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Well, today has been a pretty freaking awesome day. Great weather, I got out to the Carp Farmer's Market and then helped out with getting the fish pond outside ready (I got to catch the fish!), got caught up with Once Upon a Time, had a great dinner, and yeah ... awesome. Only sorta downside is that I didn't get any serious writing time in but hey, I still have two days to do that.

Also, while I haven't quite mastered step one of the small changes diet yet, I have really done a great job with the sleep stuff and it's definitely showing. Now I just need to get a replacement blind for my room (long story) and maybe I can sleep longer past sunrise on days when I'm not working (like today, tomorrow, and Monday, squee!).

Finally GIP because omg Vampire Diaries, you never cease to shock and amaze!
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My YES counsellor sent me info on another job fair this week but this one actually has employers I would consider working for not just out of desperation (the Toronto Library will be there, as well as HMV and others). The only possible issue is that it's in North York but hopefully not all the jobs will be. Though if they are, hopefully they are at least near the Yonge subway line.

I'm having one of those days where I just don't know what to do with myself. I need to stop having these because it really sucks. Plus I really REALLY need to get my sleep habits under control, mainly because when I stay up late I end up eating and that is bad. I don't know, it's just...bah. Feeling pretty useless at the moment.

And I really REALLY don't want to spend my entire tax return on living expenses. That was supposed to be my travel money. I was really hoping to get the Egypt trip this year but now...I don't know.


This was supposed to be a trying to be positive post too.

BAH. Anyway. The main thing I need to do is read to get ready for book club. Currently at pg 125 of 909. REALLY wish I hadn't underestimated the length of this book (eyeballing it, I thought it was more like 500-600 pages).

Totally back in English class but unlike English class I'll make sure to actually get this one done.

Also need to clean. Surprise surprise. And make bagels.

And get a new life.
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So. This sleep thing, not working so well.

And of course I pick the night that LJ is done for two hours. Lovely

I've been getting some writing done though. More BSG fan fic, though I actually haven't touched Isis today. Just work on two one-shots I've had in my head that demanded some attention. Silly fics.
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This week's goal is get food/sleep/workouts/declutteredness back on track. I was slipping hardcore last week (especially the weekend, though it was fun and totally worth it).

Today has not started so well though. I didn't sleep very well last night, so at 9 I had no intentions of getting up. So I didn't get up until 11, which I need to STOP DOING. GOD.

Anyway, need to focus and get stuff done. I have the local paper this week so I can look at the classified, hurrah.

I also have a ton of editing to do, for Shannon (and me) and for Jes. I was supposed to get some of it done yesterday, but watching BSG "with" Margaret distracted me. Oh well, c'est la vie.

As far as the job hunt goes, I still haven't heard back from anyone. Boo. But I'm still hopeful and have a longer list of places to look. I know there has to be something out there that I am qualified to do that I also would enjoy doing!
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I have been sleeping really badly these last couple of days. Almost every night (or maybe every night!) since Christmas I've woken up like, 4-5 times during the night. And it really sucks.

Dylan (my manager) said that we would talk about what's going on now that my contract is almost up today. I'm trying to keep myself from getting too nervous or worried about it. I've done the best job I could (most of the time, at least) so it's really out of my hands. I'm not sure if that really makes it better.

I'm going to be at Jane & Paul's the next couple of days and so won't be around for LJ or whatever.
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Bah, I need to work on my sleep habits. MAINLY my waking up when the bloody alarm goes off habits because I end up scrambling to get ready to go and having to take the subway instead of the streetcar (which is faster, but not as nice).

Here's my schedule for the week:

Monday: 7:30-3:30
Tuesday: 11-7
Wednesday: 9-5
Tuesday: 11-7
Friday: 7:30-3:30

Tonight, my goal is to remember that there are more things out there to watch than just Battlestar Galactica.

And then I'll probably watch BSG anyway :]
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Okay, these days off have been a bit odd, because my sleep schedule has been completely screwed up. Yesterday I did the whole sleep 5 hours, awake 5 hours, sleep 5 hours thing (or something like that). Tonight I will probably do the day time hours thing. Tomorrow night I work...and then go to Ottawa and resume the day hours.

At least this makes me feel better about the constant second-guessing of what day it is today =P

I had lunch and shopping with Bruce, and then dinner with Katie. I feel like I actually have a social life and it is AWESOME.

I also needed to read something and so I have started White Oleander ahead of book club schedule. But since I've read this book like, a bazillion times, I don't think it will be too bad.

