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Had a WONDERFUL meal at The Keg. Very glad to not be a Biggest Loser contestant though, because Jillian would not be impressed (though I don't think I was as bad as the ACTUAL contestants!)

Back at Bruce's for the night. Will get to watch BSG when it airs yet again, so terrified since this is the first part of the finale and their last chance for a cliffhanger.

We've had uh, FUN trying to get my second monitor. First I realized I didn't know if I had another port in my video card. Help from Elzie and Frozen made me realize I do have one, hurrah! But then the model that Future Shop had for $149 isn't carried by Best Buy, though they have one that is the same size and same make as the one we were looking for. So I still don't have it, but Dad is going to pick it up from the Future Shop in Cambridge. So I will get one and hopefully setting it up will be a lot easier than actually getting the damn thing.

And I will love it forever and EVER.

Wow...Boomer is the happy icon character? CRAZY (I think it's Boomer...Athena would be even odder because I don't know that we've really SEEN her really happy).
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