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I'm still alive!

Life has been pretty busy for awhile ... or at least it's seemed that way. My head's been feeling very fuzzy lately and so it might just be me.

In an attempt to defeat the fuzziness, I am trying to do some major cleaning of my apartment, since I'm definitely someone who is affected by my environment. Also, maybe I'll finally be able to find whatever is attracting so many damn houseflies!

I also am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, trying to finally finish the first draft of my steampunk novella that originally started as a Himitsu AU fic (old RPG I was involved in) but has become something different now (and something better, I think, since I've introduced a second narrator/storyline that is completely original). Anyway, I have a 10,000 word goal that I think should get me to the end. Now I just need to actually write it.
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I hosted family dinner tonight for the first time ever! It was going to be at Steve & Mary's at first but since we were missing 4 people, I had room (barely) to fit everyone for a change.

Led to a very busy day but it was worth it because 1) it was a great meal (more details below) and 2) my apartment is now pretty clean for a change (though I hope to make this more regular ... I will get into details why in another post at some point).

Breakdown of dinner:

- The Pioneer Woman's Burgundy Mushrooms. With a lot of changes made because I eventually added mussels to them and so wanted a milder, more seafood taste (so I scrapped the Bullion cubs and used lobster broth instead of just boiling water). Still amazing, these are possibly the best mushrooms in the world.

- Roasted potatoes with garlic.

- Delicious spinach, almond, and strawberry salad that Steve and Mary brought.

- Homemade rosemary parmesan buns.

- Apple and cranberry crisp.

All and all, a very good night. Except for the fact that after a day of getting caught up with dishes, I now have a whole new bunch of dirty ones.
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Okay, didn't QUITE get through last night's list, mainly because the ginormous pile of dishes that was the first load (the pile on the drying rack is almost at the bottom of the cabinets). But I got most of it done and I'm happy.

Today is all about doing fun, creative stuff. I have two art projects I want to work on, plus some Himitsu fic to write, plus a few video games to play. All and all, it will be a good day.

Oh, and I have more of my cooking project to get to. And I should finally actually get some pictures/proper reports up for that while I'm at it.
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Not closing tonight, thank dragons. Also again waiting for an email for freelancing so that is on hold which means I can focus on CLEANING and House Cup (and then some more CLEANING).

But first...I need some food.

(This post has been brought to you by the need for proof of life since apparently I'd been quiet for a few days).
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I have today off, hurrah! Only thing set in stone on the plan is I have some appointments at Goodlife at 5:30 onwards. Also, I want to try and clean my living room and bedroom (I finally actually finished the kitchen to my satisfaction) and start packing!

And do things like sleep till noon because I can and it's fun ^_^
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Today is my last day off until Christmas Eve. WTF that is insane.

Anyway, because of this (and the fact that I did finish my Sekrit Santa fic in time and so only have the A/R exchange to work on and that one is decently close to being finished) I am starting something I have planned for a bit, which is a pre-Christmas purge/cleaning of my apartment. Because I bring anything new into this place, I need to have all the old stuff organized and anything I don't want/need anymore ready to be trashed/sold. So yes, essentially I am going to Cleansweep the place. Woo!

Also, finally got around to watching the pilot for Stargate Universe last night. I definitely see why people are comparing it to BSG (though I find that plotwise it seems closer to Voyager so far). I have to admit I wasn't completely sold on it but the last half hour or so stepped things up, especially as they introduced the main storyline focusing around the Stargate itself finally, so I've got the rest of the first season (so far?) to watch now.

Then probably the second season of Being Erica.

Then Supernatural?
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My YES counsellor sent me info on another job fair this week but this one actually has employers I would consider working for not just out of desperation (the Toronto Library will be there, as well as HMV and others). The only possible issue is that it's in North York but hopefully not all the jobs will be. Though if they are, hopefully they are at least near the Yonge subway line.

