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Well ... it's a Snow Day. Or should I say an Ice Day. There really isn't much on the ground and so I went outside to consider it, but we're getting ice pellets falling out here so I'm going to play it safe. School buses are also cancelled so I'm not confident about the other roads either.

But hey, while I was freaking out about missing a day before, unexpected government money made life significantly better so I'll live. And I can get some work done on the user manual project too.

Finally, LJ tells me it is [profile] kick_galvanic's birthday so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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It's been another busy week. I was at the JCC Tues-Fri working, which is good since I am about to pay my Algonquin tuition and can use all the money I can get.

We had Shannon and Justin over last night for dinner and to give them another wedding gift (it was made of glass so Mom decided not to bring it to the wedding, in case it got knocked about at all). It was really fun night, just hanging out and eating and drinking and talking. Meredith was supposed to be around too but SHE IS A LAMER and bailed =P

I'm working at LS today from 4-9 today which is also good to keep a bit more money rolling in, plus make sure they remember who I am and stuff, since I am hoping to keep getting hours then when I'm at school (really hoping I'll have a weekday free to work so I don't have to give up my entire weekend every week).

And it's also nice since it gives me a lot of the day to myself to work on my poor neglected writing. I have signed up for a few fic-a-thons that need attention, plus all the millions of other projects I have as well @_@ So off to get started on that!
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New mouse = BOUGHT.

It has a cord but with the current computer desk that isn't so bad (I went wireless back in Sackville because the cords were driving me crazy but I basically had a table as a desk there so now it's not so bad). It is also ergonomical and pink.

I also have some cannisters for sugar and flour and such stuff. Got a set of 4 because I needed a big one and one big ones was only $5 less than a set.

And I have bandaids because I ran out the other day and I keep knocking the cut that caused me to run out (I slicked my thumb a bit while slicing a bagel) and making it bleed again so all is good.

Except for the fact that I want to get at least 3 more hours of work done today, maybe more, and it's already 4:30-ish.

Le sigh, money issues suck. And sort of dominate my life right now which sucks even more because it constantly gets in the way of me enjoying other things.

This mouse is so QUIET though. That's going to take time getting used to.
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My arm muscle is twitching, bah. I hate it when that happens. Thankfully it isn't often (and usually not my arm...my eye likes the twitchy thing much better).

I am so sick of work and I'm only 2 days in. There's no real reason to be sick of it, beyond the fact that I hate my job. Really hate it. BAH.

But at least I'm doing quite well financially this month, between getting my vacation pay (since I missed 2 shifts for the wedding), GST return, tips, and money back reward from Scotiabank VISA. This means I may not be completely out of the market for the Wii Fit right now...and I also am that much closer to buying an iPod, which I decided a few months back that I desperately want (and I want it in green, which at some point became my favourite colour, I'm not sure when!). I am so over the design of my cheap MP3 player which doesn't allow me to easily change between songs that aren't beside each other alphabetically -_-

I also do need to revive my savings after paying for the plane tickets to Moncton and back. Plus I'm trying to open an RRSP because Suze Orman says so. Look at me being all responsible.

And then going crazy and buying a ton of stuff with the rest of my money (I have a Chapters order coming to me, which includes this month's book club selection, though I also took it out from the library the other day when I had to kill time before the book launch). Book club is me and other Himitsu people, for those who don't know. It should be fun (we are reading Neil Gaimon's Anansi Boys this month).

Uh...that's about it. I need to find ways to get myself out of bed when the alarm goes off, instead of just lying there for an extra hour and a half. Because that is LAME (except in cases when I really need sleep, and even then...still somewhat lame).
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Alas, my paid account has expired and I have no money to renew it. Maybe next month I can manage it, but this month is uh...not so good financially. Sigh.

Work was okay. It was a weirdly paced night, I found. But it's over now. 1 of 6 shifts done until Anime North. Crazy.

I feel oddly awake right now, so I'm going to hang around and do stuff, probably watch the next episode of Vampire Knight and yeah, fun times. Hopefully I can sleep later because I could really use it.

Edit: Jewels, I'm trying to go online but I can't seem to remember my password for MSN. I think I might have to get my parents to go in and change it or something, because whatever it is, I just don't have a clue @_@
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Posting from a library computer. I now have a Toronto Library card and am taking out Janet Fitch's Paint it Black and Pauline Gedge's Child of the Morning. I really do need to break my "buy a book to read it" habit because it is expensive. And the library isn't that far away.

