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Okay, life update time since we haven't had one of those for awhile.

- Job is going well. I can honestly say I pretty much love it, even if there are frustrating things that happen frequently (for example, a new website for documentation being launched without notice over the Christmas holidays that is only now getting close to being functional). Especially exciting work news is a new "white paper" that I am going to write, to be published on Valentine's Day. Not going to say anymore than that for now but, assuming it turns out well, I will likely put a link around.

- I've been busy with ringette lately. We had a tournament in the weekend (2 losses and 1 win, but the win came against one of the best teams in the league, whom we've never beaten!) and another game tonight (4-2 loss). I've really loved being the regular goalie this year instead of the back-up. I'm actually pretty concerned about the potential situation if last year's goalie wants to come back (she's pregnant, which is why she missed this year) since I know without a doubt that I do not want to be a skater again. I'm just not as good out there and, as a result, I don't have nearly as much fun. But I really don't want to have to switch teams (though if it comes to that, I'm hoping I could play on the same team as my aunt, though it's in a lower division which could be a problem, since they might not want me to move).

- I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hoping to change that soon. I did get re-energized for Between the Sun & the Moon though, since Caroline and Klaus actually appeared on-screen together again. And inspired another Vampire Diaries fic, which has Klaus first person POV, which is interesting. I'm definitely feeling his voice stronger these days than I have in the past.

- I got my Wii connected properly to my TV, so I've been doing some WiiFit again. I ended up erasing all my old data and just starting fresh, since I did put back on a lot of the weight I'd lost, unfortunately (though I am still several sizes smaller than I was when I started, which is something). My main goal now is to be in the 100s by my 30th birthday, which should definitely be doable.

- I've been doing a fair amount of reading, which is good since I set myself an ambitious goal on Goodreads. Mainly reading two series, The Parasol Protectorate and The Heroes of Olympus (sequel series to the Percy Jackson books), and enjoying both. Heroes is particularly fun since I can talk with my cousin about them and fangirl things. It really is awesome having shared fandom interests with her.

- At work, I've been taking a Computer Networking class from Coursera. I also have signed up for a few other classes, one of which started this week (Introduction to Philosophy). It's really exciting to be learning new things and I love that these are classes run by university professors and offered for free!

And that's about it. Wow, just reading all that is making me tired =P
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So, I have two days off in a row, yay! And actually I don't work again until 2 on Thursday so I have a decent chunk of uninterrupted free time. Not quite sure what to do with myself, though I know I need to post at Himitsu like CRAZY as well as try and write enough to get an extra leniency or TEN @_@ Also keeping active in Glaxcin because I really suck at that lately :(

At work we've been doing our own "Biggest Loser" weight loss competition, from now until the end of February. So far I'm off to a decent start but I must do better! I'm actually going to go to the gym with Alison today, which should be interesting. Possibly comparable to torture as well.

I also have some other writing projects I need to do, including some for writing job applications. And the usual suspects of groceries (will do tomorrow), laundry (already done!) and general cleaning and stuff.

And probably reading and gaming and other fun stuff because it is fun and good!
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Okay, I know I haven't been posting much lately. This is because there really hasn't been much to post about. I worked a lot this week (including two days when I ended up being there from 7 to 5) which means the paycheque will be good, especially since there was a stat holiday in there (glad something good came from my Thanksgiving).

It really was a long week. Yesterday was actually pretty awesome ... but today sucked.

First ... TRAGEDY! On my bike ride into work today, I was stopped at an intersection. I decided to adjust the volume on my iPod. As I was putting it back into my pocket it slipped and fell ... right down a storm drain. Which had a very heavy grate and was filled with water that could have been quite deep so basically, no more iPod. Which SUCKS. I will probably replace it with the new iPod Nano with the touch screen and, more importantly, a clip (to avoid more storm drains).

One silver lining (the only one, other than the fact that I found 4GB surprisingly easy to fill up after all) is that my rather new Skull Candy earbuds got caught on the grate. Unfortunately the iPod detached from them and so it wasn't saved as well but I suppose I will take what I can get).

