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While I'm writing, I am also going to do another music on my iPod meme! Sort of!

So, this time I'm going to tell you the first 10 songs that played that ALSO have a 5-star rating. A bit self-serving because I am trying to get all iPod music rated, to make it easier to purge music if I need room for audiobooks and podcasts.

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That was actually pretty damn representational of my musical tastes. Awesome.
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I always meant to do that meme where you list the top played songs on your MP3 player. But I never did (at least as far as I can remember) because not enough time had passed or whatever.

Well, today I am going to do it. Hurrah! With videos because then you can actually hear the songs and stuff.

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That was fun! I may do the random 10 songs meme again sometime because who doesn't like music memes.
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Happy New Year!

Since I've missed a couple of days while I was out of town for Christmas, here's a few of the Year in Review categories at once!

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And a meme gakked from [livejournal.com profile] inkiemouse.

Currently reading: Turning Yourself Inside Out (written by someone who goes to my church); Spice & Wolf v 5; The Hunger Games (I've read like, 5 pages); The Count of Monte Cristo ... sort of (I haven't actually touched this one in months but I will pick it up again, eventually)

Currently watching: The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Ringer, Fringe, Supernatural, Chihayafuru (very behind), Once Upon a Time, Smash (also very behind), Angel season 2, and a bunch of things on my computer/DVD shelf that are waited for me to start in on them

Currently listening to: Hedley, Nightwish, Katy Perry, Imogen Heap, Selena Gomez

Current food passion: Cooking for my parents! Actually getting through my recipe bookmarks!

Currently playing: Dragon Age: Origins (third playthrough); L.A. Noire (haven't really played much since I moved back though); Final Fantasy IV (still haven't finished); Silent Hill (still too scared to finish! @_@); Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (LOL); Patapon

Currently stressing over: HOW LONG SOME OF THESE LISTS ARE! Also managing to retroactively save most (or all?) of my Himitsu cast.

Currently enjoying: Having a day off, the amount of writing output I've had recently (even if it is almost all fan fic, need more balance there)

Awesome meme, you should all do it!
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I just finished going through my CD collection and purging it, as well as ripping a lot of songs onto my computer. It reminds me quite a bit of when I was young because, when I had to clean my room, the first thing I would do would be to come up with a new method of organizing the CDs. This would often take upwards of an hour to do and I got to feel productive without actaully accomplishing anything!

However in this case I have done a lot because I have about twenty CDs to attempt to sell or just otherwise get rid of. And I reorganized the rest XD

So I'm almost done the purge for my living room. I have to tackle the shelves around my computer next but I'm going to wait until tomorrow for that. But hey, I have tomorrow off and no plans because Shannon is sick and Derek is working. Though if Katie happens to be free, she is welcome to appear and watch more Wolf's Rain with me!

I also currently have Monday off but I am campaigning to get myself a shift.
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Alright, I decided to also do Dots' latest meme thing, featuring Himitsu character theme songs. I have uploaded them all already, so even non-Himitsu people can enjoy some snazzy downloads!

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WOW, that took over an hour to do. CRAZY.

Someone out there better appreciate this ^_^
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I uploaded the Watchmen soundtrack for [livejournal.com profile] shuffles but figured other people might enjoy it too. Some very good songs. And Hallelujah as porn music.


This mood icon is actually from outtakes, I believe in the lowdown special that's on the season 1 DVDs.
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So, I hit my uploading/downloading limit from Rogers a few days ago. Which is annoying, because it means that until Monday, when a new billing period starts, I can't do anything. No new anime to download, no checking out the new FSTs, no nothing. BOO.

This is also why I haven't commented on the latest FSTs, but I intend too...eventually.

At least I was able to download the one for me. Still working on listening through the second disc, though right now it's not as easy because I've moved the computer speakers into the bathroom so I can listen to my CD player through them while I paint.

I intend to buy more blank CDs soon, so I can put all the awesome anniversary FSTs onto CDs. THen I could listen to them on my stereo.

Anyway, I'm almost finished reading Kushiel's Mercy and I love it as much as I did before, maybe more. I really want to re-read the entire series again, but I don't have the first trilogy with me. I also have a ton of other things that I should be reading XD. But when I get a new bookcase and get my last books from my parents' basement out there...I am definitely going to be reading those (since the other three books should be in the other box...or my other boot).
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So, today has been a very productive day, I think. I got the vaccuum up to my room finally and did some reorgazing things and generally have quite a clean room now. It's still really stuff in there though, so I have the window and door open.

Still so happy with my many new music acquisitions.

Also finished the second section of Himitsu fic, two more to go and things are running smoother.

Too bad the weather doesn't look the greatest or I would go try and convince Margaret to play tennis again. Because it's fun. But tennis in the rain is not so great.
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I put Ares Lite 2 on my computer, in hopes of getting new music...unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to connect. Blah. Something on my computer is probably blocking it or maybe I don't have it set up right or whatever. It's annoying.


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