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I had another busy weekend, which makes me that much more grateful to be able to work from home (which I do pretty much every Monday).

My ringette team was in a tournament run by our association, which mean four games over the course of three days. The Rec division, which we are in, had 8 teams, so the format had everyone play 2 games, then you were put in Pool A and Pool B, with both pool's having a winner.

Our first game was against Ottawa, who is in our regular division and usually beats us handily. This was no different, though we did outplay them in the first period.

Our second game the next morning was against an Ottawa area team we don't normally play (they are in the R1 division, while we are in R2). We had a shaky start but ended strong, to tie them 6-6. I told people we needed to have the first period from out first game and the second period from our second, then we'd be doing just fine.

The third game was interesting from an administrative perspective. This was after the two pools were divided and we knew that the Pool B games were supposed to be in the evening. Unfortunately, the team we ended up being against had to play in the 2:30 game because they were going back to attend a funeral. So we ended up scrambling to make sure everyone knew the game time was changed and weren't able to get everyone. However, we ended up dominating the game and won pretty easily, either 4-1 or 5-1, I'm not sure.

This put us in the Pool B finals, playing Metcalfe, another team in our division whom we have never beaten. But the team played really well, with the game tied up after 2 periods (ringette only plays 2 periods, unlike hockey which has 3). Since it was the finals, this meant sudden death overtime. And then my aunt scored, so we won Pool B! As a prize, we got a $100 pre-paid VISA, which we'll spend at a team event or something.

It was pretty awesome and a testament to how much the team has improved, since a lot of them have only been playing ringette for 1-2 years!

But it was also exhausting, so I am glad that I can have a day where I don't go anywhere today.
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I have a ringette tournament in Kingston this weekend, which should be fun. The tournament means a bit more to the rest of the team, since it was this tournament that led to the team's creation in the first place. But it's a big deal for me too, since we always went to the Kingston tournament when I was a kid. I have lots of great memories of going up and down Queen St, when we were old enough to be allowed to wander without parental supervision.

I'll be bringing my netbook and other devices with me, of course, so I may be around. We actually have a lot of time to kill on Saturday, since our first game isn't until 4, so I might even find time for some writing, though it depends on what else is going on. I'm sharing a room/ride with my aunt, so it should be a good time.
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My ringette team made the finals in the playoffs, which were last night. It was a crazy late game and just a crazy game at times. But we won, 4-1! Nice to end my final year as an official member of the team on a high note :)

Only downside was that the game was in Orleans, at 10PM, so I got home late and wasted. And then watched an episode of my new favourite show, the live-action adaptation of Itazura na Kiss.

It's SO GOOD. Maybe even a touch better than the manga so far, because I think it is making small adjustments that manage to put a bit more logic into the situation, even though the basic premise is still pretty crazy. Plus, the actor playing Kotoko is absolutely perfection, she nails the serious moments and comedic moments equally well. And she's adorable - plus, with live action I always find that it makes a character seem more "real" than when they are a drawing and that's definitely going on for the whole cast, who seem to be toned down a little in order to make them seem like real people. Plus, it's set in modern day, so there are a few changes for that.

Anyway, it is good enough that I am very pleased with my decision to upgrade my Crunchyroll membership to All-Access, rather than Anime-Only. Maybe at some point I'll even check out the manga offerings and see if reading digital manga bothers me less now.
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Fun times tonight -_-

My ringette team had our first playoff game. Or at least, we were supposed too but the other team didn't have enough players and so they had to forfeit. So yay, we get an easy win.

Except I didn't check my email all night and so I drove to Carp and got half-dressed before knowing that something was definitely up and calling Steve (thank god I still have his home number memorized).

Anyway, the night was redeemed a bit by the fact that I stopped at Shannon's after getting my equipment off but still, I could have done without the 60km of gas I just used up needlessly. Or the effort required to get me to leave the warm, comfy couch to go outside and drive anywhere.

Lizzie!Darcy does not approve.
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Okay, life update time since we haven't had one of those for awhile.

- Job is going well. I can honestly say I pretty much love it, even if there are frustrating things that happen frequently (for example, a new website for documentation being launched without notice over the Christmas holidays that is only now getting close to being functional). Especially exciting work news is a new "white paper" that I am going to write, to be published on Valentine's Day. Not going to say anymore than that for now but, assuming it turns out well, I will likely put a link around.

