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I have posted three fics in the last two days, hurrah!

The first was the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon, my Vampire Diaries Caroline/Klaus AU, which I've had half written for ages. [personal profile] bleodswean, I just sort of felt like posting it quickly, hence why this one didn't get sent to you for beta-ing. I hope you like it though :)

I also finally finished up a Kimberly/Tommy fic, Complementary Colours, that I've been gradually working on for AGES. Basically a reunion fic where it isn't revealed that Kim was secretly pregnant or something other dumb thing to explain away the Dear John letter.

Finally, a short little Tenzin/Lin ficlet that I started a few weeks ago, called Under His Skin.

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Still alive!

Life has been pretty hectic due to all the craziness that ensues due to a puppy. Most of it has been good, aside from issues with him barking non-stop when I went out which hopefully have been dealt with now. He really is an awesome dog.

But I don't want to fall too far out of fandom and so, since I am home sick today, I have a bit of time to write something up before heading back to bed :(

My 6th favourite character )

7. Princess Leia
8. Scarlet O'Hara
9. River Tam
10. Tyrion Lannister
11. Zero Kiryu
12. Alistair Theirin
13. Claudia
14. Nana Komatsu and Ayumi Yamada
15. Dick Grayson
16. Renee Montoya
17. Clementine
18. Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune
19. Quatre Raberba Winner
20. Azula
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Ever since I finished my one-shot fic, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?, I haven't been doing much writing. I got back into it tonight and managed to get my daily 1,000 words in but at this point, that is not going to be enough to cut it.

Oh well. I shall keep at it and who knows, maybe the writing gods will smile on me and suddenly things will get flowing again.

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AAARG! I thought I was going to be at 4,000! Oh well, pretty damn well near close enough, thanks to the first draft of my fic getting done and sent off to Andrea. It still could use a bit more polish but I am still really fond of it.

Also, I found another video to add as an honourable mention to my list of favourite vids, while binging on all things Caroline/Klaus today (including continuing my re-watch of season 4, courtesy of Netflicks). I just love how it puts scenes together to show connections between my two favourite pairings!

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I have an online training course to do for work the next two days, which had the added advantage of meaning I don't need to leave home, yay! I am definitely going to enjoy that, as long as I make sure I don't get distracted, which is my number one reason for not working from home normally, even though I definitely could.

Also awesome is the fact that I have been totally into writing this new fic of mine, a one-shot where Caroline goes to New Orleans*, and it has been so great because it's been a long time since the only thing I wanted to do was write. Also fun was the fact that my cousin is into Vampire Diaries and not only wanted to read what I had written so far at family dinner last night, she also helped me write what is so far my favourite little exchange of the whole thing. Yay for fangirl cousins!

So here's an updated word tracker:

Still behind where I should be but I'm at least holding pretty steady so I think a good day of writing could help me catch up. And help me catch up with various other projects, once this one-shot is done (The Mistress, this means you!).

* Of course, it is also very exciting to have official news about the first canon crossover ... which I'll put under the cut for those who don't want the casting spoiler (though if you saw last week's TVD episode, you probably have a good guess).

Read more... )
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So, good news, it looks as though the time slot for Vampire Diaries might be changing next week, so that it airs on Thursdays and The Originals airs on Tuesdays. Not sure because I can't see the Thursday schedule but Originals is definitely moving, at very least.

General season premiere thoughts for both is that they were fairly underwhelming episodes but that's okay since they both have to do some status quo establishing, since TVD is entering the "college years" and Originals is just getting started. Looking forward to seeing more and hoping that we'll get decent crossover between the two.

Onto the meme!

Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did )

Day 1 – Your favourite male character
Day 2 – Your favourite female character
Day 3 – Your favourite character overall
Day 4 – Your least favourite character
Day 5 – Your favourite episode
Day 6 – Your least favourite episode
Day 7 – Your favourite scene
Day 8 – Your favourite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favourite friendship
Day 15 – Your favourite couple
Day 16 – Your favourite song played on The Vampire Diaries
Day 17 – Your favourite actor
Day 18 – Your favourite actress
Day 19 – Books or TV Show
Day 20 – An idea for a future TVD episode
Day 21 – An idea for a TVD character
Day 22 – The character that is most like you
Day 23 – Something you love about TVD
Day 24 – Something you hate about TVD
Day 25 – An episode you never happened
Day 26 – Something you wish happened but didn’t
Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did
Day 28 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fan fic(s)
Day 29 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fanvid(s)
Day 30 – Anything else you could possibly want to say

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Time for a New Show report, because I've had to change to watch a couple of things.

Sleepy Hollow

I will admit, I didn't have high expectations/hopes for this one but I like the Sleepy Hollow story and so tuned in anyway. And it's piqued my interest a bit, though it will have to step it's game up in order to keep it. I do quite like the two leads though, which is a good start.

Trophy Wife

I don't know about this one either but there was just enough of interest to warrant watching a second episode. It's definitely the one in danger of being dropped first, if things don't pick up. But I do like Malin Akerman so at least there's that (prepare to see this actor love a lot).

The Michael J Fox Show

I really like Michael J Fox (see what I mean?). And so I checked this show out and it was okay for most of the first two episodes, until the second half of the second episode where things really came together nicely. So I have decent expectations for this one and look forward to seeing more. Though it is sort of tough to watch how much Fox's movement has changed due to Parkinson's.

