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Mom is gone again for the weekend so once more it's just Dad and me. He was out for a lot of the night so I started getting through my backlog of SPN episodes. Last season was okay but I miss the angel mythology quite a bit. I do love Meg though so there is that. I just wish she would stop going by that name, since uh, Meg Masters died a LONG time ago and was about what, 3 hosts back too?

Anyway ... I also watched the first episode of Revolution. Not entirely sure what to make of it yet. There's definitely some good ideas in there and some interesting characters but I don't think the execution was really that great. Plus, I'm already recognizing characters from other JJ Abrams stuff.

Plus, it's JJ Abrams which means PAIN AND SUFFERING AND CONFUSION (perhaps all of the good variety, but still, TRAUMA!).

I'm going to at least watch the next few episodes to see if it hits its stride and gets better, because there was enough to hook me so far.

I also watched Hot Set and loved it, definitely going to be watching it and Face Off (I think that's what the costuming one is called) because it's just so neat to see all the thought and design and construction that goes into building sets.

AND THEN Dad got back and we watched his Star Trek Time Travel set I bought him a few years ago, specifically "City on the Edge of Forever" and "Yesterday's Enterprise." I hadn't seen the latter in a long time but oh it is just as good as I remember!
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General update on stuff ... or something.

So, I'm moving back to Ottawa on the 29th. I'm about ready to officially start packing and taking furniture apart and other tasks. I'm both looking forward to this while also being worried about living with my parents again and not liking that it still feels like a step backwards to me. But even if it is, it's a necessary one so what can you do?

I've been writing again lately, which is nice. I actually really want to push to get last year's NaNo actually finished, at least the first draft. I also have a bunch of other projects in the works, too many to name really. I'm not going to be doing anything official for NaNo this year though.

Work has been pretty crazy lately, with long hours and lots of stress and annoyance about how things have been going lately. I'm going to miss the girls there so much but I'm not sad to be getting out finally. Haven't heard from the store in Ottawa yet, I'll have to get in touch with them next week to see if things have been finalized for me transferring there (I'm not too worried about it not going through).

I've also been watching a lot of TV and stuff, trying to check out some new shows. My favourite so far is Ringer, hence the icon, but The Secret Circle has potential. I actually read the books it's based on, unlike Vampire Diaries, which should make things interesting. Only seen the first episode and I can already see tons of changes. I think I am going to miss the other 6 members of the coven though, especially the male cast (interesting that for this show, it's male characters who are in short supply ... we just have love interest and triangle guy left and I remember there being brothers who were jokesters and pretty fun from the books). I also am catching up with the summer anime season, just as the fall one begins to start (though so far I have not seen anything that sounded interesting).

Finally, I've been gaming a bit, mostly LA Noire and the Sims 2, which I started craving awhile back. I keep trying to get my courage up to continue with Silent Hill but the school level is sort of terrifying and so it hasn't happened yet.

Also I've been totally getting excited about the DC relaunch because a bunch of the books sound interesting. Going to wait for the trades because I like collecting them, plus it gives comics time for people to know if they are good or not. Mainly interested in Justice League Dark and Animal Man, as well as some of the Batman books (but not all of them ... I love Batman but he's getting to be DC's version of Wolverine!). Maybe a few more, if they sound good. All this comic talk has also made me interested in how to write comics and I have an idea I'm kicking around, along with all my other writing projects.

Next week my mother is up to visit and then Margaret and Ryan are around for the weekend. Sadly, this means it may be hard to find time to hang out with teh Katie and watch more Nodame (though if you are around for the weekend, maybe we could hang and have one last big BSG boardgame night in TO? Marian is also totally welcome if you are free too).

Life goes on ...
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Today is, as always, my day off. It also is the day to put together the "fake apartment" because Mom is visiting tomorrow night and so this place needs to actually look like it's clean on a regular basis. Which it isn't, of course, but hey, that's not the point.

I also need to go and trade my cable box for a new one because apparently mine is just stupid now or something. It stopped being controllable by my remote and now it doesn't even turn on. So I haven't had any television for the last two nights, though last night I passed out at like 9 so it didn't really make a difference.

I also have to clean my sheets. So it shall be a productive day, hopefully. Also much needed break because yesterday was not a great shift. It was just one of those really SLOW days.

Also, Marian, I think your iPhone may have eaten another email or something, since I sort of expected a reply to my response by now. Basically I was wondering what time your thing is at because I have something else I'm already going to that night but, if yours is late enough, I might be able to do both. Not sure though.
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So, according to Kyle (my screenwriting teacher), the fact that I had trouble with the business plan was a good thing because he wanted to see what we'd do with it. So I am feeling better about my issues.

Today was really busy because apparently people like shopping on Good Friday and making crucified Jesus cry. But for some reason the day also went SUPER slow. Very glad it is over with (and extra glad about the time and a half for working on a stat).

Now time to catch up on 24, which I think is the only show I am behind in. Go me! Eventually I will get more of the movies on my computer watched, as well as maybe checking out Sanctuary finally.
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Okay, first off, yes, I know I promised Mexico post by now. I am lame. Deal with it.

Second, I have finally decided that Stargate Universe is just not for me. I watched like, 6-7 episodes and just really didn't care about the characters, even the ones I did actually like. That may seem a bit contradictory but it isn't.