I took the computer in to Geek Squad. They're going to fix it, but it will take a few days. So I don't know how much I'll be around. I will try my best, because I can at least come down to the library, but that might now work given the night schedule thing. Plus there are limits to how long you can use hese and all.

I am going to go look at Zellers and see if they have the DS internet browser. I'm not expecting them too, but if I had that I could at least try and get online. I know there are a few wireless networks floating around my apartment and if worse comes to worse, I can always try hooking the Wii directly into the internet, which I think should also work (not 100% sure of that).

Regardless, I'm going to be a bit scarce these next few days. Blah.

Also had to borrow money from my parents, which always sucks. I know they don't mind supporting me, but I mind. Most frustrating thing is that I would have the money for it...if I didn't have to buy plane tickets to go to New Brunswick next month (though I am really looking forward to that...but gah, money!).

Anyway, need to check up on things quickly and then get headed out, because I have a desperate need for food at my place. Oh, and sleep.
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Okay, finally got WoW trial downloaded again and unzipping properly, yay. I think that's probably going to be my main activity of the night.

Went grocery shopping finally, after making a nice deposit in my bank account with a cheque from Mom and $87 in tips. The bank tellers were actually already closed before I got there, but the bank was open and one of the ladies there took my money, to be deposited in the morning, which was nice because all that change was HEAVY. So my bank account is happy. Except that I immediately went out and put about $100 on my credit card, between food and the new ink cartidge. But still, more money then before, and pay day is this Thursday.

Maybe one of these days I'll even get my cheque from painting -__-
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So, WordPerfect is such a crazy program. I will never use it if I don't have to. It is just ridiculous. At least I did eventually come to an understanding with it that didn't involve throwing the computer out a window. Because that was looking like a good option, though having to pay for a new computer and a new window would rather negate all the profit of working there and then some @_@


It's August now, yay. Except not, because this means my last summer rent cheque will get cashed soon and I'll lose a good chunk of my money. Though I can also be proud that this really is MY money, something I've earned through hard labour.

If I talk about spending any more money this summer, someone please hit me hard. With a brick. On my head. Because I have decided that I will pay for personal expenses and my textbooks, and my budget will have to be quite a bit tighter than last years in order for that to work.

Also, random talk with Isla today about India and it's lovely relationship with Britain, and how apparently someone wrote a book about how India actually did gain a lot from being part of the Empire so they should all stop complaining and enjoy. This actually tied in with a random thought I had had awhile ago about American slavery: sure, it sucked majorly...but African-Americans are sure a hell of a lot better off today than most Africans.

Something to think about.

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So, I'm unemployed again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I think I have enough money to deal with personal expenses for the school year, as long as I spend less than I did last year and don't need money at the end of the year.

Hopefully I'll make enough more money to cover textbooks too, that would be nice. Because then when I sell texts back, I get to keep the money and I feel like I've earned something when I really haven't =P

Anyway, Harry Potter is out tonight. I'll be heading over to Chapters later, decked out in my Mt A scarf (probably around my WAIST), to get it around midnight. I'm going to try to stay up late reading it and then finish it before I babysit tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I can manage it. I may have to actually stop reading it for an extended period of time though @_@ THE HORROR. I read OotP in one sitting, albeit getting up for food and bathroomness...and changing where I was sitting so my body didn't fall asleep. Good times.

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So, work went a lot better this morning, in 3 and half hours I made more than I did all day yesterday. The flowers were blooming better today plus I've gotten into a rhythme.

With this money and babysitting stuff, I definitely can justify buying Genbu Kaiden and Shoujo Beat next month (Shoujo Beat isn't out yet, right? The cover said July...not sure if that magazine works like mainstream ones where it comes out the month before.) And I can put money in the bank (including getting a cheque from parents to pay July's rent, fun =P). So things are going okay, I might be able to survive without another job, though it would be nice to have one.

My back still really hurts. Well, it's okay when I'm not moving, but walking is rather hell-ish.

And...WTF, Mt A...you said you weren't closing Trueman this year, had people get rooms and exec positions, and now you are closing it? I'm glad I'm not in rez next year (YAY FOR THE HOUSEHOUSEHOUSE)

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*collapses in a heap*

Wow, that was tiring. My back hates me for bending over all day. And sadly, the pay wasn't really that great either...$21 for the day -_-

It's something, but it won't be enough. I'm half wondering if the JCC has hired all their camp counsellors for this summer. It's not a job I really want to go back to, but it would get me enough money for spending throughout the year (which means I could take the money from the flower picking and spend some of it this summer).

Or maybe something else will come through. Who knows.

All I can tell is that I'm exhausted.



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