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I have a new shiny! I bought that ASUS T100, which tranforms from a netbook to a robot tablet by undocking the screen and keyboard. But it is still a decent enough keyboard for me to type with it sitting on a pillow in my lap. AND it won't overheat by doing that, since the computer is all in the screen. Hurrah!

Still figuring out Windows 8.1 but so far, I don't mind it. Not sure I want to see what 8.0 was though.

My old netbook will go to my parents, who find it useful to have a computer on trips, once I manage to get all my old files off it.
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Vacation update: had a great time at Kate's place, got her addicted to BSG (we watched all of season 1 in two days!) and wrote a lot for the Himitsu kink meme. Good times.

I'm in Halifax now, hanging with Katie and Emmy (well, so far most Katie because Emmy had a 12 hour work day yesterday and was off again this morning but I'll see her more in a couple of hours). The weather today is just BEAUTIFUL, Katie and I walked around the city for a bit. I love Halifax, enough that I think I'm going to be keeping a better eye out for job opportunities here even. Though Toronto is still going to have more because it's Toronto. And I do quite like it there too.

Katie showed me the first two episodes of White Collar last night and it is just made of so much win! I may also be checking out Leverage while I am here. Plus I now have access to The Pandorica Opens and so get to debate whether or not I want to watch it, despite knowing that there is a CLIFFHANGER OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (TM).

Computer Update: Mom's tech guy from work looked at my computer and could not access the hard drive. So he went ahead with the clean install so I just lost half my music files, a fair amount of downloads, and some other stuff. I thought my picture files were there too but I just checked the netbook and I still have them. And for the music I at least have the stuff I listen to most on my iPod.

Oh, and Sims 2 files are gone but I haven't really played that for awhile so I'll probably live.

I still am definitely planning to start saving for a new computer. It probably will not happen until like, Christmas though, unless I get a new job. Which would be nice.

And that's about it!
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Okay, it looks like I'll have to go with the clean install solution. Which is lame.

If that is the case, I need help from my fellow Himitsu-ers because my activity information is going to be wiped. So, if people could link me to threads, that would be AWESOME. Please don't ignore characters who are done either because I definitely think I have enough extra threads for another leniency or two (though not enough posts yet).

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Okay, computer people. As mentioned in my last two posts, my desktop is giving me weird errors. I've tried all the solutions I could find at PC Support EXCEPT for a clean install. That is the option I am facing now.

I am sure there are some weird things going on because when I go into the Repair Console it gives me two options of installations to repair ... neither of which are "Windows" (one is Mini-something and the other is I think the i-some numbers thing).

I don't want to clean install because I have put all my files BACK on my desktop from the netbook. But there is nothing on my computer that I can't replace (my writing is all on the netbook, which would be the main concern).

So, if anyone has any other ideas, let me know. If not, I'll do a clean install at some point and hopefully that will fix things (and if not then I clearly know the computer is toast and will figure out where I go from there).
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Still having "fun" with my desktop. VERY frustrated because today was supposed to be day to relax and just run a few errands until Margaret gets here. Not deal with this crap (and not be facing the reality that my desktop might actually be dead for good because if I can't fix it myself, it's not worth paying someone to fix for me).

I'm getting this error on start-up: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file."

I'm working my way through the potential solutions listed here. Currently on option 4 because the first three did not work. Edit: Make that option 5 -_-

Also, just FYI, no idea what caused this. Dad came to my apartment yesterday, turned the computer on, and this popped up. I have NO idea what triggered it as I haven't changed anything on the computer since the last re-start (which was worrying because I had installed a new driver for my video card and that historically has NOT worked out but this time it did...my computer was actually running pretty good before this *frustratedface*)
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The good news: the store is FINALLY ready to open, I have tomorrow off, and Margaret is coming to visit.

The bad news: next week's schedule still isn't up and my desktop has crashed or something, I don't know. Doing another Windows Repair installation to try and fix it, will report back. Thank dragons for the netbook.

Also, Elphie is cute.
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Hurrah! I figured out how to get my printer working again (it wouldn't align the ink cartridges, possibly because the colour one is empty but the HP website told me how to bypass that stage). This makes life much better (and means that if I need printing done, I can do it in a method much simpler than converting my word file to a PDF and then sending it to Marian XD).

I haven't posted it yet, so here is this week's schedule:

Today: 1:30-close (aka the lame shift that easily becomes 9 hours...which is good for money but less good for everything else).
Tuesday: off (booked it for book club...so I should probably finish reading Dune)
Wednesday: 2-close (I really have been getting a lot of closing shifts recently, not entirely sure why)
Thursday: off
Friday: 4-close (see what I mean?)
Saturday: 12-close (and again!)

God, I can't believe it's March. And I still don't have my Indigo T4. But I do have three paydays!
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Okay, so I have a wireless mouse. It love it, it's awesome.

Except it's not working very well anymore. At all. It can take 5-10 seconds to actually make it go over the thing I want to click and, given the fact that I'm trying to WORK and need to click a lot of things, is REALLY frustrating.

So time to go buy another one, I guess. I'll see if Zeller's has anything that looks gook, plus I still have those $15 worth of Best Buy coupons so I could go over there. Gah, and this day was going to sell as far as time management goes too -_-
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Sound of Music was wonderful. It was interesting to see the differences between the show and the movie. The actress who played Maria was just so charming and the children were adorable.