- I've been busy with ringette lately. We had a tournament in the weekend (2 losses and 1 win, but the win came against one of the best teams in the league, whom we've never beaten!) and another game tonight (4-2 loss). I've really loved being the regular goalie this year instead of the back-up. I'm actually pretty concerned about the potential situation if last year's goalie wants to come back (she's pregnant, which is why she missed this year) since I know without a doubt that I do not want to be a skater again. I'm just not as good out there and, as a result, I don't have nearly as much fun. But I really don't want to have to switch teams (though if it comes to that, I'm hoping I could play on the same team as my aunt, though it's in a lower division which could be a problem, since they might not want me to move).

- I haven't been writing much lately, but I'm hoping to change that soon. I did get re-energized for Between the Sun & the Moon though, since Caroline and Klaus actually appeared on-screen together again. And inspired another Vampire Diaries fic, which has Klaus first person POV, which is interesting. I'm definitely feeling his voice stronger these days than I have in the past.

- I got my Wii connected properly to my TV, so I've been doing some WiiFit again. I ended up erasing all my old data and just starting fresh, since I did put back on a lot of the weight I'd lost, unfortunately (though I am still several sizes smaller than I was when I started, which is something). My main goal now is to be in the 100s by my 30th birthday, which should definitely be doable.

- I've been doing a fair amount of reading, which is good since I set myself an ambitious goal on Goodreads. Mainly reading two series, The Parasol Protectorate and The Heroes of Olympus (sequel series to the Percy Jackson books), and enjoying both. Heroes is particularly fun since I can talk with my cousin about them and fangirl things. It really is awesome having shared fandom interests with her.

- At work, I've been taking a Computer Networking class from Coursera. I also have signed up for a few other classes, one of which started this week (Introduction to Philosophy). It's really exciting to be learning new things and I love that these are classes run by university professors and offered for free!

And that's about it. Wow, just reading all that is making me tired =P
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Summer ringette has started again so I am sore and tired. I considered doing either the fandom newsletter or 30 Days of TVD meme but no energy. So 3 good things it is.

*looks down*

Or maybe more.

1. I love my new car and am surprisingly comfortable driving it (it took me much longer to adjust to Mom's Cruze).

2. There actually WILL be a June newsletter, since I got some stuff written (though not enough, of course).

3. I still wake up every day interested and excited to get in to work. It is such an incredible and novel feeling that I haven't had since the IndigoSpirit days.

4. I have started a re-play of the first Phoenix Wright game and am loving it. Also, I've forgotten enough that it's almost like playing it for the first time again.

5. I am making my way through A Dance with Dragons finally and so far am enjoying it - even the chapters with POV characters I care less about (which has actually been most of them, so far). Though it does continue to surprise me just how much I don't remember about A Feast for Crows.
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Ringette season is over. We made it to the finals ... eventually. Long, complicated story but for awhile the league had disqualified us but eventually we convinced them to reverse the decision.

It was a pretty good game, though we did lose 5-6. But it was against one of the teams we've never beaten and we really played hard. If we had managed to make some of our passes, things could have gone our way.

Also, my parents, grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins were all there, which was nice. The problem with getting older is that you don't get as many fans in the stands as you did when you were younger and your parents had to drive you to games and stuff like that.

We still have a year-end party that's still TBD. Should be lots of fun. And next year, I might get to be in nets full-time because the current goalie is getting married and hoping to maybe be pregnant pretty soon after.

It's weird getting old =P
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Quick life update!

WE WON THE KINGSTON TOURNAMENT! It's the first time I've ever won a tournament AND played in the finals (my team won once before but I was sick and couldn't play in the finals). I'm a bit sad that adults don't get a medal but we did get a $50 VISA card for the team that we're saving for our end of the year party.

Also, my goalie skates broke but more on that later when I have the pictorial proof needed for a proper skate memorial.

In gaming news, I've been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening and it is definitely the best of the series since Rekka and might even surpass Rekka as my favourite of the franchise that I've played. It reminds me a lot of Rekka, actually, with perhaps a touch of FFIX in the design. I think the Rekka cast overall might be better but there are some pretty awesome characters here. Currently loving Nowi and Gregor the best (and Nowi's dragon form design is absolutely gorgeous).


