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Elphie went in for her annual vet check-up today, to get her rabies vaccine (more for formality's sake than actually needed it, being an indoor cat living in a high rise building). I also suspected some oral health issues, because I wasn't as good about brushing her teeth as I meant to be and because she's had a bit of an excess drool issue for awhile - she'll shake her head and drops go flying.

Anyway, I was right about the issues. She has at least two cavaties and thus is going to need to have the teeth taken out. Which means surgery, which means $$$

The good news is, I was already saving up for vet expenses. That bad news being it was for Imriel's surgery (getting fixed and having his stomach tacked to avoid bloat/torsion).

This whole grown up thing really isn't what it's cracked out to be :(

Also, I have decided I am going to participate in NaNo and work on an entirely new book project because I'm feeling particularly inspired to do it and it's an easier concept to pull off then the WIP I have from NaNo a few years ago. I do hope I can get the first draft of the steampunk novella I'm working on finished by the end of October though, since I don't really want to take a month off from it.
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Elphie is 8! That's so crazy!

Her birthday request was "no more puppy." Unfortunately for her, that's not going to happen.
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The good news: the store is FINALLY ready to open, I have tomorrow off, and Margaret is coming to visit.

The bad news: next week's schedule still isn't up and my desktop has crashed or something, I don't know. Doing another Windows Repair installation to try and fix it, will report back. Thank dragons for the netbook.

Also, Elphie is cute.
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Husker apparently is secretly a carnivore. Every time I give her a treat, Elphie comes for hers, since they are in pretty much the same container. And every time I give Elphie her treats, Husker comes over and eats one of them.

Guess she wants some protein.

Elphie of course won't touch the guinea pig treat.
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For awhile now I have been thinking of dying my hair because I was a bit tired of the blonde look. This morning I actually did something about it!

Pictures of my hair, plus more guinea pig cuteness! )

Today was actually a pretty awesome shift. I don't know why but it just went quite well. Possibly because I was in fitting rooms and I love fitting rooms.

Though there was some insanity with not having management on the floor a lot, which included a brief stint when I was acting MOD, sort of. Which is uh...just a little weird but hey, it works.

I'm glad I don't have to go in tomorrow until 5:30. Much nicer than a four o'clock shift (especially since I probably should do laundry in the morning).

Now, to see if Facebook photo uploading will work for me so I can get the pictures up there as well.
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Finally I have pictures of the piggy to share, hurrah!

This actually turned out to be quite a bit of work getting them posted here because all uploaders suddenly decided to hate me. But hey, I've finally started to break away from Photobucket which is nice because it SUCKS.

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Back from Thanksgiving celebrations. Had a pretty lousy shift at work today but I really can't remember any of it anymore because my guinea pig is INSANE and ADORABLE. Seriously, she and Elphie are on the couch and she keeps jumping around, probably trying to play with Elphie, except that is a BAD IDEA (TM) so I have to keep stopping her. Silly creature.

I still do not have my camera to take pictures. Which is even worse considering the two of them were actually lying side by side earlier today. I am going to start really bugging Stepfanie to get this back to me ASAP >:O!

And now time for new HIMYM hijinks!
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Husker is now in her more permanent spot, on my kitchen table. I don't really use it for eating much, it just sort of holds dirty dishes. So now it has a guinea pig instead. The main reason for the move is because I was finding the bathroom a bit colder than the rest of the apartment which isn't good for small animals, I would think.

Obviously this means she and Elphie have now sort of met. Elphie was very good about it, just taking a look at her then backing off. I'm hoping she remembers Sam's piggies. Husker hasn't done too much but she was beginning to get settled before so hopefully she'll be able to continue to adapt just fine.

Still don't have my camera back but I just found Stepfanie on Facebook so I can harass her there! Pictures will come the minute I can get them because Husker is very cute.
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Macro contest time!

I have a picture of Elphie, to be found beneath the cut. It just begs to be a kitty macro. But I don't know what it should say so I shall let you give me suggestions!


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My parents just left for the cottage. I'm off to work in about an hour though so really not much time to catch up on internet life.

I do however want to celebrate my brand new digital camera! It's an early Christmas present and I'm very excited about it. I was using a camera I got from Bruce but it's really too big and complicated for what I want so now I have a point-and-click that can easily fit in my purse.

Also Marian has suggested that my new ottoman might be the source of the bug that is attacking Elphie, which makes sense since it is new and she likes to sit on it. I'm really hoping that it is fleas and not bedbugs. Because that would really suck, ESPECIALLY since the ottoman is now filled with my costumes.

However I just had a mysterious insect on my hand and looking at pictures I think it was more likely a flea than a bed bug. Unfortunately it jumped away before I got a good look.

Edit: Just pulled all the costumes out and I didn't see any bugs in there at all, so at very least there aren't too many of them. The bug from before definitely wasn't a bed bug so I'm hoping it was indeed on of the fleas that just came in through the window screen or something, since there are a fair number of feral cats in the area and yeah...best explanation I can think of. Will continue to assume fleas, which means I want to clean out the front rooms of my apartment ASAP.
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So, seeing professional tennis live is very awesome! It's interesting to see the things you notice when you get to choose what to pay attention to, instead of being directed by a camera. Like, for example, I finally figured out why the ballboys/ballgirls sometimes run across the court even when the ball isn't there...it's to throw it to someone at the other end to make sure they have some balls if needed.

Anyway, I am sad because we saw Venus but she lost :( Alas.

But generally it was a very good day though also long since we were there for about 12 hours.

Also I'm pretty sure Elphie has fleas. No idea WHERE she managed to pick them up. I'm blaming the garbage strike...because I can.

Finally, quote of the day from the drive home:

Dad: Why is there a Blood Services van driving around in the middle of the night?
Me: Vampire deliveries.
Dad: Oh, okay.

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I realized last night at work that Elphaba's birthday is in July. I thought it might even be today, but alas it seems to have been on the 11th. Sorry for forgetting, Elphie!

So, today is busy because I need to go to the bank and get in touch with my potential insurance broker and I also plan on buying some books at the Hairy Tarantula while I'm at it (because I can). Also I still have dishes that need to be cleaned, though I got through a lot of them yesterday.

Busy busy busy.

Edit: Well, I now have renter's insurance, hurrah. I also...have absolutely no energy left. And so the book buying and banking shall have to wait a bit longer. But I only have two shifts until my day off and I might have time before then to do it as well.
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I've been making bread a lot of the day (I wasn't feeling so great and so I didn't go into Wiley's today). I have a new bag of flour that is too big for the cabinets, so it's now in the cupboards below. Then for dinner tonight I'm having spaghetti, which is kept in the same cupboard.

I open the door, and out walks Elphie~

She must have been in there for about 30 minutes, which isn't too bad (and not as long as she was stuck in my parents' closet back in September), but it's still funny.

And OMG, Kristin Chenoweth is performing "That's How You Know" at the Oscars? AWESOME!


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