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Happy Me Day to all you Canadians!

I need to make this a productive stat holiday, because my apartment is a bit of a mess. I blame the dog for most of it. So, in order to get moving and do as much as I can, here's my to-do list:

- Go to Bruce Pit to get Imri enough exercise to stay out of my way for the afternoon =P.
- Put my bed back together (I removed a lot of pillows when Imri came home but I think he'll be okay).
- Put the carpet back down in my room (also removed due to puppy).

- Do the dishes (this entry surprises no one).
- Clean Husker's cage.
- Clear kitchen table.
- Make and freeze duck broth.
- Make bread.

I think I'll leave it at that, though there is still lots more I would like to do. If I'm really good, I'll be able to add more later.
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Shannon unfortunately is busy today, which means I have it all to myself. I just did my Wii Fit so yay for that. And now it's time to get focused on writing ... as well as some other things I need to do.

This means, of course, it's time for a to-do list!

- Wii Fit
- work on novel (trying to actually finish my project from last year's NaNo, hence why I am not doing this year's)
- make a new "business" email address and follow up about the job one of my mother's co-workers gave me a lead on (not sure if it's a good fit or not but don't want to just do nothing about it)
- Himitsu stuff (got a bunch of this to do)

- finish organizing my bedroom so that I can actually vacuum!

There's a few other things I would like to do (mainly organize my bathroom, right now everything is just on the counter!) but this is the top five four priorities today.

Also, I think I might go and re-visit the To-Do List of DOOM (TM) because it's been years since I even looked at it. I might start using it as a monthly list.
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Ick, I have a cold and a headache and lots to do tonight. Blah.

In better news, I finally saw Harry Potter with my parents today. It was good. I don't think it quite lived up to the Halfblood Prince movie but it also is hard to judge without seeing how they handle the end.

Also, I should get to see Part 2 at an early screening, thanks to family connections, yay! I will probably cry when it is over, which is a bit sad but hey, these kids have always been Harry, Ron, and Hermione to me and I will be sad to see it all over.

Anyway, I have a lot to get done tonight and so I shall make a list and do everything I can to get through it all because I'm a bit screwed if I don't.

- dishes
- vacuuming
- put garbage out
- make food presents
- wrap presents (at least those for parents and grandparents)

- tidy the rest of the apartment up

Could be a long night. I shouldn't have let Downton Abbey distract me so much yesterday.
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I just barely made it past the 35K mark to save my Himitsu cast, final count is 35,106. So much better than any other year, even if I didn't win. I will probably post more musings about the whole experience later but today is a NaNo-free day.

Derek is hopefully coming to watch the Plan finally (rescheduling didn't work so well because our schedules this week really didn't mesh well but hopefully it will work out today). I also need to do grocery shopping, cleaning, and I think since it is December now that I shall put up my Christmas decorations!

Also, Marian, sorry for not replying to the comment, I was in the middle of frantic writing sprints, but I have not fixed the bike tire yet but I need to do that today so I'm going to go get those lever things and hopefully manage it on my own because I need it tomorrow morning since I'm out of TTC passes and money to buy TTC passes.

Little to-do list to keep me on track:

- groceries
- cleaning (including but not limited to dishes)

- decorating
- make pizza dough for dinner
- fix bike

- job search
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Today's work schedule ended up a bit different than originally planned because there is a visual change tonight and they asked me to help. So instead of working from 5-close I am now working from 6 to ... whenever we get done. Probably 1 or 2 AM at least? We'll see. The last one was actually fairly fun and I do always enjoy doing something different. So it should be good.

In the meanwhile, I have a few things I need to do today. So it's time to get productive, yay!

- one more load of dishes
- grocery shopping
- go to bank about account mix-up (my own fault)
- pick up bike

Go go go!
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- finish A/R exchange fic since today is the deadline
- buy groceries
- make chili or something else for the week's lunches
- unpack from Christmas (and make loot list while I am doing so to make sure I don't forget anything!)

*goes back to play Fire Emblem, despite it not being anywhere near on the list*
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I have a rare two days off in a row starting tomorrow, hurrah! This period is going to have to be SUPER productive because I have a lot to do.

And thus, here are THREE to-do lists, all in one!


- dishes
- put up fourth spice rack (I have expanded my collection enough to need it)
- make turnip gratin (except I bought a rutabaga, not a turnip, but close enough!)
- watch Glee while working on with Wii Fit (which I am finally trying to start up again)
- put together the pieces of my series bible for class tomorrow (which will clear things up for...)


- write script for pilot
- groceries
- go to class
- DDR marathon! (as well as at least weighing in with Wii Fit)


- mail Kate's present
- finally get my d*mn hepatitis shot
- laundry
- clean as much of the apartment as I can manage before Margaret and Ryan arrive for another weekend of fun (they are coming up to see Fiddler on the Roof and to hang out some more, since last weekend wasn't as long as initially thought)
- finish my A/R exchange fic? Dare I even hope for time for this? Apparently yes, yes I do.
- DDR or Wii Fit, whichever I feel like most
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I have the day off! Sort of!

There is a staff meeting tonight so I have to go in for that from 6-9 (hopefully not longer) but I have the rest of the day to myself. The rest of my schedule is a lot of opening shifts (Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), one closing (Wednesday), and Tuesday off.

Anyway, I do have a few things to get done today.

- bake bread thing that will be my lunch for the week
- do the dishes
- put clean laundry away
- any other cleaning if I have time/energy
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Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

To-Do List (since it is my day off)

- lunch with Bruce
- drop off passport papers
- talk with Liz about full-time status and Boxing Day

- begin writing script for class
- go to class
- watch V for Vendetta

But first...sleep.
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Hurrah for having the next two days off! Woo!