Also, why isn't LJ autofilling my tags anymore? It's annoying, because I usually don't remember my exact wording, but I hate having redundant tags.
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God, I don't even know how I ended up making me way through last night's shift. Jewels called in sick, so it was just me, William, and Michelle. Which meant no slacking off until everything was done. And I was SO tired because I haven't gotten all that much sleep the last two nights (while I was on the couch, though that isn't the only reason) and then had to shift back to night schedule. Blah.

So I'm going to go to bed as soon as I read my FL and Himitsu. And then when I wake up I need to get work done on the Wiley project, and send an email to see if I can get info on the second project Dela wanted me to work on, but wasn't able to send me info until after she went on vacation herself (I had hoped I might be back and able to do something for here on Wednesday, but that so didn't happen).

But first...sleep.
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My arm muscle is twitching, bah. I hate it when that happens. Thankfully it isn't often (and usually not my arm...my eye likes the twitchy thing much better).

I am so sick of work and I'm only 2 days in. There's no real reason to be sick of it, beyond the fact that I hate my job. Really hate it. BAH.

But at least I'm doing quite well financially this month, between getting my vacation pay (since I missed 2 shifts for the wedding), GST return, tips, and money back reward from Scotiabank VISA. This means I may not be completely out of the market for the Wii Fit right now...and I also am that much closer to buying an iPod, which I decided a few months back that I desperately want (and I want it in green, which at some point became my favourite colour, I'm not sure when!). I am so over the design of my cheap MP3 player which doesn't allow me to easily change between songs that aren't beside each other alphabetically -_-

I also do need to revive my savings after paying for the plane tickets to Moncton and back. Plus I'm trying to open an RRSP because Suze Orman says so. Look at me being all responsible.

And then going crazy and buying a ton of stuff with the rest of my money (I have a Chapters order coming to me, which includes this month's book club selection, though I also took it out from the library the other day when I had to kill time before the book launch). Book club is me and other Himitsu people, for those who don't know. It should be fun (we are reading Neil Gaimon's Anansi Boys this month).

Uh...that's about it. I need to find ways to get myself out of bed when the alarm goes off, instead of just lying there for an extra hour and a half. Because that is LAME (except in cases when I really need sleep, and even then...still somewhat lame).
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Blah, I hate switching from nights to days and then back again. Especially when the only really feasible way is staying up for 24 hours (more or less). Oh well, I've been passed out on the couch for the last while which was nice. Except now I need to revive.

I have 6 shifts in a row, which also sucks. Cynthia is on vacation though, so they need me to work the two nights she usually would be around.

But at least I'll (hopefully) have slept more recently for the next shifts. And I can stay on nights on my days off next week.

Also, I am halfway through Okami, I believe. 20 hours saved, hurrah.
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Very long sleep session today, very nice. Even if the cat was being a brat for a lot of it. My dad had made her something to climb in order to get into the loft bed, but it came apart and I don't have anything to fix it at the moment. But she still wants to come up and so was trying to climb my mattress which is no good.

I'm a bit scared about the date, since Maire and Destin get married today. Poor Maire...she is so happy and bouncy but, as I was telling my mother the other day, if she knew everything the players know, she would of course be running the other way as fast as she could. It's crazy to think that it's already time though. It's like playing a pregnancy from beginning to end, it seems so far off when you start.

Sleeping so late meant that 1) I've probably missed the garbage pick-up 2) I'll have to do groceries in the morning and 3) If I do laundry, it will have to be at that place down the street which is 24 hours. But I GOT A LOT OF SLEEP! HURRAH! I haven't been having as much trouble with it recently, so hopefully it will last, knock on wood.
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So, while Shannon was here (actually, the first day she was here), I may have done something a bit crazy. But I didn't want to mention it here without having pictures (beyond a comment to [livejournal.com profile] kageotogi that promised pictures too). So here it is ^_^

Read more... )

Had some...fun sleeping again today. I eventually managed it, but getting up at 6 was out of the question so now I don't have much time to hang out here and do stuff before going to work. But tomorrow I'm off for two days and so I'll have a better opportunity to do stuff.
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I totally thought it was Tuesday before I got up. And so I came into the living room, turned the TV to CityTV and saw...not Hell's Kitchen. Boo.

And it was way too late to go grocery shopping, which I need to do. Knowing me, I'm probably going to try and wait until Wednesday to get that done. Sigh.

