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Posting my work schedule early this week, so when Mom wants to call me she knows if I'm home or not.

This week is actually a pretty good one, lots of stock, lots of early shifts that give me an afternoon of freedom. However it starts off today with a crappy 11-7 shift, which on Sunday = open and close. Boo. Haven't had that one for a bit.

For weekdays, I have the same shift 7-3:30. I am doing that Monday, Thursday, and Friday. And then Saturday I have a 8:30-4:30. So pretty much 40 hours, hurrah (I got 39 last week too). And 2 days off in a row which is nice.

Besides work, my main goals for the week are 1) get to the gym every day for weights and at least one class (which I will probably go to on Tuesday since I have downtown plans earlier and it's a class I really enjoyed before) and 2) finish the first draft of the last 4 episodes of the webseries I've been working on.

Also make sure to get reading time in since book club is the next week and I'm not very far into The Lions of Al-Rassan but not taking the subway means my regular reading time is dwindling.
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So, Rosa sent me a transcript of Book Club chat I missed last night. This is not the same but I though I would share my thoughts!

Spoilers for Royal Assassin )
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Because it's my book, I will take upon myself the task of making sure book club people remember we have a book to discuss soon-ish! Our schedule got nicely messed up with the last one but hopefully we can get back on track. I'm going to be finished soon, enjoying it quite a bit so far.

I finally got laundry done today, hurrah! And I am making bread (rolls and hotdog buns). It is pretty good.

Tomorrow I have lunch with Bruce and I also really need to tackle cleaning the kitchen. And then maybe get through the other two rooms of the house.
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Katie: also, lame. an online bookclub? with rpg people? lame.
Vicki: :(
Vicki: but we get together and talk about the book for two hours once a month
Vicki: it's awesome!
Vicki: better than your NO bookclub at least
Katie: ya, but yours might just be one person with several browsers who wants to eat your feet or soemething...
Vicki: um
Vicki: I hope not
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Interviews went okay, I think. Should be hearing back from both places within the next 48 hours. We'll see.

I've been having fun with my stupid BitTorrent because it keeps giving me errors on Dexter season 3 and How I Met Your Mother season 1. But I've gotten it to work a bit and so have seen the first 3 eps of HIMYM and it is just wonderful. Definitely one of those shows though that premiered when I was at university and wasn't watching as much TV. There's been a decent number of really good things that came out during this period.

The best, of course, being Battlestar Galactica. Surprise surprise.

Love my show. And my ship. ♥

Time to chill and and enjoy the rest of my evening. And finish Time Traveller's Wife because I only have a few pages left to go. Then I can re-read Watchmen and work on my Laurie app for Glaxcin.
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In other news, on page 343 out of 909.

Back to powerreading!

(using this mood icon because it amuses me and because I don't think there is a reading one but for these two their should be!)
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My YES counsellor sent me info on another job fair this week but this one actually has employers I would consider working for not just out of desperation (the Toronto Library will be there, as well as HMV and others). The only possible issue is that it's in North York but hopefully not all the jobs will be. Though if they are, hopefully they are at least near the Yonge subway line.

I'm having one of those days where I just don't know what to do with myself. I need to stop having these because it really sucks. Plus I really REALLY need to get my sleep habits under control, mainly because when I stay up late I end up eating and that is bad. I don't know, it's just...bah. Feeling pretty useless at the moment.

And I really REALLY don't want to spend my entire tax return on living expenses. That was supposed to be my travel money. I was really hoping to get the Egypt trip this year but now...I don't know.


This was supposed to be a trying to be positive post too.

BAH. Anyway. The main thing I need to do is read to get ready for book club. Currently at pg 125 of 909. REALLY wish I hadn't underestimated the length of this book (eyeballing it, I thought it was more like 500-600 pages).

Totally back in English class but unlike English class I'll make sure to actually get this one done.

Also need to clean. Surprise surprise. And make bagels.

And get a new life.
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Right. So today I also am going to finish cleaning the bathroom (I want to go over the shower and floors once more and clean the windows/mirrors. I also am having coffee with Bruce at 2 (he suggested that or 10AM, but I told him I'd still be in bed at 10 most likely and it was true!).

I also need to read a heck of a lot of The Historian because I definitely underestimated how long it was I was thinking like, 500 pages, not 800 @_@).

And of course, sci-fi TV extravaganza, with Sarah Connor, Dollhouse, and (eventually) Battlestar Galactica.

