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Talking on the phone to Shannon today. Pertinent to this quote is the fact that she has an almost two-month old at home.

Me: I'd tell you I'm tired but you'd probably punch me through the phone.
Shannon: (singing to the tune of Kiss Me Thru The Phone) Punch you through the phone!
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Me: I just made a networking joke, there is no hope
Boss: welcome to the dark side
Me: ooo, does this dark side have cookies?
Boss: no sorry its not a very nice dark side :(
Me: boo
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Me: Guess what book I just bought in bloody mass market paperback!
[personal profile] yubsie: A Dance with Delayed Release Dates?
Me: Yep!

So yeah, ASoIaF collection finally complete. Until the next one comes out. In about ten years.

Also, [personal profile] bleodswean, I have the first draft of Sun & Moon's next chapter written but I need to give it one last once-over before sending it to you, since it's a bit uneven at the moment, having been started many moons ago. But I should have the time/energy to do that tomorrow.

Finally, I'm going to do this meme even though my recs will be very Klaus/Caroline-centric because that's what I read. There is some other stuff in there though, so even if that doesn't float your boat, check it out!

Day 28 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fan fic(s) )

Day 1 – Your favourite male character
Day 2 – Your favourite female character
Day 3 – Your favourite character overall
Day 4 – Your least favourite character
Day 5 – Your favourite episode
Day 6 – Your least favourite episode
Day 7 – Your favourite scene
Day 8 – Your favourite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favourite friendship
Day 15 – Your favourite couple
Day 16 – Your favourite song played on The Vampire Diaries
Day 17 – Your favourite actor
Day 18 – Your favourite actress
Day 19 – Books or TV Show
Day 20 – An idea for a future TVD episode
Day 21 – An idea for a TVD character
Day 22 – The character that is most like you
Day 23 – Something you love about TVD
Day 24 – Something you hate about TVD
Day 25 – An episode you never happened
Day 26 – Something you wish happened but didn’t
Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did
Day 28 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fan fic(s)
Day 29 – Your favourite Vampire Diaries fanvid(s)
Day 30 – Anything else you could possibly want to say
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Quote of the day!

Katie: all hail the omnipotent Vicki!

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Quote of the day:

[personal profile] yubsie: Yay for bondage!

Family friends are up for the Family Day weekend, fun times! That said, I spent a good portion of my day cleaning the bathroom because of them, so less fun times there. But then there was geekery about costumes and Fire Emblem and all was well.

Good omens

May. 13th, 2010 02:27 pm
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I was talking to Mom about the job hunt and she tells me this:

Things are looking up for you in the way of omens. After you graduated from Mount A I bought an expensive, early blooming peony for the front garden. Unfortunately it has never bloomed, although it always survives the winter. This year I have 3 buds on it!!!! So maybe you’ll be getting 3 job offers shortly!

Clearly the time is now for me to acheive my Personal Legend (TM).

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Haven't had one of these for awhile but this was amusing:

thecleric007: gods damn it, BSG Wiki, I NEED YOU TO WORK
thecleric007: for the love of porn!
Yubs42: LMAO
thecleric007: this is true
Yubs42: Is that like "for fuck's sake!"? :-p
thecleric007: LMAO!
thecleric007: yes
thecleric007: yes it is
thecleric007: well, maybe frak's sake
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So, seeing professional tennis live is very awesome! It's interesting to see the things you notice when you get to choose what to pay attention to, instead of being directed by a camera. Like, for example, I finally figured out why the ballboys/ballgirls sometimes run across the court even when the ball isn't there...it's to throw it to someone at the other end to make sure they have some balls if needed.

Anyway, I am sad because we saw Venus but she lost :( Alas.

But generally it was a very good day though also long since we were there for about 12 hours.

Also I'm pretty sure Elphie has fleas. No idea WHERE she managed to pick them up. I'm blaming the garbage strike...because I can.

Finally, quote of the day from the drive home:

Dad: Why is there a Blood Services van driving around in the middle of the night?
Me: Vampire deliveries.
Dad: Oh, okay.

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Katie: also, lame. an online bookclub? with rpg people? lame.
Vicki: :(
Vicki: but we get together and talk about the book for two hours once a month
Vicki: it's awesome!
Vicki: better than your NO bookclub at least
Katie: ya, but yours might just be one person with several browsers who wants to eat your feet or soemething...
Vicki: um
Vicki: I hope not
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Quote of the day:

yubs_timbits: I love it when you give me drugs :p

Context, what context?
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Willfor and I discussing the epic amount of emails he's gotten from Acantha's thread and how if it hits his expected amount (500 comments) it will still be only half of what Annie's intro post got.

Willfor: No one will match Annie's entry
me: not likely
and that was mostly one-on-one threading with Annie :P
Willfor: Unless three of the most active characters collaborate on a porno that doubles as a Wednesday question that is visible by everyone and start replying to everyone as all three.
then again that likely qualifies as the most epic entry ever and would deserve to have the highest post count
me: *dies*
I may have to quote that
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I don't usually do this, but quote of the day!

Yubsie ( As pathogens go, friendship is pretty okay!) says:
yay pee and Fragments!


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