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1. I'm finding some awesome Sheperd/Garrus fic out there, yay! Even though I didn't get that romance in my initial playthrough, I really love it!

2. So far, it does not seem to be snowing. Though it would be just my luck to have the one potential snow day I didn't want happen, after so many snow days that I did want didn't.

3. I was freaking out about money a bit because Passover screwed up my cash flow a bit (long story). However, when I finally got my paycheque and went to deposit it, I discovered that I had gotten a GST and a PST return and so had over $100 that I didn't know about. WIN!

Steps: 4,734

I ran out of steam to do anything about this but it is good to know that an average day will get me to the halfway point.
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Idea snagged from [personal profile] bucaneve. Posting 3 good things that happened today.

1. I got my haircut and, while I'm a bit sad at the loss of length, I am hopeful that I will have less tangles now!

2. My co-op fees were paid AND turned out to be less than I was anticipating.

3. I made good progress on my website, which is partly for school and partly to promote my writing, more on this when I've got it looking a little closer to how I imagine it to be.

I've decided that I am going to stay home this weekend instead of going with my parents to celebrate Easter with Dad's side of the family. Not exactly my favourite plan but definitely a necessary one, since I really can't afford to lose a long weekend and I know that I won't be getting anything done if I'm not home.

Also, I avoid having to try and sleep on an air mattress in Grandma's sweltering house with my parents snoring beside me, so that's a plus.
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Well, I knew there was a reason I thought I should perhaps wait for tonight's episode to air before getting too much further on the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon (my Caroline/Klaus fic). Fascinating episode for them and I know Julie Plec said the next episode would be as well!

I have survived this week and that makes me very happy. Tonight's school stuff even turned out to be finished faster than I anticipated, so I got to catch up on some TV viewing and play some more Fire Emblem Awakening (sadly though, I keep having characters I'm not willing to sacrifice die on me, darn that perma-death though like hell am I turning it off).

Female Tactitian has green-ish hair and is named Irene. And is getting paired with Chrom because apparently I want to make a Tess ship @_@
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Le sigh. Just having one of those days today where I'm at the office and there is NOTHING FOR ME TO DO. I really hate feeling like my time is being completely wasted (well, I'm getting paid so there is that but I do have things I could do at home ... write, watch the Olympics, etc ...).

I do know I will have something to do tomorrow (we were hoping it would happen today but computer issues interfered). And then I'm at La Senza for the rest of the week.

I will try to remember to bring pictures in tomorrow for uploading purposes.
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Well, today has been a pretty freaking awesome day. Great weather, I got out to the Carp Farmer's Market and then helped out with getting the fish pond outside ready (I got to catch the fish!), got caught up with Once Upon a Time, had a great dinner, and yeah ... awesome. Only sorta downside is that I didn't get any serious writing time in but hey, I still have two days to do that.

Also, while I haven't quite mastered step one of the small changes diet yet, I have really done a great job with the sleep stuff and it's definitely showing. Now I just need to get a replacement blind for my room (long story) and maybe I can sleep longer past sunrise on days when I'm not working (like today, tomorrow, and Monday, squee!).

Finally GIP because omg Vampire Diaries, you never cease to shock and amaze!
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GIP! It's playoff time, bitches!

Also go Vancouver, especially since all and all they have a much better chance. Canucks vs Sens FINAL FTW.
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Boo, missed book club (the date sort of snuck up on me and so I wasn't able to re-arrange my schedule). So instead of dicussing uh...the second book in the Farseer Trilogy (that one's Royal Assassin, right?) I will discuss Naamah's Kiss, that latest by my absolute favourite writer in the world, Jacqueline Carey.

Spoilers for this book, references to the Kushiel's Legacy books )

Overall, non-spoilery summary! The book was okay but not great like Kushiel's Legacy, mainly because the main character/narrator wasn't half as compelling as the narrators in those two trilogies. But it picked up at the end and I will probably be picking up the next book in the series pretty much as soon as it comes out.

Also, GIP!
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Okay, home for the day. Need to do the dishes. ALL OF THEM.

That's my only goal for the day because if I can manage that, then tomorrow I can clean/purge and get the rest done, I think.

Of course, this shouldn't STOP me from doing more. But let's face it, the odds of that happened are not good.

Also, got a bunch of new icons, so GIP!
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New default icon to celebrate the fact that Dollhouse is getting picked up for another 13 episodes, hurrah!

Nancy & Chris got here fine, they are off being touristy now. I'm not sure how much I am going to see them while they are here but at least we can hang out at night and watch episodes of Firefly and stuff like that.

Have I mentioned lack of money really sucks lately?

(Mood from Faith!)
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I have a new default icon AND an interview with the University of Toronto Press on Tuesday.

I also have a headache but that is less joyful news.
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New icon set, yay. Each one features a manga that I'm currently collecting. ParaKiss got default since I'm almost done that one.

While going through Genbu Kaiden art, I realized how much Felicia and Hasten have skewed my perception, though last time I read the manga I didn't have any problems with them (probably more connected with art since that's what their icons are from).
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GIP again, another Art Nouveau icon.

So, watched ep 3 of Princess Princess. I'm going to wait until 4 to decide for sure, but I'm pretty certain that this is another series to watch once, enjoy, but not keep forever. Because it's fun and fluffy but so far not much else, though I do know there is some stuff lurking in the backstories.

Now time to do some writing, though I think I may end up not really accomplishing too much on that front, because I'm beginning to get a bit sleepy. But we'll see.
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I made a few icons the other day from the Art Nouveau artbook I linked to about a week ago. Not sure if I'll use them all (the fan icon is also from that art) but I really liked how this on in particular turned out.
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Icon made because everyone else has Firefly/Serenity icons and I wanted one too! River is cool and just thoroughly claimed the spot of favourite character by being hilarious random, weird, and pretty easily the most myterious/interesting character.

And she can kill you with her brain.

I'm thinking there won't be any work this afternoon, if it hasn't dried out yet.


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