Not much else going on though Reading Week is next week and I'm excited about that, especially since teh parents are taking off for a few days to go to Kingston for the Tournament of Hearts (curling, for those not in the know).
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I has the Fire Emblem 3DS! Very shiny and exciting. Sadly, I am working tomorrow which means tonight I need to get shit done and so can't just play the game. I actually would not have gotten it now except that the set (as well as the game) was selling out pretty fast and I wasn't sure if they would make any more. So I had to buy it now, just to be sure.

I am awesome at rationalizing such things ^_^

I am working tomorrow to make up for missing Friday to get to Kingston for the ringette tournament this weekend. Very excited for that, I haven't been to the Kingston tournament since I was in grade 12, probably (I'm assuming we went that year, since I think we went every year). But I do have two things due on Thursday so I need to get a move on.

Hopefully I can get things done faster than expected though and get another chapter or two done.

And maybe one of these days I'll go down and finish Radiant Dawn, since I think I may be one the last battle for that one.

And one day I should pick up Shadow Dragon as well.
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We won another ringette game, hurrah! This team was really fast on the front end and ended up behind the defence for two breakaway goals and the third was a corner pick that just got past me. I was feeling pretty good, best I'd been all day, so that was nice at least.

This final score was 4-3 and we scored the winning goal in the last minute of play. I was terrified that they were going to pull their goalie at the end and have four in the zone but they didn't. I suspect the fact that they didn't have a coach led to this, because there's no way Steve wouldn't have pulled me if the situation were reversed.

We have almost two weeks until the next game (which I think is the last one in 2012) so hopefully our regular goalie's back will be better by then. Not that I really want to play out but we can't afford to be done the players.

I am definitely going to be heading out to school tomorrow, especially since I have a few assignments piling up again, including one that was meant to be handed in on Monday but wasn't. Also, apparently my proposal has run away so I'll be printing off another copy of it, I'm really hoping I have the files for that accessible somewhere @_@

And I have to get up tomorrow and finish off a different assignment that is also due. But once this week is over, I am pretty much home free for the Christmas break, hurrah!
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We won the ringette game, either 8 or 9 to 4. It was a pretty good game for the team and I thankfully wasn't called upon to do too much. All 4 goals against were pretty good, though I almost slide across in time to get the third; I wish I had, it would have been AWESOME.

I was feeling okay during the game but am crashing quickly now. I think there is a good chance I will spend a fair amount of time tomorrow in bed :(
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I SCORED A GOAL TONIGHT, YAYNESS!!! It was an important one too, since the score was 3-2 for us. It was the second goal that I got.

I need to ask my parents tomorrow but it could actually be the first goal I ever scored, since I started playing goalie pretty young and I think I was usually defence when I was a skater.

Also, apparently someone on the other team was bitching about how we need to learn to skate (because we took 8 penalties during the game, I think). Seriously, I am probably the weakest skater on the team and I ended up alone in front of the net and was able to get my own rebound and put it in. So uh, what does that say about your team's skating.

I still need to get better, especially at aforementioned skating, but I have somehow achieved my next big ringette goal three games in @_@
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Wow, crazy ringette game tonight. I tried out the new goalie pads and stick I bought and liked them but still have things to get used to ... especially the stick since I may have accidently scored on myself =P It was a good game though I really regretted forgetting my water bottle by the end of it.

Busy work week coming up, with almost every day divided between two different jobs. But I actually have a Saturday off for a change, which is awesome. I'm hoping maybe Allison and Meredith are free and we could go to the Van Gogh exhibit.

Also failing at the zombie fic-a-thon fic I'm working on, which was due last week and I got an extension and I procrastinated and it's still not going to be ready. I will make myself finish it tomorrow night.
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I played ringette tonight for the first time in about ten years. I was actually pretty nervous about it since I had no idea what form I'd be in. All and all it went really well though.

I was playing a game in a summer league that I'm sparing for, since I found out about it too late to get a regular spot. I am really seriously considering finding a team for the regular season, though I'm not quite sure how to go about it. The lady who runs the league could probably help, plus I can see if Shannon's team is interested, though I know they have someone who plays nets ... maybe we could split it 50/50 or something.

I need to look into getting my own equipment though. I've wanted to for awhile.

I also need to a) get my skates sharpened b) bring a water bottle, and c) DO NOT WEAR GLASSES WHILE PLAYING THEY ARE A PAIN (I did not have them ten years ago).

I still need to figure out my schedule with school and stuff first though before I can really commit to anything.


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