Work was uneventful but LONG. I clocked out with 42 hours this week. After work I had a free session with Kamay, one of the trainers at the gym. Kamal, my old consultant, has sadly left, so I switched a letter and a gender and have a new one. Who is pretty damn tough, which is good. She makes me wish I could afford to have regular sessions with her but that really isn't going to happen until I get a much better job (assuming that EVER happens -_-).

I've also determined to do two things: 1) continue to brush my teeth at 9 sharp, to prevent eating afterwards and 2) shop only on the outside rows of the grocery store (so whole foods) unless there is a good reason (like if I need tomato paste to make spaghetti sauce ... or if I need spaghetti). Hopefully this will help. I also will actually read the book on sugar addiction that I bought awhile ago.

One thing that has been going decently though is that I have been writing a bit every day. So that's good, especially since I definitely want to do NaNo this year.

And that's about it. Real riveting stuff, I know.

And if you haven't already, read my Solanin review ^_^
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My YES counsellor sent me info on another job fair this week but this one actually has employers I would consider working for not just out of desperation (the Toronto Library will be there, as well as HMV and others). The only possible issue is that it's in North York but hopefully not all the jobs will be. Though if they are, hopefully they are at least near the Yonge subway line.

I'm having one of those days where I just don't know what to do with myself. I need to stop having these because it really sucks. Plus I really REALLY need to get my sleep habits under control, mainly because when I stay up late I end up eating and that is bad. I don't know, it's just...bah. Feeling pretty useless at the moment.

And I really REALLY don't want to spend my entire tax return on living expenses. That was supposed to be my travel money. I was really hoping to get the Egypt trip this year but now...I don't know.


This was supposed to be a trying to be positive post too.

BAH. Anyway. The main thing I need to do is read to get ready for book club. Currently at pg 125 of 909. REALLY wish I hadn't underestimated the length of this book (eyeballing it, I thought it was more like 500-600 pages).

Totally back in English class but unlike English class I'll make sure to actually get this one done.

Also need to clean. Surprise surprise. And make bagels.

And get a new life.
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Back from a successful shopping trip! I went to the Chapters at Runnymede and met a bunch of the staff there (at first, they thought I had come to work a shift...I was a bit confused why I had to meet the MOD right away until I realized that, but it was good to meet her anyway because she did need to come approve my discount anyway). I needed to go there today to get a book of breadmaker recipes that looks really good, because the recipes that came with my machine are still coming out way too high when I do them at first. This one has recipes with the proper measurements for 2.0lb, which is what I usually make (but the booklet comes with them for 3.0lb, so I've been doing interesting math that works out alright but this way should be better). Plus there are apparently 250 recipes, so I can have lots of fun.

I also bought one of Dr Phil's books about weight loss. I used to hate Dr Phil, but somehow I started watching his show and was converted. Hopefully this will help me, alongside my WiiFit which has been going quite well.

And...I bought the first Sookie Stackhouse book, because True Blood is very fun. And then Watchman, because I've been intending to get that for awhile. Though I hadn't planned on it being today.

I feel a bit bad for buying from a store that wasn't mine, since we have all four books, but...whatever. Same company. Same discount. That's what really matters.

Then off to Wal-mart, where I got a bunch of house stuff and then MarioKart for the Wii. They didn't have any Guitar Hero or DDR bundles, so I decided to not go for that, which is good because I ended up having to pay a little money on top. But only 53 cents. Pretty good deal, for all that.

So now I come to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this post which is actually getting pretty long now. Hence the caps and bolding.

DEAR FRIENDSLIST, I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm pretty much the sci-fi/fantasy person at the store. I have a pin asking people to talk to me about it. But, while I do read a lot of stuff like that, I have to admit that I might not be up to date about a lot of the more current stuff. This is where you come in, because I know I have a lot of sci-fi/fantasy lovin' people here on the FL(aka geeks). So, please let me know what you think is good out there. I need authors and titles and some info.

