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Life's been a bit of a whirlwind the last couple of days. On Thurs night, friends and I went out to celebrate my birthday. Friday was my birthday (the big 3-0!) and I took the day off, got a tattoo (picture below), saw The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with my parents, and went out to dinner with them. Then on Saturday we drove up to Ajax to go to my cousin's wedding. I took the train back yesterday to pick Imriel up from my aunt and uncle's before he caused any trouble (he was mostly okay), had family dinner that night complete with chocolate birthday cake, and then played a ringette game.

I ended up taking today off because my stomach has been acting up all weekend (probably due to Thurs celebrations) and I am still feeling pretty wiped. But it was lots of fun.

My long-planned Kushiel's Legacy-inspired tattoo! )
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Alright, I had to spend most of the day charging batteries (I don't know why it was taking so long @_@) but I finally got my camera working and managed to get a picture of my tattoo to share. It was harder than I thought, taking a picture of my own leg. A shame my camera's viewfinder doesn't pop out so I could have used it.

A cherry blossom is a cherry blossom... )
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I don't know if anyone else on the FL is watching it, but I am in love with the new 90210 series. I never really watched the old one, I was a bit young for it then (though I do remember checking it out a bit, when Tiffany Amber Thiessen, who was Kelly on Saved By the Bell, joined the cast) but I wanted to check this out. A lot was because the actress playing Annie was Darcy on Degrassi: The Next Generation and so I knew she was really good.

I really think it's a good show. Mainly because they have some really intriguing characters. My favourite so far by a LONGSHOT is Silver, because she is awesome and so tough on the outside and so fragile on the inside and her storyline was making me tear up and yes, she is awesome.

I get to uncover my tattoo soon, but first I need to go buy stuff for aftercare. This shop had a different method than the one where I got my first, so I'll be trying it out and seeing which one works best. But first I have to wait until the stores are actually open. As a rule of thumb.
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I think that interview went very well. It was a group interview with me and two other guys, and we ended up speaking to four of the five employees at the store. It's a nice little store, it's apparently one of the first of the IndigoSpirit "brand." The Indigo name is used for the more high end stores, but usually they have been larger stores than this one, so basically it's the higher end version of Coles.

I definitely think that I was the best of the candidates there and I really would like to get this job. Especially because the hours would be great, since it's only open weekdays from 7:30 to 6:30. Only concern might be not getting enough hours to make the money I need, but worse case scenerio I stay on at Tims part-time on weekends. Which would suck, but hey, it's what you have to do.

They are hiring seasonally, which means contract, but apparently if you are a good fit for the store you don't have to worry too much about not staying on after the contract is up.

It will be about a week until they are done interviews and make a decision. And even if they say no, there are still 9 other stores that I applied to, so I am hopeful that something will come through.

I also bought some new books while I was there. I now have The Secret Lives of Bees (I looked for Tigana, but it wasn't there). I also bought vol 5 of NANA and Shopaholic & Baby.

I have three hours until my bus for Port Hope leaves. Time to change, pack, and then I'm off to visit Jes and get my tattoo!
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So, watching Miami Ink has been giving me ideas. Which is amusing since I kept telling people that I wasn't really thinking of getting more tattoos. I think this might possible be because I only considered the one tattoo idea for all these years, because I wanted to make sure I liked it.

Of course, with this new idea, I'm going to do the same thing and say that I have to like the same idea for a year. Though I also need to find out a bit more about whether it's workable or not.

No, I'm not saying what it is XD
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And I have my tattoo! Yay!

It went really well, Buzz was very awesome. Shannon got hers first, it looks very neat. And then it was time for mine.

Yeah, it hurt quite a bit, especially the outlining, but it looks awesome and was worth it. I can't wait to see them tomorrow, when the colours should be right (the blood mixes with the ink a bit at first so you don't quite get the full effect).

They're bandaged up now though, so no one can see them. No one actually has seen both complete at the same time. Can't wait.

