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So ... it's been an interesting day to live in Ottawa. Thankfully nowhere near the downtown core, so I wasn't personally affected by the lockdowns, though a decent number of people I know were. Very glad it turned out to be not as serious as it looked at moments, though we still have two people who are dead (including the shooter).

I probably shouldn't be surprised by the number of Americans out there who think guns are illegal in Canada. I should also probably not read any more comments on the American news feeds, for the sake of my mental well-being.
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I got back to Ottawa late Friday night (well, technically early Saturday morning). And then I had to get to work for 8, fun times! But I did it, despite Elphie's best attempts to make me not sleep and pay attention to her instead.

We're doing inventory at work, which meant yesterday I spent time re-counting for the audit and then started gathering stuff up in boxes to send away because anything that scanned up as recall could AUTOMATICALLY be sent, rather than us having to process it ourselves. This is literally the best thing ever. We currently have 59 boxes of stuff ready to go and I expect to get a few more today as well.

Only bad thing about inventory was my closing shift was changed, which would usually be good but meant that I didn't get to see Derek because he was closing and I wasn't going to wait 5 and a half hours for that when I had stuff to do at home.

So, working from 4-midnight today. I have a bunch of stuff to get done before that so off I go!
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I had a great weekend back in Ottawa ^_^ It was especially nice to not have to leave first thing on Sunday morning, like what happens when I visit for a weekend with Bruce & Joan.

After the aforementioned horrible drive, things improved nicely on Saturday. I watched a lot of curling, hung out with my parents, saw Shannon for a bit, went to church, saw more relatives, and played some card and board games.

And then a very uneventful drive home and I got back to a very clingy kitty and an apartment that sadly did not magically clean itself. *sigh*

Back to work tomorrow and then after that it's movie night at the Revue with Derek, where they are showing Atonement (this time I didn't bother with the book because I've read it ... mostly ... and didn't really feel like doing so again). And then a day off to start tackling the clutter and do other stuff (like buy food! NEED FOOD!)
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Got to Ottawa at 3:15 last night @_@! The first half of the trip was miserable with blowing snow and white out conditions, not to mention slippery roads. The second half was clearer though there were still moments that were less than ideal.

Hanging out alone at my parents' place now while they are at church working on stuff for the annual musical. Not sure what the whole plan for the day is but tonight I'm going out with Shannon and Justin and one of Shannon's former co-worker (Another Kate! Just what I need!). Then church tomorrow morning and I'll stick around for musical practice, though I may bring my netbook with me to do some writing or something. Jane and her family are coming back that day too and that night is family dinner, of course. The next day I think we are going to leave around lunch, maybe? I'm not 100% sure.

And then back to life as regular since I'm working at 8. But Friday's shift was pretty good at least, which is nice since I am currently seriously considering applying for the Head Cashier position, except to do so means I need to seriously consider making a permanent commitment to being at the store so ... :/
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Weekend plans in point form!

- work 3-10 today
- after work, go to Bruce and Joan's
- tomorrow, drive with Bruce and Joan to Ottawa
- Saturday, my uncle Steve is having a party for his 50th birthday (which was month's ago but scheduling-wise we celebrate now)
- Sunday, drive back to Toronto with Shannon
- Sunday night, fix back tire of my bike with Marian (it is flat and so the tube needs to be replaced)

Will be back at usual activity levels on Monday.

*gets in TARDIS, flies away*

I wish.
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Still in Ottawa, having a lovely time. I was originally thinking of heading back to TO tonight but the scheduling is made a little easier if I wait until the first bus tomorrow instead. Hopefully Husker and Elphie won't be too upset with me.

Shannon has today off so we are probably hanging and hopefully using her computer to watch some BSG since I forgot my DVDs at home (plus they would not have fit in my bag). Then going to the Comic Book Shoppe to see if they have a good price for Princess Tutu, then picking up Mom, then off to Shirley & Mike's to see their new kitten. Then home for dinner and a nice evening here instead of rushing around to get downtown to catch the bus. Should be fun.
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In Ottawa now. Secret post is no longer secret! Mom was very surprised to see us.

We're going to the play tonight, then cast & co (I am part of this co) go to the pub. Shannon will be there as well. Good times.

