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I have a new shiny! I bought that ASUS T100, which tranforms from a netbook to a robot tablet by undocking the screen and keyboard. But it is still a decent enough keyboard for me to type with it sitting on a pillow in my lap. AND it won't overheat by doing that, since the computer is all in the screen. Hurrah!

Still figuring out Windows 8.1 but so far, I don't mind it. Not sure I want to see what 8.0 was though.

My old netbook will go to my parents, who find it useful to have a computer on trips, once I manage to get all my old files off it.
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Officially approved for my apartment, hurrah! I sign the lease on Thursday and get a chance to look at it again (the advantages to moving into an apartment that is current unoccupied).

Bought some lighting stuff today and looked at what I think is going to end up being my new couch. Also I walked a lot, 8010 steps for the day!

Day 23 – Something you love about TVD )

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Day 2 – Your favourite female character
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Day 8 – Your favourite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favourite friendship
Day 15 – Your favourite couple
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Day 30 – Anything else you could possibly want to say
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I has the Fire Emblem 3DS! Very shiny and exciting. Sadly, I am working tomorrow which means tonight I need to get shit done and so can't just play the game. I actually would not have gotten it now except that the set (as well as the game) was selling out pretty fast and I wasn't sure if they would make any more. So I had to buy it now, just to be sure.

I am awesome at rationalizing such things ^_^

I am working tomorrow to make up for missing Friday to get to Kingston for the ringette tournament this weekend. Very excited for that, I haven't been to the Kingston tournament since I was in grade 12, probably (I'm assuming we went that year, since I think we went every year). But I do have two things due on Thursday so I need to get a move on.

Hopefully I can get things done faster than expected though and get another chapter or two done.

And maybe one of these days I'll go down and finish Radiant Dawn, since I think I may be one the last battle for that one.

And one day I should pick up Shadow Dragon as well.
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Exciting news today!

- I just booked my bus tickets to Toronto. I'm getting there at 4:35PM on Friday the 23rd, hope that time is good for teh Katie!

- I got accepted to all three programs that I applied to at Algonquin. Mom said I should be fine as a university grad but I tried not to get too invested. I have until May 1st to decide on a program.

- I bought a new spring jacket that I am in love with!

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I spent the day with Shannon, which was super nice. We haven't spent enough time together for awhile, especially not just the two of us. We went shopping for some interview wear for her. I also finally tracked down vol 12 of the Ouran Host Club manga, which means I can finally read vol 13-15 (I don't know how I ended up 4 volumes behind the current release!). I love that series so much.

I also got some new work shoes. Apparently the dress code is going to be drastically changing later this month (going to company provided t-shirts paired with jeans ... JEANS!) but the Regional and District Managers (who were in our store the other day because we had a big executive visit) assured me that black shoes will still be it. So I could safely buy new ones.

I may have gotten some other stuff too but I don't think I was excessive. I've been trying to be better about spending because of cut hours, though at least things work out so that I can spit some paycheques between two months.

Not much else to report. I really need to do some writing tonight, I have one deadline I missed by SO much because the story has been giving me a lot of trouble (I don't know if I'm quite allowed to mention what this story is for yet, though a few of you do know already).

I'm off again tomorrow and I'm planning on pretty much staying in the whole day to get my entire non-workday checklist done. Wish me luck!

OH, two more things:

1. Katie will be excited to hear that Shannon and I both bought some stuff from David's Tea and had a great time, the guy at the counter was really nice and friendly and knowledgable and we both definitely will be back.

2. I got my left ear re-pierced because the old hole had closed up pretty much entirely (the woman actually couldn't even find the front part of the hole, though I swear it's still there somewhere). So I have little studs I have to wear for 6 weeks, then I have to keep earrings on for the next month or so to keep it open. Fun times.
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So, social plans keep changing. Shannon's car broke down, which means she won't be here until at least tomorrow but she might also be going to visit Julie first which means...well, I don't know yet. We'll see if she actually gets here.

