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So, it currently feels like -37 Celsius outside (that's about -35 for you Farenheit people). Pretty sure it's time to consider hibernation as a coping strategy.

Except I'd still probably have to take the dog out twice a day. Good thing he's a low energy dog and is old enough to be able to deal with that.

Not much else going on these days. I did finally get my netbook/tablet/robot-in-disguise (aka the ASUS Transformer-100) back from being repaired, which is very exciting. Now I can work on writing without having to come into the office, which also happened to be the coldest part of my apartment :(

Only other news is that I did eventually realize that TellTale had released the first episode for their Game of Thrones game - it got a bit lost in the shuffle of Dragon Age, Dragon Age, DRAGON AGE. I really enjoyed playing it and I like the new approach of playing as multiple characters, since it reflects the books/show quite well. I'm trying to get Kayla to play it too, so I have someone to talk to about it (unless someone out here has done so?).
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Wow, there is a HUGE thunderstorm going on and I didn't even notice until I dragged myself out of bed 20 minutes ago. Way to defeat my purpose of setting the alarm for earlier. I really REALLY need to stop not getting up when it goes off.

So, Jewels has reported that Roz quit, which means we now have 3 night shift, one of whom works only two nights AND whom the other two can't stand. Wonderful. I don't know what they are going to do about this. My hope right now is that they temporarily put Nida back on nightshift. That would be good. And make her work with Cynthia so Jewels and I don't have to.

Never did get that painting done. Or much writing. I suck. I used up all my productivity the other months and now I feel like I have none.
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This is hilarious. Yay comic book deaths (and yay for randomly reading Wikipedia to kill time).

I will be going to sleep soon. I planned to do it ages ago but there are too many threads that I want to follow (or was a part of...Jarek/Irene thread lasted a few comments longer than I had anticipated).

Oh and I'm beginning to think the lack of LJ alerts is actually Gmail messing up, since other emails are getting really delayed too.

And the thunderstorm Willfor was talking about is definitely in Sackville now. Yay.
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Another morning, another 7AM shift. At least I get to wear cooler pants and keep tips.

Don't you love the feeling when you know you could cause drama but it would be stupid drama and so you resist? It's great XD And chances are I'll care much less when it's not 6:17 in the morning and I just woke up from probably six-ish hours of sleep.

I had a strange dream last night where I got the letter Kate sent me a few weeks ago (which has not arrived yet...it will get here in September XD) and it had some ideas for Himitsu...but all for characters who don't actually exist at all, including some rip-off Catwoman or something @_@ And there was a Batcave and all the old incarnations of Batman, Robin, Batgirl, etc...were there but they were all dead and frozen, which is pretty disturbing now that I think about it. My mind is weird. Also included in the dream was hanging out with my cousins, and then being in some house that was one of those old houses they have on display, but for some reason myself, Owen, and Phil (of all people @_@) were hanging out there, I even slept in one of the beds. Oh, and eventually Margaret showed up, I just remembered her being there.

I wish I had dreams with actually meaning to them for once. It would be a nice change from all the insane crack.

Anyway, time to get dressed and off to work!

Gah...I just looked outside and it's all wet and rainy ;_;
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So, the day looks like it could be nice, but everything is still wet from yesterday, so currently we're waiting to see if it dries out to see if we can paint.

I shall work on my fic, because I need to get more done and hopefully be happier with it (Katrebs, I might want to send the first scene at least to you, since I think it's okay, but somethings off and you're good at ripping things apart and letting me put them back better than they were...and this fic so far I don't think has anything I'm so attached to that I would not listen to your advice about it XD).

Didn't get Karlesta, didn't realize there was an app war going on there...maybe I'll have better luck with the others, and if not we'll check out the unapped presets ^_^
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And I'm back.

It's a bit wet and apparently we're doing another deck or something, so we're going to wait a few hours and hope things get drier.

This weather sucks.

But eventually it's supposed to be a hot, dry summer. We just need to get through wet spring first -_-
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Well...the weather today is looking really NOT good. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't even get out at all today.

So, this leads to me wondering about whether it's worth it for me to stick around till tomorrow or not. I really don't know. I think I'll call Mom later and ask her opinion.

Right now, I think I'll go back to bed. I'll expect a call from David in half an hour or so (or I'll call him myself, to confirm that this today is not happening.)

Edit: So, we are going to try and get out this morning, not heading out right away though so things have time to dry. Hopefully we can get it all done before it rains this afternoon, which there is a 90% chance of.
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So, the lady we're working for has decided to change the paint colour, which is frustrating but we do want her to be happy with things. It's doubly annoying because we have to get new paint, which means a delay this morning because she has to pick a new colour, and we're supposed to get rain/thunder showers tonight.

This means that most likely I have another day off, unless she magically chooses the colour right away and we manage to get it right away. Odds of this are slim.

I think I've decided what to do for this weekend though. I think I'll go to Diane's on Saturday and Sunday, provided that I don't work all day on Saturday, which is very likely, given the current forecast.

Anyway, without work, today's goal is going to be to get some work done on my Rhaieen app. And get some writing done on Spirit Wars, since I'm supposed to have the chapter I'm working on done at the end of the month.
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Okay, well, I seem to have some really bad spyware that cannot be easily deleted because it starts running and won't let me make it stop -_-

I'll figure something out, eventually. I have some ideas of what might help, but for now I think I'm going to have to live with it.

So, I briefly went out to work today. For like, 20 minutes. We got there, found everything was too wet to work and discovered that the lady is having second thoughts about the colour, which means we may have to re-do three hours of work -_-

At least it means I'll get paid more. But still...kinda sucky.

But now I am home and fighting with this machine again. Which I guess is good, because maybe I can figure out how to fix it.
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Icky morning so we're not heading out right away. I'm "on call" until around noon though, because hopefully it will clear up and we can get stuff done, it would be nice to finish the deck today if we could.

I would go back to bed, but I am rather awake now.
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Damn, looks like it is going to rain today, wchih means that our starting schedule might get pushed back and I might not get to start painting until next week. This really sucks, since I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to get money from my parents to be able to pay June's rent cheque, because I won't have gotten paid again before that -_-


Well, since I have a day off anyway, I'm going to go grab my to-do list of DOOM and be happy it's one of the few times I actually used tags on an entry (I never got into the habit, maybe I should try again).


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