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Hey everyone, happy new year!

I saw The Force Awakens for the second time yesterday, and also have finished reading the novelization (which I do recommend, because it fills some of the holes, though it is also based on an older script so some things aren't necessarily "canon"), so I thought it was time to make a reaction post of sorts.

Overall, I really liked it and have decided that it ranks #4 in SW movies for me, sitting neatly in between the OT and the PT. I do think it was a bit long and a bit too derivative, which keeps it from being able to rank higher, but it's a solid start to the new trilogy. And the best part about it was the new characters, who are all pretty much awesome.

I am also glad that JJ Abrams isn't going to be writing/directing the next two films, since a lot of the derivitive-ness came from his style of movie making. Also, Rian Johnson is awesome (at least from what I've seen, which is admittedly only Looper, but I loved that ... he one of my co-worker's favourite director). Though I see that he's only doing the next episode and the Jurassic World guy is directing IX. Not so sure about that, but we'll see. I typically like part 2 in a true trilogy best anyway.

Anyway, now for the more specific stuff ...


I think that is all ... but if you want to know my opinion on anything else, just leave a comment.
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My parents and I went to Montreal today, to see the Star Wars: Identities exhibit at the Science Centre. It was really interesting. I don't know if overall the whole attempt to make it an intellectual exhibit rather than just a bunch of props/costumes/concept art was entirely successful but it was certainly fun. And since I like taking more, for lack of a better term, academic perspectives when it comes to my pop culture, I definitely support such things.

I took lots of pictures which I'll try to get up next time I'm at the office and can use their bandwidth =P

Speaking of work, I'm actually taking tomorrow off which will be nice since today, while fun, wasn't exactly that relaxing (even the travel, since we ended up having to take Dad's car which has very uncomfortable backseats).
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Yubsie ( As pathogens go, friendship is pretty okay!) says:
Star Wars is SO an abusive boyfriend
Vicki says:
but still not as bad as BSG?
Yubsie ( As pathogens go, friendship is pretty okay!) says:
BSG tortures, but doesn't fit the pattern of an abusive boyfriend with the "Baby, I can change!"
Vicki says:
Yubsie ( As pathogens go, friendship is pretty okay!) says:
BSG says "Baby, I'm staying just like this because you LIKE it."
Vicki says:
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Those with [livejournal.com profile] queenmidalah on their FL will see this twice, but it is TOO cute to not post here.

Star Wars: A New Hope...as told by a 3 year old.


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