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GO SENS GO! Hurrah for the series being tied coming back to Ottawa, my teams have not been doing all that well (I'm cheering for Vancouver, Pittsburg, and St Louis, FYI).

General note for Himitsu people: As has been mentioned before, I need to earn a whole lot of retroactive leniencies to cover what I missed last block due to internet issues and funerals. I have a good start on them with fic and other things but I also really need to get a LOT of extra activity. So basically, if you need anything, let me know and I will find a character who can do it.

However, I am working tonight so I will not be around between 6-12 EST most likely. Not sure how much I will be around in the afternoon because I have a baby shower to go to but I will try to be home from 4-5:30 or so if there's anyone who won't be around later.

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The internet has been insanely terribly the last couple of nights. Again I am only now getting a connection worth trying to post with. Oddly enough, I have been able to be on IRC most of the night, no idea how that works.

Anyway, I mentioned already in chat but just a general note for Himitsu people that I'm going to be working with Jean's kids later tomorrow than expected and so I will almost definitely be late to plotchat but I will hopefully be home and able to get online before it's over, at least.

I am also going to be going into the office tomorrow, though it's actually Mom's day off. But hey, money is money and always good.
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Head's up to the Himitsu folk, I'm doing a visual change tomorrow night, followed by a opening shift (lucky me!) and as such will not be around at all for RPing tomorrow night. Trying to get all my stuff done tonight so any help would be appreciated and if you need me for anything, you're going to have to get it done ASAP so just let me know.

Edit: SEA OF GREEN, YAY! Thanks again, Willfor and Sara ^_^

Hours at work have finally been cut back and for once I'm actually happy about it. I've been reading an awesome book about novel writing which has got me excited to completely re-work my NaNo from 2010. I've also really got to figure out what sort of plan my Plan B is going to end up being.

I've also finally been making head-way on my pile of books on the to-read list. Not much, admittedly, but I did finish the third Namaah's book which was easily the best of this new Jacqueline Carey trilogy AND made me want to re-read the others, so yay for that. And I've been getting through my manga pile as well, finishing Codename Sailor V and starting in on Sailor Moon (and yes, Margaret, you were totally right about Usagi's rampant girlcrushes ... SM yuri definitely has a lot of canon support and we haven't even gotten to Haruka and Michiru ♥).

I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age. I'm off to get the dwarven alliance with my city elf chick who totally scored with Alistair (who I may have a massive crush on myself). And I actually decided to start a new character as well, who is going to be a surly blood mage who everyone (in particular Alistair!) hates. I love it. Might have him hook up with the Zevran, who apparently is easy.

Only other news of note is that I have been slowly getting back into doing art stuff. Dad and I are actually making a new easel since I had one when I was a kid which was dismantled/burned at some point (Dad had also made it as one of his earlier projects). So that's exciting.

All and all, life is pretty good. The one area I really need to figure out is getting out there and socializing more but it's winter and cold and sometimes all I want to do is stay inside.
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Okay, so last night was brutal as far as Himitsu goes, especially since I couldn't stay up too late since I'm working this morning and I didn't exactly get loads of sleep over the weekend either.

Anyway, all my (former) characters fall into three categories: those I saved, those who are high priority to get picked back up, and those who are low priority. So everyone knows what's up, here are three lists!

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Okay, it looks like I'll have to go with the clean install solution. Which is lame.

If that is the case, I need help from my fellow Himitsu-ers because my activity information is going to be wiped. So, if people could link me to threads, that would be AWESOME. Please don't ignore characters who are done either because I definitely think I have enough extra threads for another leniency or two (though not enough posts yet).

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The official post of what I still need (and would like to ideally do ASAP just in case LJ is down for longer than expected which, let's face it, is definitely likely). Reference both for myself and for others, since there are some that I need to help myself more than actually getting help.

Irene needs one post. She doesn't have an unfiltered post though so I'll have to find a place to stick her, ideally not the Wednesday post since she tends to avoid ones asked by Franelcrew.

Patience is getting a leniency and needs one thread. He has an open post here. Can also use Wednesday post if necessary.

Lark needs two threads. She has one on-going thread already. She also has two open posts, here and here.

Justine needs two threads. Open post here.

Taylor needs a thread. He doesn't have any open posts and so I will need somewhere to stick him. Again, Wednesday post is possible. Yay self-RP!

Kastel needs two threads. He has one on-going. Open post here.

Morgan needs one thread. Blah blah blah, Wednseday post. Open post here.

Eudora needs two threads. Open post here.

Varnes needs THREE threads. No open posts so again, need to find places to stick him in.

Trying to avoid doing it ALL through self-RP.

Edit: Everyone is either DONE or will be done in a moment. Will probably sleep in the next hour or so, until then the offer below stands.

Also, if anyone needs my other characters for anything, let me know here. I will now actually go reply to stuff and keep things moving until LJ goes away :(
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Back from NAWG meeting ("Not a Writer's Group, something I joined which has been very fun so far and gets me out of my apartment!) and time for Himitsu-ing. Tonight, I am focusing on characters who are in major trouble, to see how many I can get out of said major trouble.

