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Home sick today due to cramps but before I go lie down for a bit, I wanted to do another favourite character post. I might even do more than one today *scandal*!

Also, none of the top 4 characters should come as a surprise to anyone. Especially if you're paying attention to the fandom tags.

My 4th Favourite Character )

5. Noda Megumi
6. Caroline Forbes
7. Princess Leia
8. Scarlet O'Hara
9. River Tam
10. Tyrion Lannister
11. Zero Kiryu
12. Alistair Theirin
13. Claudia
14. Nana Komatsu and Ayumi Yamada
15. Dick Grayson
16. Renee Montoya
17. Clementine
18. Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune
19. Quatre Raberba Winner
20. Azula
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Bah! I completely forgot that I wanted to start a new thing here, where I put together a little newsletter about my various fandom things. So uh, here is what I was up to in fandom during January 2013:

Under a cut because it got longer than expected )

Wow ... that was a lot longer than I thought. I suddenly feel awesome and productive (and then I remember my original fiction and that feeling goes away =P)
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Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2!

Read more... )

One thing I will say that is spoiler-free is that if you are able to, you should watch Part One again before seeing Part Two because you just jump right in and it took me some time to orient myself.
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Ick, I have a cold and a headache and lots to do tonight. Blah.

In better news, I finally saw Harry Potter with my parents today. It was good. I don't think it quite lived up to the Halfblood Prince movie but it also is hard to judge without seeing how they handle the end.

Also, I should get to see Part 2 at an early screening, thanks to family connections, yay! I will probably cry when it is over, which is a bit sad but hey, these kids have always been Harry, Ron, and Hermione to me and I will be sad to see it all over.

Anyway, I have a lot to get done tonight and so I shall make a list and do everything I can to get through it all because I'm a bit screwed if I don't.

- dishes
- vacuuming
- put garbage out
- make food presents
- wrap presents (at least those for parents and grandparents)

- tidy the rest of the apartment up

Could be a long night. I shouldn't have let Downton Abbey distract me so much yesterday.
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Finally managed to see Harry Potter.

General thoughts: it was SOOOOOOOO close to being absolutely brilliant. As it stands, I think it is still the best of the movies, both in adapation quality and sheer entertainment value.

Cut for uh...spoilers...kind of )
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I finally have finished my Harry Potter re-read. It was very fun. I have a few more observations, though the first on the list actually came from reading Wikipedia:

- the first person we see using Expelliarmus is Snape at the duelling club, which is presumably when Harry learns it.
- the Deathly Hallows plot is a bit easier to follow/understand the second time through.
- I still don't know where Harry figured out the Lily's patronus was a doe, but I suppose one can assume it from the scene with Snape.
- Hagrid mentions overhearing one of the scenes in the Prince's Tale in HBP (the one where Snape says Dumbledore is too presumptuous).
- there is some seriously dark and twisted stuff in those last books.
- Kreacher redeems all house elves by being awesome.
- there is also a lot more swearing than I realized, though most of it isn't directly stated or is in wizarding terms or cut off.
- so is Lupin and this time I actually teared up a bit when he died (less distracted by Snape dying when it happened this time), I have to say I'm not sure it was worth saving Arthur if we had to lose Tonks and Lupin.
- speaking of Tonks and Lupin...that HAD to be a shotgun wedding. It's the only way that it makes sense for Lupin to have married her. Apparently there is no magical birth control. Someone should get on that.
- Neville and Luna are also awesome. So is Ginny. And the other Weasleys, despite what I just said about Arthur.
- the ending still makes me laugh.
- I really want to see the rest of the movies now (though I still don't see why they would choose the last one to make two movies out of...I think one would really be sufficient)

I think that is all.

Wait, I lied. I have an official order for favourite books now (I needed to read DH to figure out where it fit in).

