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Me: I just made a networking joke, there is no hope
Boss: welcome to the dark side
Me: ooo, does this dark side have cookies?
Boss: no sorry its not a very nice dark side :(
Me: boo
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I ended up spending 10 hours at work today because I needed to get something done before I could leave. I haven't done that for awhile. At least now I can feel better about some of the days I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

Though to be honest, the day didn't end up being as horrible at it should probably have. I've discovered that Mondays tend to be really not good days for me in general, which is why I keep cancelling Meetup plans those nights. But this Monday wasn't any more or less terrible than Mondays passed.

Oh, I saw Frozen over the winter and enjoyed the irony of paying money to see 3-D snow when I could get it for free by sticking my head out the window. Very good movie, though I think Tangled was ultimately better because it had a good villain and a tighter story. Frozen would have benefited from showing more of Elsa's story, especially early on. Especially given the showstopper that is Let it Go (aka Frozen's Defying Gravity).

Now we just need the Wicked movie to happen, preferably animated so we can get Idina and Kristen back in the lead roles.
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Okay, life update time since we haven't had one of those for awhile.

- Job is going well. I can honestly say I pretty much love it, even if there are frustrating things that happen frequently (for example, a new website for documentation being launched without notice over the Christmas holidays that is only now getting close to being functional). Especially exciting work news is a new "white paper" that I am going to write, to be published on Valentine's Day. Not going to say anymore than that for now but, assuming it turns out well, I will likely put a link around.

- I've been busy with ringette lately. We had a tournament in the weekend (2 losses and 1 win, but the win came against one of the best teams in the league, whom we've never beaten!) and another game tonight (4-2 loss). I've really loved being the regular goalie this year instead of the back-up. I'm actually pretty concerned about the potential situation if last year's goalie wants to come back (she's pregnant, which is why she missed this year) since I know without a doubt that I do not want to be a skater again. I'm just not as good out there and, as a result, I don't have nearly as much fun. But I really don't want to have to switch teams (though if it comes to that, I'm hoping I could play on the same team as my aunt, though it's in a lower division which could be a problem, since they might not want me to move).

- I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hoping to change that soon. I did get re-energized for Between the Sun & the Moon though, since Caroline and Klaus actually appeared on-screen together again. And inspired another Vampire Diaries fic, which has Klaus first person POV, which is interesting. I'm definitely feeling his voice stronger these days than I have in the past.

- I got my Wii connected properly to my TV, so I've been doing some WiiFit again. I ended up erasing all my old data and just starting fresh, since I did put back on a lot of the weight I'd lost, unfortunately (though I am still several sizes smaller than I was when I started, which is something). My main goal now is to be in the 100s by my 30th birthday, which should definitely be doable.

- I've been doing a fair amount of reading, which is good since I set myself an ambitious goal on Goodreads. Mainly reading two series, The Parasol Protectorate and The Heroes of Olympus (sequel series to the Percy Jackson books), and enjoying both. Heroes is particularly fun since I can talk with my cousin about them and fangirl things. It really is awesome having shared fandom interests with her.

- At work, I've been taking a Computer Networking class from Coursera. I also have signed up for a few other classes, one of which started this week (Introduction to Philosophy). It's really exciting to be learning new things and I love that these are classes run by university professors and offered for free!

And that's about it. Wow, just reading all that is making me tired =P
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I have an online training course to do for work the next two days, which had the added advantage of meaning I don't need to leave home, yay! I am definitely going to enjoy that, as long as I make sure I don't get distracted, which is my number one reason for not working from home normally, even though I definitely could.

Also awesome is the fact that I have been totally into writing this new fic of mine, a one-shot where Caroline goes to New Orleans*, and it has been so great because it's been a long time since the only thing I wanted to do was write. Also fun was the fact that my cousin is into Vampire Diaries and not only wanted to read what I had written so far at family dinner last night, she also helped me write what is so far my favourite little exchange of the whole thing. Yay for fangirl cousins!

So here's an updated word tracker:

Still behind where I should be but I'm at least holding pretty steady so I think a good day of writing could help me catch up. And help me catch up with various other projects, once this one-shot is done (The Mistress, this means you!).

* Of course, it is also very exciting to have official news about the first canon crossover ... which I'll put under the cut for those who don't want the casting spoiler (though if you saw last week's TVD episode, you probably have a good guess).

Read more... )
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So, there won't be an April fandom newsletter because I didn't post anything new all month :(

It was not a good writing month for me, I just haven't felt much drive to work on anything. And the stuff that I have been working on has been fighting me *glares at the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon*

No meme either, hockey game that the Sens managed to win somehow distracted me too much. Work continues to go well though!