As I told her on the phone (and it's sort of hilarious that she got this without an explanation), she does seem to be trying to be the new Kate. Hurrah for the universe just not wanting me to be social, period!

In other news, today is the first day that the store is closed for the move (we re-open on Friday in the new location...did I mention here that we were moving? I'm not sure). Which means no uniform, hurrah. Also, during my break (which I need to have at 5:30) I am going to pick up a shirt that was put up for sale over at [livejournal.com profile] toronto. Good times.
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So, today was...interesting.

It started great, with a Q&A panel for Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris on Voyager as well as a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff than I realized, including Chuck, Supernatural, some other stuff...he hasn't actually acted since 2001!) which was hilarious. So glad we went in for that one.

Then things started to go downhill. We wanted to go to the vendor room for a few autographs. We missed Thomas Dekker before and hoped he might come back but didn't (not unexpected though or overly disappointing). Then we got in line for the meet and greet with Scott McNeil. It wasn't a very long line so I thought we'd get through quickly.

We didn't. We were there for over an hour because everyone was taking like, five minutes with him and finally we just bailed because we wanted to catch Aaron Douglas before the panel and we were already late to meet people.

Then we got to Aaron Douglas...and I realized I had forgotten my Last Supper photo at home. So I didn't get an autograph because I don't really want one just of him that much. But I did get a picture of us together which was okay. I was in a really pissed off mood though.

Then we got Margaret's picture with Mary which turned out GREAT (so jealous) and went to Aaron's panel and it was awesome, so definitely ending on a high note.

All and all, FanExpo was pretty fun. But it wasn't as good as it could have been. For a professionally run convention, there were a lot of kinks and just plain failures in logic (they didn't have a microphone set up for people asking questions in the panels, for example!). I'm planning to write an email to the company or something with suggestions. And maybe make myself look like a good person to hire to help or something. Who knows, might work. Might not. It's worth trying anyway.

So then we were done and I still had con funds left so we went to the Eatons Center and bought some stuff at La Senza, then went to Best Buy and I now own the 2.0 box set of BSG (so I have the entire series now, HURRAH)...and then I spotted season 1 of How I Met Your Mother for $20 and picked it up as well. So slightly overspent but not by much and I'll just deposit my cash into my bank account and I'll be fine when the bill needs to be paid.

Still SUPER disappointed at the lack of Mary, since again, that was going to be the highlight of the con. But yeah, it was a good time. Just not as good as it maybe could have been (it definitely is the weakest con experience that I have).
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New mouse = BOUGHT.

It has a cord but with the current computer desk that isn't so bad (I went wireless back in Sackville because the cords were driving me crazy but I basically had a table as a desk there so now it's not so bad). It is also ergonomical and pink.

I also have some cannisters for sugar and flour and such stuff. Got a set of 4 because I needed a big one and one big ones was only $5 less than a set.

And I have bandaids because I ran out the other day and I keep knocking the cut that caused me to run out (I slicked my thumb a bit while slicing a bagel) and making it bleed again so all is good.

Except for the fact that I want to get at least 3 more hours of work done today, maybe more, and it's already 4:30-ish.

Le sigh, money issues suck. And sort of dominate my life right now which sucks even more because it constantly gets in the way of me enjoying other things.

This mouse is so QUIET though. That's going to take time getting used to.
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Since I am a proponent of telling the bad news first, I will start my first entry of the new year off with it: unfortunately, the store cannot keep me on after my contract is done, so next Friday (the 9th) will be my last day. I am, not surprisingly, VERY disappointed, I will miss everyone dearly plus I really hate job searching. But I knew it was possible and I have a bit of a plan. I really hope to stay with Chapters/Indigo though, because I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping the Chapters at Runnymede might have an opening, so I'll be going there on Saturday in person to try and talk to a manager about it.

In better news, I had a good time at the last Christmas/New Years celebrations. It was a vast improvement from last year when I was working.