The Crazy Ones

I'm watching an awful lot of comedies this year. It's very strange, since I'm not really a huge sit-com person. But this one has Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I really didn't need to know more that that. And, like The MJF Show, this one showed signs of coming together nicely at the end, so while I'm not in love with it yet, I am eager to see more.

The Blacklist


It's rare that a show really grabs me from moment one (I think the last one I watched that did this was Orphan Black ... which wasn't that long ago but that show is made of awesome). The Blacklist did it however and I am just so excited to see where it goes. I'm already yelling at the screen over the end of episode cliffhangers! Well, cliffhanger since only one episode has aired but I expect to be doing more of it.

Pretty much this thing is White Collar meets Silence of the Lambs, at least that's the vibe I get so far. And it is great and fun but also has some darkness to it.

My only fear is that they are going to try and draw out the mystery of the connection between Raymond and Elizabeth, which initially seems SUPER OBVIOUS. But I'm hoping that the fact that it is so obvious either means that they'll deal with it quickly or that will be a red herring (though I doubt it).

Still haven't watched Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and not sure what to expect from that one, given that I still haven't actually seen The Avengers. But I'll give it a shot because cast of fresh characters means maybe they'll come up with some that I'm emotionally invested in, which hasn't happened in the films that I have seen (well, Thor was pretty cool).

Also, looking back at last year's New Show Report ... I'm only watching one of them now, The Mindy Report, because the others I liked were cancelled :(

I'll get back to 30 Days of TVD soon, maybe later today, though right now I am annoyed that CTV has moved its airdate to Saturday or Sunday (I forget which), meaning the Canadian broadcast will be behind the American broadcast.

And yet the Originals is on Thursday night.

Yes, it's very weird.
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As promised, my March newsletter.

Read more... )

I didn't really get a lot of writing done this month but I still managed to make some progress. Hopefully I can continue that in April and then, well, after April it is anyone's guess!
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1. While I am heartbroken over the series ending, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries ended perfectly. And I know that while it may be the end of the main videos, it's not quite going to be the end of these characters and their stories, since Sanditon is coming and Ashley Clements was tweeting about something else in the works.

2. I got my usability blog done early for a change, so I'm not going to be scrambling to finish it tonight.

3. There is a new Vampire Diaries episode that I am about to go watch!
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Well, I knew there was a reason I thought I should perhaps wait for tonight's episode to air before getting too much further on the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon (my Caroline/Klaus fic). Fascinating episode for them and I know Julie Plec said the next episode would be as well!

I have survived this week and that makes me very happy. Tonight's school stuff even turned out to be finished faster than I anticipated, so I got to catch up on some TV viewing and play some more Fire Emblem Awakening (sadly though, I keep having characters I'm not willing to sacrifice die on me, darn that perma-death though like hell am I turning it off).

Female Tactitian has green-ish hair and is named Irene. And is getting paired with Chrom because apparently I want to make a Tess ship @_@
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Bah! I completely forgot that I wanted to start a new thing here, where I put together a little newsletter about my various fandom things. So uh, here is what I was up to in fandom during January 2013:

Under a cut because it got longer than expected )

Wow ... that was a lot longer than I thought. I suddenly feel awesome and productive (and then I remember my original fiction and that feeling goes away =P)
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Update to the meme from earlier today: I am definitely going to Toronto Comicon, hurrah! This has led to a costuming frenzy this evening, especially since Margaret and Ryan will also be there, which means it will be the second outing of my Delerium costume.

I have a few tweaks to make, mainly getting better contacts (this has proven to be bloody expensive, even with a 25% Boxing Day discount), some different white costume makeup, a bodysuit to wear under because the shirt tends to ride up a bit (plus if I get the type I want, which La Senza used to sell, I can attach the tutu to it which should make things more comfortable and will also be easy because Del totally attaches things with safety pins), and finally figure out what to do with the wig. And maybe how to incorporate a fish into it all though that only happens once everything else is dealt with.

And then I have The Question costume which I would like to get done. The mask just needs a bit of refining so the main hurdle for it will be getting the clothes, namely the hat. Value Village, here I come!

Also my season 3 of The Vampire Diaries DVDs arrives, yay! Season of Ripper!Stefan and Originals galore, hurrah!
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Still flailing about 3 hours later. And writing even MORE Caroline-centric fan fiction. Because this seems to be my thing these days.

Anyway, the second part of my favourite manga list is up so I thought I would pimp it out before I convince myself that I do, in fact, actually need sleep.

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Oh Vampire Diaries, why must you rip my heart out and tear it into pieces on such a regular basis. And in your Christmas episode, no less? How is that even possible???

SO MANY FEELS! I can't even ... GAH!

Such an amazing show. I love it and I hate it all at the same time!

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Well, today has been a pretty freaking awesome day. Great weather, I got out to the Carp Farmer's Market and then helped out with getting the fish pond outside ready (I got to catch the fish!), got caught up with Once Upon a Time, had a great dinner, and yeah ... awesome. Only sorta downside is that I didn't get any serious writing time in but hey, I still have two days to do that.

Also, while I haven't quite mastered step one of the small changes diet yet, I have really done a great job with the sleep stuff and it's definitely showing. Now I just need to get a replacement blind for my room (long story) and maybe I can sleep longer past sunrise on days when I'm not working (like today, tomorrow, and Monday, squee!).

Finally GIP because omg Vampire Diaries, you never cease to shock and amaze!


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