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I ended up spending 10 hours at work today because I needed to get something done before I could leave. I haven't done that for awhile. At least now I can feel better about some of the days I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

Though to be honest, the day didn't end up being as horrible at it should probably have. I've discovered that Mondays tend to be really not good days for me in general, which is why I keep cancelling Meetup plans those nights. But this Monday wasn't any more or less terrible than Mondays passed.

Oh, I saw Frozen over the winter and enjoyed the irony of paying money to see 3-D snow when I could get it for free by sticking my head out the window. Very good movie, though I think Tangled was ultimately better because it had a good villain and a tighter story. Frozen would have benefited from showing more of Elsa's story, especially early on. Especially given the showstopper that is Let it Go (aka Frozen's Defying Gravity).

Now we just need the Wicked movie to happen, preferably animated so we can get Idina and Kristen back in the lead roles.
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My copy of The Ultimate Cut of Watchmen arrived yesterday. I'd wanted it for years, since it is the only version of the movie to have the Black Freighter story integrated in the main narrative and interwoven narratives are something I love. So I just watched and it was AMAZING. This is the adaptation that Watchmen deserved ... and I'm not even a huge fan of the book, though I do appreciate it.

I think this cut just made my favourite movies list though. There is just so much that got back in there. Mainly Hollis and just so many character moments and context and all these wonderful things. And yes, I can see how the overall story is definitely clunkier because of it so I understand why stuff was cut. But with this stuff back in there, it went from being a good movie to a great one.

It's also 3 and a half hours long now. But worth ever moment.

The only thing I don't quite love is how intrusive the music is. It's just a weird style thing, though at least it is consistent and the music is great (and some of it was even referenced in the graphic novel so I mind it a bit less).

Haven't watched the special features yet or the Under the Hood thing but I am looking forward to it very much. Yay Watchmen!

(I also got some actual writing done for novel draft 1.5, yay!)
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I have two days off in a row! Yay, middle of the week weekend!

It has not started off great as I woke up with quite the headache. ALSO I had yet another somewhat disturbing dream that I choose to blame on Silent Hill (in particular, Silent Hill 4 because a whole damn lot of it has had elements from that one). God, I haven't even played them and I'm already having nightmares ... sort of.

So today my plans are pretty basic, except for the part where I definitely am going to see a movie. Not quite sure what movie yet (probably Harry Potter) but definitely doing that in the evening.

Tomorrow should be pretty much the same though I have to get the "fake" apartment ready since the rescheduled watching of The Plan with Derek is tomorrow night.
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Rob and I went to see District 9 tonight. I definitely can see what all the hype is about. Ultimately though, while I enjoyed it I don't think it's something that I would need to see again. It had a lot of very interesting ideas but I think in the end it just had too much action that took time away from developing some of the themes more.

But it definitely was interesting.

I do also have to wonder at why it's rating was bumped down to PG-13 in Canada. I think this one should have kept the R, not that there was anything so bad in it but because it just isn't a child friendly movie in the slightest.
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Interview with U of T Press when well, I think. I should hear back from them not next week but the week after, which also gives Chapters online time to get back to me so that's good. The U of T job actually sounds better from the interview than it did in its posting, which makes me very excited. Though trying not to get hopes up too high. Expect the worst and hope for the best, that's my motto right now.

I am going to watch Daybreak soon. And then tonight I am going to a free screening of Suck because I got invited to it when Margaret, Ryan, and I went to see Watchmen. Sounds like it could be fun.
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I went to see The Duchess tonight. It was pretty good. Not great, because the flow seemed a bit disjointed at times. I've found that with a fair number of historical movies I've seen lately...I figure it's because they are taking bits and pieces of the story and trying to make them flow together without the parts that are missing. Which doesn't work so well.

Amazing acting though, I can see why everyone is going crazy about Kiera in it (I love Kiera, she is my favourite actress at the moment). Ralph Fiennes is also great, which was extra exciting because they were able to show that the Duke wasn't a horrible person, he was just a horrible husband.

I must read the book this was based off. And also check my royal lovers book because I'm sure that she's in there...or they stole the quote about taking care of "our" husband from someone else.

At least it wasn't "let them eat cake" XD

I also popped by Tims, but unfortunately Trevor wasn't in tonight, so I didn't get to drop off my uniform or pick up my last paycheque. Boo to that.
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Wow. The Dark Knight was even better than I expected it to be. And that's saying something, since I went in with decently high expectations.

I've never been actually scared by a Batman villain before, but both of them terrified me in this one.

Also, I take back my criticism of the new Batmobile. It may be ugly, but it is also awesome.

A few spoilerish notes )

This really is the Batman movie that we've been waiting for. I do love Batman Returns, but this one just has such a different feel to it.

Though I miss the Batman theme, even if this one had very awesome music too.
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Just finished watching Juno. It was a good movie. I especially did enjoy the ending. And I definitely liked it. But...I guess it's just one of those things that I expected to like more? I don't know. Ellen Page was definitely amazing though ♥

Vampire Knight ep 2 is out and I'm still loving that series. Though it made me realize that I either missed/forget chapter 2 of the manga (the Valentine's day story). But now I have the first GN so it's all good.

I must do some serious writing stuff before I go to bed. Shannon has been doing a TON of stuff for our book and is really leaving me behind in the dust (of course, this is because she is avoiding studying for her exams...ah, the things I do not miss at all). Plus Braided Lives needs to get typed up. Plus I have an idea for a Himitsu fic that I want to write. BAH, too much writing as always, but at least I've kept to the deadlines I set for myself...for the most part at least.

But before I do that, time to finish vol 3 of Sugar Sugar Rune, another fun series (though I wish that Moyoco Anno would slow the pace down a bit...I can't believe all the stuff that happened in the first like, 5 pages @_@).


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