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Apparently I only update this thing to prove that I'm still alive.

So uh, yeah ... still alive. Life's been a bit hectic lately though. My grandmother died on the 10th, I just go back from the trip up for her funeral today. Which means my mental calendar thinks that it's Sunday. Which doesn't explain why I am awake at 1:30 AM.

Other big news of the moment is that I am looking into buying a house. I have a realtor and I've checked out a few places but I'm not at the point where I would want to put in an offer on anything. But hopefully I'll find the right placer soon, especially since I just inherited a bunch of furniture to put in it.

Other than that, life goes on. I'll hopefully post more about things here or figure out something else to say.
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La Senza's Semi-Annual Sale starts today, so we had a big visual change last night. People were scheduled to 11 but three of us stayed later. I ended up leaving at 2 since I had to be awake enough to drive home safely. Still tired but I don't have time to crawl back into bed yet, since I'm having lunch with my aunt Diane who is up visiting from Saint John in an hour. And I have stuff to do, as always.

I've been playing Mass Effect recently, on 2 right now. Overall I enjoy it quite a bit though I don't love it quite as much as Dragon Age. ME2 is really stepping it up with the characters though, the ones we have now as pretty awesome, compared to the first which had some good ones but a few who were a bit meh. Bioware has definitely evolved since then, though recently that may be not the greatest thing =P
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I came back from Toronto early this morning, since I didn't end up having any plans for Monday. It was nice to get home at 2 instead of starting out then.

The internet is being ridiculously stupid. I've been home since 3 and only now am getting a good enough connection to even bother trying to update this thing. Very annoying.

I'm going in with Mom to work tomorrow, should be fun. Or at least profitable.

Final news is not so fun/even remotely happy. My cousin Justin died on Friday night, after a long battle with cancer. Right now there aren't plans for a funeral or anything but that could change. Sort of already said everything I have to on the subject earlier so just sad though also probably happy too for him since I know he'd been feeling really crappy recently. Still, he was too young for this.
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Off for a weekend in TO. Today is the party for my uncle's 50th and then we're coming back tomorrow (supposedly in time for the football at 3). So it's going to be a very quick trip, sadly no time for socializing beyond the family sphere. I'll have to figure out a good time to just go there for a visit, especially now that work hours are cut so I have less things to do during the week (next week I only work Friday and Saturday, so much free time I barely know what to do with myself!).
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God, I just tried to write a filter on top of this post.


Time for the wedding pictures! I meant to get this up yesterday but got distracted by book club and the Lost premiere.

/also lame

Anyway, here are pictures that my mother took before, during, and after the ceremony (which was absolutely beautiful).

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Dad and I went to see Avatar tonight. It was, as expected, visually stunning. I think this is the first time a completely CGI character has really made me believe in them (even more so than Gollum, though I think he did have a challenge in that he shared the screen with actual people).

Also, I found it actually not as light on plot as I expected. I think it was more character depth that it was lacking, particularly with our Cartoon Villain Army Guy. And the plot of course isn't the most original but I don't mind that too much because a) what plots are that original these days anyway? and b) when I try something really new in a project I know that it can be nice to play it safe with some other part of said project, so you can concentrate on the other bit. Hopefully that makes sense.

All and all though it was a good movie. Not sure I'd need to see it again. Also, I have to admit I'm not sure I loved the 3-Dness since I found it distracting a lot, mainly in the parts with the actual actors in them. But for a lot of the CG stuff, it was good.

So, time to finish up my last Himitsu characters. Thank DRAGONS for my hiatus rubric (though if I hadn't been away for a week I may not have needed it). I will go post for Eudora and Maire then Cylina and River can have the last two leniencies. And then I'll see what help I can be for other people though I don't want to stay up too late since Dad and I are having breakfast with Bruce tomorrow morning so I have to get up and do stuff.
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Mom just headed back to Cambridge, so life as normal is sort of starting again. I'm heading out to work in a few minutes, closing shift, joy of joys.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: 2-close
Thursday: 10-6*
Friday: 12-6*

* I don't know for sure but these days the mall might be closing at 6 -_-

And I have Saturday off.

Not sure what, if anything, I'm doing for New Years besides work. Looks like [livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws will be back in TO by then though, so that's a possibility.

But for now, time to work.
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My parents just left for the cottage. I'm off to work in about an hour though so really not much time to catch up on internet life.

I do however want to celebrate my brand new digital camera! It's an early Christmas present and I'm very excited about it. I was using a camera I got from Bruce but it's really too big and complicated for what I want so now I have a point-and-click that can easily fit in my purse.