Not sure when I'll have pictures up though. I'll definitely get my mom to take one tomorrow and have her send it to me...but it won't be completely healed for 2-4 weeks so I'll have to take another one then.

Anyway, going out to dinner with Shannon tonight so I'm trying to get on and off fast so she can call me. Awesome day today, so happy to finally have it done!
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Another day in Ottawa. Today I get to make sure I still know how to drive when I go for my Dentist appointment (and to make a tip deposit...also I shall see how much I got paid from Tim's, since it is pay day!). Then I'm going in to pick Mom up at work and we'll go look for the right fabric for my costume again...but first it's off to the COMIC BOOK SHOPPE! Yay! I'm really hoping that they shall have a copy of Paradise Kiss 4, since I really want to get it and ordering online might not work, unless Chapters has changed things...but I still want to get something from my favourite store in Ottawa while I can.

Going over to Shannon's tonight when she gets off work (or when I call her at ten after she spazzes out and forgets). TATTOO TOMORROW WOW!
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There, we finally have a tattoo appointment. July 14th, noon, with Buzz from Silverline. Our other choices were all not taking appointments at the right time. Also, Shannon let them know what I want so that they can get together ideas before we even get there (I still am going to get together some images of my own though, to make sure it turns out just right).

Very excited, this is FINALLY going to happen!
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Today was okay for the most part, except the first and last hour, which were SO long. My feet hurt so much now. I don't want to ever stand again. My ankle did stop hurting eventually though, so that was good.

Also I ended up having to re-open my wrist wound, because I'm sure it was infected. Now I have some lovely iodine lotion on it, which is weird, but hopefully will help.

Time for lazy hot dog dinner and probably lots of ep 2 watching.

And boo, apparently the woman Mary recommended for the tattooing is all booked up (I talked to Shannon last night and assigned her the task of making our appointments), so looks like back to Planet Ink. Now to try and find where Mary recommended people from there (found them...the Nicks!).
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Margaret and I watched some Sailor Moon Classic finally, after it's been sitting on my computer for I don't know how long. Wow, early!Usagi is annoying. I honestly don't think the dub made her that much worse XD

We were waiting really anxiously for Ami to appear. Sadly, that's not until ep 8 and we weren't going to get that far. We did however see some amusing but relatively pointless filler. This filler is better later when they can rotate through characters. And when Usagi has matured a bit.

One thing we were wtf-ing over however was how much Usagi's dad appears in these episodes. I don't remember EVER seeing him before and suddenly he's everywhere! It was rather shocking.

Oh, also we looked into dub changes and saw that only two of the eps we watched today were actually shown on NA TV. Apparently they cut stuff that didn't develop the main plot. Overall I actually have to agree with this decision. Too bad the original Japanese series didn't do this more often...definitely going with quantity over quality in many places, though when they do get around to dealing with the plot, it's AWESOME, which is why we watch (that and reliving childhoods is fun). However, it has made my decision about whether or not to burn the series easy: not. It's fun to watch, but unlike S and Stars, I can't see myself watching any of this stuff again. I might keep favourite eps around for a bit though.

In other news, I have flights booked for my return to Ottawa: I'll be back from July 12-19. During this time I will finally get my tattoo, yay!

Speaking of that, [livejournal.com profile] crippled_pink, I was hoping you could tell me a bit more about what I need to do. I don't have a 100% picture in my mind about what I want exactly, though I know I want two wings on my shoulderblades, one angel, one demon, that hopefully look like they are actually part of my body, done in black and grey with white highlights, as realistic as possible. Would the lady you recommended most be a good plan for that? And what would I need to bring for her to be able to do what I want.

Also, question for anyone, also related to the tattoo. Bolded so that people who are skimming this rather large entry will still see it XD Does anyone have any X/1999 art of Kamui with the two different wings that is from the back? That's pretty much what my tattoo is going to be, but so far I've only found images from the front or side.

Edit: Oh, and I managed to find a tanktop for my Phoenix costume, nothing else though. Hopefully I'll have more luck in Ottawa.


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