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I think Elzie did something slightly like this at some point (or at least someone did!)*, and because I would like to catalogue my gaming somehow, here I go!

Gaming and Me (aka what games I have and how far I've gotten in them) )

*A+ for clarity!

Edit: And here is a decently well related youtube video!

Edit 2: Also, on a not so well related note, I have decided to finally read Harry Potter again. Because it's been about a year since Deathly Hallows and I think it would be fun. This also means that my copies of the first two books will actually be read for the first time (I was given the box set of the first four in paperback after I had read them all).

Plus I get to read Prisoner of Azkaban again. And that makes it all worthwhile ^__________________^
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Alas, my paid account has expired and I have no money to renew it. Maybe next month I can manage it, but this month is uh...not so good financially. Sigh.

Work was okay. It was a weirdly paced night, I found. But it's over now. 1 of 6 shifts done until Anime North. Crazy.

I feel oddly awake right now, so I'm going to hang around and do stuff, probably watch the next episode of Vampire Knight and yeah, fun times. Hopefully I can sleep later because I could really use it.

Edit: Jewels, I'm trying to go online but I can't seem to remember my password for MSN. I think I might have to get my parents to go in and change it or something, because whatever it is, I just don't have a clue @_@
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Hockey games make great background noise for naps. Yep, I'm a good Canadian. Really.

While admittedly I didn't see all that much of it, tonight's Montreal vs Boston game was pretty good. I'm mostly cheering for the Habs, because they are the most likely Canadian team in the playoffs (as much as I love them, I don't really expect the Senators to win the series against the Penguins). But the Bruins have Chara, who is awesome, so they aren't my most hated NHL team anymore (that honour probably falls to the Rangers...and the Leafs XD).

One thing I did notice however is that whenever one of the captains touched the puck, the opposing sides fans would start booing (and yes, there were enough Montreal fans in Boston to make it about an even split as far as noise goes). I don't remember this happening, until Toronto started doing it to Alfredson a few years back, after he made fun of Mats Sundin. Silly Toronto fans. I'm actually not really a big fan of booing players because I'd rather appreciate a good player, even if he is on the opposing team. But I suppose if you're the captain you've proven yourself enough that it probably amuses you.

Anyway, refreshed enough for work, I guess. Hopefully tonight will be slow as Sunday night often is.

Edit: And uh...oops. Apparently Desperate Housewives was back tonight. Oh well.
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Time for essaying. I hope to have this done tonight, definitely it will be by tomorrow. There's G&G tonight though, so I'll do what I can until then.

7-9 pages, not too bad.

I am annoyed though because I seem to be missing a page of research T_____T I shall go look for it again.

Edit: Yay, I found it!
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I continue to fall more in love with Ouran Host Club. It really is awesome. Once my credit card is paid off, I'm ordering the first volume of the manga.

Just watched ep 16...it's interesting how so far all my really favourite episodes are the ones centering around the twins. I've also finally managed to remember which name goes with which one...I think. I really am impressed with the seiyuu there, because delivery is different with both of them. Now if I could just remember which side they part their hair on, I would be set!

This series reminds me of Firefly in a few ways (not at all in plot though XD). It's really hard to pick a favourite character. I still haven't. I think I need to see everything before I can really decide, because there is still a lot of backstory that's unknown...a lot of it Kyouya's. I really adore the entire club.

Also it is quite a shippy series...I can see Haruhi paired with like, almost all the club (not Honey and not Kyouya...and probably after that ep not Kaoru either...so I guess that's actually more like half of the club then). Of course my "THE COUPLE" radar keeps attaching itself to Haruhi/Tamaki...but I actually think that would be my least favourite possibility, though there are moments that I feel that, especially the episode where Tamaki found out Haruhi's weakness.

I've almost watched all the eps that I have fansubbed...though hopefully there are some new ones to download since I know the Japanese release is at 20 at least.

Edit: Alas, no, the fansubs only go to 17 right now. Just went over to the Lunar forums, they don't seem like very nice people...you ask about the release and they get all pissy about it. All they had to do was explain the delay was due to someone moving -_-

Oh well, at least 17 is a Kyouya development episode, which is exciting!
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Good time with Ria tonight. We had dinner at Jack Astors, as tradition dictates. I had an interesting BBQ chicken pizza, really not something I would ordinarily order, especially if I realized it was BBQ sauce rather than regular pizza sauce, but it was pretty good. And their garlic bread is just so yummy.

We had been thinking of going to see A Scanner Darkly...and then found out it's only being shown in one theatre in town and it wasn't the one we were at. So instead we saw The Devil Wears Prada and Pirates. Both were very good, wouldn't really say great, but definitely good amusement. Pirates wins at being the most obvious set up for a sequel EVER though...no, let's not resolve ANYTHING XD I really did enjoy Elizabeth's part in things though, very shades of grey.

Home now, obviously...time for another rousing night of RPing...but first I need to get my mom to put the ointment on my tattoo (things for you to look forward to, Margaret ^_^)

Edit: Wow, this slew of Himitsu polls really makes me wish I had a paid account. Because everyone loves polls, but no one will do them without having things to click.
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Another early day, though not as early as tomorrow will be, since I'll be at the airport this time then. Wow, Ottawa tomorrow, pretty crazy.

I have my favourite 7-1 shift today, very nice. I get some work in but still have time to finish up things here.

Edit: I would do that Himitsu sexuality thing that is going around, but it would be like, really boring for 90% of my cast XD So many straight people.

I did however come up with something to do last night and almost forgot. I was thinking about our current run of Martin "clones" and thinking about what references were in character concepts. So here are mine.