Also Marian has suggested that my new ottoman might be the source of the bug that is attacking Elphie, which makes sense since it is new and she likes to sit on it. I'm really hoping that it is fleas and not bedbugs. Because that would really suck, ESPECIALLY since the ottoman is now filled with my costumes.

However I just had a mysterious insect on my hand and looking at pictures I think it was more likely a flea than a bed bug. Unfortunately it jumped away before I got a good look.

Edit: Just pulled all the costumes out and I didn't see any bugs in there at all, so at very least there aren't too many of them. The bug from before definitely wasn't a bed bug so I'm hoping it was indeed on of the fleas that just came in through the window screen or something, since there are a fair number of feral cats in the area and yeah...best explanation I can think of. Will continue to assume fleas, which means I want to clean out the front rooms of my apartment ASAP.
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Don't know what's up with Gmail but Firefox won't load it right now. Hopefully I'm not the only one with this problem.

My parents are coming around 11 today, which gives me a few hours to prepare the fake apartment(TM). Should be good times. I'm still honestly not completely sure what else is happening but we're having dinner at my aunt's place in Pickering and uh...some other stuff, I guess.

So in case I'm too busy to say it later, HAPPY EASTER!
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I have been trying to figure out this poem for AGES! My grandpa used to recite it when he pushed me on the swing and I could only remember bits of it and I never remembered to ask my mother is she knew what it was. But finally I have regained my Google-fu skills and discovered it once more!

The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
River and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside--

Till I look down on the garden green,
Down on the roof so brown--
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!

(Now that I've posted it here, I guess I can't use it as a subject line in Rosa email-age. Oh well, I have a few more for that purpose.)
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Mom and Grandma are up now, which means I'm going to be busy for the next few days. Just FYI.

I have a new casserole dish, which is more exciting than it probably should be. The one dish I was making my casserole recipes in is just WAY too shallow. No good.

Still haven't heard back from Chapters online. I figure they probably weren't able to get all the interviews in before Renee went on vacation but that may be a good thing because I don't have to try and squeeze in a job interview this week as well.
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Question for Himitsu-people! For the Wednesday post, is there any thread that didn't reach 4 comments for your characters? I think I got them all but some may have slipped by. But as far as I know, the only one that didn't get that far was the Megan thread and I have the right to cut off my own characters XD

Not doing much today. BSG night with Katie has been postponed till tomorrow, which means I can make bread now since I finally did dishes and stuff.

Apartment is still a mess. Now I need to start getting it ready for guests since Mom and Grandma are coming up here on Wednesday.

Oh, and my grandpa is home from the hospital though still not in great shape.
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For some reason, work seems to like changing my schedule. Now instead of having Tuesday and Wednesday off next week, I have Thursday and Friday. Which means that they had me scheduled to work seven days in a row. Six, I can do. I don't like it, but it's possible. But seven is SO not happening. So I talked to Mike and he gave me this Saturday off, which is hilarious because I've gone from working 6 days this week to working 4. Brilliant.

I'm having dinner with family peoples today (my grandma and aunt are up in TO for a little bit). Which means I have to screw up my sleep schedule, hurrah -_- But it should be fun, plus they have stuff that I had my mom send with them that I want.

I've been going back and forth between buying paint and buying Wii Fit. I haven't quite figured out which one I want...or what exactly I can afford. I may go down to Dufferin mall sometime soon...maybe today, maybe on Saturday.

Still need to do the laundry. Blah. I wish the store across the street was open 24 hours, that would be so convenient.

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So, Mike & Shirley & kids are here now, which means I have my table yay I won't be around so much for today and tomorrow. Definitely not online at wee hours of the night since the kids are probably sleeping in my room with me.
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So, went into town and bought supplies for making birthday cards for my cousins (Andrea's birthday was in May...eep! But Trevor's isn't until October, so I can make up for the great delay. Plus these will be the coolest cards ever...I hope). I also got myself some measuring tape, both for sewing and my latest weight loss plan. The plan basically is to do what I've always avoided: the food journal. But I'm hoping it will help. Also, with the measuring tape I can probably keep track better of any changes in size. Which is better than using the sketchy scale that came with the house.
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So, I realized tonight that I only have on Family Dinner left before I go back to Sackville. This is rather saddening. As much as I rant and rail about being here in Ottawa, I do miss it when I'm gone.

And as bad as this summer was, I'll probably remember the good stuff more than the bad.

I need to talk to my mother sometime and apologize a bit for behaviour...I've been letting the situation become worse than it really is.



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