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Just got home from dinner and dancing with Shannon and Alison so too tired for memes. Had a blast though, definitely worth the month-long wait (it was a birthday celebration).

Also bought The Walking Dead game because I've heard such good things about it. Very excited to play it ... maybe tomorrow.
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Off for a weekend in TO. Today is the party for my uncle's 50th and then we're coming back tomorrow (supposedly in time for the football at 3). So it's going to be a very quick trip, sadly no time for socializing beyond the family sphere. I'll have to figure out a good time to just go there for a visit, especially now that work hours are cut so I have less things to do during the week (next week I only work Friday and Saturday, so much free time I barely know what to do with myself!).
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Mom just left to head out for her girl's weekend. We have a nice, albeit short, visit. I made some yummy food (steak salad last night, stuffed french toast this morning), we watched The Princess and the Frog, The Informant, and the pilot of Leverage, and I have the new iPod Nano with the touchscreen and clip. Good times all around.

Not sure what I'm going to do the rest of the day. There are some dishes, though not too many because Mom did most of the ones from last night earlier while we waited for my bread to finish. I really want to do some writing though I'm not sure what of yet. And my first review copies arrived today so I want to figure out which one I'll be reviewing first and start reading.

Plus I need to read more of To Kill a Mockingbird.

And I still need to get the new box for my TV but tonight there isn't really much I want to watch so it's low priority at the moment.

But first ... TO THE INTERNETS!
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Weekend plans in point form!

- work 3-10 today
- after work, go to Bruce and Joan's
- tomorrow, drive with Bruce and Joan to Ottawa
- Saturday, my uncle Steve is having a party for his 50th birthday (which was month's ago but scheduling-wise we celebrate now)
- Sunday, drive back to Toronto with Shannon
- Sunday night, fix back tire of my bike with Marian (it is flat and so the tube needs to be replaced)

Will be back at usual activity levels on Monday.

*gets in TARDIS, flies away*

I wish.
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The good news: the store is FINALLY ready to open, I have tomorrow off, and Margaret is coming to visit.

The bad news: next week's schedule still isn't up and my desktop has crashed or something, I don't know. Doing another Windows Repair installation to try and fix it, will report back. Thank dragons for the netbook.

Also, Elphie is cute.
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So, social plans keep changing. Shannon's car broke down, which means she won't be here until at least tomorrow but she might also be going to visit Julie first which means...well, I don't know yet. We'll see if she actually gets here.

As I told her on the phone (and it's sort of hilarious that she got this without an explanation), she does seem to be trying to be the new Kate. Hurrah for the universe just not wanting me to be social, period!

In other news, today is the first day that the store is closed for the move (we re-open on Friday in the new location...did I mention here that we were moving? I'm not sure). Which means no uniform, hurrah. Also, during my break (which I need to have at 5:30) I am going to pick up a shirt that was put up for sale over at [livejournal.com profile] toronto. Good times.
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Lovely day today. I spent most of it at a screenwriting conference at Ryerson which was very interesting and gave me a lot of ideas for the webseries I've been working on off and on recently and which I hope to develop further during the advanced screenwriting class. I also now have a launching pad for contacting some people which is also very snazzy.

After the conference was over, I headed to U of T's campus to see my friend Phil's graduation concert, which was excellent. Then I went back to the hotel his family was staying at and we played cards and Taboo which was also very fun.

So I am finally back now. The plan for the rest of the night is to try and get entirely caught up with Caprica and get my fan fic for it finished (I would also like to complete my fic for Big Bang Theory, if possible, so then my only WIP would be done which would clear up time for work on my webseries).

Tomorrow I stop slacking off and have to do my best to finish up what I can of my freelance assignment (I meant to do this Friday but then decided I would rather not because slacking off is fun!). I know there is something different I'll need to do during next week though, since I have an email from the woman the project is for, asking me to call her on Monday. Hopefully whatever changes I need to make are minimal though, since I almost have the rest of it done (or at least as close to being done as possible).

And tomorrow there is a staff meeting from 6-9 and I'm hoping I might be able to make cookies for it, especially since I finally have a cookie tin. But we'll see how the timing all goes as to whether or not that will happen.
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Not sure I mentioned this anywhere here. I have today off, unexpectedly, and so I invited Margaret & Ryan up to finally go see the King Tut exhibit (which I'll be seeing again with my mother on my birthday) and then later go bowling with Marian because we've been talking about doing that for awhile.

So uh, yeah, that's the plan for today. Should be fun. It does mean I'll be scare until tonight. Thank Dragons I've managed to get myself in not too bad a position with most of my characters I think. Though having an extra leniency is definitely going to help a LOT.

Also, I need to edit and print my story for the Star writing contest and drop it off tomorrow since that is the deadline. Then I'll probably post it up to [livejournal.com profile] w0rdsw0rdsw0rds so people can see it there.
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I have a rare two days off in a row starting tomorrow, hurrah! This period is going to have to be SUPER productive because I have a lot to do.

And thus, here are THREE to-do lists, all in one!


- dishes
- put up fourth spice rack (I have expanded my collection enough to need it)
- make turnip gratin (except I bought a rutabaga, not a turnip, but close enough!)
- watch Glee while working on with Wii Fit (which I am finally trying to start up again)
- put together the pieces of my series bible for class tomorrow (which will clear things up for...)