We're leaving after breakfast tomorrow so yeah, not even spending 24 hours here but that's not so bad since Mom is coming to TO next week for my birthday, plus I've spent more time in Ottawa in the last couple of months than I have the last two years!
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My throat really hurts :(

Other than that I'm fine but it's distracting. It had been a bit sore last night but not too bad.

So, I have today off and I need to clean (surprise surprise) and pack. I'm meeting Paul at Finch station for 6 so I should be leaving here by 5. We don't leave for Ottawa until around 9, unfortunately, but that's not too bad since I'll probably sleep on the way (unless there is an interesting movie on, since they have a DVD player in their van...which is a BRILLIANT idea, btw).


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So it occurs to me that I may not have actually mentioned here that I'm going to Ottawa for just under a week, starting tomorrow. Oops. Well, I guess I just did mention it.

A look at what's planned:

- tomorrow afternoon, I drive back with Bruce. Elphie was originally going to be stuck here but now I have a drive both ways so she'll be coming along.
- Saturday and Sunday is family time, I guess. My Great-Aunt Florence is up for the weekend which is why everyone is converging (even Diane is coming in from Saint John).
- Monday is BUSY DAY. I have an optometrist appointment and I get to see the dentist. Then I get to go hang out with Shannon and make her watch the BSG mini-series and hope she likes it. I haven't been let down yet!
- Tuesday mom is taking the day off so I think I'll be hanging with her. I have to go order new glasses, which can be done in Ottawa and then pick-up will be at a Toronto location.
- Wednesday is uh...open at the moment. I want to help Dad with some stuff around the house, which may include the first work towards turning my bedroom there into an office. Which was MY suggestion, oddly enough.
- Thursday morning Dad, Elphie, and I drive back to Toronto.
- Thursday and Friday Dad spends here, only thing I know for sure about this time will be that the Star Trek movie will be seen (thanks to the review from [livejournal.com profile] helplessdancer I am actually excited about seeing said movie now!). Also will see if there is anything in the apartment I need him to fix. Also will try and convince him to buy me BSG 2.0 on DVD.
- on Saturday, Dad goes off to Cambridge to spend time with my grandparents and life goes back to "normal"

I am actually REALLY looking forward to this. I've been a bit frazzled lately and so I think it will be nice to have a bit of a vacation from my life. Only downside is that I can't start the next Wiley project until I get back but oh well, such as life I guess.
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Finally saw the new episode, hurrah! It was very interesting.

Parents' computer is still doing the stupid thing where it takes ten times to get into my Gmail account. Very annoying.

I went skating on the canal today with Shannon which was very fun. Except for the part when I fell twice, landing on my right knee both times. First time, it was okay...second time, not so much. Now I am in pain :(

I'm visiting Meredith tomorrow (to celebrate Family Day by ditching my family?) then driving back. Will hopefully be home around 8-9 tomorrow night.
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In Ottawa, hurrah! Very uneventful trip, beyond a speeding ticket that we got because the driver thought it was an 80 zone and it was actually a 60 zone. Oops.

I did NOT get to watch BSG last night because people did not have Space. I got here and asked Dad if he had recorded it and he did...and then erased it after watching -_- So I shall have to record it when Space re-airs the episode tomorrow and then watch it when family have left after dinner...and then watch it again with Meredith on Monday.

Not much other news, except HAPPY ROSE DAY EVERYONE!
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] queenmidalah and [livejournal.com profile] megaera_inc!

I applied for EI today. Unfortunately it's going to take 20-30 days for me to get anything from it, but at least it's something. I had thought I read somewhere that it was two weeks but I guess I just hallucinated or something.

Not much going on in my life, really. Oh, except I'm going to be in Ottawa for the weekend, hurrah. I'm going to Jane & Paul's tomorrow night (where I can watch new BSG, hurrah!) and then Saturday morning we drive up. There until Monday (aka Family Day, aka lame stat holiday in Ontario).

Need to work on my next Spirit Wars chapter or else Shannon might beat me up when I see her. Of course, she'll probably beat me up REGARDLESS, but still, writing is a good plan.
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Spamalot was a very fun musical. Not one I think I would need to see again, but still quite good.

The haircut didn't happen, boo, because my mother thought I said I didn't want one when I actually said I did. Oh well, I'm not in great need of it any way.

