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Quick post to say I'm still alive!

Life has been busy, with spring here finally. I've been enjoying going out to the Pit with Imriel, sometimes twice a day because the weather has been that nice.

I do have some news of a personal nature, as I've been on enough dates with a new guy to consider myself "in a relationship." This time is a bit weird though, because my mother is on Facebook now and thus is all asking questions about him. For here, I'll just say his name is Josh and he's pretty cool. We have a good time hanging out and, assuming things go well, I will no doubt be mentioning him here in the future.

Not much else going on. I'm not going to finish work on the novella in time for Camp NaNoWriMo, because I'm too good at distracting myself. But I've given myself a deadline of Victoria Day (May 18th, which is a stat holiday here, for those who aren't in Canada). I have extra motivation to get it done soon, because I think I want to try and get the self-publishing thing going in time to maybe have copies to bring to NerdCon:Stories, assuming I go ... and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go.

I also finally finished my second playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy. I went with the Synthesis ending this time, which I found depressing since it's the first time my Shepard has been completely gone, since my first Shep went for Control and is thus basically a Reaper now, which is sort of badass.

Next ME playthrough will be a Renegade male!Shep who is super pro-human and a bit of a bigot about everything else. Should be fun!

Also, alas, the Sens were eliminated but it was an awesome go of it. I will be keeping the icon up for a few more days.
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Bringing back an old icon because the Sens are so close to making the playoffs that I can taste it now! 1 point ahead of Pittsburgh and two ahead of Boston!

I still can't believe we're in this position, given how badly the team was doing two months ago. Crazy winning streak is crazy!
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So, there won't be an April fandom newsletter because I didn't post anything new all month :(

It was not a good writing month for me, I just haven't felt much drive to work on anything. And the stuff that I have been working on has been fighting me *glares at the next chapter of Between the Sun and the Moon*

No meme either, hockey game that the Sens managed to win somehow distracted me too much. Work continues to go well though!

Also I cannot find my cellphone. I haven't seen it since Friday. Boo.
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GIP! It's playoff time, bitches!

Also go Vancouver, especially since all and all they have a much better chance. Canucks vs Sens FINAL FTW.
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Life update, hurrah!

So, Shannon was going to come over to watch the Senators vs Leafs hockey game tonight but had to cancel because of school stuff, boo. However I will still watch the game (I have my Sens t-shirt on) and look for my parents and cousins in the crowd while I do so.

I may pass out earlier though because I was at work until midnight last night, got home, had five hours of sleep, and then got up and went back to work this morning. Always good times. I did get just under 43 hours this week though so that's nice. And I should have 43 next week because we have a meeting tomorrow night (to which I am totally wearing my sparkly purple shoes because they are awesome and I need to wear them out somewhere).

Current annoyance in life is the fact that my bike has another flat (Marian assures me that this number of flats is fairly typical and I do at least have a spare tube ready). So I've been TTCing it in (which will help with the wearing of crazy shoes tomorrow ... also the wind has been killer so I'm appreciated the subway as well as free MacDonald's coffee in the morning).

I'm off tomorrow except for the meeting from 8-11 so I'm going to do some major NaNo-ing. I did some outlining yesterday so I think I'm back on track to get some words in. I've pretty much given up on hitting 50K but I need to get to 35 for Himitsu or else I am very, very screwed.

So yeah ... I'm very happy November is almost over. This month has kicked me around a lot but I'm still here so I clearly have beaten the day month ^_^
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Hockey games make great background noise for naps. Yep, I'm a good Canadian. Really.

While admittedly I didn't see all that much of it, tonight's Montreal vs Boston game was pretty good. I'm mostly cheering for the Habs, because they are the most likely Canadian team in the playoffs (as much as I love them, I don't really expect the Senators to win the series against the Penguins). But the Bruins have Chara, who is awesome, so they aren't my most hated NHL team anymore (that honour probably falls to the Rangers...and the Leafs XD).

One thing I did notice however is that whenever one of the captains touched the puck, the opposing sides fans would start booing (and yes, there were enough Montreal fans in Boston to make it about an even split as far as noise goes). I don't remember this happening, until Toronto started doing it to Alfredson a few years back, after he made fun of Mats Sundin. Silly Toronto fans. I'm actually not really a big fan of booing players because I'd rather appreciate a good player, even if he is on the opposing team. But I suppose if you're the captain you've proven yourself enough that it probably amuses you.

Anyway, refreshed enough for work, I guess. Hopefully tonight will be slow as Sunday night often is.

Edit: And uh...oops. Apparently Desperate Housewives was back tonight. Oh well.


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