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Okay, time for a quick New Show Report, Old Show Report, and a few bits about TellTale's Game of Thrones, Episode 5.

The Muppets

So, as sometimes (though rarely) happens, this show is airing a day earlier in Canada then in the US. And it's pretty much a guaranteed watch for me, because it's the Muppets.

The first episode was pretty good too. I like the talkshow premise, since it means it's easy to work in cameos, as well as Muppet hijinks. Not all the jokes worked for me but enough of them did - especially everything that came out of Sam the Eagle's beak.

Plus, there was Kermit. My goodness, what a great character Kermit is.


Life in Pieces

So, this one had an interesting gimmick, with four brief stories each week telling about the life of a family.

I lasted about two and a half stories before turning it off. It was just not that funny and actually a little creepy and gross. Oh well, I knew a couple of the new shows had to be duds.

I also taped Minority Report and Blindspot tonight but don't have time to watch them. I also thought I might as well talk a bit about the returning stuff for this year, which includes Gotham, which was also taped tonight but will have to wait to be viewed later. But I do have one thing to talk about.

The Big Bang Theory

This show left off on quite the cliffhanger last year and picks up right away. I thought it was an okay episode, though I'm a bit annoyed at Penny for pretty much all of her actions in the episode, with the exception of her support for Amy.

Also, I think Stuart needs a character makeover ala Wolowitz, because he's just getting a little creepy and gross. Maybe he needs to crossover into Life in Pieces and never come back.

TellTale's Game of Thrones: Episode 5

Since I'm hoping episode 6 is going to be coming out sometime soon, I finally got my second playthrough caught up with the most recent episode.

One thing I realized while playing this is that pretty much every version of the characters in my second playthrough is inferior to the version in my first one. Some of that is on purpose, since I wanted to try out the different choices, but I was still surprised to realize that I just don't like this set as much.

Which of course was good for the ending, since it made it easier to leave Rodrick behind to die. Actually, with Royland as the traitor, his decision to save Asher's life and make him the new lord really worked, since Rodrick was beginning to think that he had made every wrong decision (of course, as the player, I know he was pretty much screwed no matter what).

I also do like how my second Asher is a bit more unpredictable, which is something Ethan says about him in ep 1, and I think becoming lord could be quite an interesting development for him. Also, I look forward to a reunion with Gwyn so SO SO much. Though I also need to make sure he makes things up to Beshka like mad, because she has put up with a lot from him.

Second!Mira pretty much has no friends or allies now, which sucks for her. Not sure she quite realizes how bad things are getting - hopefully she'll take Tyrion's words to heart. It is sad to see the complete reversal of her relationship with Sera though - first!Mira kept her confidence and has all and all been quite a good friend.

Gerad is probably the character who suffers the least in comparison to his first playthrough counterpoint. I actually have to admit, I really enjoyed going for it and killing the guy who murdered his family - kicking him off the wall was very cathartic. But the story in ep 5 was pretty much the same, minus Finn since Second!Gerad didn't bother befriending him.

All and all, I'm ready for episode 6. Though also very worried about what sort of ending it will have, though at least all of TellTale's stuff that I've played has had an ending that tied as much up as possible, while leaving room open for more.
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Merry Boxing Day, all!

I had a lovely, albeit busy, Christmas (as per usual). Good times were had, I got some stuff I really liked, and gave presents that were very well received. No complaints.

Well, except that my netbook has decided that the Internet is lame. So I am using my uncle's lapatop.

Also, there don't seem to be any Boxing Day sales on the ASUS T100 that I want :(

Anyway, time for more year in review.

Favourite new TV show )
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Thanks to the wonder that is the PVR, I plan to check out a lot of the new shows this season. So far, I've seen four of them and thought I would do a quick look at each.

Hot Set

So far the best of the bunch, this sort of spin-off of Face Off (which I also just started watching and am loving) is about set design, which is something that really interests me. I'm a fan of all things creative and it's just incredible to see what can be made, especially in such a short time. And as someone with the vaguest of screenwriting dreams, I think it's nice to know that your vision can really be created and made even more amazing.

The Mob Doctor

The best of the scripted shows that I've seen. This one definitely has an interesting premise that I see as being a great launching pad for exploring various shades of grey morality, in a similar way to Dexter only probably not to the same extent (Grace already refused to kill someone, after all). Mainly I'm interested in the mash-up of doctor procedural and organized crime story.


A new JJ Abrams show. Be afraid, be very afraid.

So far, this one is only so-so. There have been some good moments and interesting characters but there are lots of issues I have with it (I already see this show's version of Hurley and someone clearly saw/read The Hunger Games before making this). It had enough to make me want to give it more episodes but I am not completely sold as of yet.

Also, while the sets have been great the costume designer really needs to get up to speed because those clothes do not look 15 years old or so, despite being clearly machine-made.

The Mindy Report

Just watched this one tonight and it's in the same category as Revolution: it had some good in it but still needs to do more to impress me. I think part of it could be that I'm just getting sick of the medical drama with so much drama in it. But Mindy is likeable and maybe a bit too relatable, plus the obvious love interest is, well, interesting. So we'll see how it goes.

I've got a few more shows lined up to start airing soon so I will try to do this sort of thing again, once I have more material to talk about. And I'll update as I begin to see more episodes, since Hot Set is the only one I've seen more than the pilot for.
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And a meme gakked from [livejournal.com profile] inkiemouse.

Currently reading: Turning Yourself Inside Out (written by someone who goes to my church); Spice & Wolf v 5; The Hunger Games (I've read like, 5 pages); The Count of Monte Cristo ... sort of (I haven't actually touched this one in months but I will pick it up again, eventually)

Currently watching: The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Ringer, Fringe, Supernatural, Chihayafuru (very behind), Once Upon a Time, Smash (also very behind), Angel season 2, and a bunch of things on my computer/DVD shelf that are waited for me to start in on them

Currently listening to: Hedley, Nightwish, Katy Perry, Imogen Heap, Selena Gomez

Current food passion: Cooking for my parents! Actually getting through my recipe bookmarks!

Currently playing: Dragon Age: Origins (third playthrough); L.A. Noire (haven't really played much since I moved back though); Final Fantasy IV (still haven't finished); Silent Hill (still too scared to finish! @_@); Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (LOL); Patapon

Currently stressing over: HOW LONG SOME OF THESE LISTS ARE! Also managing to retroactively save most (or all?) of my Himitsu cast.

Currently enjoying: Having a day off, the amount of writing output I've had recently (even if it is almost all fan fic, need more balance there)

Awesome meme, you should all do it!


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