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Posting my work schedule early this week, so when Mom wants to call me she knows if I'm home or not.

This week is actually a pretty good one, lots of stock, lots of early shifts that give me an afternoon of freedom. However it starts off today with a crappy 11-7 shift, which on Sunday = open and close. Boo. Haven't had that one for a bit.

For weekdays, I have the same shift 7-3:30. I am doing that Monday, Thursday, and Friday. And then Saturday I have a 8:30-4:30. So pretty much 40 hours, hurrah (I got 39 last week too). And 2 days off in a row which is nice.

Besides work, my main goals for the week are 1) get to the gym every day for weights and at least one class (which I will probably go to on Tuesday since I have downtown plans earlier and it's a class I really enjoyed before) and 2) finish the first draft of the last 4 episodes of the webseries I've been working on.

Also make sure to get reading time in since book club is the next week and I'm not very far into The Lions of Al-Rassan but not taking the subway means my regular reading time is dwindling.
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I just got a call that the television screenwriting class wasn't full enough so its been canceled. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what I heard but the message doesn't seem to have been saved on my email.

I just sent Kyle an email asking what I should do now. I suppose I could take the movie writing course but I'm not sure that would really work. Or I could send him stuff directly. I don't know. I do know that I am very disappointed because I was looking forward to the final class and seeing everyone and stuff.

Also this managed to get me out of bed significantly sooner than I probably should have been up.
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So, according to Kyle (my screenwriting teacher), the fact that I had trouble with the business plan was a good thing because he wanted to see what we'd do with it. So I am feeling better about my issues.

Today was really busy because apparently people like shopping on Good Friday and making crucified Jesus cry. But for some reason the day also went SUPER slow. Very glad it is over with (and extra glad about the time and a half for working on a stat).

Now time to catch up on 24, which I think is the only show I am behind in. Go me! Eventually I will get more of the movies on my computer watched, as well as maybe checking out Sanctuary finally.
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Okay, after a crazy spamming spree last night, I have two characters left to finish, Dale and Cylina, and two leniencies to use for them (thank dragons for an extra one from Flower's death fic...at least she will not have died in vain!)

Anyway, both of them either need a post or a thread (I would prefer threading since they always need more CR and I also am going to have to focus on figuring out their plots more before I can post again). Other than that, I am free to help everyone else so just let me know if you need anything ^_^

And definitely poke me if there are any threads sitting around at less than four comments per character because if any exist it is because of a) an oversight or b) knowing that both characters are finished (in which case there should not be an issue, right? XD)

Today I am off and I need to finish my project for my screenwriting class (a 5-year business plan, ack!) and I also need to clean the apartment and do laundry (no one should be in the least bit surprised by this). And buy cat food, butter, and wine.

Here's it in list form, which again, no one should be surprised to see, I do love a good list.

- finish business plan
- clean
- laundry
- shopping

- SHOE DAY (will explain later)
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Lovely day today. I spent most of it at a screenwriting conference at Ryerson which was very interesting and gave me a lot of ideas for the webseries I've been working on off and on recently and which I hope to develop further during the advanced screenwriting class. I also now have a launching pad for contacting some people which is also very snazzy.

After the conference was over, I headed to U of T's campus to see my friend Phil's graduation concert, which was excellent. Then I went back to the hotel his family was staying at and we played cards and Taboo which was also very fun.

So I am finally back now. The plan for the rest of the night is to try and get entirely caught up with Caprica and get my fan fic for it finished (I would also like to complete my fic for Big Bang Theory, if possible, so then my only WIP would be done which would clear up time for work on my webseries).

Tomorrow I stop slacking off and have to do my best to finish up what I can of my freelance assignment (I meant to do this Friday but then decided I would rather not because slacking off is fun!). I know there is something different I'll need to do during next week though, since I have an email from the woman the project is for, asking me to call her on Monday. Hopefully whatever changes I need to make are minimal though, since I almost have the rest of it done (or at least as close to being done as possible).

And tomorrow there is a staff meeting from 6-9 and I'm hoping I might be able to make cookies for it, especially since I finally have a cookie tin. But we'll see how the timing all goes as to whether or not that will happen.
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So, tonight was the last class for my latest screenwriting course. I actually thought we had another week. Luckily, I still do have said other week to finish my project (this time it is a business plan). I will probably do that next week sometime.

The next class starts in May and will be advanced screenwriting, which will be focused on taking our work and workshopping it and polishing everything up and stuff. I think I know what project I will focus on and I will use the time between courses to get more work done on it (if I can drag myself away from fan fiction and Himitsu fic).

I am VERY excited because of two things.

1, I have the next three days off! Which means I can get the freelance project wrapped up to the best of my current abilities and then relax and stuff. I do have to go to a staff meeting Sunday night but well...staff meetings are easy. Really easy.

2, I am the proud owner of a copy of Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations (I think they should have gone with Perfect Prosecutor, since it would be more accurate as a title, but I can understand the desire to promote the brand). Very excited because I haven't been gaming much since I am stuck in Final Fantasy IV and haven't touched Fire Emblem for like, EVER. I should pick the latter up this weekend, perhaps, since the Silent Hill game I want is out now but I am not allowed to get it until I finish what I'm currently playing.
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I don't think I'm going to get this script done on time. However, I have a feeling that Kyle will accept it to look at even if it is late (since it's additional and all).