I'm having one of those days where I just don't know what to do with myself. I need to stop having these because it really sucks. Plus I really REALLY need to get my sleep habits under control, mainly because when I stay up late I end up eating and that is bad. I don't know, it's just...bah. Feeling pretty useless at the moment.

And I really REALLY don't want to spend my entire tax return on living expenses. That was supposed to be my travel money. I was really hoping to get the Egypt trip this year but now...I don't know.


This was supposed to be a trying to be positive post too.

BAH. Anyway. The main thing I need to do is read to get ready for book club. Currently at pg 125 of 909. REALLY wish I hadn't underestimated the length of this book (eyeballing it, I thought it was more like 500-600 pages).

Totally back in English class but unlike English class I'll make sure to actually get this one done.

Also need to clean. Surprise surprise. And make bagels.

And get a new life.
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DDR kicked my ass hard, which is actually a good thing. Wow, exhausted after that. But considering I am going to be watching The Biggest Loser again tonight, this is good because it makes me feel like Jillian and Bob would like me. Or something.

I finally cleaned the bathroom floor, hurrah. I put my computer speakers in there to plug into my iPod while I work and they're not coming back to the computer until I finish cleaning the rest of it. Hopefully tomorrow.

I can't believe how fast this month has flown by. It's crazy. And a bit depressing because I said that come March I would start being more desperate for a job. There is a job fair down the street from my place tomorrow that I'll definitely go to. *sigh* I really wish there was something out there for me that actually VAGUELY tied into this lovely degree I worked so hard for.

*stares at teh icon to cheer up*

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Okay, the bathroom painting is finally done. I think/hope. It should be, except for touch-ups which I'll worry about later. Now I just need to let the last coat of paint dry, then take down the tape and clean like hell. Margaret and Ryan should be here around 3-ish, so I should have enough time to get this place tidied up.

I bought a new book shelf yesterday to accommodate the box of books my parents brought over. It has room to spare, which is good since I still have a LOT of books back in Ottawa. But now almost all the books that I had in Sackville are in Toronto. I also had my parents bring this pantry cart that we were using in Sackville for gloves and hats and stuff and I'm using it for...gloves and hats and stuff. Well, right now the winter stuff is on top of my wardrobe, but they will move to join the bike helmet (that I never wear XD) and the umbrella, and my purse goes on top. The old bedside table/end table has moved over to be beside the filing cabinet in my bedroom. I also have my jewelry box with the good jewelry (ie the real gold/gems/etc...) here and a hook thingy (probably meant to be a key rack) for my other necklaces.

Of course, all this re-organizing has led to this place being even more of a disaster than usual.

So I have to put things away, wash the dishes, and deal with the bathroom and adjoining room. All while trying not to get too distracted by the Olympics.

Fun times :]
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So, first day with food journal, I'm learning how I want to set mine up. Today had a few more indiscretions than I would have liked, though the ice cream was a result of the tennis and the fact that it's REALLY HOT, so I think that's allowable. Plus a little slack in the beginning is acceptable, I think.

How I'm running things basically is I'm setting rules and then recording how I follow them. I started with 3 rules, will add more as I go along. Rule 1 is to believe that I can do this, very important. 2 is only having four "meals" a day, breakfast, lunch, a small snack, and dinner. 3 is to have at least one serving of vegetables and one serving of fruit a day.

I also got my first measurements down, so I can actually see my progress better than trusting the sketchy scale or even using a scale at all, since I really don't want to do that anymore. Size is more important than weight, I think.

The downstairs is tidied up nicely. Upstairs still needs work, and the floors haven't been touched yet.
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So, today has been a very productive day, I think. I got the vaccuum up to my room finally and did some reorgazing things and generally have quite a clean room now. It's still really stuff in there though, so I have the window and door open.

Still so happy with my many new music acquisitions.

Also finished the second section of Himitsu fic, two more to go and things are running smoother.

Too bad the weather doesn't look the greatest or I would go try and convince Margaret to play tennis again. Because it's fun. But tennis in the rain is not so great.


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