I'm hoping to get all the Christmas stuff unpacked by the end of the day today. Tomorrow I work the opening shift. And on Saturday I also plan to go downtown to the World's Biggest Bookstore and see about buying BSG's third season on DVD (because my employee discount is still good until the 9th and I have $10 in giftcards too).
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Back from a successful shopping trip! I went to the Chapters at Runnymede and met a bunch of the staff there (at first, they thought I had come to work a shift...I was a bit confused why I had to meet the MOD right away until I realized that, but it was good to meet her anyway because she did need to come approve my discount anyway). I needed to go there today to get a book of breadmaker recipes that looks really good, because the recipes that came with my machine are still coming out way too high when I do them at first. This one has recipes with the proper measurements for 2.0lb, which is what I usually make (but the booklet comes with them for 3.0lb, so I've been doing interesting math that works out alright but this way should be better). Plus there are apparently 250 recipes, so I can have lots of fun.

I also bought one of Dr Phil's books about weight loss. I used to hate Dr Phil, but somehow I started watching his show and was converted. Hopefully this will help me, alongside my WiiFit which has been going quite well.

And...I bought the first Sookie Stackhouse book, because True Blood is very fun. And then Watchman, because I've been intending to get that for awhile. Though I hadn't planned on it being today.

I feel a bit bad for buying from a store that wasn't mine, since we have all four books, but...whatever. Same company. Same discount. That's what really matters.

Then off to Wal-mart, where I got a bunch of house stuff and then MarioKart for the Wii. They didn't have any Guitar Hero or DDR bundles, so I decided to not go for that, which is good because I ended up having to pay a little money on top. But only 53 cents. Pretty good deal, for all that.

So now I come to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this post which is actually getting pretty long now. Hence the caps and bolding.

DEAR FRIENDSLIST, I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm pretty much the sci-fi/fantasy person at the store. I have a pin asking people to talk to me about it. But, while I do read a lot of stuff like that, I have to admit that I might not be up to date about a lot of the more current stuff. This is where you come in, because I know I have a lot of sci-fi/fantasy lovin' people here on the FL(aka geeks). So, please let me know what you think is good out there. I need authors and titles and some info.

The following are authors whose books I have read most/all of and so probably don't need more info on:
- Juliet Marillier
- Jacqueline Carey
- George RR Martin
- JRR Tolkien (not that he probably needs much help)
- Dragonlance series (though I don't know most of the newer stuff, because uh...it sort of got WAY overdone)

Here are authors I've read a bit of and so can handle, but more info would not be a bad thing:
- Neil Gaimon (he's in this section, though his stuff is hard to classify)
- Terry Pratchett
- Mercedes Lackey (though really haven't read much of her stuff)
- Tanya Huff (see above note)
- Stephenie Meyer (most of her stuff is teens, but The Host is in here. Again though, she probably doesn't need help)
- the Dune series (I've read the first three books that Frank Herbert wrote)
- the Star Wars EU (I've read a fair amount, and I have Margaret's love-filled ♥ reviews to let me know what's going on)

I think that is all, but I may remember others. I also think I might know enough about Wheel of Time, though I do wonder if I really want to get people started on that one =P

Also, I realize I'm ignoring the graphic novels, which are next to this section, but that's because I am pretty sure I know enough about those in general that I'll be fine.

WOW, that is a LONG entry. Kudos to those who actually get through it all, though as long as you look at the last part, I'm pretty good.
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I finally decided that I was sick of not knowing what the hell all of you were talking about when you starting going off about Dr Who. Plus, I always did intend to watch it, but I never managed to quite figure out when it was on. So now I have downloaded the 2005 season and actually have a starting point. Also, I get to see the Ninth Doctor. I think I may have seen on episode with him, unless Rose's boyfriend sticks around longer than I expect him too. I definitely saw a bit of an episode with Rose's boyfriend. But I have seen more of the Tenth, so I didn't really know what the Ninth was like. He is quite fun.

