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I don't understand why these memes ask for favourite male/female character and then favourite overall. There aren't many fandoms out there where you won't be repeating yourself by day 3.

For the BSG meme I did my top favourite characters overall and I figured the same thing would work here.

Also, I think I am going to change the last two days, or maybe three, because I don't understand the one about schools and I guess the finales/premieres is about your favourite too but it isn't clear? And I don't know what I would pick for cast friendship. So if anyone out there has suggestions for those days, let me know!

Anyway, here is the rest of my top 10 favourite TVD characters!

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Day 1 – Your favorite male character
Day 2 – Your favorite female character
Day 3 – Your favorite character overall
Day 4 – Your least favorite character
Day 5 – Your favorite episode
Day 6 – Your least favorite episode
Day 7 – Your favorite scene
Day 8 – Your favorite quote
Day 9 – A scene that makes you happy
Day 10 – A scene that makes you sad
Day 11 – A scene that makes you laugh
Day 12 – A scene that you makes you angry
Day 13 – Most shocking moment
Day 14 – Your favorite friendship
Day 15 – Your favorite couple
Day 16 – Your favorite song played on The Vampire Diaries
Day 17 – Your favorite actor
Day 18 – Your favorite actress
Day 19 – Books or TV Show
Day 20 – An idea for a future TVD episode
Day 21 – An idea for a TVD character
Day 22 – The character that is most like you
Day 23 – Something you love about TVD
Day 24 – Something you hate about TVD
Day 25 – An episode you never happened
Day 26 – Something you wish happened but didn’t
Day 27 – Something you wish didn’t happen but did
Day 28 – Your favorite cast friendship
Day 29 – Your favorite secondary school
Day 30 – Series Premiere or Season Finale

Also doing 3 good things because I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today and need to cheer up a bit.

1. I FINISHED MY SCARF! Pics to come, I swear, especially since I found the charger for my camera again finally.

2. I marathoned all the episodes I had PVRed of Smash and discovered that, not only could I catch up having missed season 1 but, OMG I LOVE IT!

3. Awesome eps of Doctor Who and Orphan Black. Especially the latter, I'm really interested in seeing where this goes and Tatiana Maslany is absolutely amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who was better at playing multiple roles in the same series (and yes, I'm including Nina Dobrev in that statement).
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1. I think I did pretty well on the Robohelp test.

2. There was a new chapter posted for the awesome Nolan!verse Bruce/Selina fic, The Longer You Stay, also featuring Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and (eventually) Tim Drake! Which I may have read in the middle of completely the aforementioned test (it always gets updated during my Wednesday class, which makes for good times).

3. I worked on knitting my sadly neglected rainbow scarf while watching the Women's World Cup hockey game, which Canada won 13-0 over Switzerland.
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Alright, so, Doctor Who last night was interesting. I am sort of terrified of using wifi now though, which may be a problem in later life.

OMG, someone out there needs to use those characters to name their network, if they can @_@

Yeah, Moffat really does well in episodes with a horror bent to them. And I am beginning to really like Clara, I am interested in seeing where this goes. A bit worried at things ending up too much like first season Amy or River but, unlike many people, I still have faith in Moffat pulling things off because his track record has had more good than bad.

And Orphan Black was pretty awesome too. I have to admit, I didn't realize quite how adult it was going to be but it's all good by me. Especially because it's a Canadian sci-fi show! How awesome is that? Clearly some money from BBC America or something (which finally explains why that's that channel airing it in the States) but filmed in Toronto and made by Temple Street who does Being Erica, which I also love (and need to catch up on at some point).

Really excited to see where both shows go next and I think they make an interesting pair up on Saturday nights together, even if Who is decidedly more family-friendly. I really hope viewers stick around to watch both.
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Meredith and I went to the Van Goh exhibit at the National Art Gallery today and it was AWESOME. I think the only painting I'd seen in person of his is the iris one that the NAG owns so it was amazing to see the rest. My favourites were basically anything with flowers, butterflies/moths, or interesting skies. Which was a lot of them.

It's absolutely crazy to think that he only painted for 10 years. Actually, the paintings in the exhibit were all from the last 3 years of his life. That amount of productivity is every artist's dream, no matter what medium you work with. Of course, it helped that he had a brother who could and was willing to support him financially.

I picked up a book and some posters from the gallery and then we headed straight to Wallack's for some art supplies because FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON we both got hit hard by the painting bug. I'd actually been meaning to buy some nice brushes and oil paints for awhile now, though I was waiting for my easel to get finished (that will hopefully happen later in the week). I have 3 blank canvasses though and decently solid plans for all three of them! Should be interesting, I'm really looking forward to having paint that can do texture, since acrylic just doesn't cut it for that.

Also, I got my Doctor Who zombie fic finished and posted and I even managed to figure out a few more tweaks for it today that I think vastly improve it. And like, 2 seconds after getting it up on FF.Net I had a review asking for more. Even though it is marked complete. Oh well.

Anyone interested, the fic is about the Eighth Doctor meeting Mary Shelley and bringing her to meet H.P. Lovecraft and have grand adventures. It was too wonderful a prompt to not write. You can read it over here at AO3 (and check out the other fic in the Fest too using the collection link).
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Reactions to "The Pandorica Opens"

thecleric007: ...
thecleric007: ACKKKKKKKK
thecleric007: WTF
thecleric007: WTF
thecleric007: WTF
thecleric007: WTF
thecleric007: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In summary: so glad I have the next episode on the computer already.

Also, running VideoLan, Trillian, Bitttorrent, Firefox, and other stuff all at the same time without lag or other problems is SO COOL!
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I have arrived safe at Kate's, very boring trip though it was nice to see Diane for a bit more. Kate also has not in fact been abducted by aliens, per my mother's theory, which is good.

I am going to have to stop following [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho for a week, since I am avoiding the cliffhanger of DOOOOOOOOM but just watching both parts of the finale when I get back.

And that's about it for news.
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I'm going to miss Ten.
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I made crack! (not real crack, drugs are bad, mmmkay)

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Oh yes, Jes and I finished watching season four of Doctor Who today. Wow, that ending was epic and awesome and heartbreaking but also awesome.

Not sure what I'm going to watch next. Probably Dexter season 2 because I've gotten Kate hooked on it and now she's ahead of me XD
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The Shakespeare Code is BRILLIANT!

That is all.
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Feeling much improved today! Which means I finally have run out of excuses not to tackle the laundry problem. Lucky me.

Doctor Who season three is now on my computer, along with Torchwood season two. They will be watched in that order, since that is apparently how things line up. Though I must say I almost want to watch Torchwood first, because I do seem to like it better PLUS I'm entertaining the idea of playing one of the cast who isn't Jack in Glaxcin, because I love the Jack player there so very much. Probably Tosh, because I'm very fond of her. But I will resist (though I might also get through both series very fast as a result...I also very much want to see Who's fourth season!)
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Done watching Torchwood season one! It was very fun. I'm quite fond of all the cast, except for Gwen. She's okay, but I don't really care much about her either way. Ianto, Owen, and Tosh have all had moments when they tried to get the favourite character spot, but then Jack goes and does something and steals it back from them.

Season two will probably have to wait a bit. I have the first seasons of Mad Men and Dexter that I want to try out first. Then I think Doctor Who season three, then Torchwood season two.

Oh, Dad bought me the DVD set of Galactica 4.0, thanks Dad! I shall hopefully get it sent down here before too long, with a tape containing the BSG special stuff airing this Friday before and after the new episode.

Today has been perhaps less productive than I would have liked, but I did enjoy it and some of the key stuff that needed to be done was.


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