Also I cannot find my cellphone. I haven't seen it since Friday. Boo.
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First day at the new job went well, I think. I learned a lot of techy stuff, primarily having to do with Power over Ethernet and firewalls. Everyone seems really nice and I have my first project to sink my teeth into so here's hoping things stay on track.

I do have a bit of a headache though, possible from so much time spent reading off a screen. I may have to bring in some Advil with me tomorrow.
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Weird realization from last night: I am pretty much exactly the age my mother was when she had me @____@ Crazy!

So, one week into the new schedule and I already hate it more in practice than I did in theory. Especially with working at the office as well, I'm already feeling a bit burnt out. Of course, this may also have something to do with the fact that I stay up late every night, doing things like making Lizzie Bennet Sims and writing fan fic and RPing and all that jazz. But that stuff is important to me and the evening/night is when I have time to do it.

At least the next two days are just school which will be a good break. Today though is hectic since I'm at work now (on lunch), then go to class for 3 hours, then have a meeting at church. *FLAIL*

Oh, on Saturday I saw Silver Linings Playbook, which I really enjoyed. Jennifer Lawrence has cemented her spot as a new favourite actress of mine because she is really, really good. I'm hoping for her for the Oscar, though I really don't know what way that category is going to go (other than being sure the 9-year-old will not win).
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I have completed my first term, hurrah! Halfway done the schooling part of the technical writing program!

I did actually have class today but decided to skip in order to get some more hours in at work. I am working every day this week and hopefully next week as well, though it will depend on whether or not they still have work for me.


Really hoping to get some time to focus on writing, plus I have to figure out all my Christmas baking too. And I should probably do a bit of school-related stuff, mainly getting some things ready for my writing portfolio and scoping out potential people to contact about co-ops. So I should still be busy but it will be a good busy that I have more control over.
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I have my schedule for next term and it's sort of lame. Lots of evening classes, which are going to be difficult for me to get to since I can't just grab a ride with Mom on her way to work. It also is going to complicate my weekly playdates as well.

But there's not much to be done, since I think the reason it is that way is because we have 2 teachers who have day jobs and we also needed a specific computer room because it's the only one that has the software we need installed.

It's still lame though.

However, the benefit might be more time at home to hopefully work on writing. My non-fan fiction has suffered from not enough attention lately. So there are some benefits. And there are lots of openings for getting hours in at the office, though at the moment they probably won't be able to give me more hours.

Anyway, that's January and still an awful long way away. I have to get one last assignment done and write an exam for Monday, then first term is over. And I get to work a lot in the next two weeks, assuming they have stuff for me.


I still don't like the schedule though =P
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Bah, I really don't want to go to work today. Or tomorrow. 8-4:30 shift followed by a 9-5:30. Sigh. Hopefully it will be better than yesterday's shift or I'll be bored stiff.

I played Mass Effect 2 just up to the BIG BOSS last night. So far no one on the team has died, which is good ... except I sort of wanted Miranda to go =P I don't think team 2 is going to have that happen though. Oh well.

Oh, didn't mention yesterday that I do have no class on Friday and only one Tuesday morning so I think both days I can go over to the office, though I'll have to find out more this week. Also I can probably still do the Wednesday evening time with the kiddies, assuming they still have a need for me.
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Le sigh. Just having one of those days today where I'm at the office and there is NOTHING FOR ME TO DO. I really hate feeling like my time is being completely wasted (well, I'm getting paid so there is that but I do have things I could do at home ... write, watch the Olympics, etc ...).

I do know I will have something to do tomorrow (we were hoping it would happen today but computer issues interfered). And then I'm at La Senza for the rest of the week.

I will try to remember to bring pictures in tomorrow for uploading purposes.
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OMG, after 2 years of sporadic attempts, I have finally gotten past the level I was stuck on in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. YAY! I brought Paths of Radiance over to play with Colin today and he loved it and it got me wanting to play some more.

Bloody dragons. And it's not even the final level, just one of them. I'm hoping the rest won't be quite as difficult but you never know with this game.

Working at the store tomorrow, long shift too which I'm getting a bit unaccustomed to these days. Should be uh ... an interesting day. I'll explain more about that later, when I can.
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It's been another busy week. I was at the JCC Tues-Fri working, which is good since I am about to pay my Algonquin tuition and can use all the money I can get.