The biggest problem is that my original idea turned out to take significantly less time than expected. Which means I need more stuff to actually get through the episode.

But oh well, I have the bible done and that's pretty d*mn good.
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I have a rare two days off in a row starting tomorrow, hurrah! This period is going to have to be SUPER productive because I have a lot to do.

And thus, here are THREE to-do lists, all in one!


- dishes
- put up fourth spice rack (I have expanded my collection enough to need it)
- make turnip gratin (except I bought a rutabaga, not a turnip, but close enough!)
- watch Glee while working on with Wii Fit (which I am finally trying to start up again)
- put together the pieces of my series bible for class tomorrow (which will clear things up for...)


- write script for pilot
- groceries
- go to class
- DDR marathon! (as well as at least weighing in with Wii Fit)


- mail Kate's present
- finally get my d*mn hepatitis shot
- laundry
- clean as much of the apartment as I can manage before Margaret and Ryan arrive for another weekend of fun (they are coming up to see Fiddler on the Roof and to hang out some more, since last weekend wasn't as long as initially thought)
- finish my A/R exchange fic? Dare I even hope for time for this? Apparently yes, yes I do.
- DDR or Wii Fit, whichever I feel like most
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Live update time!

My presentation went well. I didn't have much time but we were only supposed to take a couple of minutes (most people didn't) but there was genuine interest in the idea and that makes me happy/confident/and all that good stuff.

I'm working tomorrow but then I have two days off in a row! Wow! And I can't actually get called in because taking another shift would result in me going into overtime probably.

This is especially nice since my last day off was the 14th. Though some of my shifts this week were only 4-5 hours.

Marian came over to watch The Plan tonight. It was pretty cool. Not quite as earthshattering as expected but good. And it didn't screw over my Big Bang fic that probably will not get done on time that much.

Though it needed some Laura in it :(
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I just got called in to do a 3 hour shift today, which suits me just fine really since I don't have a great desire to work today.

I have a lot of opening/early shifts this week. 10-4 tomorrow, Tuesday I have off, 11-5:30 Wednesday, 10-5 Thursday, 11-5:30 again on Friday, and then I have a 1:30-close on Saturday. The computer scheduling program does now think that I am full-time which is nice because it means it will hopefully start scheduling me for 30+ hours a week.

Not much else going on of any great news at the moment. I need to do a one-page pitch for my screenwriting class about my television show and I'm super nervous (and also on idea three for what I am doing). Also Husker continues to adapt well to things and I finally have a litter box for her to try and properly train her for it (and so far it seems to be working).
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My mother says I should write about my screenwriting course more because my journal has been boring otherwise. Thanks for the support, Mom.

The class has been going well so far. It does suffer a bit from the fact that a) it's taught by someone who isn't a teacher professionally and b) it's the first time it's been taught at all. But we are learning some good stuff about how scripts work. Last night we watched two episodes of The Office as we learned more about how a sitcom script is put together. Apparently tags are going out of fashion (a tag is the last scene of an episode that often plays during the credits). Someone should tell the HIMYM writers this since most episodes of that show do have one (though not all).

I've been working a bit on my idea for the series bible project we have to hand-in at the end. I've already scrapped my initial idea, hurrah! I think idea two is a bit better for the project though. The old adage about writing that says you need to know the rules before you are allowed to break them definitely applies here.

Just got back from work today and I'm excited to have an evening off. I need to catch up on some television watching, mostly with Glee, Grey's, and Flashforward. Also Dollhouse premieres tonight, yay Whedon! Smallville does as well but it doesn't quite deserve a yay, really.

And probably some more Lost as well because I only have a few episodes left in season two...so perhaps I should start the download on season three!
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Just got back from my first screenwriting class. It was fun. We got off to a GREAT start with the majority of the class being in the right room, while about 1/3 plus the TEACHER were in another. We didn't figure that one out until half an hour into things. Good times.

We did pretty basic stuff to begin with, surprise surprising. We all talked about our favourite 3 shows (BSG, HIMYM, and Who were my choices, though I later decided that Firefly should have ben #3). It's a decent sized group, I'd estimate about 30 people.

The major project for the course is a series bible which is a bit intimidating but also exciting. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for that, it was our only real assignment for this week.

Also, the building we are in was used as a main set for classic Degrassi High. I GO TO DEGRASSI! ♥
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A few updates.

1. I've managed to pick up a few extra shifts already, hurrah. One is this Friday (meaning Thursday is my only day off this week) and three for next week (so now I have four for then). This makes me very happy!

2. I've started watching Lost season one and am also checking out season one of Eureka. Not as sold on the latter as I am on the former (one episode in and I'm getting the rest of the season, since I only had the first three already to preview it).

3. My apartment is still a mess because I didn't get it cleaned over the weekend (slacked off Saturday, ended up working Sunday). Oops.

4. I really REALLY need to get moving on my BSG Big Bang fic. I have to write about 18,000 words in two months. Less than NaNo but only if I actually get a move on soon. Plus I'll probably soon be writing screenplay assignments too.


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