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I keep meaning to do my year in review, so here I am, finally starting in on it. A little late this year, but better late than never.

Starting with books )

Also, unrelated, but I am very upset about Alan Rickman. I really loved him, as Snape and in every other role I've seen. I really regret never getting the chance to meet him.
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Happy New Year!!!

I sadly did not reach my Goodreads goal of 60 books but at least now I can do the book categories for the Year in Review.

Favourite fiction book )

Favourite non-fiction book )

Favourite comic/manga )

Favourite re-read )
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I am back from Christmas travel. It was a busy weekend but a very fun one. Still, it is very nice to be back home with my critters.

To celebrate my return, some more Year in Review.

Favourite movie )

Favourite song )
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So, being pulled back into Dragon Age fandom had the odd effect of pulling me back into my Dalish elf Warden playthrough. Mainly because that's the playthrough I want to build on for a Merrill romance in DA2.

Also, I just really wanted to hang out with Alistair again ♥

Anyway ...

Favourite returning TV show )
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While I wait for PDFs to generate, let's tackle another Year in Review topic.

Favourite life moment )
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Shannon's daughter Mavin was born yesterday, hurrah! She's 10 pounds, apparently when they handed her to Shannon for the first time they called her a newborn toddler =P I went to the hospital to visit and she is adorable.

Anyway, since it's almost the end of 2014, I thought it might be nice to get started with a Year in Review thing, which I can do at the same time as the Dragon Age meme, probably ... maybe ... hopefully.

Anyway, here's the list of what I did last year. If anyone is interested in anything else, I will add it.

- favourite fiction book
- favourite non-fiction book
- favourite comic/manga
- favourite re-read
- favourite movie
- favourite song
- favourite new television show
- favourite returning television show
- favourite Youtube video
- favourite life moment
- favourite thing I wrote
- favourite video game
- favourite recipe
- favourite anime
- favourite character
- favourite web series
- favourite podcast

I have to read 12 books by the end of the month to hit my Goodreads goal, so I may be leaving those categories for the end.
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So, I got a bit distracted from this by life and such. So let's just finish up the categories I wanted to talk about with one last post.

Favourite life moment )

Favourite thing I wrote )

Favourite character )

And that's it! 2013 was a very good year for me and I'm hoping 2014 will be even better. And it will be, if my tarot cards are any indicition (I did a reading for myself and it was the most postive reading I have ever seen ... including having The Sun turn up in my future, yay!).
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Two Youtube categories, one of standalone video and one for webseries (which I'm sure you won't be able to predict at ALL =P).

Favourte standalone video )

Favourite webseries )
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Happy New Year!

Since I've missed a couple of days while I was out of town for Christmas, here's a few of the Year in Review categories at once!

Favourite Anime )

Favourite Song )

Favourite Recipe )
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Merry Boxing Day, all!

I had a lovely, albeit busy, Christmas (as per usual). Good times were had, I got some stuff I really liked, and gave presents that were very well received. No complaints.

Well, except that my netbook has decided that the Internet is lame. So I am using my uncle's lapatop.

Also, there don't seem to be any Boxing Day sales on the ASUS T100 that I want :(

Anyway, time for more year in review.

Favourite new TV show )
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Favourite video game is up today, because I have just been playing it again ...

Read more... )
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Missed one day. Still not too bad, though it would have been nice to keep the progress going steadily for more than two days =P

Also, I think all this computer networking stuff at work is getting to me. Today, the words "wow, that is a cool IP address" actually came out of my mouth! (about the address, which belongs to Facebook, in case anyone cares).

Anyway ... onto the next book topic.

Favourite comic/manga )
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Okay, time for favourite non-fiction book! Look at me, doing this post a day thing.

It probably won't last :]

My favourite non-fiction book )
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So, my Twitter account got hacked today, with lots of Ukranian spam and a bunch of new people I was following. Fun times but at least I finally got off my ass and did a password update for my main accounts. It doesn't look like anything else was touched though.

Anyway, time to start this year in review. I'm going to start with the three book categories, doing one category a day.

According to Goodreads, I read 42 books this year (so far), which is pretty good considering my goal was 40. This including 11 re-reads, 5 non-fiction, 37 fiction, and 11 comics/manga. The last number makes me suspect that I missed entering some because it seems far too low but we're going to go with what's there.

We'll do fiction first, excluding both re-reads and comics/manga (they'll come later).

My favourite fiction book )


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