Also maybe I will try to finish up watching Twelve Kingdoms (which I bought at Anime North last year and still haven't finished...and it's only the first half of the series too @_@) because new anime did ship out and I'm hoping might be here sometime next week (Right Stuf is usually pretty fast, I love them).

Also probably need to make bagels again today. Hopefully these ones rise a bit more than the last batch, though the flavouring was excellent.
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Spamalot was a very fun musical. Not one I think I would need to see again, but still quite good.

The haircut didn't happen, boo, because my mother thought I said I didn't want one when I actually said I did. Oh well, I'm not in great need of it any way.

Heading out to the party soon, which should be fun. Also, I finished Tigana and it was awesome. I'm not going to say much more until after bookclub is done, but...I definitely need to read more of Guy Gavriel Kay, he is awesome. We have Ysabel at work, so probably that will be next.

But first...reading the issue of Yen Plus I picked up the other day, and then Twilight, and then His Majesty's Dragon(s?).
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Okay, these days off have been a bit odd, because my sleep schedule has been completely screwed up. Yesterday I did the whole sleep 5 hours, awake 5 hours, sleep 5 hours thing (or something like that). Tonight I will probably do the day time hours thing. Tomorrow night I work...and then go to Ottawa and resume the day hours.

At least this makes me feel better about the constant second-guessing of what day it is today =P

I had lunch and shopping with Bruce, and then dinner with Katie. I feel like I actually have a social life and it is AWESOME.

I also needed to read something and so I have started White Oleander ahead of book club schedule. But since I've read this book like, a bazillion times, I don't think it will be too bad.

Also, why isn't LJ autofilling my tags anymore? It's annoying, because I usually don't remember my exact wording, but I hate having redundant tags.
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Hey Ryan (or, most likely Margaret, who needs to go get Ryan/tell him/etc, etc, etc...), our baker, William, says you have a nice ass :]

Yes, I'm having fun showing wedding pictures to everyone. Good times.

Also, Margaret, I was wondering if random visits would be workable this month, so I can bring you your present and meet you cat (and probably hang out with you too). Going down on my days off would probably work best, so I don't have to book time off and hope to get it (you can never be sure these days).

I'm working at Queensway Esso tonight, which means I really need to be shot if I don't manage to get out of bed at 8 when the alarm goes off. Hopefully, wanting to watch I Survived a Japanese Game Show will provide enough motivation (it's pretty awesome and hilarious).

Also I may very well finish Anansi Boys before my copy of the book even gets here XD Neil Gaimon has a very strange writing style, but it is a pretty quick read. I need to figure out where my copy of The Perfect Bones is for next month. As well as White Oleander. I don't own any of the other picks though (not yet, at least).

Uh...that is about it. I have a few new anime that I'm going to be watching, from the summer season. Up first (because I already have it downloaded) is Antique Bakery. I also am waiting to see Ryoko's Case File, World Destruction, and Blade of the Immortal (which starts airing on the 13th, all you fans of the manga on my FL).
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My arm muscle is twitching, bah. I hate it when that happens. Thankfully it isn't often (and usually not my arm...my eye likes the twitchy thing much better).

I am so sick of work and I'm only 2 days in. There's no real reason to be sick of it, beyond the fact that I hate my job. Really hate it. BAH.

But at least I'm doing quite well financially this month, between getting my vacation pay (since I missed 2 shifts for the wedding), GST return, tips, and money back reward from Scotiabank VISA. This means I may not be completely out of the market for the Wii Fit right now...and I also am that much closer to buying an iPod, which I decided a few months back that I desperately want (and I want it in green, which at some point became my favourite colour, I'm not sure when!). I am so over the design of my cheap MP3 player which doesn't allow me to easily change between songs that aren't beside each other alphabetically -_-

I also do need to revive my savings after paying for the plane tickets to Moncton and back. Plus I'm trying to open an RRSP because Suze Orman says so. Look at me being all responsible.

And then going crazy and buying a ton of stuff with the rest of my money (I have a Chapters order coming to me, which includes this month's book club selection, though I also took it out from the library the other day when I had to kill time before the book launch). Book club is me and other Himitsu people, for those who don't know. It should be fun (we are reading Neil Gaimon's Anansi Boys this month).

Uh...that's about it. I need to find ways to get myself out of bed when the alarm goes off, instead of just lying there for an extra hour and a half. Because that is LAME (except in cases when I really need sleep, and even then...still somewhat lame).


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