In order to promote productivity, I'm starting a to-do list off now. Will try to work towards finishing some of it before the night is over, though I might have plans with Marian that interrupt that.

- complete Himitsu to-do list
- clean apartment
- figure out what to do with used kitty litter (the garbage workers are still on strike, making this complicated)
- laundry
- deal with insurance

- work on next chapter of Glitch
- possibly write A/R fic that has been bouncing in my head for the last while because I've been in such an A/R mood
- watch Pride & Prejudice, which I bought for cheap the other day

- watch more of Roswell season three
- finish watching Eden of the East

Wow, that's long. But it makes sense, since this is the first break for awhile that I've had from La Senza that hasn't been due to doctor's appointments or Polaris. I may also pull out the To-Do List of DOOM since I haven't touched on it for awhile.

(using this mood just because I saw someone else use it the other day and I just love this Lauroslin moment!)
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Since I have a fair number of things for Himitsu that have been piling up for awhile (userinfo stuff I think has been a year), I am going to make a Himitsu to-do list and try to get it done within the next week. I have a Big Bang chapter out for editing and no freelance project, so theoretically I should have more time to do this and I just need to actually make it a priority.

- update Maire's memories
- replace all userinfo images (not counting Irene to Lark since they are the ones that are done)
- figure out requests for the trivia prize
- post with: Patience, Isobel, Dale, Gilbert, Cylina, Oscar, Taylor, Caroline, Morgan, Eudora, Megan, Flower, River, Kolton, and Xander

In other news, Rob and Marian came over to play Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game tonight. It was super complicated at points but we eventually figured most things out and it was really quite fun. Would be better with more players, of course, but such is life.

Also I played Lauroslin and was a Cylon. Which was awesome.
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So I'm leaving tomorrow morning at about 9. Which means I have a LOT to do today @_@ Such as...

- dishes
- put laundry away
- pack
- deposit money/cheque
- see Jewels when she gets off work
- call potential doctor and see about getting an appointment
- go through fridge to make sure nothing goes bad while I'm gone

- make the 5 last posts I need for this month in Himitsu
- edit story for Shannon (much shorter one this time)
- if I still have time/energy, tidy things up a bit

I did already get my rent money to SG though. Hurrah!
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Spam spam spam

(I did NOT mean to post that by itself, sorry anyone who actually saw that XD)

This is to-do list spam because I need to focus on what's going on this evening:

- finish two more chapters of Wiley project
- dishes
- organize kitchen
- get laundry ready to go in the morning

(LOL, love this scene. The first episode after New Caprica.))
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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!!! (You won't read this until tomorrow though so I will call too XD)

Today's goal: not leave home except for getting groceries. I have been too busy this last week and need time to relax. Also, I still have a lot of stuff to unpack and find places for here.

To-do List:

- groceries
- dishes
- unpacking

- write Megan fic
- get at least two more songs for the FST god I am running out of time!
- get at least two more scenes done for the A/R MOL fic which I am also running out of time for (especially since I think I picked the 13th)
- edit fic for Jes

(Oooooo, moodtheme is from Colonial Day. Yay A/R dancing!)
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Okay, I have a few things that need to get done before Elphie and I head out to meet up with Bruce.

- dishes
- straighten up other parts of the apartment
- go through fridge and make sure to limit what will go bad
- finish packing backpack (just need to put my entertainment sources in, as well as the cat food)
- rent cheque given

Edit: Done! And with 15 minutes to spare.
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Somehow, whenever my parents come they leave my apartment in a bigger mess than it was before I cleaned it to prepare for them coming. So today I shall be productive and get things back into order.

To-do List!

- attach new basket & new seat to bike
- inflate bike tires
- dishes
- sweep up sawdust (don't ask)

- change litter box
- vacuum
- put tools away/tidy up

Also, I have a new mood theme, all Lauroslin, all the time. With a lot of A/R in there as well. I can show off my powers of obsession by naming what episode most of the themes come from. This one is actually easy, it's Dirty Hands. Right before the "always welcome in one of my beds" line.
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Yesterday was a horribly unproductive day. Today shall be better. Why, you ask? Well, you probably don't since anyone who follows my journal knows that when I need to be productive, a to-do list isn't far behind :]

- writing
- make bagels
- dishes
- kitchen floor
- watch more SJA

Shockingly, the apartment is already fairly tidy.

(still not quite THAT determined)
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To-Do List!

- laundry
- groceries

- get apartment ready for guests
- dishes
- put icing on A/R cookies
- make Katie's sign

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To-do list!

- shopping (groceries and costume supplies)
- write-ups for characters in ANN tournament (I nominated 3 who made it through so I'm responsible for write-ups)
- tidy up apartment (shock)
- write
- talk to Shannon about Spirit Wars stuff
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Alright. Mind still blown from last night's episode. Downloading it now so I can watch it again (this time without inappropriate Cheese Whiz commercials interrupting!)

Time to figure out what I am going to do today. I've been working on an organization purge of my house, using Peter Walsh's book about clutter and weight loss (he's the organization expert from TLC's Clean Sweep...god I miss TLC). Need to do more of that and figure out how I'm going to get rid of the junk I've accumulated, because Toronto's new garbage policy is SERIOUSLY working against me here *shakes fist*

Also need to do writing. And work-out. And dishes. And a lot of regular stuff.

To-Do List!

- re-watch Sometimes A Great Notion
- finish bedroom purge/organization
- living room purge/organization

- DDR workout
- dishes
- writing
- figure out what's going on with the TV because it's still not registering any cable -_-
- finish watching Vampire Knight Guilty (1 ep left)
- finish watching Mad Men Season 1 (4 eps left)
- put up the lovely butterflies that Katie gave me!

It's a lot, but I will make it doable.


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