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Today was the last day most of the class had to actually go to school and we had our end of term/grad party afterwards. It was really fun but I'm pretty sad about it now, since I don't know when/if we'll all be together like that again and it was a fun group. I am going to do my best to keep up contact and hopefully do better than I have in the past.

Also I got more information about my potential placement but more on that later. Tired and ready for bed now, so none of that right now and no meme today either. Tomorrow I should have time/energy.
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Well ... it's a Snow Day. Or should I say an Ice Day. There really isn't much on the ground and so I went outside to consider it, but we're getting ice pellets falling out here so I'm going to play it safe. School buses are also cancelled so I'm not confident about the other roads either.

But hey, while I was freaking out about missing a day before, unexpected government money made life significantly better so I'll live. And I can get some work done on the user manual project too.

Finally, LJ tells me it is [profile] kick_galvanic's birthday so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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1. While I am heartbroken over the series ending, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended perfectly. And I know that while it may be the end of the main videos, it's not quite going to be the end of these characters and their stories, since Sanditon is coming and Ashley Clements was tweeting about something else in the works.

2. I got my usability blog done early for a change, so I'm not going to be scrambling to finish it tonight.

3. There is a new Vampire Diaries episode that I am about to go watch!
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Idea snagged from [personal profile] bucaneve. Posting 3 good things that happened today.

1. I got my haircut and, while I'm a bit sad at the loss of length, I am hopeful that I will have less tangles now!

2. My co-op fees were paid AND turned out to be less than I was anticipating.

3. I made good progress on my website, which is partly for school and partly to promote my writing, more on this when I've got it looking a little closer to how I imagine it to be.

I've decided that I am going to stay home this weekend instead of going with my parents to celebrate Easter with Dad's side of the family. Not exactly my favourite plan but definitely a necessary one, since I really can't afford to lose a long weekend and I know that I won't be getting anything done if I'm not home.

Also, I avoid having to try and sleep on an air mattress in Grandma's sweltering house with my parents snoring beside me, so that's a plus.
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So, I have decided that for this coming month that I need to stop trying to control the chaos and figure out a way to just go with it. If I haven't figured out a way to make life feel more balanced by now, it's just not going to happen. So, attitude adjustment, here I come! Long live anarchy! etc, etc, etc ...

I think after this week school is going to ease up significantly, at least. And then I can start to really panic about my work placement this summer. And everything else.

I am also preparing myself for devastation on Thursday as the Lizzie Bennet Diaries comes to an end. However, I am anticipating that the Sanditon series over the summer may have some guest appearances by LBD characters, or at least updates from Gigi about how everyone is doing.
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Back from Toronto ComiCon. It was a blast. I will have a proper update eventually (I know, I always say this) but right now I have had to go back into OMGSCHOOL flailing mode because I have a few things that need to get done this week and which I suddenly have to deal with again.

But I will say this ... I SPOKE TO PATRICK STEWART, YAY!!!!!!!!
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I'm getting really tired of constantly feeling like I have absolutely nothing under control. Especially knowing that a good portion of the responsibility for this is on my head alone, though not entirely.

The main problem being that I feel like I have so little time to do the things I actually enjoy that when I do have free time, I don't actually spend it well, I just go full throttle into whatever I feel like doing most.

Plus, becoming in-demand at work has unfortunately led to me getting asked to work more days than expected and on short notice, which then makes me freak out about school all that much more. Especially since this week we are getting slammed extra hard, which is really frustrating given that it was just reading week. I had two assignments due today FOR THE SAME CLASS (still haven't finished one but that's another story). Tomorrow, I have a midterm. The next day, TWO THINGS FOR THE SAME CLASS AGAIN and they are done on a computer program that I do not have access to outside of school.

And then Thursday there are two things due as well, I think.

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I has the Fire Emblem 3DS! Very shiny and exciting. Sadly, I am working tomorrow which means tonight I need to get shit done and so can't just play the game. I actually would not have gotten it now except that the set (as well as the game) was selling out pretty fast and I wasn't sure if they would make any more. So I had to buy it now, just to be sure.

I am awesome at rationalizing such things ^_^

I am working tomorrow to make up for missing Friday to get to Kingston for the ringette tournament this weekend. Very excited for that, I haven't been to the Kingston tournament since I was in grade 12, probably (I'm assuming we went that year, since I think we went every year). But I do have two things due on Thursday so I need to get a move on.

Hopefully I can get things done faster than expected though and get another chapter or two done.