I went shopping today and bought myself an area rug for the living room (the floor under my computer was splintering a bit, possibly because of the chair or because I'm always sitting here with my feet touching it, or possibly just because it's old), a clock for the living room (because before I had to use the TV or the computer to figure out the time), a new housecoat (hot pink and satin-y!) and a new bra (which I didn't need as much as I wanted it). Spent more money than I probably should have, especially since there are still things I need and plan to buy this month.

Still haven't heard from IndigoSpirit. But no news is not bad news, so that's okay.

Edit: I've also gotten into True Blood, which is quite fun but VERY evil with it's cliffhangers.
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I think that interview went very well. It was a group interview with me and two other guys, and we ended up speaking to four of the five employees at the store. It's a nice little store, it's apparently one of the first of the IndigoSpirit "brand." The Indigo name is used for the more high end stores, but usually they have been larger stores than this one, so basically it's the higher end version of Coles.

I definitely think that I was the best of the candidates there and I really would like to get this job. Especially because the hours would be great, since it's only open weekdays from 7:30 to 6:30. Only concern might be not getting enough hours to make the money I need, but worse case scenerio I stay on at Tims part-time on weekends. Which would suck, but hey, it's what you have to do.

They are hiring seasonally, which means contract, but apparently if you are a good fit for the store you don't have to worry too much about not staying on after the contract is up.

It will be about a week until they are done interviews and make a decision. And even if they say no, there are still 9 other stores that I applied to, so I am hopeful that something will come through.

I also bought some new books while I was there. I now have The Secret Lives of Bees (I looked for Tigana, but it wasn't there). I also bought vol 5 of NANA and Shopaholic & Baby.

I have three hours until my bus for Port Hope leaves. Time to change, pack, and then I'm off to visit Jes and get my tattoo!
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This icon is getting lots of use lately.

Another crazy shift. I'll admit, I did slack off a bit because the regular manager wasn't there and I figured the non-regular one wouldn't notice as much. Plus I've had it rough lately! Justification ftw!

Anyway, it wasn't too bad. Until 5AM when the bagel bar fridge decided to die on me. I don't know what was wrong, but it was making these loud squealing noises which fridges aren't supposted to make. So I had to turn it off and move everything into the other fridge. Eventually we moved some stuff back, putting it on top of ice to keep it cool.

And then I had to stay a bit late because Marisa had to put the stores supply order in. But since I was late to work sometime in the recent past, I suppose it evens out. Or something.

I ended up going down to Zellers after I got back, since it was past 8 and so they were open (if I didn't need to buy a fair amount from the grocery store, I would have gone there as well). My cheapie flip-flops broke and my nicer sandals also need a buckle replaced, so I bought some new sandals that are metallic purple and very fun. And I bought some new underwear.

And I bought Final Fantasy IV.

Today I am probably not doing much. I do need to buy groceries and I would like to paint. I also am having coffee with Bruce and also am planning to go see The Dark Knight again, this time in IMAX. Because I won't always have that chance and it would be cool to see the IMAX-filmed sequences how they were intended at least once.

ALSO, book club meeting was so fun, hopefully next month we can have it on my night off so I won't have to leave and it can be longer!
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For some reason, work seems to like changing my schedule. Now instead of having Tuesday and Wednesday off next week, I have Thursday and Friday. Which means that they had me scheduled to work seven days in a row. Six, I can do. I don't like it, but it's possible. But seven is SO not happening. So I talked to Mike and he gave me this Saturday off, which is hilarious because I've gone from working 6 days this week to working 4. Brilliant.

I'm having dinner with family peoples today (my grandma and aunt are up in TO for a little bit). Which means I have to screw up my sleep schedule, hurrah -_- But it should be fun, plus they have stuff that I had my mom send with them that I want.

I've been going back and forth between buying paint and buying Wii Fit. I haven't quite figured out which one I want...or what exactly I can afford. I may go down to Dufferin mall sometime soon...maybe today, maybe on Saturday.

Still need to do the laundry. Blah. I wish the store across the street was open 24 hours, that would be so convenient.



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