The following are authors whose books I have read most/all of and so probably don't need more info on:
- Juliet Marillier
- Jacqueline Carey
- George RR Martin
- JRR Tolkien (not that he probably needs much help)
- Dragonlance series (though I don't know most of the newer stuff, because uh...it sort of got WAY overdone)

Here are authors I've read a bit of and so can handle, but more info would not be a bad thing:
- Neil Gaimon (he's in this section, though his stuff is hard to classify)
- Terry Pratchett
- Mercedes Lackey (though really haven't read much of her stuff)
- Tanya Huff (see above note)
- Stephenie Meyer (most of her stuff is teens, but The Host is in here. Again though, she probably doesn't need help)
- the Dune series (I've read the first three books that Frank Herbert wrote)
- the Star Wars EU (I've read a fair amount, and I have Margaret's love-filled ♥ reviews to let me know what's going on)

I think that is all, but I may remember others. I also think I might know enough about Wheel of Time, though I do wonder if I really want to get people started on that one =P

Also, I realize I'm ignoring the graphic novels, which are next to this section, but that's because I am pretty sure I know enough about those in general that I'll be fine.

WOW, that is a LONG entry. Kudos to those who actually get through it all, though as long as you look at the last part, I'm pretty good.
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Must get fics done today. Because I want to have both of them posted by tomorrow and I'm working tomorrow and packing and generally don't want to have to worry about writing them.

The Maire fic is about half done, I think. The Mera one...yeah, I haven't really started that yet ;_;

But I will get them done! I don't really have much else to do today.

Oh, so today is the week anniversary of the weight journal. Measured myself last night, there are a few small changes I think, though it is hard to know if I was measuring in exactly the same place...but I'm going to assume I did because I like seeing some progress, even if it's only half an inch or something. I also have three new rules to try and follow: 1) have at least a little something for each of my four meals because I'm good at just not eating at all and staving yourself is just as bad for you as overeating is, 2) Be active every day 3) Have a vitamin pill every day.

Today I might also attempt to make some relish and hopefully the Fosshape is hear so I can start working with it.

To-do list:

- finish Maire fic
- finish Mera fic
- bike into town for relish and cosplay supplies
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So, first day with food journal, I'm learning how I want to set mine up. Today had a few more indiscretions than I would have liked, though the ice cream was a result of the tennis and the fact that it's REALLY HOT, so I think that's allowable. Plus a little slack in the beginning is acceptable, I think.

How I'm running things basically is I'm setting rules and then recording how I follow them. I started with 3 rules, will add more as I go along. Rule 1 is to believe that I can do this, very important. 2 is only having four "meals" a day, breakfast, lunch, a small snack, and dinner. 3 is to have at least one serving of vegetables and one serving of fruit a day.

I also got my first measurements down, so I can actually see my progress better than trusting the sketchy scale or even using a scale at all, since I really don't want to do that anymore. Size is more important than weight, I think.

The downstairs is tidied up nicely. Upstairs still needs work, and the floors haven't been touched yet.
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So, went into town and bought supplies for making birthday cards for my cousins (Andrea's birthday was in May...eep! But Trevor's isn't until October, so I can make up for the great delay. Plus these will be the coolest cards ever...I hope). I also got myself some measuring tape, both for sewing and my latest weight loss plan. The plan basically is to do what I've always avoided: the food journal. But I'm hoping it will help. Also, with the measuring tape I can probably keep track better of any changes in size. Which is better than using the sketchy scale that came with the house.
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So, just got back from "shopping" with Shannon and Samantha. Shopping used in the loosest terms, since we only ended up with one thing, the third Shopaholic book for me. But it was much fun, so yay.

I'm on my own tonight, which means I'm living in my room, on IRC and whatnot, because there isn't anything else.

My goal for tonight is to avoid eating for a few hours (I can drink lots of water while that happens though) and then I can have a bagel. I have been slipping on the eating thing (and have completely slipped on the exercise thing ;_;). It's not good.

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Well, that was fun. My mom was rather late (like an hour and a half) getting back from work, so we were a bit worried. But she was just running behind and is here now. So it's good. And we should eat soon, which is also good because I'M STARVING.

Weight update: today, without cheating, the scale read 240 for the first time. Now, I would have liked to lose a bit more than that after two months, but it's better than nothing.



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