And maybe one of these days I'll go down and finish Radiant Dawn, since I think I may be one the last battle for that one.

And one day I should pick up Shadow Dragon as well.
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Guess who just found out her classes were cancelled AFTER being dropped off on campus.

Yeah, fun times. On Tuesdays I have a noon class so I don't work, which means Mom just brings me here early on her way to work and I hang out for a few hours.

Luckily one of the girls in my class posted about the cancellation to our Facebook group or else I wouldn't know since I never check my Algonquin email. So now Dad is going to come pick me up in an hour or so and then I have a day at home which I shall spend writing and continuing to catch up on Fringe, I think. Or maybe watching one of the many movies I've PVRed recently, we'll see.
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Weird realization from last night: I am pretty much exactly the age my mother was when she had me @____@ Crazy!

So, one week into the new schedule and I already hate it more in practice than I did in theory. Especially with working at the office as well, I'm already feeling a bit burnt out. Of course, this may also have something to do with the fact that I stay up late every night, doing things like making Lizzie Bennet Sims and writing fan fic and RPing and all that jazz. But that stuff is important to me and the evening/night is when I have time to do it.

At least the next two days are just school which will be a good break. Today though is hectic since I'm at work now (on lunch), then go to class for 3 hours, then have a meeting at church. *FLAIL*

Oh, on Saturday I saw Silver Linings Playbook, which I really enjoyed. Jennifer Lawrence has cemented her spot as a new favourite actress of mine because she is really, really good. I'm hoping for her for the Oscar, though I really don't know what way that category is going to go (other than being sure the 9-year-old will not win).
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I have completed my first term, hurrah! Halfway done the schooling part of the technical writing program!

I did actually have class today but decided to skip in order to get some more hours in at work. I am working every day this week and hopefully next week as well, though it will depend on whether or not they still have work for me.


Really hoping to get some time to focus on writing, plus I have to figure out all my Christmas baking too. And I should probably do a bit of school-related stuff, mainly getting some things ready for my writing portfolio and scoping out potential people to contact about co-ops. So I should still be busy but it will be a good busy that I have more control over.
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I have my schedule for next term and it's sort of lame. Lots of evening classes, which are going to be difficult for me to get to since I can't just grab a ride with Mom on her way to work. It also is going to complicate my weekly playdates as well.

But there's not much to be done, since I think the reason it is that way is because we have 2 teachers who have day jobs and we also needed a specific computer room because it's the only one that has the software we need installed.

It's still lame though.

However, the benefit might be more time at home to hopefully work on writing. My non-fan fiction has suffered from not enough attention lately. So there are some benefits. And there are lots of openings for getting hours in at the office, though at the moment they probably won't be able to give me more hours.

Anyway, that's January and still an awful long way away. I have to get one last assignment done and write an exam for Monday, then first term is over. And I get to work a lot in the next two weeks, assuming they have stuff for me.


I still don't like the schedule though =P
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We won another ringette game, hurrah! This team was really fast on the front end and ended up behind the defence for two breakaway goals and the third was a corner pick that just got past me. I was feeling pretty good, best I'd been all day, so that was nice at least.

This final score was 4-3 and we scored the winning goal in the last minute of play. I was terrified that they were going to pull their goalie at the end and have four in the zone but they didn't. I suspect the fact that they didn't have a coach led to this, because there's no way Steve wouldn't have pulled me if the situation were reversed.

We have almost two weeks until the next game (which I think is the last one in 2012) so hopefully our regular goalie's back will be better by then. Not that I really want to play out but we can't afford to be done the players.

I am definitely going to be heading out to school tomorrow, especially since I have a few assignments piling up again, including one that was meant to be handed in on Monday but wasn't. Also, apparently my proposal has run away so I'll be printing off another copy of it, I'm really hoping I have the files for that accessible somewhere @_@

And I have to get up tomorrow and finish off a different assignment that is also due. But once this week is over, I am pretty much home free for the Christmas break, hurrah!
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So today I spent my Christmas money early and bought myself a Tassimo and Kobo Mini during the good Black Friday deals (still weird that Canada has Black Friday now but whatevs). Mom is a bit annoyed at me because she thinks this takes the Christmas out of it. But I disagree - I think giving someone something (or the means to get something) that they want to use ASAP is a good thing.

I did agree not to let either grandmother know their money has already been spent (though not all of it has! The rest can go towards textbooks, probably).

