than yesterday's shift or I'll be bored stiff.

I played Mass Effect 2 just up to the BIG BOSS last night. So far no one on the team has died, which is good ... except I sort of wanted Miranda to go =P I don't think team 2 is going to have that happen though. Oh well.

Oh, didn't mention yesterday that I do have no class on Friday and only one Tuesday morning so I think both days I can go over to the office, though I'll have to find out more this week. Also I can probably still do the Wednesday evening time with the kiddies, assuming they still have a need for me.
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I have just confirmed that I screwed up the Garrus romance in my Mass Effect 2 playthrough. And I'm so far into the game now that restarting to get it right would just be a huge pain in the ass. Sigh, I'm too used to there being more than one chance for these things and the big flirting with him was so NOT IC for this Shepard.

Oh well. I will play the game again. And probably sooner, to get that romance with the planned super Paragon Shep (current playthrough is more Paragon but has no problems blowing people away either).

It is still annoying -_-
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La Senza's Semi-Annual Sale starts today, so we had a big visual change last night. People were scheduled to 11 but three of us stayed later. I ended up leaving at 2 since I had to be awake enough to drive home safely. Still tired but I don't have time to crawl back into bed yet, since I'm having lunch with my aunt Diane who is up visiting from Saint John in an hour. And I have stuff to do, as always.

I've been playing Mass Effect recently, on 2 right now. Overall I enjoy it quite a bit though I don't love it quite as much as Dragon Age. ME2 is really stepping it up with the characters though, the ones we have now as pretty awesome, compared to the first which had some good ones but a few who were a bit meh. Bioware has definitely evolved since then, though recently that may be not the greatest thing =P


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