We had Shannon and Justin over last night for dinner and to give them another wedding gift (it was made of glass so Mom decided not to bring it to the wedding, in case it got knocked about at all). It was really fun night, just hanging out and eating and drinking and talking. Meredith was supposed to be around too but SHE IS A LAMER and bailed =P

I'm working at LS today from 4-9 today which is also good to keep a bit more money rolling in, plus make sure they remember who I am and stuff, since I am hoping to keep getting hours then when I'm at school (really hoping I'll have a weekday free to work so I don't have to give up my entire weekend every week).

And it's also nice since it gives me a lot of the day to myself to work on my poor neglected writing. I have signed up for a few fic-a-thons that need attention, plus all the millions of other projects I have as well @_@ So off to get started on that!
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The wedding was beautiful, Shannon was very happy and that makes all the craziness and frustration worth it in the end.

Now I must sleep because I'm working from 11-5:30 tomorrow and then have a staff meeting from 6-10 (but probably not actually later than 9). Need to talk to Vero about her scheduling me on a Sunday -_-
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Why is the weekend over already? Especially given that this is going to be a busy week since I work five days, have Shannon's bridal shower on Friday, and then am volunteering at Ottawa Comic Con all weekend (sadly it will now be without Patrick Stewart but I'm still looking forward to crazy geeky fun!).

As people who've read this for awhile probably already know, I tend to go a little crazy when there is just too much to be done. Hopefully this week will turn out to have more rest periods in it than currently expected but I'm not exactly counting on it :(
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Back from Georgetown. It was a nice two days, good to see people even if the occasion wasn't the happiest one. I was impressed by the amount of people who were at the friends' gathering though. Justin clearly had a lot of people in his life who cared about him.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. I'm definitely going to be going to Mom's office a few days, including tomorrow. And Wednesday I'm off for my Colin time, with a shift on Thursday at La Senza rounding things out.

And then we go back to Georgetown or nearby areas for Easter next weekend, SO MUCH TRAVEL. Hopefully next time I will be able to do some writing en route - sadly the trip there I didn't have enough battery life to do much and tonight my stomach decided it didn't want to behave all that much.

Also I have to write a play about the Last Supper for Good Friday service.
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The internet has been insanely terribly the last couple of nights. Again I am only now getting a connection worth trying to post with. Oddly enough, I have been able to be on IRC most of the night, no idea how that works.

Anyway, I mentioned already in chat but just a general note for Himitsu people that I'm going to be working with Jean's kids later tomorrow than expected and so I will almost definitely be late to plotchat but I will hopefully be home and able to get online before it's over, at least.

I am also going to be going into the office tomorrow, though it's actually Mom's day off. But hey, money is money and always good.
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I came back from Toronto early this morning, since I didn't end up having any plans for Monday. It was nice to get home at 2 instead of starting out then.

The internet is being ridiculously stupid. I've been home since 3 and only now am getting a good enough connection to even bother trying to update this thing. Very annoying.

I'm going in with Mom to work tomorrow, should be fun. Or at least profitable.

Final news is not so fun/even remotely happy. My cousin Justin died on Friday night, after a long battle with cancer. Right now there aren't plans for a funeral or anything but that could change. Sort of already said everything I have to on the subject earlier so just sad though also probably happy too for him since I know he'd been feeling really crappy recently. Still, he was too young for this.
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Sigh, work schedule changed and I am now working tomorrow, which is sucky with the lost hour of sleep from last night. And the fact that the Briar final is tonight and I want to watch it. And I'm already tired.

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Shannon and I went to see Rent last night as Mom bought me tickets for my birthday but didn't want to go with me herself (it's not her type of show really). It was really awesome to finally see the stage show and how much the movie changed. The main thing which freaked me out is that Seasons of Love isn't at the beginning and I sort of wish it was. The movie took a lot of liberties when it came to the song order.

As far as this production went, it was definitely a good show. Standouts were Mimi, Joanne, and especially the girl who was Maureen because I honestly think she was as good as Idina Menzel and that's impressive. I was talking to Shannon about it and we both agreed that Over the Moon has got to be an intimidating song to perform and she did it spectacularly. I wish Maureen was actually IN more of the show.

We also did a bit of shopping, mostly wedding related. I also bought new pillows because two of the ones I had were probably once white but now are very much now (though some of that definitely was caused by the cases they were in ... but they are also probably 10-15 years old).

Today is going to be a bit busy. Church in the morning and then I have to book it out of there to get to work for 12. There is a visual change tonight so everyone is working but I was able to get my shift changed so that I could go to family dinner tonight, since it's birthday celebration week and I didn't really want to miss it. I'll be away from home for a long time though, almost 12 hours. At least I don't work tomorrow. Or the next day, though I need to figure out when I should go out to Jean's since I am working Wednesday.


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