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I decided it was time to revive my old personal website yesterday. I switched to Squarespace this time because they have some really neat templates and everything is super easy to use.

Unfortunately, my old domain is no longer available (I think those domain purchasing companies out there probably buy up anything that's expired, since obviously someone wanted it at one point so they might want it again). But I managed to get one that is also pretty good.


There's not too much in the way of content right now and I don't imagine that's going to change. I will be trying to at least keep the Quote of the Week updated. And probably get a few blog posts a month.

And if I ever get that damn novella finished, I will definitely have information about it there too.
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I have discovered that I have a LOT of fan fiction. Crazy. I'm making a page of my website that has my favourite fan fics and it took forever. Of course, this does make me happy because it means that I have a lot of stories out there that I still like.

Sadly, I don't have ANYTHING completely original that I want to put in there. I do think that the story I'm working on for my Creativity class might be not too bad though.

I also stuck three Himitsu fics, Bruises (when Tyre discovers Irene and Jarek are closer than they should be), Dark & Stormy Night (the weddings fic for Noel/Eden and Justine/Tobias), and Waterfall (Halster/Mianne first kiss) because those are the ones I really like. If anyone can think of others that stood out, let me know, but I think those are the three I like best.

Now time to work on my art page. That will be fun XD


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