Read more... )
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So, today's goal is to start cleaning up the house and getting things ready for people coming on Wednesday afternoon (maybe). My room is still a mess because I didn't finish that, the living nook needs to be straightened out, the kitchen could do with a bit of cleaning and sweeping, though it's not too bad, the bathroom needs doing, and I probably should touch Sam's room a bit, to see that it's okay though I'm pretty sure it's just fine.

Also, there might be tennis involved.

And if the grocery store is open, get a bit of food.

Busy day.

Edit: So yeah, after the emotional drain of yesterday, I am feeling much better today. I'm resisilent, if nothing else.
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I'm not sure I quite get it yet...but here, a Live Trumps card:

Read more... )

Edit: Oh, awesome, the Paradise Kiss anime has been licensed!
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Margaret and I watched some Sailor Moon Classic finally, after it's been sitting on my computer for I don't know how long. Wow, early!Usagi is annoying. I honestly don't think the dub made her that much worse XD

We were waiting really anxiously for Ami to appear. Sadly, that's not until ep 8 and we weren't going to get that far. We did however see some amusing but relatively pointless filler. This filler is better later when they can rotate through characters. And when Usagi has matured a bit.

One thing we were wtf-ing over however was how much Usagi's dad appears in these episodes. I don't remember EVER seeing him before and suddenly he's everywhere! It was rather shocking.

Oh, also we looked into dub changes and saw that only two of the eps we watched today were actually shown on NA TV. Apparently they cut stuff that didn't develop the main plot. Overall I actually have to agree with this decision. Too bad the original Japanese series didn't do this more often...definitely going with quantity over quality in many places, though when they do get around to dealing with the plot, it's AWESOME, which is why we watch (that and reliving childhoods is fun). However, it has made my decision about whether or not to burn the series easy: not. It's fun to watch, but unlike S and Stars, I can't see myself watching any of this stuff again. I might keep favourite eps around for a bit though.

In other news, I have flights booked for my return to Ottawa: I'll be back from July 12-19. During this time I will finally get my tattoo, yay!

Speaking of that, [livejournal.com profile] crippled_pink, I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about what I need to do. I don't have a 100% picture in my mind about what I want exactly, though I know I want two wings on my shoulderblades, one angel, one demon, that hopefully look like they are actually part of my body, done in black and grey with white highlights, as realistic as possible. Would the lady you recommended most be a good plan for that? And what would I need to bring for her to be able to do what I want.

Also, question for anyone, also related to the tattoo. Bolded so that people who are skimming this rather large entry will still see it XD Does anyone have any X/1999 art of Kamui with the two different wings that is from the back? That's pretty much what my tattoo is going to be, but so far I've only found images from the front or side.

Edit: Oh, and I managed to find a tanktop for my Phoenix costume, nothing else though. Hopefully I'll have more luck in Ottawa.
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So, I did nothing that I said I would tonight XD Just read more Kabuki. Circle of Blood was pretty cool...Dream was AMAZING. SO pretty and so snazzy, it's awesome. I am totally iconning that when I eventually decide to stop with the Himitsu quotes.

Now time for sleep again. Another 7AM shift tomorrow, this one goes till 3. But then I have an afternoon-evening shift and two days of no work, so I can recover and be able to RP at crazy hours of the night ^_^

Edit: Oh, and yay, X-3 has reached Sackville! Margaret, what do you think about another Saturday night movie?

Also...ack, my poor C Drive is fragmented to the point where the computer actually suggests defragging @_@ I knew it would be rather bad, since I got Goong and a bunch of music, but I didn't realize it was that extreme.
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New icons for Noel and Emmeline, I'm rather pleased with how the former came out. I need to get more images however if I ever want to do more for Emmeline. Gilbert is up next, which should be fun since I have a ton of images for making those ^_^

I'm going in alphabetical order by username, in case anyone cares. Poor Patience is shafted as always XD

So, finally had success in getting impatiens for my gargoyle hanging pot. I got some lovely pink ones, dubbed Audrey IV, once again after Little Shop of Horrors. Hopefully Audrey IV will do better than Audrey III ;_;

I also got a chives plant which I'm not worried about killing because I don't think you CAN kill chives, they're pratically weeds half the time. But yummy weeds.

Now time to watch some NANA, because I actually watched half of ep 6, and now I have 7 and 8. And then I'll have enough to burn another CD and get it off my computer.

Might watch some Goong too, to see what it's like.

Edit: And yay, Jacques finally realized that my May cheque was never deposited and will actually do that now. This is good, considering it's June and all.
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Back from a rather crazy first day on cash. It went pretty well, I think...one complaint about slow service but it was from a tour guide who was with a bus of old people and had many of them here at Tim's ordering sandwiches and soups and stuff that's far more complicated to get than coffee...and more difficult to ring up. I think I'm getting an okay handle on how the cash register works, but I'm still not quite as comfortable with it as I am with making coffee (that's easy). Getting better at recognizing which donut is which though!

My feet are so sore. I actually ended up not getting any break, even though I should have, but I didn't see a good opening and didn't ask, so it's my fault I know. But I didn't mind too too much, because as much experience with stuff that I can get the better.

The highlight of the day however was when I split my pants XD Because the pants I got yesterday were too snug but they didn't have the next size up, so I made due. Until I bent over too far and...bye bye butt seem XD They managed to eventually find me a bigger pair of pants though, which fit much better, so that won't happen again.

I still need to get my second blouse. I meant to ask about it, but then got distracted. Oops.

Now, time to enjoy the afternoon, which so far is one of the things I like best about this job, not having to be at work for 8 hours. Of course it means I don't get as much money, but I suppose I'll live with that.

Edit: To-do list for the day ^_^

- laundry
- shower
- groceries
- type up and send off Killea chapter


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