However, now that I have SGU out of the way I was watching some new stuff that I downloaded and started with Life Unexpected and it is just charming and wonderful and I love it! I mainly watched because I loved Shiri Appleby on Roswell and it's nice to see her doing stuff again, plus the premise sounded interesting and yeah, I spent like the entire time it was on squeeing over it to Margaret via AIM. Good times.

I have a few more things to watch, mainly the first four hours of 24 (and I should download the 5th which aired last night), the pilot of Spartacus, Blood and Sand, the aired pilot of Caprica, and I still have the second season of Being Erica to watch and I have season 1 and 2 of Big Bang Theory downloading.

And I have tomorrow off.

Hurrah! Good times.
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Today is my last day off until Christmas Eve. WTF that is insane.

Anyway, because of this (and the fact that I did finish my Sekrit Santa fic in time and so only have the A/R exchange to work on and that one is decently close to being finished) I am starting something I have planned for a bit, which is a pre-Christmas purge/cleaning of my apartment. Because I bring anything new into this place, I need to have all the old stuff organized and anything I don't want/need anymore ready to be trashed/sold. So yes, essentially I am going to Cleansweep the place. Woo!

Also, finally got around to watching the pilot for Stargate Universe last night. I definitely see why people are comparing it to BSG (though I find that plotwise it seems closer to Voyager so far). I have to admit I wasn't completely sold on it but the last half hour or so stepped things up, especially as they introduced the main storyline focusing around the Stargate itself finally, so I've got the rest of the first season (so far?) to watch now.

Then probably the second season of Being Erica.

Then Supernatural?
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I finally got around to watching the pilot of Flashforward and wow, it is pretty awesome. I'm REALLY unsure how they expect to have the show last more than one season but hey, at least the first one promises good things. You should all go watch it.

*downloads episode 2*
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My mother says I should write about my screenwriting course more because my journal has been boring otherwise. Thanks for the support, Mom.

The class has been going well so far. It does suffer a bit from the fact that a) it's taught by someone who isn't a teacher professionally and b) it's the first time it's been taught at all. But we are learning some good stuff about how scripts work. Last night we watched two episodes of The Office as we learned more about how a sitcom script is put together. Apparently tags are going out of fashion (a tag is the last scene of an episode that often plays during the credits). Someone should tell the HIMYM writers this since most episodes of that show do have one (though not all).

I've been working a bit on my idea for the series bible project we have to hand-in at the end. I've already scrapped my initial idea, hurrah! I think idea two is a bit better for the project though. The old adage about writing that says you need to know the rules before you are allowed to break them definitely applies here.

Just got back from work today and I'm excited to have an evening off. I need to catch up on some television watching, mostly with Glee, Grey's, and Flashforward. Also Dollhouse premieres tonight, yay Whedon! Smallville does as well but it doesn't quite deserve a yay, really.

And probably some more Lost as well because I only have a few episodes left in season two...so perhaps I should start the download on season three!
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Interviews went okay, I think. Should be hearing back from both places within the next 48 hours. We'll see.

I've been having fun with my stupid BitTorrent because it keeps giving me errors on Dexter season 3 and How I Met Your Mother season 1. But I've gotten it to work a bit and so have seen the first 3 eps of HIMYM and it is just wonderful. Definitely one of those shows though that premiered when I was at university and wasn't watching as much TV. There's been a decent number of really good things that came out during this period.

The best, of course, being Battlestar Galactica. Surprise surprise.

Love my show. And my ship. ♥

Time to chill and and enjoy the rest of my evening. And finish Time Traveller's Wife because I only have a few pages left to go. Then I can re-read Watchmen and work on my Laurie app for Glaxcin.
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Dual monitor is set up, hurrah! And I am HOME (obviously).

To celebrate, here is a meme.

• Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
• Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.
• Underline any shows you want to watch but haven't gotten around to doing so yet.
• If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order), but you must delete one show for each one that you add.

Read more... )
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Right. So today I also am going to finish cleaning the bathroom (I want to go over the shower and floors once more and clean the windows/mirrors. I also am having coffee with Bruce at 2 (he suggested that or 10AM, but I told him I'd still be in bed at 10 most likely and it was true!).

I also need to read a heck of a lot of The Historian because I definitely underestimated how long it was I was thinking like, 500 pages, not 800 @_@).

And of course, sci-fi TV extravaganza, with Sarah Connor, Dollhouse, and (eventually) Battlestar Galactica.

Also maybe I will try to finish up watching Twelve Kingdoms (which I bought at Anime North last year and still haven't finished...and it's only the first half of the series too @_@) because new anime did ship out and I'm hoping might be here sometime next week (Right Stuf is usually pretty fast, I love them).

Also probably need to make bagels again today. Hopefully these ones rise a bit more than the last batch, though the flavouring was excellent.
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Gah, too many characters in the Wednesday post. It took me ages to figure out who had made the comment Anita was replying to (it ended up being Nansi).

So uh. I had lunch with Bruce this afternoon, good times. Tonight is BSG NIGHT...but of course I have to wait until 2AM or so for the episode to get online. But Terminator and Dollhouse are on FOX before it, which I do get, so that will help.


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