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Last night's shift was actually less eventful/interesting than I would have thought. I was working with Scott, who is about my age and the assistant manager of the store and also my Tim Horton's crush =P He's fun but he's never done nightshift so I didn't really know what to expect.

It was fun (though it was a very clumsy night, which is apparently due to us both being water signs...Scott is REALLY into astrology, which is weird for me since I've never met a guy who was into it that much). Luckily it wasn't too crazy, despite being Saturday night. But we really kind of did our own thing most of the time.

One really nice thing however is that because he's an assistant manager, Scott doesn't get tips. So I took home $8+! Yay money! I was going to buy a drink at Starbucks, but the bus was there and so I didn't because I don't like Starbucks that much.

So, I'm hopefully going to be able to sleep okay today. I'll try what worked yesterday again.

Oh, also, I'm loving xxxHolic Kei (the second season of the anime). While it still isn't very well drawn, it's very fun when you have it in addition to the manga (because the order of events is SO messed up in the anime). AND...I read vol 5 of Tsubasa and actually quite liked it. Best volume so far from the series (and not just for Himitsu PB fun, though I was amused to see Elden (Fai is totally ruined by Elden), Cameryn, Amaerya, Norman, and Julian running around).

Okay, that's all for the time being. Off to enjoy myself for a bit, then off to bed (and hopefully I'll stay there for 8 hours happily).
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I am so stocked about the current Japanese anime season. As mentioned earlier, I'm checking out Vampire Knight and loving it. I also finally got to watch Code Geass R2 which is...really weird so far. Like, I have no clue what is going on @_@ But I think that's the desired effect at this point, so let's go with it. I don't quite see the point of not picking up right where it left off though, the year gap just seems awkward. But yeah, one episode in it is hard to tell.

In better sequel news, xxxHolic Kei jumped right into the action and into one of the best story arcs of the series. It is really different watching it after reading the manga, rather than the other way around which is what happened with the first season for me. The art is still ridiculously bad at points, but the story is what matters most and that is dead on. I love xxxHolic so very much.

I'm still waiting for the sub of S.A. to come out, because it's a manga that has interested me in the past though I haven't read it.

I also have been checking out Macross Frontier, because of the hype. It is okay, so far...very high cost production so at least it will be pretty.

And I still need to finish watching Love*Com and Sailor Moon R. So much anime, so little time!

(Oh, and I have the last disc of Roswell season one that I want to finish soon as well).

Edit: And to make it even better, my favourite anime blog reviewer is covering Vampire Knight, Code Geass, and S.A.! And maybe xxxHolic too, since he followed the first season and has looked at the first episode of Kei, even if it's not listed in the current series.
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Alright, I think my stomach is feeling a bit better, enough that I'm going to try to have some food because I'm hungry :[

On the plus side, I've been relaxing and catching up on my anime-watching. Oh the evilness of Ouran 25! I'm so sad that it's the second-to-last episode too ;_; And xxxHolic 22 ended on an evil cliffhanger, but luckily I have 23 so I can watch it after food.
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PIPE FOX = SO MUCH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just watched ep 16 of xxxHolic, I'm definitely beginning to really fall in love with the series, after a rather shaky start. It's going to be hard not to buy the manga as soon as I can...I had a long debate with myself today over whether or not I could buy one last thing (probably a Chapters order or maybe a Lunapad) before the summer was over...but I think I'll wait at least until I see how much textbooks cost.

Plus I still haven't quite made enough money to really cover the Ottawa trip, though I'm under $20 away so it's good enough, really.

There's too much stuff I want, especially since I have decided that I need to check out the Ouran Host Club manga.

I want too many things.
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I've been watching a lot of xxxHolic today, eps 12-15. I'm trying to catch up with the current release of it and Ouran Host Club...and maybe Blood+, if I can, though it's been going for a lot longer @_@

I think Watanuki is finally growing on me. Some of his spaz attacks still seem a bit extreme/charicaturish to me, but they are getting better. I'm sad that his development is being rather screwed up though, since they anime is tinkering around with the order of events from the manga so much. I must read more of the manga...when I have money. Hahaha.

New plans are in the works to see Kate before the summer is over...I'm going to book off the weekend of the 26-28. Last weekend of the summer. I'm hopeful that the previous weekdays will be full of enough work that I won't feel like I've missed out...the chances of this are decent, since once you start picking up shifts they like to keep giving them too you and we've had a LOT of turnover with people going back to school/quitting/etc...

I can't believe how close the start of school is. It's so exciting!
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The ghost stories in xxxHOlic ep 10 rather freaked me out. Especially since I'm sitting by myself in a rather dark house.

I had to turn the light on in my room halfway through.

They're really only freaky if I think about them too much...but still...ack!

However, it is nice that the stories in xxxHolic keep getting progressively better...and I think I've finally adjusted to the horrendous animation.
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Watched ep 7 of xxxHolic.

Read more... )
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So, I've finally reached the vol 4s. Yay. I've seen them for both xxxHolic and Princess Princess. Both have been deleted, since while I did enjoy them, I can't see myself wanting to watch them again.

I still have major issues with xxxHolic's art. OMG the proportions ;_;

Pretty sure Host Club will also be deleted, while as I've said before, Blood+ is going to stick around.