I've been sleeping okay though, which is nice. Now if only I just had a little more time in my day for non-work stuff.
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Just finished watching the Love*Com anime. It was cute and fun. I think I like the manga better, even though they are very similar. I just find that the characters seem to have a little more depth in the manga. Not that I've read very much of it.

I have the live action on my computer too which I want to watch. If I like it, I'll definitely be buying that DVD from Viz. I might get the NANA DVDs too at some point, but I'm not sure. They were okay adaptations, but the anime is much better because it can take time to do everything. But I also love NANA so very much and wouldn't mind having both the live action stuff and the anime and the manga and other merchandise as well!

I'm a little upset with how insane my sleeping has been these last few days. I went to be at 5AM and woke up at 11AM. Before that, I was having trouble falling asleep and then ended up getting up and hanging on the couch all of Thursday afternoon. And tomorrow I have to be doing stuff during the day, blarg.

I also need to get to Chapters soon because I have a coupon to redeem for renewing my rewards card and it expires next week and has to be used in-store. Of course, no good can come from me going to a Chapters, especially now that I know what book Shannon got me for my birthday (she pre-ordered Kushiel's Mercy for me, squee!)
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This week is embrace the normalcy week for me. No people coming to visit, no reason to screw up my schedule, at least not until Saturday when we have the birthday party. And that's like...so far away.

The Cylina plot fic is supposed to be done today. Not sure if that will happen. But I will try.
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Thank DRAGONS, Tim Horton's has hired another night person. He starts his training today during the afternoon, and has 3 shifts at night next week. Of course, it won't help for scheduling until probably the next week, because it will take time before he can be scheduled as one of two people.

This should mean that I get the 10th off for my grandpa's birthday part. Hurrah.

Not so thrilling work news was that, because of the TTC stuff, Michelle had to drive people to work until about 8, which means I just got home because I couldn't leave until she got back from that. Boo.

Time to pass out. I need to sleep SO badly. But first I have to wake Shannon up, which is always a fun challenge.
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I am really getting sick of how hard it's been for me to fall asleep lately. I ended up getting 8 hours today, I think...but I had to sleep until 10 to do it, which means I have time to look at the FL and Himitsu briefly, than I'm off!

But at least I got to sleep and only woke up once.

I think I may have a system to work on this though: mint tea and this scented pillow mist I bought a few years ago. It worked today, anyway...we'll see about tomorrow.
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Okay, that attempt at sleep REALLY sucked. It was just one of those days when I was tired but just couldn't nod off. I have too many days like that. Or days when I wake up a billion times before the alarm goes off. Grr.

I guess I got in a few hours of sleep, more than I would have if the alarm had gone off at 6 which it doesn't seem to have. That's a bit worrisome, but whatever...I don't really know what happened and it doesn't really matter at the moment.

I work with Jewels again tonight, which is always pretty fun. Hopefully it's not too busy, even though it is Friday night. Tomorrow night will be...interesting. I'm working with Scott, because Nida can't work it and everyone else has the day booked off. Should be fun though, I like Scott.
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Hurrah, I have the day off. Oh it is nice! Except I realized that starting on this coming Thursday night, I have 6 shifts in a row. Ouch. And most (if not all) will be 2 people, because Biatha is leaving for Zimbabwe (but she says she will bring me back an African outfit...I am excited about that!).

Today I am heading down to Value Village to look for costume supplies. That is the only plan I have. Other than hanging out and having some fun (and making sure I get proper sleeping routine in...I must stay on nights!
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The list of lame awesomeness (aka the list that tells me when all RP characters updated last and shows how many posts they have made within a certain period) makes me happy right now. Everyone has posted in April! Well, except Justine but that's on purpose.

And the three characters who have gone the longest without posting are Maire, Isobel, and Eudora, who are all easy to post with, hurrah! I finally have activity back where I want it to be, I think. Now let's see how long this lasts.

I meant to still be asleep, but my body decided otherwise apparently. Not sure why, though it can't help that neighbours were in the hall talking and stuff. Hopefully I'll get some napping in before I go to work tonight...and then I have tomorrow night off so I can recover.

I need to start getting to work on my Franziska cosplay. I don't know if the Anime North Phoenix Wright group is still on or not, but I plan to have the costume anyway. I think maybe tomorrow I shall go down to Value Village and see what I can buy. And be SO happy to have that little figure of Franziska that I can bring with me which not only shows the costume...but shows it from behind ^_^!

I still wish I was asleep though...I even went to bed early!


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