- write script for pilot
- groceries
- go to class
- DDR marathon! (as well as at least weighing in with Wii Fit)


- mail Kate's present
- finally get my d*mn hepatitis shot
- laundry
- clean as much of the apartment as I can manage before Margaret and Ryan arrive for another weekend of fun (they are coming up to see Fiddler on the Roof and to hang out some more, since last weekend wasn't as long as initially thought)
- finish my A/R exchange fic? Dare I even hope for time for this? Apparently yes, yes I do.
- DDR or Wii Fit, whichever I feel like most
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New default icon to celebrate the fact that Dollhouse is getting picked up for another 13 episodes, hurrah!

Nancy & Chris got here fine, they are off being touristy now. I'm not sure how much I am going to see them while they are here but at least we can hang out at night and watch episodes of Firefly and stuff like that.

Have I mentioned lack of money really sucks lately?

(Mood from Faith!)
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Ooooo, very exciting news!

I just got a message on Facebook from Nancy, one of my friends from high school who I have not kept in regular contact with because I suck. Anyway, she's going to Northwestern University in Chicago for grad school right now but apparently this weekend she and her boyfriend will be in TO and she wanted to know if she could crash at my place. I said yes because I haven't seen her in AGES and her boyfriend likes Firefly and is getting her to watch it so clearly he must be cool.

This means that SUDDENLY I have a very active social calendar ahead of me (plus I need to get the FST done at the same time...when it rains, it pours!). Here's what it looks like:

Friday the 15th - BSG Marathon with [livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws, also involving a drinking game and will go until we can't watch any more.
Saturday the 16th - Nancy and Chris get here. Looks like they have a fair amount planned so I'm not sure how much I'll see them during the day which may be a good thing for my sanity.
Sunday the 17th - FST deadline.
Monday the 18th - Victoria Day (hurrah!) and also the HIMYM finale, so [livejournal.com profile] akeyoftime will be around as well as possibly Nancy and Chris.
Tuesday the 19th - Nancy and Chris leave.
Friday the 22nd - Margaret and Ryan appear for Anime North, which I am not going to since I have no money for such things, alas :(

Add to this that I'll probably want to try and see Rob some time too and I'm going to be BUSY.

I really do have a sudden social life @_@
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Spent a lovely afternoon/evening with Katie, watching HIMYM and hanging out. Very good times.

I also discovered that it takes about an hour to walk from Dufferin to Spadina. Maybe faster in better shoes (I hadn't been planning on walking but it seemed like a good idea at the time...and I'm glad I did it, even if my feet are suffering for it now).

I also went to Wal-Mart, got my shampoo and batteries and the 2.5 season DVD set, yay. So excited yet terrified to watch the extended cut of Pegasus. Not sure when I'll do that though, since it has new stuff which will require me paying more attention than I regularly do with re-watches.

Also will watch Black Market for commentary ONLY XD

(This moodtheme I seem to want to say is from Baltar's trial but I'm really not sure.)
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Today I need to do work for Wiley and visit Katie. That is all.

Oh...and I may pop over to Wal-Mart for shampoo (which I thought I had but it turns out I just have two GIANT bottles of conditioner -_-) and batteries (which I thought I had enough of, until I discovered 4 batteries that I expected to be rechargable...weren't).

And uh, apparently BSG season 2 boxsets are going for $25 a piece. So I might see if they have those though I have promised myself to only buy one. I know I have some income but I also need it to go to FOOD.

(Mood icon from Daybreak pt 1)
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Okay, tonight I am going to try to meet up with people from this Facebook group I found out about at [livejournal.com profile] toronto (great group, anyone in TO should check it out IMO). The group basically is designed to bring people together to do free stuff (or almost free stuff at least) in Toronto. Tonight's plan is to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario, because Wednesday night is free admission.

I'm a bit worried about actually finding the group (especially since there are only 5 confirmed people going) but I suppose, worse comes to worse, I could just hang out there on my own.
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Interview with U of T Press when well, I think. I should hear back from them not next week but the week after, which also gives Chapters online time to get back to me so that's good. The U of T job actually sounds better from the interview than it did in its posting, which makes me very excited. Though trying not to get hopes up too high. Expect the worst and hope for the best, that's my motto right now.

I am going to watch Daybreak soon. And then tonight I am going to a free screening of Suck because I got invited to it when Margaret, Ryan, and I went to see Watchmen. Sounds like it could be fun.
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Nice day today, though not enough sleep (but that's my own fault).

After returning from Ottawa, I realized I had left my copy of The Duchess in Jane & Paul's van. So I arranged to get it back from him today and ended up getting a lunch of it, then hung out with Paul's mother and John (Paul's son) and playing cards for a few hours (I won!).

Back now and I do need to get myself out to the grocery store. Also still have four characters in need of threads in Himitsu (really hoping Meg will be back before midnight so I don't have to find another source for Taylor's threading...I didn't take into account the timezone fun when I held back from posting it for so long, oops). Fiyero also needs to post. And I have a fic I want to finish by the end of the day too.

So definitely enough to keep me busy for the rest of the day...not to mind my head still being blown from recent BSG episode of awesome.
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Okay, these days off have been a bit odd, because my sleep schedule has been completely screwed up. Yesterday I did the whole sleep 5 hours, awake 5 hours, sleep 5 hours thing (or something like that). Tonight I will probably do the day time hours thing. Tomorrow night I work...and then go to Ottawa and resume the day hours.

At least this makes me feel better about the constant second-guessing of what day it is today =P

I had lunch and shopping with Bruce, and then dinner with Katie. I feel like I actually have a social life and it is AWESOME.

I also needed to read something and so I have started White Oleander ahead of book club schedule. But since I've read this book like, a bazillion times, I don't think it will be too bad.

Also, why isn't LJ autofilling my tags anymore? It's annoying, because I usually don't remember my exact wording, but I hate having redundant tags.


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