Also there was a really creepy moment when the theatre itself got decorated in swatiskas and the Nazi eagle. Brilliant move there.

I also FINALLY have my new monitor. Not set up yet, since I'm still at Bruce's and will be until after dinner. But I HAVE it and that's awesome. Now please just let the set-up go smoothly or else I might cry.
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Had a WONDERFUL meal at The Keg. Very glad to not be a Biggest Loser contestant though, because Jillian would not be impressed (though I don't think I was as bad as the ACTUAL contestants!)

Back at Bruce's for the night. Will get to watch BSG when it airs yet again, so terrified since this is the first part of the finale and their last chance for a cliffhanger.

We've had uh, FUN trying to get my second monitor. First I realized I didn't know if I had another port in my video card. Help from Elzie and Frozen made me realize I do have one, hurrah! But then the model that Future Shop had for $149 isn't carried by Best Buy, though they have one that is the same size and same make as the one we were looking for. So I still don't have it, but Dad is going to pick it up from the Future Shop in Cambridge. So I will get one and hopefully setting it up will be a lot easier than actually getting the damn thing.

And I will love it forever and EVER.

Wow...Boomer is the happy icon character? CRAZY (I think it's Boomer...Athena would be even odder because I don't know that we've really SEEN her really happy).
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Computer is back, hurrah! Of course, right now it's back to it's original settings and so I need to figure out how exactly to get all my files back. I have them on two DVDs but I thought that the guy at Geek Squad said that they were on the computer too, but as of yet I haven't found them. Any help here would be wonderful ^_^

Edit: Okay, so I've found the My Documents files, which were my priority. But I think everything else is on the backup DVDs.

HOWEVER...they won't run properly. Geek Squad has used Roxio for the backups but my computer keeps telling me that there is an "unknown error" when I try to run it.

Any ideas?

Edit 2: Okay, I figured it out. All my files are back. Only problem is that all my software is not -_- Now time to see if I can manage to get stuff going again without having to pay for everything.


Okay, so it looks like all I have that I can get are the files (and alas, I am missing all my downloaded anime/asian dramas which kind of really sucks, but oh well, I'll deal). I think though that this might actually be a good thing in the end, really. Because my computer was probably full of useless crap and now I can start over but not completely start over.

I will be optimistic!

Also, how did it get so late? I can't believe I have to go to work in an hour and a half.
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Back at the library again. I didn't make it in yesterday, as you may have noticed. And gah, this computer's keyboard SUCKS. You have to pound some of the keys to make them work -_-

I'm going to call Geek Squad today and see if they have info about the computer. I'm really hoping it will be back sometime this weekend. I also keep freaking out about all the files I might have lost @_@

I finished reading Gods Behaving Badly and I have to say, I'm disappointed. It sounded like it would have been better than it was. The two mortal characters were very fun, but I felt like the gods ended up being very one-dimensional. Oh well. It was still an okay read. And I got it done well within the 7 days I had it for (the TO library has these books called "Best Bets" which people can't put holds on and which have to be back within a week and aren't renewable). Not sure which of the other two I'm going to start first, though I also was starting to read the last novella in this 3 story collection from Luna (Harlequin's fantasy line) so I may finish that first.

I've been playing a LOT of Fire Emblem, to the point where I'm a bit sick of it. But there's not much else to do. The worst thing is that I can't seem to get myself to write, because I wanted to work on Psyche & Eros next but I may have lost that entire file and I'm not sure if I want to go and re-write it all because I have definitely lost steam with writing it.

Okay, this keyboard is driving me NUTS. End of entry.
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Posting from a library computer. I now have a Toronto Library card and am taking out Janet Fitch's Paint it Black and Pauline Gedge's Child of the Morning. I really do need to break my "buy a book to read it" habit because it is expensive. And the library isn't that far away.

I took the computer in to Geek Squad. They're going to fix it, but it will take a few days. So I don't know how much I'll be around. I will try my best, because I can at least come down to the library, but that might now work given the night schedule thing. Plus there are limits to how long you can use hese and all.

I am going to go look at Zellers and see if they have the DS internet browser. I'm not expecting them too, but if I had that I could at least try and get online. I know there are a few wireless networks floating around my apartment and if worse comes to worse, I can always try hooking the Wii directly into the internet, which I think should also work (not 100% sure of that).

Regardless, I'm going to be a bit scarce these next few days. Blah.

Also had to borrow money from my parents, which always sucks. I know they don't mind supporting me, but I mind. Most frustrating thing is that I would have the money for it...if I didn't have to buy plane tickets to go to New Brunswick next month (though I am really looking forward to that...but gah, money!).

Anyway, need to check up on things quickly and then get headed out, because I have a desperate need for food at my place. Oh, and sleep.
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Thank God my computer is back. And thank God it wasn't here last night...the other computer's modem at least is fried after the lightning strike. As is the furnace, the oven, the satellite box, both TVs, and some of the phones. My phone is still good...because it wasn't plugged in, since it runs through the computer (yay dial-up).

Anyway, I have Internet access again, though my Dad will now be trying to kick me off MY OWN COMPUTER to get time of his own ;_;

Lightning sucks.

At least we weren't the PERSON who got hit last night...he's in intensive care.

Oh, the new CD-RW drive works beautifully.



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