The undisputed favourite, which is also one of my favourite books PERIOD, is Prisoner of Azkaban. Next is Half-Blood Prince, then Deathly Hallows, then Order of the Phoenix (see how I like all the darker, twisted stuff best XD). Then uh...Goblet of Fire, Philosopher's Stone, and Chamber of Secrets (which would actually be quite fascinating...from Ginny's POV).\

And now I'm done.
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I have been REALLY enjoying re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (yes, PHILOSPHER'S STONE, stay away stupid American title!). I realized that I don't think I've actually read it again since becoming a fan of the series. Also, as per the point of the re-read, it is interesting to look at the early stuff knowing where it's going.

The first chapter in particular I really love. Mainly because while I was reading it I realized that at the same point in time in the HP world, the confrontation between Sirius and Peter must be happening. Neat! I still love that Sirius is mentioned on like, page 8.

I also think it's a bit strange that the first characters we meet are the Dursley's. And the first wizard/witch main character to appear is McGonagall. Odd choices.

The first chapter is very fun. As are the other early stuff (I had forgotten the change the movie made with the snake and Dudley not getting stuck behind the glass afterwards).

These chapters also confirmed the fact that I think one of the most intriguing but underutilized characters in the series is Petunia. She is absolutely fascinating, really. Yet (for obvious reasons) we never get to see what she really thinks/feels, beyond a few glimpses now and then.

I'm at the Platform Nine and Three Quarters chapter now, so soon will get Weasleys! Also, I have to say that Hagrid perhaps has a bit too much faith in Harry at the beginning. Leaving him on his own to get to the train. Of course, growing up in the Wizarding World he probably doesn't realize that walking through a wall is a strange thing. Poor Harry.

Harry Potter is so much fun to talk about. I loves it.
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I think Elzie did something slightly like this at some point (or at least someone did!)*, and because I would like to catalogue my gaming somehow, here I go!

Gaming and Me (aka what games I have and how far I've gotten in them) )

*A+ for clarity!

Edit: And here is a decently well related youtube video!

Edit 2: Also, on a not so well related note, I have decided to finally read Harry Potter again. Because it's been about a year since Deathly Hallows and I think it would be fun. This also means that my copies of the first two books will actually be read for the first time (I was given the box set of the first four in paperback after I had read them all).

Plus I get to read Prisoner of Azkaban again. And that makes it all worthwhile ^__________________^
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Sadly, no HP tomorrow night. We're looking into doing something Monday instead, maybe, though it's a bit trickier than since I have class on Tuesday morning. We'll see.

I'm so glad that Cori is gone from Canada's Next Top Model, which is my latest obsession (evil classmates who watch it and made me decide to give it a chance since it is actually of more interest than I had first thought). I used to like Cori, but now it's really good riddance. I think she really needs to grow up a little bit first. Maybe when she's not a teenager anymore, she'll be able to take criticism a bit better (and be less of a bitch about people not liking everything about her).
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So, because I was totally blanking on her last name, I ended up reading Emma Watson's page. She has some really funny quotes there, the best being

It was unbelievable seeing me as an action figure! In a few months, toddlers all around the country will be biting my head off!

Clearly I need more Harry Potter icons.
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So, I have Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. So, you ask, WHY AM I ON LIVEJOURNAL? I DON'T KNOW >:O

Himitsu has totally eaten me, I was barely able to tear myself away to go get the book. So I shall make some replies, wait around long enough to see if Kate is still online, then go read.

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So, I'm unemployed again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I think I have enough money to deal with personal expenses for the school year, as long as I spend less than I did last year and don't need money at the end of the year.

Hopefully I'll make enough more money to cover textbooks too, that would be nice. Because then when I sell texts back, I get to keep the money and I feel like I've earned something when I really haven't =P

Anyway, Harry Potter is out tonight. I'll be heading over to Chapters later, decked out in my Mt A scarf (probably around my WAIST), to get it around midnight. I'm going to try to stay up late reading it and then finish it before I babysit tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I can manage it. I may have to actually stop reading it for an extended period of time though @_@ THE HORROR. I read OotP in one sitting, albeit getting up for food and bathroomness...and changing where I was sitting so my body didn't fall asleep. Good times.



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