Thanks Dragons for at least one extra leniency. Possibly another but I'm not going to count on it (and either way, pretty sure Dale is getting lost for the time being because I have no clue about his plot AND he was leniencied last month).
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About halfway done what I need to do tonight. Which is super lame but what can I do? I am annoyed to have discovered, when I started, that there were more parts to be done than I expected because new things keep getting added (though before I'd gotten a head's up about them at least -_-).

No sleep until I finish. At least this means I'll be around while Himitsu is active tonight.
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Not sure I mentioned this anywhere here. I have today off, unexpectedly, and so I invited Margaret & Ryan up to finally go see the King Tut exhibit (which I'll be seeing again with my mother on my birthday) and then later go bowling with Marian because we've been talking about doing that for awhile.

So uh, yeah, that's the plan for today. Should be fun. It does mean I'll be scare until tonight. Thank Dragons I've managed to get myself in not too bad a position with most of my characters I think. Though having an extra leniency is definitely going to help a LOT.

Also, I need to edit and print my story for the Star writing contest and drop it off tomorrow since that is the deadline. Then I'll probably post it up to [livejournal.com profile] w0rdsw0rdsw0rds so people can see it there.
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Dad and I went to see Avatar tonight. It was, as expected, visually stunning. I think this is the first time a completely CGI character has really made me believe in them (even more so than Gollum, though I think he did have a challenge in that he shared the screen with actual people).

Also, I found it actually not as light on plot as I expected. I think it was more character depth that it was lacking, particularly with our Cartoon Villain Army Guy. And the plot of course isn't the most original but I don't mind that too much because a) what plots are that original these days anyway? and b) when I try something really new in a project I know that it can be nice to play it safe with some other part of said project, so you can concentrate on the other bit. Hopefully that makes sense.

All and all though it was a good movie. Not sure I'd need to see it again. Also, I have to admit I'm not sure I loved the 3-Dness since I found it distracting a lot, mainly in the parts with the actual actors in them. But for a lot of the CG stuff, it was good.

So, time to finish up my last Himitsu characters. Thank DRAGONS for my hiatus rubric (though if I hadn't been away for a week I may not have needed it). I will go post for Eudora and Maire then Cylina and River can have the last two leniencies. And then I'll see what help I can be for other people though I don't want to stay up too late since Dad and I are having breakfast with Bruce tomorrow morning so I have to get up and do stuff.
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Because everyone else has inspired me...

Himitsu app discussion )
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I have three hours to write 1000 words and escape the DIRE CONSEQUENCES (TM) of not having that much of my Sekrit Santa done on time.

Current word count: 954 (and hoping that is close enough for my purposes here)

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Obligatory who is in trouble post!

I only have two that I am worried about, River and Taylor, because they can't have leniencies this month. So if you have anyone who could reply to their last posts, here and here, I would be forever grateful! Edit: Okay, only need one more thread for each of them!

The only other things I have to get done are a post for Oscar and 2 threads/1 post for Hayden (I have 2 threads in the works already).
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Since I have a fair number of things for Himitsu that have been piling up for awhile (userinfo stuff I think has been a year), I am going to make a Himitsu to-do list and try to get it done within the next week. I have a Big Bang chapter out for editing and no freelance project, so theoretically I should have more time to do this and I just need to actually make it a priority.

- update Maire's memories
- replace all userinfo images (not counting Irene to Lark since they are the ones that are done)
- figure out requests for the trivia prize
- post with: Patience, Isobel, Dale, Gilbert, Cylina, Oscar, Taylor, Caroline, Morgan, Eudora, Megan, Flower, River, Kolton, and Xander

In other news, Rob and Marian came over to play Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game tonight. It was super complicated at points but we eventually figured most things out and it was really quite fun. Would be better with more players, of course, but such is life.

Also I played Lauroslin and was a Cylon. Which was awesome.
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Alright, I decided to also do Dots' latest meme thing, featuring Himitsu character theme songs. I have uploaded them all already, so even non-Himitsu people can enjoy some snazzy downloads!

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WOW, that took over an hour to do. CRAZY.

Someone out there better appreciate this ^_^
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Because it's fallen off the front page now and I'm not sure everyone actually SAW the entry, I'm going to just pimp out Taylor's latest post since I was sort of hoping to get more than one thread out of it (he needs two more).
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Himitsu meme thing making the rounds (or at least it apparently has; I can't see Rosa's, of course).

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(Moodtheme is from early in season two, not sure what episode, but when Lauroslin is in the meat freezer.)
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Happily brief note about Himitsu activity: I need to finish off the latest thread with Patience and Prudence and get another one for River, then I am done ^_^

Now off to the grocery store!

(Yay, an obvious mood icon. This is from uh, Collaborators, I think it's called. Laura's second swearing in.

And yes, I realize there are spoilers in teh mood theme but whatever. Deal with it ^_^)
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So I'm now a moderator for [livejournal.com profile] glaxcinprison, crazy! Don't know quite how THAT happened (well, okay, I do...they asked me to and I said yes XD).

Should be interesting.

Also, Himitsu people, any characters in Isobel's post that didn't get to four comments? SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!


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