In other news, school is sort of kicking my ass these days. I realized awhile ago that I am very good at figuring out exactly how much I can slack off and still get things done to a reasonable level. Unfortunately, this means I suddenly have a lot to do in very little time. So no getting distracted by video games or, most shocking of all, HOUSEWORK tomorrow. I have the first draft of a paper and a presentation on said paper to get done by the end of the day on Monday. And Sunday is quite busy with Grey Cup and family dinner so Saturday will be the best time to get some work done.

And maybe some writing on that novel of mine. Which hasn't really been touched all that much recently, beyond finding pictures to "cast" the characters, which was super fun but not super productive.

So that's about all that is going on with me. School woes, money woes.

Also there was no Vampire Diaries episode this week and I am still sad about that :(
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Just had to file a dispute over a credit card charge from Canada Post. I have no clue what it could possible be and it wasn't that long ago (Aug 31) so I am just confuzzled. Hopefully will have that cleared up soon (and hopefully it's not something I am just completely forgetting about ... I did check all my receipts though!)

School is going well so far. Also, yes I know I still haven't actually done a good con report for FanExpo. Or posting hair pics. I'm a terrible person, it's true. I swear I will try to get them done this weekend, really.


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Bah, I really don't want to go to work today. Or tomorrow. 8-4:30 shift followed by a 9-5:30. Sigh. Hopefully it will be better than yesterday's shift or I'll be bored stiff.

I played Mass Effect 2 just up to the BIG BOSS last night. So far no one on the team has died, which is good ... except I sort of wanted Miranda to go =P I don't think team 2 is going to have that happen though. Oh well.

Oh, didn't mention yesterday that I do have no class on Friday and only one Tuesday morning so I think both days I can go over to the office, though I'll have to find out more this week. Also I can probably still do the Wednesday evening time with the kiddies, assuming they still have a need for me.
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Exciting news today!

- I just booked my bus tickets to Toronto. I'm getting there at 4:35PM on Friday the 23rd, hope that time is good for teh Katie!

- I got accepted to all three programs that I applied to at Algonquin. Mom said I should be fine as a university grad but I tried not to get too invested. I have until May 1st to decide on a program.

- I bought a new spring jacket that I am in love with!

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My mother says I should write about my screenwriting course more because my journal has been boring otherwise. Thanks for the support, Mom.

The class has been going well so far. It does suffer a bit from the fact that a) it's taught by someone who isn't a teacher professionally and b) it's the first time it's been taught at all. But we are learning some good stuff about how scripts work. Last night we watched two episodes of The Office as we learned more about how a sitcom script is put together. Apparently tags are going out of fashion (a tag is the last scene of an episode that often plays during the credits). Someone should tell the HIMYM writers this since most episodes of that show do have one (though not all).

I've been working a bit on my idea for the series bible project we have to hand-in at the end. I've already scrapped my initial idea, hurrah! I think idea two is a bit better for the project though. The old adage about writing that says you need to know the rules before you are allowed to break them definitely applies here.

Just got back from work today and I'm excited to have an evening off. I need to catch up on some television watching, mostly with Glee, Grey's, and Flashforward. Also Dollhouse premieres tonight, yay Whedon! Smallville does as well but it doesn't quite deserve a yay, really.

And probably some more Lost as well because I only have a few episodes left in season two...so perhaps I should start the download on season three!
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Just got back from my first screenwriting class. It was fun. We got off to a GREAT start with the majority of the class being in the right room, while about 1/3 plus the TEACHER were in another. We didn't figure that one out until half an hour into things. Good times.

We did pretty basic stuff to begin with, surprise surprising. We all talked about our favourite 3 shows (BSG, HIMYM, and Who were my choices, though I later decided that Firefly should have ben #3). It's a decent sized group, I'd estimate about 30 people.

The major project for the course is a series bible which is a bit intimidating but also exciting. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for that, it was our only real assignment for this week.

Also, the building we are in was used as a main set for classic Degrassi High. I GO TO DEGRASSI! ♥
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Exciting news!

I just enrolled in a screenwriting program at Centennial College, as I add another post-secondary school to my collection. I've been thinking about this line of work for awhile now and Mom found an article about the program in the newspaper so it sounds good.

So starting next Thursday and going until Dec 10th, I have a class from 7-10. Which also works excellently with my work schedule because I'll only have to take a few hours off my availability.

To get the certificate there are four more classes to take: two business-y related once and another that is writing. But I've only signed up for the first one at the moment, so I can see how it goes.

Very excited!


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