Heading out to the party soon, which should be fun. Also, I finished Tigana and it was awesome. I'm not going to say much more until after bookclub is done, but...I definitely need to read more of Guy Gavriel Kay, he is awesome. We have Ysabel at work, so probably that will be next.

But first...reading the issue of Yen Plus I picked up the other day, and then Twilight, and then His Majesty's Dragon(s?).
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I am finally home, hurrah! I had an awesome time in Ottawa, I really wish I could have stayed longer. Especially wish I hadn't had to leave so early today, but in order to get to my training for work on election day I had to.

Last week working at Tim Hortons!!! Hurrah!!!
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Another day in Ottawa. Today I get to make sure I still know how to drive when I go for my Dentist appointment (and to make a tip deposit...also I shall see how much I got paid from Tim's, since it is pay day!). Then I'm going in to pick Mom up at work and we'll go look for the right fabric for my costume again...but first it's off to the COMIC BOOK SHOPPE! Yay! I'm really hoping that they shall have a copy of Paradise Kiss 4, since I really want to get it and ordering online might not work, unless Chapters has changed things...but I still want to get something from my favourite store in Ottawa while I can.

Going over to Shannon's tonight when she gets off work (or when I call her at ten after she spazzes out and forgets). TATTOO TOMORROW WOW!
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Another early day, though not as early as tomorrow will be, since I'll be at the airport this time then. Wow, Ottawa tomorrow, pretty crazy.

I have my favourite 7-1 shift today, very nice. I get some work in but still have time to finish up things here.

Edit: I would do that Himitsu sexuality thing that is going around, but it would be like, really boring for 90% of my cast XD So many straight people.

I did however come up with something to do last night and almost forgot. I was thinking about our current run of Martin "clones" and thinking about what references were in character concepts. So here are mine.

Read more... )
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Margaret and I watched some Sailor Moon Classic finally, after it's been sitting on my computer for I don't know how long. Wow, early!Usagi is annoying. I honestly don't think the dub made her that much worse XD

We were waiting really anxiously for Ami to appear. Sadly, that's not until ep 8 and we weren't going to get that far. We did however see some amusing but relatively pointless filler. This filler is better later when they can rotate through characters. And when Usagi has matured a bit.

One thing we were wtf-ing over however was how much Usagi's dad appears in these episodes. I don't remember EVER seeing him before and suddenly he's everywhere! It was rather shocking.

Oh, also we looked into dub changes and saw that only two of the eps we watched today were actually shown on NA TV. Apparently they cut stuff that didn't develop the main plot. Overall I actually have to agree with this decision. Too bad the original Japanese series didn't do this more often...definitely going with quantity over quality in many places, though when they do get around to dealing with the plot, it's AWESOME, which is why we watch (that and reliving childhoods is fun). However, it has made my decision about whether or not to burn the series easy: not. It's fun to watch, but unlike S and Stars, I can't see myself watching any of this stuff again. I might keep favourite eps around for a bit though.

In other news, I have flights booked for my return to Ottawa: I'll be back from July 12-19. During this time I will finally get my tattoo, yay!

Speaking of that, [livejournal.com profile] crippled_pink, I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about what I need to do. I don't have a 100% picture in my mind about what I want exactly, though I know I want two wings on my shoulderblades, one angel, one demon, that hopefully look like they are actually part of my body, done in black and grey with white highlights, as realistic as possible. Would the lady you recommended most be a good plan for that? And what would I need to bring for her to be able to do what I want.

Also, question for anyone, also related to the tattoo. Bolded so that people who are skimming this rather large entry will still see it XD Does anyone have any X/1999 art of Kamui with the two different wings that is from the back? That's pretty much what my tattoo is going to be, but so far I've only found images from the front or side.

Edit: Oh, and I managed to find a tanktop for my Phoenix costume, nothing else though. Hopefully I'll have more luck in Ottawa.
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So, I realized tonight that I only have on Family Dinner left before I go back to Sackville. This is rather saddening. As much as I rant and rail about being here in Ottawa, I do miss it when I'm gone.

And as bad as this summer was, I'll probably remember the good stuff more than the bad.

I need to talk to my mother sometime and apologize a bit for behaviour...I've been letting the situation become worse than it really is.



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