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Happy New Year!

Since I've missed a couple of days while I was out of town for Christmas, here's a few of the Year in Review categories at once!

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I am avoiding the next two days of the Vampire Diaries meme because they require a bit too much thought, since I want to come up with some good rec lists that aren't dominated by Caroline/Klaus =P

So instead, let's talk more about the new TV shows.

The Blacklist

This continues to be my favourite new show and the only one that I rush to watch when I see it is airing/recorded. Yes, it's pretty bad guy of the week but it's been interesting, plus the dynamic between Reddington and Elizabeth has me hooked. I really can't see the reveal being anything different than the obvious, that he's her father, but I definitely think that story has some awesome potential to it so it would work.

Sleepy Hollow

This one is growing on me, mainly because the two leads are really good. And the whole twist of making the Headless Horseman one of the Four Horsemen is a pretty interesting one. I don't think it's episodicness works quite as well as The Blacklist's but OMG Ichabod is awesome and I love him. And Abby is pretty kickass too.

Please no romance.


Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. (aka show with too many periods in its title)

Finally started watching this one and I like it okay so far. It probably has the strongest start of any Whedon show I've seen (with the exception of Angel, which, as a spin-off, doesn't really count). I wouldn't say I love it yet but I'm engaged enough to want to see more. I still have a few episodes to catch-up on.

Interestingly though, while I do like the team so far ... I really don't like Coulson. He seems to be just there to spout clever Whedon lines, which makes them less clever in the end.

Also, this show may finally get me to put an effort into seeing The Avengers, finally. That, and the fact that the trailers for the next Thor movie have make me think I might be invested enough in those characters to care about things.

The Originals

I am definitely getting into this show. I am pretty sure the main reason is Marcel because he is a pretty awesome character. And, of course, I love Klaus and Rebekah. And am definitely growing to love Haley, now that she is actually getting some decent character development and stuff like that. Very interested to see where things go next ... though not so interested in seeing a love triangle form with Marcel, Klaus, and Cammy. I am still far too invested in Klaus/Caroline to be happy to see either of them have new love interests. Cross-over time, now!

Trophy Wife

This is probably my favourite of the new sitcoms so far. It's pretty fun and I do enjoy the characters. I just wish it was perhaps a bit less sitcom-y. I doubt it will go there though so I'll take some fun and be happy with it.

The Michael J Fox Show

This one is ... still just okay. I probably wouldn't watch it if not for MJF but he's still a solid reason to keep at it.

The Crazy Ones

The last episode showed promise for this to develop into something better. But I think right now they really need to tone down Robin Williams a bit. Or maybe more than a bit. Don't get me wrong, he's a funny guy, but sometimes less really is more.

Though I do still like the past tense line: "Past tense. We have a past and now it's tense."

I recorded Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which I will probably watch soon-ish (as well as catching up with regulare Once Upon a Time). I also plan to check out Dracula, because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I'll be watching Almost Human. I don't currently have plans to watch any other new shows, though if I'm missing something good, let me know.

Also, I have been enjoying the trial I signed up for with Crunchyroll, that is finally letting me see last season's big hit, Attack on Titan. In case you haven't seen it, here's the AMAZING, MADE OF AWESOME OPENING.

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Woohoo, Eden of the East was licensed by Funimation. It will be interesting to see how they release it, since it could be a pricey thing to sell, especially if they get the license for "Falling Down" to still be the opening.

I should actually watch the last two episodes. Unfortunately lately I haven't really felt up to dealing with subtitles. Or watching anything I actually need to pay attention to, for that matter. Which is why I haven't finished season three of Roswell or started season one of Lost. Or watched anything from the new anime season.
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Just finished watching Princess Tutu and it is so much love. And crack. Because what else can it be, when the main character is a duck, who turns into a girl, who turns into a magical girl?

This is an awesome AMV. It does have footage from the end but I don't think it's really that spoilerific. And it's awesome.

This series is definitely on my to-buy list.

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I have an interview at Chapters Head Office tomorrow, for an Online Community Administrator position they posted about. Hurrah hurrah! Not sure what time yet, probably 2-3, which means I'll have to go to the earlier portion of the job fair.

Now to go pick up my anime from the post office! And luckily, Hairy Tarantula's deal of the month is Dark Horse, which I don't care about XD Well, the one title I do care about (the Clover omnibus) is not out until the end of the month, so maybe then.
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Right. So today I also am going to finish cleaning the bathroom (I want to go over the shower and floors once more and clean the windows/mirrors. I also am having coffee with Bruce at 2 (he suggested that or 10AM, but I told him I'd still be in bed at 10 most likely and it was true!).

I also need to read a heck of a lot of The Historian because I definitely underestimated how long it was I was thinking like, 500 pages, not 800 @_@).

And of course, sci-fi TV extravaganza, with Sarah Connor, Dollhouse, and (eventually) Battlestar Galactica.

Also maybe I will try to finish up watching Twelve Kingdoms (which I bought at Anime North last year and still haven't finished...and it's only the first half of the series too @_@) because new anime did ship out and I'm hoping might be here sometime next week (Right Stuf is usually pretty fast, I love them).

Also probably need to make bagels again today. Hopefully these ones rise a bit more than the last batch, though the flavouring was excellent.
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So, ANN's forums have these character tournaments that they run. Big fun times, starts out with a field of uh, 128 I think and goes until there is one left. We just finished Most Intelligent, which L from Death Note won (second place to Lelouch from Code Geass).

Anyway, after the field is finalized people can join the mini-game in which they predict the winner of each round, until the end. And then when voting starts, you get points for being right. Anyway, I led the mini-game almost the entire game, but ended up in second place.

I just got a PM telling me that my prize was $100 to spend on anime.