Once I finish the vol 4s (still need Host Club and Blood+) I will take a look at Honey & Clover and see what it's like.

Watched more Sailor Moon with Margaret, it continues to be really fun, though again not something I need to watch again, unlike the S and Stars seasons which rock (yay Outers). Kunzite finally appeared, hurrah! Still having trouble with Zoicite as male.

And Nephrite is SO going to the Special Hell, but Mamoru will go with him to keep him company.
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More shopping today, yay!

The Comic Book Shoppe: I finally found out why I can't find Paradise Kiss 4! The series is being reprinted and that's the volume they're on. So instead I just bought 5, because I know the anime covers up to 4 fairly well so I pretty much knew what happened in 4, but not 5 because they ran out of episodes or something. Because I've been reading 5 and like NONE of it was in the anime.

I also picked up RG Veda vol 6 which was just released (though I hadn't known it was already out) and finally got xxxHolic 1. Evil CLAMP takes my money.

Oh, and I bought fancy strawberry cream pocky which is delicious. So essentially I spent more money than I should have, but hey, that's okay because my pay cheque for this week was actually higher than I expected as well!

Additional Elles: Here I finally found some new shorts. Yay. They are white and pretty funky.

LCBO: Mom picked me up BOOZE! Woody's Mexican Lime cooler I think it's called. Sounds yummy.

Jacob Annex Connexion: (I liked Annex better) I got three shirts, but had to pay for one myself. Two are tanks, one a bright green the other burnt orange, and a nice pastel-ish but not quite pastel blue halter top. This works with my goal of getting more shirts that will show off the tattoo!

Garage: Another back-baring shirt, this one is kind of a tube top only it has ties that go around the next and has a nice line to it and some flower embellishment on the bottom...tasteful florals!

I had to promise my mom that this was it for the clothes buying. So no more clothes for me, but I am happy with what I have.

We tried to look for fabric as well, but Bouclairs didn't really have much, they seem to have gone into home decorating more than fabric now. So I think I'll end up going back to Walmart because they had one that was a pretty good match, but we thought it might be too light but I'll deal with it.

Also got a hold of Ria finally, we're going to go out for dinner and a movie (or maybe two movies) on Saturday. It shall be fun.

Anyway, now to look over internet stuff since I don't know if I'll get to do any more of that tonight since I'm eventually going to Shannon's.
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Since I have been killing time while WoW installs itself REALLY SLOWLY (and tries to tell me that I don't meet the system requirements, even though my computer tells me that I do...very strange) I watched ep 3 of xxxHolic and ep 11 of NANA.

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Anyway, WoW is up and running, but I want to defrag the computer first since I've been getting/deleting so many files.
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Ep 2 of xxxHolic, Host Club, Princess Princess, & Blood+ )

So, I have all ep 3s downloaded and am working on ep 4...four is going to be the point where decisions are made, since that's as much as you can fit on a CD and if a series hasn't grabbed enough interest by then, I think it's pretty much lost it's chance (this is most applicable for Princess Princess at the moment).
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So, I've been on a downloading spree for anime, checking out a whole bunch of new series: Honey & Clover, Candidate for Goddess OVA (this one is pretty much only because of my Lark PB), xxxHolic, Princess Princess, and Ouran Host Club. I plan to watch the first episodes of all of them, see if I like them, and then play catch up until I reach the current point it's at in Japan (except of course for Honey & Clover, which is finished).

So I just watched xxxHolic vol 1. It seems interesting enough, I've actually read the first half of the first manga (at the anime club's manga night) and thought it was really good. I also have read vol 1 of Tsubasa, and thus am sad that the anime of xxxHolic has eliminated the crossover, though I suppose it does make sense, since it wasn't made at the same time as the Tsubasa anime.

I really don't like the opening much, so when I watch more, I'll be skipping that. It's just rather boring and the song isn't that great I don't think. Also the character design for Watanuki is a bit...odd. His arms and legs are just far too long and his head is too small...I think he looks like a daddy longlegs XD But I knew that the animation wasn't supposed to be the greatest going in (and if I can enjoy things like Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon...then I know I can get past that XD). Yuuko's two helpers (Maru and Moro?) are also getting on my nerves. So I am suspecting that this will not be the first of the series that I watch. But I do want to watch more of it because it does sound interesting. And I definitely intend to read the manga more.

One thing however that I did rather like was the decision to have random passersby be pretty much outlines, rather than detail. It's a really interesting look.

Oh, and Yuuko does rock!

All and all I'm really not that impressed with the CLAMP anime, with X-TV being the exception because OMG I LOVES IT! I can't stand Chobits, Tokyo Babylon is okay but should have been made later, when they could have actually done the ending, I haven't heard the most wonderful things about Tsubasa, since apparently it deviates quite a bit from the manga (though of course, that's the problem with any anime made before a manga is finished...so it's probably true in the case of xxxHolic too). But I will give this a shot. At least I haven't read the manga so it might come off better than it is XD

Also, apparently NANA has been slated for 50 episodes at the moment. Which is pretty long, but since the manga is long and still going, it does make sense. I still hold out hope that the manga may finish before the anime, and thus the anime won't have to make stuff up.


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