So, I've requested all of Ouran on DVD and the first DVD for Story of Saiunkoku. So very excited, this definitely made my day (along with some pre-spending of birthday money because I finally tracked down a set of the first BSG season...it's not easy to find that one!).

Though I have to admit, it makes me wonder what first place got XD
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Mamoru Miyano is like, anime stalking me or something. I swear to god, every new anime I tune in to watch seems to have him in it. I already knew about Vampire Knight, obviously, but then I go and watch Skip Beat!...and there he is. And now I have a new series I'm watching based off a review from ANN by Carlo, whose tastes are very similar to mine in many things...and there he is again!

I'm beginning to think I should just watch everything he's been in, because I usually like it (at least to a point, as was proved by Death Note. But I loved him the entire time ^_^).

The guy has some serious range in acting, though his voice does sound similar enough. But when you can go from Tamaki (Ouran) to Light (Death Note) to Zero (Vampire Knight) and then add Sho (Skip Beat!)...well, you're getting up there in rivalling Seki, who is also awesome and whom I also love...though not quite as much, because Mamoru Miyano's voice is just so awesome. I could listen to it all day.

In other news, I think I have $100 in gift cards to Wal-Mart, given to me by Tims when I picked up my last cheque. I'm planning to head over there later today and probably get either Guitar Hero or DDR for the Wii, since both of those have expensive peripherals that I need to have in order to play them. Also I need to look at getting training wheels which might fit on my cart, to replace the front wheel that broke. But first, I need to get myself to write something, because I haven't done any of that lately and I need to work on it more. Especially because there are things I need to get done before NaNo starts.

I also am going to head to the ROM because they have an exhibit about Marie Antoinette going on now, featuring a dress that she wore which I definitely want to check out. They are playing the Sophia Coppola movie at 2:30, free for members (I just renewed my membership, because I'm going to make an effort to go to more events and stuff this year, since I have weekends and stuff).

Should be an exciting day!
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Hey Ryan (or, most likely Margaret, who needs to go get Ryan/tell him/etc, etc, etc...), our baker, William, says you have a nice ass :]

Yes, I'm having fun showing wedding pictures to everyone. Good times.

Also, Margaret, I was wondering if random visits would be workable this month, so I can bring you your present and meet you cat (and probably hang out with you too). Going down on my days off would probably work best, so I don't have to book time off and hope to get it (you can never be sure these days).

I'm working at Queensway Esso tonight, which means I really need to be shot if I don't manage to get out of bed at 8 when the alarm goes off. Hopefully, wanting to watch I Survived a Japanese Game Show will provide enough motivation (it's pretty awesome and hilarious).

Also I may very well finish Anansi Boys before my copy of the book even gets here XD Neil Gaimon has a very strange writing style, but it is a pretty quick read. I need to figure out where my copy of The Perfect Bones is for next month. As well as White Oleander. I don't own any of the other picks though (not yet, at least).

Uh...that is about it. I have a few new anime that I'm going to be watching, from the summer season. Up first (because I already have it downloaded) is Antique Bakery. I also am waiting to see Ryoko's Case File, World Destruction, and Blade of the Immortal (which starts airing on the 13th, all you fans of the manga on my FL).
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I just watched the first episode of the Absolute Boyfriend live action series (I can never remember the Japanese title so I'm sticking with English, especially since I believe it is a literal translation). WOW, they changed a lot. I knew it would be fairly different, since they aged the characters into their 20s, but wow.

But this might be a good thing, since the original manga isn't really the strongest (especially considering it's Watase Yuu). So far, I definitely like live action Riiko much more than her manga counterpart. Night seems pretty much the same and Gaku is too, though it looks like he might have a larger role.

However, the biggest change is Soshi. Pretty much only his name has stayed the same. But I am liking him so far. It's so of like how Fiyero changed from the book to the musical. He is completely different and the second version is actually a lot more fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes. Also, Memento is covering it which makes me happy, since I just decided to drop Special A, since it seemed too much like a lite version of Ouran and just didn't compare to the other series I am watching for the latest season (the current list is Code Geass R2, Vampire Knight, xxxHolic Kei, and Itazura na Kiss).

I have another first episode of a live action series to watch, which I'm doing because it stars the wonderful actress who played Nodame in Nodame Cantabile (and thus is the one in the my default icon). It will be weird to see her play someone else though. Memento is also covering this series, for the same reasons (Memento is a review blog that I like to follow, ever since I discovered them covering NANA, though Garten ended up not finishing that one).
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I am so stocked about the current Japanese anime season. As mentioned earlier, I'm checking out Vampire Knight and loving it. I also finally got to watch Code Geass R2 which is...really weird so far. Like, I have no clue what is going on @_@ But I think that's the desired effect at this point, so let's go with it. I don't quite see the point of not picking up right where it left off though, the year gap just seems awkward. But yeah, one episode in it is hard to tell.

In better sequel news, xxxHolic Kei jumped right into the action and into one of the best story arcs of the series. It is really different watching it after reading the manga, rather than the other way around which is what happened with the first season for me. The art is still ridiculously bad at points, but the story is what matters most and that is dead on. I love xxxHolic so very much.

I'm still waiting for the sub of S.A. to come out, because it's a manga that has interested me in the past though I haven't read it.

I also have been checking out Macross Frontier, because of the hype. It is okay, so far...very high cost production so at least it will be pretty.

And I still need to finish watching Love*Com and Sailor Moon R. So much anime, so little time!

(Oh, and I have the last disc of Roswell season one that I want to finish soon as well).

Edit: And to make it even better, my favourite anime blog reviewer is covering Vampire Knight, Code Geass, and S.A.! And maybe xxxHolic too, since he followed the first season and has looked at the first episode of Kei, even if it's not listed in the current series.


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